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I Want You to Believe in Me

Kir Sirin

Kira can not love…

"You're… Kira?" L whispered against the kiss.

Light leaned forward, "Yes. L, do you trust me now?"

L shut his eyes tightly and hissed, "Take it back."


"I said take it back... Y-You can't be Kira… You are only giving me what I want! Light-kun cannot be Kira!" L melted into Light's strong arms and whispered against his chest. "Because I love Light-kun."

Light felt his heart fly into his throat. He held L tighter and whispered, "Say it again."

"I love you, Light-kun… You cannot be Kira."

"L…" Light pulled L away and held him at an arm's length. "I am Kira."

The detective shook his head. "Why would you tell me such a thing?"

Light smiled and touched L's cheek. "Because I'm in-love with you."

L felt the tears stream down his cheeks but he couldn't stop them. "Y-You've killed… Thousands of criminals… And yet… Whenever I'm with you I feel… Warm." L continued to shake his head and whispered hoarsely, "You cannot be Kira!"

"I'm sorry, L." Light's eyes looked downcast.

"My name is Lawliet." L whispered. "It is not 'L'."

How the detective yearned for Light to whisper his real name through those perfect lips.

Light looked back up. "What…? Why would you tell me that? I'm Kira!"

"I…" L pressed his lips against Light's for an explanation. "I cannot believe that…"

But inside his heart, L knew Light was telling the truth. That's why this made things so hard.

That's why L could feel his heart break at the thought of his next action.

"Light-kun…" L whispered. "You are under arrest."

Light pressed his lips harder against L's. "I know, Lawliet."

L gasped sharply. Say it again. His heart demanded. L shut his eyes as tears came harshly down. He couldn't do it. He couldn't take Light in.

Not when Light said his name like that.

It felt so wonderful.

"Light-kun is Kira…"


"Light-kun is a bad person…"

"Only if you believe that."

"Light-kun should be in jail…"

"Only if you want me to be."

But did he?

Did L want Light to be in prison?

Could he stand the sound of handcuffs chafing his perfect wrists?

"Lawliet…" Light finally broke the kiss and stared into L's tearing eyes.

The sight broke his heart.

Light wiped L's tears away, "You are Justice… If you must… Then you must. I'll always love you. Nothing will ever change that. Please, don't be sad… I-It… It makes me sad." Light swallowed the hard lump in his throat.

"I… Cant…" L whispered. He fingered Light's soft, brown hair in his hands as more tears fell down. "Kira… You have defeated me."

"Lawliet," Light smiled and kissed L's forehead, "I could never defeat you."

"B-But… I-I can't… You are Light… You are—"

"I am yours, Lawliet."

"You are mine…" L repeated softly as he leaned in for another heartbreaking kiss. "You are mine… You are My Light… Without you… There would be darkness… You are…"

L didn't finish his sentence as he pressed his lips desperately into Light's. The kiss felt wet with L's own tears gliding down into his mouth. He felt Light carefully lick them away and L clutched onto his button-down shirt. He drove his bare nails deeper through the fabric, desperate for any kind of anchor for his screaming mind.

"Light-kun is mine." The detective whispered.

Kir Sirin