Yo everybody! I had this idea since last fall. I was growing tired of fairly predictable Naruto/Bleach crossovers. Where Konoha ninjas simply die and end up in the Soul Society and Naruto always ends up being a captain after the Soul Society arc. Or a vizard. And Sakura's always, always in the Squad Four. I know she's a medic and it does make sense, but it's been constantly reused. Now I don't hate these stories, I actually like a number of them. I've just grown bored with those stories because their so similar. So I came up with this idea, a similar version to those story but with a few twists that'll at least a little original. But I never actually started writing it. Until the most recent chapters of Bleach. They've resparked this idea for me. And changed it as well. Originally, things were different from what I'm gonna have in this story.

First off, there's only gonna four characters from Naruto. Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and my OC member of Team 7. Naruto isn't gonna be a vizard nor will he or any of those four get promoted to the rank of captain after the SS arc and Sakura will not be a member of the Fourth Division, though she will retain some of her healing skills.

My OC:

Name: Kenshi 'Hawk' Mitsurugi (I know he has a similar name to one vizards, in my defense, I created my OC before I started reading Bleach. And Kenshi means swordsman in Japanese which fits the character.)

Age: 15 (post time skip)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color/Style: Brown, messy, spiked hair (resembles Greed's hair, from Fullmetal Alchemist)

Height: about the same height as Sasuke (again post time skip)

Specialization: Weapons combat

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or Naruto. I only own my OCs and this story.

A New Life, A New World

Chapter One: Death and A New World

Images flashed in his mind.

His early childhood in Konoha. All the happy times he had with his parents and his clan. Learning of his clan's teachings. His father giving him his nickname and his first clan tattoo.

Then things turned bad.

He remembered his seventh birthday. And it's bloody aftermath. The Yoshimitsu clan, a clan that many called the brother to his own clan, attacked.

He remembered his parents locking him in a hidden compartment. He remembered spending the night in a cramped, dark space, listening to people fighting and dying all around him. In the end, they wiped each other out. The Yoshimitsu clan was gone and he was the only one left of his clan.

After that, he lived by himself, learning of his clan and their techniques. His dream to become the greatest swordsmen that ever lived. Entering the academy. Befriending Hinata Hyuuga. Later developing feelings for her and learning of her own feelings for Naruto. Graduating from the academy, joining Team Seven alongside Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto.

The mission to the Land of Waves. The first encounter with Zabuza, one of the Seven Swordsmen of Mist and actually managing to slightly impress the rouge swordsman with his own growing skill with a sword. The battle on the bridge. Sasuke's near death and Naruto using, for the first time, the Kyuubi's chakra. Something that would cause him to become very suspicious of his blond teammate. Though he wouldn't figure it out until later what Naruto was hiding.

Location Unknown
Time Unknown

Kenshi Mitsurugi slowly opened his eyes. His now dirty and bloodstrained brown hair slightly obscured his view. He had been tied to a wooden cross and left to rot. But he wasn't alone. He was alongside one of his teammates, one who had been his teammate three years earlier and the body of his other teammate.

They had failed. Their world was doomed. Chances were that their home and everyone they cared about was gone. Destroyed by the Akatsuki.

To his left was Sakura Haruno. Like him, she was tied to a cross. There was a number of bandages all over her body. The leader of Akatsuki, Pein, had decided that they should die a long, slow death of starvation rather than their wounds. So their wounds had been treated and they were left on these crosses to die. Hawk had lost count of how many days had pasted.

To his right was Sasuke Uchiha, bandages wrapped around where his eyes had been. It would be easy to blame him for all this. But it would be a lie. He was as much a victim of these horrible circumstances as they were. He had never wanted or intended for this to happen. It was the Chunin Exams that began the path they had walked to this fate.

He remembered the preliminaries. And their dark outcome. Sasuke bitten by Orochimaru and receiving that damned curse seal. Hinata badly beaten by her cousin Neji. The goofy-looking, but courageous Rock Lee being completely destroyed by Gaara. His own victory and moving on with Naruto and Sasuke, to the finals, to face a member of the Hidden Shadow Village, simply named Heishiro, that had an obsession with him.

Starting his own private training. Then after the first week of training, an old drunkard wondered into his clan's training grounds. The drunk effortlessly countered every attempt he made to eject him from the grounds before finally beating him with a single punch.

The man then took it upon himself to train him and help get rid the flaws in his stance and style.

He would later learn that this man was Shujinko, one of the legendary Sanin. And years earlier, had trained his parents' genin team.

Then finals came. He watched with satisfaction as Naruto kicked Neji's smug ass with that chakra again. When Sasuke didn't show up, his match was postponed until after all of the other first round matches were done.

