Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh if I did Joey and Mai would have lots of babies… lol slightly too much info I now anyways this fic contains one of my favourite Pairings of all time that right Polarshippers it's a JoeyxMai Fic Hooray

This story is based after the pharaoh returned to the afterlife, basically Yugis Grandpa died, Joey is nowhere to be found and Darts and Malik are back…oh Joy

Anyways here are the new characters

Amander: Valons long lost friend from the orphanage he grew up in and his long lost love interest, its not allistar, shoulder length black hair and she always wears one armlet

Marcus: Mai's older brother who has been missing for over 10 years short blond hair (blonds are quite popular in Yu-Gi-Oh) slightly over average build wears a black biker jacket

Rey: the little guy he's quite small but he's one of joeys old pals and he's extremely loyal to his friends

Bruno: Gentle giant…unless you piss him off, brown hair and very muscular

Caspian: Joey's Guardian a wolf spirit

So anyways there the characters what ye think

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Friends, Partners, Lovers

They say no matter what you do, the past will always creep up behind you. For Valon this was all too true. Everything he had done to Joey and mai crept through his head creating a migraine whenever he pictured Mai sad without Joey, If Only he could he would've killed Darts there and then to bad he was beaten.

What hurt more was the fact he used Mai in order to forget his own grief…Amander, he missed her so much even though he had been apart from her for over 12 years he still missed her heck he got thrown into prison mainly for her. Another image of Joey pleading Mai to remember crept in his mind, He kicked the bed almost over in his frustration


This time the double bed keeled, over he stared at it maybe I do need to cool down abit, he thought to himself

He grabbed his red hooded sweater and went outside to blow off some steam on his punch bag, he gazed at the sea that caught his eye as he moved across his veranda to the bag he couldn't help but wonder what everyone else was doing, whether everyone was back to normal, he knew that allistar had found his little brother after KiabaCorp funded the search, and Raphael had put himself to use by joining the armed forces, he on the other hand hadn't really thought of anything to do with himself he stroked his chin staring at the sea "You just gotta be out there somewhere…You did promise you'd wait for me", his mind flashed back

"No don't take him away he didn't do anything wrong, Valon I'll Wait for you don't forget"

the young girl threw a small pendant at the boy who was being carried away by the police struggling to reach her, he grabbed the pendant, it was a small paw print pendant.

"I won't forget, I'll Come Back I Promise"

He sighed pulling the small now slightly rusted pendant from his pocket "Amander" he whispered softly to himself before a Bright glow in the sky caught his attention, the bright glow soon formed into a raging fire like meteor. "What The Fuck….." the fire hit the sea creating a wave which grew higher and closer to him, he wanted to run his brain told him to run for his life but he couldn't move he closed his eyes waiting for the impact…

He reopened his eyes as he shook all over, that feeling, the force, the energy it generated he knew all to well what it was, and who had caused it, he was afraid, angry excited he knew what he had to do he ran to his bike climbed on and headed straight for domino city.


She was alone, as always, but for once in Mai Valentines Life she didn't want it that way, but this time her longing her need to be with the one man who she had ever loved had gotten the better of her his smile, his laugh the way his head would tilt every time somebody resorted to science or maths to solve a problem, she giggled to herself, how cute he was when he did that.

Her giggling soon turned to tears Joey had been missing for three years no-one had heard from him it was as if he had just…vanished not even serenity had heard anything from her brother, then again she was always with Kaiba anyways, heck if Joey did show up Kaiba would be the one missing afterward anyways She moved the handle bars of her bike as a familiar yellow Bike road up next to her

"Valon!!" he was sweating eyes wide like a terrified rabbit "hey what you doing in domino"

"Mai..It..Its..all…Hap…Happening again, Darts…he's back"

So many things went through her head

Was that why Joey was missing and Darts got to him was he afraid and ran…No he would never do that…He'd Never Run

She sighed "Valon are you drunk again, remember what happened last time when you were seeing Giant Quarters everywhere"

He got slightly angry but didn't show it through his panicked state..

