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"Class, we have a new student. Her name is Sarah Jonathan." Presley looked up from the ankh he was drawing on his paper to see what the new girl looked like. His eyes widened. She had long, dark brown-almost black-hair and bright green eyes. She was wearing blue cargo pants and a red t-shirt. Around her neck hung a bright blue crystal held in place by a gold chain. Presley stared at her for a few more moments before shaking his head and looking back down at his paper. It always annoyed him when his hormones took over and made him act like a gawking fool.

The teacher looked around the classroom for an open seat. "Ah, yes, you may have a seat right beside Mr. Carnarvon." He pointed to the seat. Sarah nodded, picked up her book bag, and walked over to the empty seat on Presley's right. He found himself staring again as she set down her bag and sat down. She turned her head to look at him, causing him to blush. He quickly looked away. Sarah smiled and chuckled.

"Don't worry, I won't bite if you stare." His gaze slowly returned to her. Their eyes met, and for a moment, Presley thought he saw a glint of purple in her eyes. However, it disappeared just as soon as it appeared, causing him to dismiss it as a trick of the light. "So, what's your name, Mr. Carnarvon?"

"Oh, my name's-"

"Mr. Carnarvon and Ms. Jonathan, please quiet down and pay attention!" The two named smiled at the teacher sheepishly.

"Sorry, Sir," they chimed. The teacher nodded.

"Well, then, let's see... Where was I? Oh, yes..." He went back to teaching. Presley and Sarah remained quiet the rest of the class. Neither really wanted to get pointed out in front of the whole class again.

Sarah looked up from the notes she had been taking. The bell had just rung and the other students had begun filing out of the classroom. She sighed and pulled out a piece of paper. On it was her schedule for the rest of the year. As the last of the students left the room, she picked up her bag and headed for her next class. "Let's see... Now where is Mr. Huxley's class?" She ad to walk through the halls three times before she found it. Mr Huxley did the same thing that the other teacher had: Pointed out that she was new and then sat her in an open seat. This time, she was seated beside a boy who introduced himself as Walter Lu. The class passed by without anything interesting happening. Her next class was almost exactly the same except that she was seated next to someone new. However, she did not bother to learn her name. She was more focused on the snake that sat in a cage across the room.

The serpent was a dark green with light green highlights along its scaled hide. It focused its yellow eyes on her and for a second, she felt that it was looking into her soul. Suddenly, it reared back and smashed its head forward through the glass side of its cage. It slithered out and showed its full length of ten feet. The teacher desperately tried to calm the panicking students, but her efforts were wasted. Soon, Sarah and the serpent were the only ones left in the classroom. The teacher had left to get help to corral the snake, for she had never been able to get the snake in its cage without help.

The snake slithered up to Sarah and stared her in the eyes. Its eyes glowed bright yellow and hers glowed purple. Suddenly, the snake changed into a hooded cobra. Its coloration remained the same, but it gained a hood. It leaned forward and allowed her to kiss its head. "Good boy." The crystal around her neck glowed bright blue and in an instant, the snake before her had changed into a man cloaked in black with short, red spiked hair. Sarah's eyes changed back to their normal green color. She gasped and backed away from the man. "Who-"

"My name is Sune-Ku."

"But you were just a-"

"Yes, but now I am a human."

"So," she said, nervously, "just what are you?"

"How should I know? Two seconds ago I was a nameless snake trapped in a cage. Now I'm a talking snake with a name and shape shifting abilities."

"Uh... I think you should get out of here." He grabbed her arm.

"Not without you." He then teleported, taking her with him.

Sarah gasped and fell to the floor as she and Sune-Ku appeared somewhere. She looked around and realized that the walls were covered with hieroglyphics. She stood and faced Sune-Ku. "What the heck, man?!"

"What are you talking about?"

"You told me that you weren't quite sure what had happened and then you teleport me away from school!" She gasped. "Oh no! School! I'm one of the lucky few from the orphan house that the state paid so they could go to school! If they find out that I skipped, they might let someone else take my place!" Sune-Ku rolled his eyes.

"They won't replace you because of one absence."

"How do you know?"

"I just do, now let's look around." Sarah sighed, but followed him, as he was currently her only way to get home.

Presley looked for the new girl at lunch, but he could not find her. He sighed and sat down beside his best friend, Walter. "Dude, have you seen the new girl?" Walter nodded.

"Yeah, she sat beside me in second period. Why?" Suddenly, one of the other people at the table perked up.

"If you're talking about that Sarah Jonathan girl, she disappeared after the snake in our class got loose. She's probably hiding in the bathroom, terrified."

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, she was staring at it the whole class. I'm almost positive that she was afraid of it."

"Haven't the teachers looked for her?"

"Why would they? Lots of students skip, so they've pretty much given up on bringing them back. And if she's afraid because the snake hasn't been caught, then she might not come back." Presley sighed.

"That doesn't make sense. I highly doubt that she's afraid of snakes." The girl shrugged.

"Believe what you want."

Sarah stared in awe as she and Sune-Ku walked past large columns covered with hieroglyphics. Sune-Ku soon grew tired of her dawdling, so her picked her up bridal-style and carried her. "Most girls would beat the crud outta you for suddenly picking them up like that."

"But you're not most girls."

"What makes you say that?"

"You gave a snake the ability to talk and shape shift."

"Good point." He continued carrying her until they heard voices. He then promptly set her down and pulled her behind a column. They then listened to the voices.

"I can't believe he got away again!"

"Yes, because all of your other plans have gone so well."

"Silence, Hekar." Sarah snuck a peek around the column and gasped lightly. The voices were coming from a man robed in purple and a snake wound around his staff! Sarah tried to stop staring and go back to hiding, but part of her would not allow her body to move. Sune-Ku reached for her but stopped as her eyes started to glow purple. Part of her knew this man... F-Father? Her eyes glowed bright purple.

"Father!"Sune-Ku quickly grabbed her and clamped his hands over her mouth, but it was too late. The man the snake on the staff had called Scarab had turned and was walking over to where they were hiding. He looked around for an exit and upon seeing a window quite a ways up, transformed into a large fifty-foot long serpent, snatched Sarah up in his mouth, and made his way through the window. The man named Scarab shot at him, but Sune-Ku was too fast for him and by the time he had summoned any henchmen, the two intruders were long gone.


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