Kenshi faced off against his Shadow nin opponent. He quickly learned that Heishiro was beyond obsessed with him. Heishiro sought to kill him for some unknown reason. But he had a plan long before he entered the arena. He attacked Heishiro with weak attacks designed to further irritate and anger the already unstable genin. And it succeed. By the end of the match, Heishiro was attacking as wildly as possible but with no thought of what he was doing. But even then, Heishiro was still stronger than him. It was then that he revealed something to Heishiro. The core belief of the Mitsurugi clan. 'Hide one's true strength until it is needed.'

And that's just what he did. Deactivating his first tattoo, the power seal tattoo for the first time in his life. Revealing his full strength for the first time in his entire life, he defeated his opponent in a single strike and spared his life. Something Kenshi would regret later on. Ultimately, he would earn the rank of chunin alongside Shikamaru.

The other matches went on. Sasuke finally arrived and the match between him and Gaara started. Then the invasion happened. Sound, Sand and Shadow ninja attack the village. Gaara and his siblings fled with Sasuke on their tail. Kakashi ordered Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru and himself to follow Sasuke, stop him and get to a safe place until he came for them.

In the end, they ended up fighting Gaara. Gaara managed to beat both he and Sasuke and trapped Sakura in slowly tightening ball of sand. Somehow Naruto managed to beat Gaara back until Gaara transformed into a massive demon of sand. It looked like it was the end when Naruto proved just how unpredictable he was by summoning a massive toad to battle Gaara.

Then Naruto, when Naruto and the toad henged into a massive nine-tailed fox. The final piece of the puzzle fit into place. Everything made sense. Why many of the adults hated Naruto. Naruto's near limitless chakra. Where that crimson chakra came from. The Nine-Tailed Fox that had almost destroyed Konoha was sealed into Naruto!

The aftermath of the invasion. The Third's funeral. The reconstruction of Konoha. And those two. Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki.

They wanted Naruto and knew they were teammates. He didn't know where Naruto was and wouldn't have told them anyway. He ended up fighting Kisame, who like Zabuza, commented on his skill with a sword. Kisame beat him with ease and he passed out. In fact, Samehada left a large scar across his chest.

When he woke up a few days later, he learned that Kakashi and Sasuke were both in comas because of those two and Naruto was helping bring the next Hokage to Konoha and she would be able to help Sasuke and Kakashi.

Of course, things only grew worse for them.

Sasuke abandoned the village for that snake, Orochimaru. Tsunade had ordered him and Shikamaru to assemble a team and retrieve him. Naruto, Chouji, Neji and Kiba joined them.

After Chouji stayed behind to battle one of the Sound shinobi taking Sasuke to Orochimaru, Neji spotted an old, hidden stone tunnel that could allow them quickly get ahead of the group and block them off.

Unfortunately, Heishiro and his teammates erected a barrier to stop them from using it unless he fought him again. He told Naruto and the others, to follow the Sound nin, that he would beat the Shadow nin and take the tunnel and try to slow them down.

Again, they battle throwing everything they had at each other. He won, killing Heishiro but not without a great toll on him. And before he died, Heishiro revealed a secret to him. A secret about the death of his clan and his linage. A secret that would stay between the two of them. A secret that shattered everything he knew about his parents.

He took Heishiro's sword as his own. Heishiro's teammates had already fled, dropping the barrier, allowing him to use the tunnel. Somehow, he managed to get ahead of both group and ended up somewhere near the Valley of the End. He wasn't all that surprised when Sasuke came running toward Sound by himself. He tried to reason with Sasuke. To convince him that going to Orochimaru wouldn't solve anything. That it wouldn't give him the strength and power he wanted. But Sasuke was a lot like Naruto. Stubborn. When words failed, he tried stop Sasuke physically. But he was too badly injured and quickly lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he learned that the team had survived, but failed to bring Sasuke back. Ultimately, Team Seven was broken. Each went their separate ways. Each was trained by one of the Sanin. Like Naruto, he left Konoha for almost three years, training under Shujinko. He grew wiser and stronger. Mastering many weapons and weapon styles as well as many of the techniques of the Mitsurugi clan. As a result, more clan tattoos adorned his body. And Shujinko helped him recover a number of lost relics of both clans.

They returned to Konoha. Team Kakashi was formed. They managed to save Gaara, kill several Akatsuki members, but had failed to retrieve Sasuke again. Then Sasuke killed Orochimaru and chased after his brother.

That action would signal the end for them.

Kakashi assembled a nine man team to chase after Sasuke and bring him home.

During their search for him, Sasuke found his brother and the two of them battled. Sasuke was strong but ultimately, lost to his brother. However, Itachi didn't kill him. Instead, the Akatsuki used him as bait to lure them into a trap.

Kenshi weakly shook his head at the memory of what happened next.