"What the…That was a long time ago"

She rolled her eyes at him also getting a little angry "What makes you so sure, whats all the panicking for anyways"

He sarcastically calmed and looked around "Oh nothing much there's a slight twinge in the air… I feel it in my bones oh and just one more thing,… isn't a big thing really…JUST THAT!!"

Mai's eyes shot to where he was pointing a Huge eye greeted her sight, one of the many elements of her nightmares, one of the many things that she wished Joey would come back and make better

"Jesus Christ…Oh shit Valon we need to find Yugi and Kaiba Now"

Valons eyes glistened "What about Joey" he was filled with hope, until he noticed Mai's Body Language change completely it looked depressive and sad

She took a breathe "Joey has been…Missing for three years No-one knows where he is".

He sighed "So You actually gunna admit that you feel something for him, and that you miss him, cos until you do Valentine, this aint gunna get any easier I should Know… I've been looking for someone for years and it helps"

She fought back her tears she never cried in front of anyone but Joey, she swore she never would "Valon we both know he would never look at me even if I did find him… I STOLE HIS SOUL!!…he probably hate me"

Valon Rolled his eyes and huffed at her "look the things he was saying in that duel where strong enough to break the hold… the oricholchoses hold for that matter, how strong do you think he felt about you" his eyes grew soft "look you want to know what he said to me in that duel, he said that men sill do stupid and ridicules thing when their in love, heck duelling two really strong duellists…who just happen to be under the control of a ten thousand year old evil…is pretty, damn to me"

She smiled slightly "and if I can see that and you cant…who you think has the brains here"

She punched his arm "Owwwwww, Jesus that hurts ye know your heavy handed you know"

She smiled "I broke your arm once I can do it…again"

He looked at her scared "alright Mai…Let's Go Get Kaiba and Yugi"

They both drove in the direction of Yugi's Grandpa's Game Shop

- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -

Yugi, gazed out of the window feeling unsure about his surroundings without Atem he felt alone and unsure about everything, Kaiba and Serenity had dropped by Kaiba felt strange and was worried ever since he had been with serenity a whole new Seto Kaiba found its way to the surface, he was so protective over serenity, it was almost unreal.

It wasn't just Kaiba however who had that feeling, Professor Hawkings and Rebecca had also joined him there had reports of strange things happening around domino: Monster sightings, power failures, sudden tremors

"Seto whats wrong?, You haven't been yourself" he turned and looked at serenity in her deep blue eyes…

"Nothing hun, I'm fine, it's just I have a weird feeling that…" Yugi stared at Kaiba there eyes met Both knew the other was worried about the same thing… what that was they didn't know They were both distracted by a knock at the door he immediately stood in front of serenity startling her

Yugi approached the door…. Reaching for the handle he pulled it open to find Valon and Mai shaking, everyone's yes widened at the sight of the two at the door he let them in as Valon went straight to the window to close to curtains as Serenity hugged Mai, Kaiba looked at Yugi Then To the two new guests

"He's Back isn't he…" Valon was still focused on the window like a paranoid man searching the sky for some sign of answers

"Valon, would you stop that your gunna make it worse" mai scolded him

Rebecca on the other hand was still hostile towards Valon after what she still blamed him for doing to Yugi

She huffed "Whatever it is, I bet he has something to do with it" Valon rolled his eyes he knew he would get that off heck Rebecca still hit Yugi thinking he was the pharaoh for what he did.

"Yeah I think he is, but I don't know… I mean it feels like it did before but this time it's stronger"

Kaiba shot up from leaning against the wall

" lets go it isn't safe here anymore, KaibaCorp Headquarters"

Rebecca wasn't impressed at this attempt as wasn't Mokuba

"Seto What makes you think that's any safer I mean Kaiba Corp is gunna be a target if Darts is back" Mokuba looked at his older brother worried

"How about we all just stay here for now" Everyone looked at Mai, her eyes fixated at the window of course when everyone saw why they where the same, the street lamp outside silhouetted teeth and huge wings in the shop blue eyes glistened outside the shop, Valons mouth was still stuck open not being able to move. Staring at the sight at the window

"Valon close…the Curtain…NOW!!" Mai whispered. Valon attempted to shut the curtain before the creature outside roared in frustration as its victims were removed from view, everyone hit the floor embracing and expecting a crashing noise, instead an all too familiar noise was heard, a Roar from another Monster.

