Chapter 2

As my Bella took a deep breath and calmed her sobs, her face went blank as she stared at the wall behind me.

It looked like she was remembering it like she was there all over again. That beautiful face of hers looked so pained it tore at my heart.

The first words that came out of her mouth sounded a little strangle, as a sob broke through at the same time and another tear fell quietly down her face.

I wanted to weep for her at that moment, I wanted to cry so much, all my grief and anger all welled up inside me, as I thought of what my poor angel had to go through….. Alone.

I took her hands in mine and heard a slight gasp at my coldness, I tried to let go but she held on.

Then she tried to speak again and the words just flowed out of her mouth, like she couldn't stop them.

Bella's story

( Bella's thoughts, Edwards thoughts )

It was properly about a week after you left, and I hadn't been doing to well.

I didn't want to tell him that I was heartbroken and cried most of the day and every night I cried myself to sleep, no he didn't need to know that.

hadn't been doing well ? What does she mean by that, oh god Bella I'm so sorry I left you.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was out and no clouds at all were in the sky. I didn't want to waste a day like that indoors so I decided to go out.

I got my keys and drove down to la push, but Jake wasn't home. He would talk to me just after you left. I gave up knocking on his door and went back and sat in my truck.

I sat for about 10 minutes just thinking, and then I remembered our meadow. I hadn't been there in so long. So I decided to go.

It didn't take to long to get there and I pulled over and got out at the edge of the woods.

I remember the first moment I got out of my truck because the sun shone straight down to my face and warmed me right up.

She went to the meadow alone? And why was Jake not talking to her ?

I started the long walk through the woods up to the meadow, I forgot how far it was and had to stop several times, but I just took my time, I had no rush.

I did trip a couple of times as well, clumsy old me I always fell over, but it was not a big deal a few grazes that's all.

She smiled when she remembered her clumsy self, but the smiled slowly vanished as she continued.

I remembered the times I would trip and fall, wow those were the times I didn't have to worry. As I continued my story the horror of what happen revisited me. It felt as real as the day it happened.

I continued and finally got there, it was even more beautiful than I remembered.

The grass was so green and lush looking, there were a wide variety of colours thought out the entire meadow, as the wild flowers pushed there way through.

The sun shone all the way over the meadow, casting a little sun trap in the middle as the trees surround it.

I step towards the middle of the meadow and slowly turned round looking all around me, the trees at the edge of the meadow were dark and gloomy looking casting a light shadow just at the edge.

A shiver ran down my spine as I remembered how it looked that very day.

I must had been at the meadow for about 2 hours, just lying in the lush grass, and thinking. The sun was setting, it was getting cloudy and the wind was picking up.

I felt a small chill run through my whole body as I got up and looked all around me at the deep dark wood.

I just got to my feet and just turned when something caught my eye in the far of trees. I was puzzled as to what it could have been. It looked like a shimmer of light. I wasn't sure what it was, but I had a gut feeling it wasn't something good.

So I took off towards the woods, I ran as fast as I can. Then suddenly I felt hot breathe flow down my neck, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

I came to a halt and spun round to see nothing there. Just the forever looking peaceful meadow, with no sign of disturbance what so ever.

I wind suddenly picked up again and blow all my hair around and my clothes sway in the wind. That's when I heard someone gasp and breathe in deeply. At that point I knew I was not alone.

Oh god Bella

I froze on the spot, as my most terrifying nightmare came true.

A tall dark figure jump down out of a tree above me and landed in a crouch position in front of me, his face concealed by the darkness.

He slowly raised him self to full height, and he was enormous. His muscle rippled as he stretched his arms out to show of his immense power. Lastly he raised his head up and looked straight into my fearful eyes.

He had dark red gleaming eyes and an amazing, yet menacing smile. His feature were shadowed and he looked all the more cruel for it.

My heart pounded in my chest as I tried to think through what to do. He's a vampire, there's nothing I can do now.

As I looked upon those fiery red eyes, something did look familiar about him to me, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

" Good evening Bella" he walked a little closer to her, that's when I realised who it was.