The leader of the Akatsuki, Pein, attacked, quickly killing much of the their team. Hinata and Sai had managed to escape. Whether they made it to Konoha or not, he didn't know.

He, Naruto, and Sakura were captured. They were forced to watch as they painfully extracted the Kyuubi from Naruto, killing him. Than Itachi removed Sasuke's eyes and took them as his own.

They tied them to these crosses. They tied Naruto's body to one as well. "To keep them company." Pein had said.

"Sakura...Hawk..." Sasuke weakly said.

"Yeah Sasuke..." both he and Sakura replied, just as weakly as him.

"I'm...sorry. For everything. I just...wanted to say that...before I...di..."

Sasuke's head dropped. He was dead. Or soon would be. He couldn't tell. They would be soon be dead as well.

"Well Sakura...It looks like this is the end." he grimly said. "After all we've done, only to fail here...it just doesn't seem right..."

"At least...no one can say that we didn't try." Sakura replied.

He weakly chuckled. "True. They can't. We did everything we could...but it just wasn't enough."

A few hours later, he and Sakura passed on as well.

Of course, none of them expected what happened next. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Hawk found themselves floating, alive and well in what could be best described as empty space. They had no idea where they were.

"This is unexpected..." Hawk said.

"Is this the afterlife?" Sakura asked as she stared out into the endless horizon.

"If it is, than the afterlife is highly overrated." Sasuke commented.

"Ah...I've been expecting you, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Kenshi 'Hawk' Mitsurugi, Sakura Haruno." a voice said.

A man appeared, wearing a white hooded robe. They couldn't see his face beneath the shadow the hood cast over his face.

"Who are you? And where are we?" Sakura asked.

"Me...Well, I suppose you could say I'm Fate." the man replied.

"Fate?" all four of them asked.

"Basically. I have many, many names. But Fate sums me up the best." he answered. "It is my job to make sure the worlds follow the right path."

"So why are we here?" Hawk asked.

"Well you see, there are times when a world goes far off it's destined path. You see, Sasuke wasn't suppose to lose to Itachi. Itachi was suppose to fall at the end of that battle. All four of you were suppose to die about fifty years later than when you did." he explained. "And sometimes when I go to correct it, by resetting a world back before the point where it went off it's path, there are problems. Sometimes, the people that are tied to the event that has gone off course, aren't reset with their world, but rather, are duplicated."

"Duplicated?" Sasuke said in disbelief. "What do you mean duplicated?"

"There now exists in your world a second, Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, and Kenshi, with no memory of what happened. They will follow the paths that you and they were meant to follow. That also means you can not return to your world the way you are."

"Then what's gonna happened to us?" Sakura asked.

"Well, the choice is up to you. The four of you can enter you're world's regeneration cycle and be reborn as new people. Or you can retain you're memories, but you will lose most of your abilities, though you will retain some of them, in form or another. And go to a other world and serve a purpose there. I'll leave you time to think."

The robed man faded away, leaving them alone.

"This is just too wired." Naurto commented. "Is this guy for real?"

"Well...I think he is, Naruto." Sakura replied. "I mean we all died, we know that much. So, how are we alive now? And did we get here for that matter?"

"Good point. I remember dying. As strange as that is. So...if this guy's telling the truth, what should we do?" Hawk asked. "Reborn with nothing. Or go to a whole other world and never see our friends and home."

Sasuke shrugged. "I say we go to this other world that this guy was talking about. Either way, we'll never see Konoha again. At least if we go to this other world, we'll at least retain who we are."

"True. If nothing else, we'll have each other." Hawk said. "I say we go to this other world."

"I have to agree as well." Sakura said.

The three of them turned to Naruto. Naruto hesitated. "I...If we leave, I'll never become Hokage." he said dejectedly.

They all knew how badly Naruto wanted to become Hokage.

"Naruto, if we chose to stay here, we'll be reborn as other people." Sasuke said to the blond. "Chances are, we won't even be born in Konoha again. We may not even be born in a Shinobi Village. And you won't even remember you're dream."

"I know...but it's just hard to say good bye to Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-sensei, Granny, Prevy Sage, and everybody else."

"Well, there is one good thing about going to that other world." Hawk said with a grin.

Naruto gave him a puzzled look.

"No one but us, will know about the Kyuubi. Or Sasuke's betrayal." he answered. "Or any of our pasts for that matter. It'll be like starting off with a clean slate."

Naruto immediately perked up a bit.

"Actually, that raises the question, is the Kyuubi back in Naruto?" Sakura asked.

"Actually, like everyone else in your world, he has been reset. So you won't have to worry about him." Fate said as he reappeared. "So, have you made up your minds?"

"We're going!" Naruto shouted in his normal loud, cheerful tone as he thrust a fist into the air. "And if I can't become Hokage, than I'll become the greatest...whatever they have in that world!!"