Mai sat up realising what the noise was…"RED EYES!!" She ran for the door, before exiting the shop They all gave chase as outside they were greeted with a sight they thought they would never see again, Gleaming Blue Eyes…Shiny Red Eyes both set on the kill, the two dragons roared at each other waiting for the first move to be decided

The blue eyes glanced at the group of people back to the Red Eyes and repeated it opening its jaws it lunged at them before being thrown to the side as its neck was clamed by the jaws of Red Eyes, the blue eyes struggled as it gasped for oxygen… the blue glow left its eyes as it was thrown to the ground… the red eyes looked at them

Mai felt her heart lift as it looked at her a look she longed to see again, the dragons attention was soon shifted as a distant whistle was heard, red eyes gazed at them one last time before returning to its Master.

Mai felt an overwhelming urge that she just couldn't ignore anymore she ran to her bike

"Mai Stop" Yugi's attempt to stop her failed miserably she didn't even know that he had tried, her eyes fixated on the dragon as it flew, so much that she didn't even notice the monsters around her where getting closer every minute, it had to be she thought only Joey has that much control over a red eyes, her eyes glistening with tears and determination…One monster cam too close forcing her slam on her brakes, she looked around again searching for any sign of the dragon that has just been in her sight,…Nothing her heart and hopes sank.

She realised where she was… it was dark and there where a lot of noises that she didn't understand, she stood firm never one to show how frightened she was, however the next sight nearly had her in tears.

A pitch black werewolf stared at her growling, exposing its teeth it lunged only to be grabbed by the scruff off the neck by another wolf this one was different, golden in colour with jeans, bigger and obviously stronger than the other, however this one was hurt blood was pumping out of the side of its head it was clearly in pain, Mai was in ecstasy, "Jo..Joey" She was sobbing at this point the golden wolf turned to face her she gazed into the deep brown eyes, the wolf began to glow as it changed into.. A man, blond hair, brown eyes, bare chested, wearing dog tags, and black jeans…It was Joey, far more muscular than he once was, he smiled at her as blood loss started to make him go dizzy, Mai went to run to him, before she could a roar halted her in her tracks, the wolf had lunged at him without warning, clutching and biting his bare shoulder, he lifted the full frame of the wolf before lunging it into the alley wall, he nearly feel, but maintained balance.

Mai said the only thing she could think about she sobbed "I love…You Joey, I always have" Joey hobbled over to her half drenched in blood "I…I…Love you too" a smile had appeared on his face, his lips touched hers, their tongues danced in his mouth before pulling away, the black wolf regained control. Joey let out a sigh "You Know…were never gunna get to talk are we…well not now at least" he gave her one last peck on the lips. "Mai go…Now" Mai snapped out of the daze His kiss had just placed her in.

"Hell no… I'm not leaving you again, I love you too much…" he looked at her lovingly before seriousness took over "Mai I'll be fine but… I WILL NOT Let you get hurt… your just…Too precious to me…I promise I'll Come Back to you just…I have another problem right now" his head nodded in the direction of the other wolf before returning his smile

She ran to him kissing him again "you promise" she gazed into his brown eyes once shut slightly from the bleeding, he cupped her face "I Promise…Mai Valentine…I'll come back to you" she got on her bike giving him one last look teary eyed she nodded ready to drive away, but not yet

Joey turned his attention back to the wolf, cracking his neck he crouched slightly bending his knees, eyes focused and determined, closing his eyes he focused his energy, his eyes shot open burning with a Ferrell Fire, he glowed again returning to the wolf form he gripped its jaws and pulled them apart cracking them, he glowed gain returning to his human form he gazed at mai, the sight nearly drove her wild he was so perfectly formed, perfect muscles, even though they where covered with blood his smile perfect and dreamy,

"Mai…." she looked at him, he winked at her seductively "I'll see You later…ok" her smile was beaming, "You better wheeler" he giggled before she drove away.

He didn't have to fight it anymore, the pain was overwhelming, the blood loss blinding, he fell to his knees before finally falling to the ground.

- - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - -

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