"Laurent, is that you ?" " why yes it is Bella, how are you, where is Edward?" " wh…wh…what are you doing here?" I asked in a shaky voice. "Im sorry my dear did I scare you, you know us vampires have to be careful, I wasn't sure it was you, I apologize"

I felt Edward tense then, when he also realised who it was

he took a low bow and I relaxed a little, until his head sharply looked to him and he showed his fangs and his eyes ran over me and down my throat.

I jumped at the intensity in his glare and stumbled backwards, his eyes then gleamed to mine, as the wind blow yet again.

"Laurent, what are you doing here? I thought you went to Denali." then he moved, he was so fast I didn't see him even flinch, I only knew he had gone, because I felt him behind me, pulling me to him.

"I did go for a little but it was boring, so I came back here to help out an old friend……Victoria"

I think the moment he mentioned that name my heart stopped, and all I felt was cold. I tried to pull away but he held me tight. " Laurent, let go please, I need to get home…. My fathe"… words were stopped by the feeling of his fangs on my neck.

"oh Bella Bella Bella, I cant let you see me, then let you go, well anyway you look to appetising, and I know Victoria wanted to do dreadful things to torture you, but you smell mouth-watering, I don't think I can miss this opportunity to taste you.

At that moment I realised several things, Laurent was going to kill me, Victoria wanted to kill and torture me, I was all alone with two blood thirsty vampires after me. There was no way out of it this time, I was a dead girl.

Maybe it was for the better anyway, that was another thought that ran through my head at that time, there will be no more pain.

I should have been here to protect her, I didn't think about what might happen, I thought she would be safe with me gone. What have I done

I ready myself for what was to come, I felt those fangs press down onto my neck, and I was consumed with every memory of my life, all of it ran through my head.

that's when I heard the most freighting roar ever, it ripped through my ears, and I didn't even have a chance to think as it happened so fast.

Laurent was ripped from behind me and I felt his fangs slash across my face, I didn't have a chance to react as I felt fur brush passed me then something like a claw hit me in the face and I fell to the floor.

The pain ripped through me then, and I clutched my hands to my eyes as everything went black.

I felt something warm and sticking flowing down my cheeks, I couldn't see anything, just here growling and screaming, then nothing. I think I must have fell unconscious.

I woke up, I didn't know where I was, it smelled like a hospital. I had a bandage over my eyes, so I couldn't see anything at all. I tried to pull it off, but was stop by a pair of warm hands.

" No Bella, don't" I recognised that voice, but it was very familiar to me, but I have defiantly heard it before.

"Sam, Sam Uley?" " yes Bella its me" " what happened to me?, why cant I take that off I cant see anything" " Bella I'm sorry but you have had a nasty accident that has left its mark on you"

"Bella, are you awake?" I recognised that voice, but it sounded strangled and tearful. " Dad? Yeah I'm awake, what's wrong dad? What happened?" " Bella something attacked you, and hurt you very badly"

That's when the past events came flooding back to me, and I gasped as I remembered the pain slicing through my eyes.

Before anyone knew what I was doing I ripped the bandage from my face, and ran my fingers around my eyes, I felt stinging cuts, that went right across my eyes. I opened my eyes but nothing, it was still black.

I lightly ran my fingertips over them and realised that they were open but I didn't blink when I touched them and they didn't water. I did feel a tear flow down my face as I realised that I cant see.

I ran a finer over where the scars are now. They were healed but still very visible, a tear fell form my dead eyes, as I remembered how I felt when I realised I would never see again.

My fingers trembled and I shook my head. " no, no, no, this cant be, this cant be"

I closed my eyes again, a cried quietly, I felt my dad pull me into a hugged and whisper " its okay Bella, it will be okay."

I spent about 4 weeks in hospital recovering, they did some tests, but they found out they couldn't do anything for me. My eye sight was permanently damaged and no-one can help.

I accepted that and now just get by best I can. It has been about 4 months now and I have gotten better now at coping.

And I have cooper to help so I'm doing just fine.