Hey Beautiful

A portal opened up in what looked like a normal teenager's bedroom as someone stumbled out of it, crashing into the floorboards.


Kisshu rubbed his head countless times until he managed to get up on his own two feet. His honey-coloured eyes looked around the room as they fell upon what he had been searching for: A brown teddy bear.

Kisshu picked it up.

Taruto, you bastard. You've been in my room again.

Kisshu threw the teddy bear aside. An old man with ears bigger than Pai's and a long beard as white as snow made the bear for Taruto when he was far too young to speak. They were still suffering then. They were used to not smiling so much, that they had forgotten how to. But Kisshu learned to live again when he fell in love, but now he's getting tired of chasing the same person.

Kisshu's spinach-coloured hair was drenched in water. He knew he had gone too far to win her heart when he told her he'd prove his love for her by standing in the rain all night. He told her that he'd be waiting for her, but she didn't dare come out. She was afraid.

Kisshu grabbed a pink towel (which he said he accidentally took from his love's bathroom, while she happened to be in the bath) and tried his best to rub off the water which made his head feel cold. He was already starting to feel the pain in his head, and his heart.

Kisshu was going to walk past a mirror when he froze.

He turned his head slightly to the right, as he spotted the most graceful thing he had ever seen. He dropped his towel instantly as he turned around completely to face it. He smiled stupidly.

"Hey beautiful."

No response.

"You're looking gorgeous tonight! I could even say you're sexy!"

What he said was beautiful, gorgeous and sexy, what he was staring at right now, was the reflection which was produced when he looked in the mirror. Kisshu was in love, with himself.

"I love you!"

Kisshu leaned in closer to the mirror, as he pushed his lips against it. His arms wrapped around the mirror as he lifted it high into the air.



Startled, he dropped the mirror, which resulted in a crash. Kisshu froze as he looked towards the door.

Standing there right now was Taruto, who actually was going to get his bear and get out, but now he wasn't even going to take one step into Kisshu's bedroom.

Taruto screamed.


"Taruto, you bastard! I'm going to kill you!"

Kisshu ran after Taruto as he sprinted off, trying his best to get away from his clutches. In a desperate search for Pai, Taruto ran right past the door he was occupied in...

"Kisshu and Taruto are pathetic! They don't know what love is! It isn't preps or tomboys..."

Pai took a sip from his glass cup.

"It's you, my dear..."

Pai wrapped his arms around his computer as he gave it a quick peck. The door burst open just in time as Kisshu and Taruto froze. What Taruto was running around for was what they both were going to run around for now.

"Pai, why are you drinking wine with your computer in the bathroom?!"

"It's not what you think!"


Kisshu, Taruto and Pai ran, chasing eachother to beat one another to Deep Blue. But little did they know Deep Blue had a secret of his own...

"Oh, Mew Aqua, I will make you my queen when those pathetic soldiers take over a planet for me..."


"Go away! Don't come in here! No!"

The door burst open...

Thirty seconds later...