Sasuke, Sakura, Hawk, and Fate all sweatdropped.

'Same old Naruto.' Sakura, Hawk, and Sasuke all thought. 'A complete emotional 180 in less than a minute.'

Fate chuckled. "I bet you will." the man said. "One last thing. Here Sasuke."

Fate handed Sasuke a familiar object. His Konoha headband. With the scratch still in it.

"Let me just fix that."

Fate snapped his fingers. The scratch mark instantly repaired itself.

"A little memento of your home. Good bye and good luck."

Fate snapped his fingers again. A vortex opened up beneath them, pulling the four ninjas in before they could do anything. They spun faster and faster.

"Ah!...Dammit!!...I'm gonna be sick!!..." someone or someones shouted. Hawk didn't know who. It could what been him for all he knew.

Eventually, the g-forces became too much and they all passed out.

Captains' Meeting Chamber
First Division Headquarters

"...And yesterday, I as well as three other captains, judged him on the requirements of a captain through the rules of the Captain Examination. His ability and character made me draw my conclusion without any criticisms. The former 3rd seat of Squad Two, Kisuke Urahara, has been appointed as new captain of the 12th division." Captain-General Yamamoto said to the assembled captains and lieutenants.

Suddenly, there was a massive surge of reiatsu. Right above their heads. All the captains and lieutenants present looked up. A vortex opened up on the ceiling. Everyone was stunned silent.

Suddenly, a black haired boy dropped out of the vortex and crashed into the ground. Followed by a brown haired boy, a blond haired boy and a pink haired girl. The vortex then started to close. But before it completely closed, a scroll flew out and hovered in front of Yamamoto's face. The Captain-General reached up and grabbed the scroll.

The all four of the unknown arrivals appeared to be in their mid to late teens. Their clothes were tattered and blood stained. But there two odds things about them. Each wore a headband with a spiral leaf design on a metal plate, which were completely undamaged. In fact, the headbands all looked brand new. The second odd thing was that, though their clothes were covered obvious signs of battle damage, there were no wounds on their bodies.

Shinji asked the question that was on everyones' minds, "Okay...What was that? And who are they?"

Yamamoto, looking for answers, opened the scroll and began to read it. Everyone else silently waited. A few minutes later, Yamamoto rolled up the scroll. "Captain Unohana, take these four to the Fourth Division Compound and give them a complete examination. Alert me when they wake up."

Unohana bowed her head. "Yes Captain Yamamoto."

Unohana and her lieutenant knelt down next to the unconscious teens and checked them for any immediate signs of injury. Physically, their bodies appeared to be simply extremely weakened and exhausted. Satisfied that they weren't in any immediate danger, she ordered her lieutenant to summon some stretchers and Squad 4 members to carry them back to the Division Headquarters.

"Well Old Man Yama, what does the scroll say?" Shunsui asked.

"In two hours, all captains and lieutenants will reassemble here to discuss what to do about these four. The contents of the scroll will be discussed then." Yamamoto answered. "Dismissed."

Fourth Division Headquarters
30 Minutes Later

Naruto slowly opened his eyes. He felt sore and tired. He had never felt this exhausted and drained before. Added to this, he had a strange dream. Something about chasing after Sasuke, dying, meeting a guy calling himself Fate, and getting pulled down a giant drain. He made a mental note to never again eat instant ramen eight months past the expiration date.

He took a look at his surroundings. He was in a familiar room. A hospital room. There was a curtain around his bed. But there was a window on his right side. His forehead protector and Tsunade's necklace were laying on the nightstand next to the bed.

'Wow. That must have been some really bad ramen if I'm in the hospital.'

He turned to the window...only to receive a shock. Instead of seeing Konoha and the Hokage Mountain, he saw a foreign large city. It seemed to be divided into two parts. The part he was in appeared to be the nicer of the two. The buildings were white, clean and looked like they were made of fairly high end quality material. The farther away from the building he was in, the quality of the buildings decreased, going to the point of basic shacks.

Naruto sat up, trying to get a better view out the window, when he heard a familiar groan. "Hawk? Is that you?" Naruto said as he pulled back part of the curtain, revealing three other beds surrounded in curtains.

Hawk's voice came from the bed on his left. "Naruto? Yeah, it me."

Hawk pulled part of the curtains away. He looked beyond exhausted. There were dark bags under his eyes. His eyes appeared to be struggling to stay open.

"You look like hell." Naruto commented.

"I could say the same for you." Hawk replied before yawning. "So, why are we in the hospital?"

"Ah...well...I don't think we're in Konoha anymore."

Hawk's eyes suddenly widened. "It wasn't a strange dream,was it. It was real. So we're real in another world."

"I guess so."

"Ah. I see you've woken up." a calm and gentle voice said.

A woman with long, black hair styled in a loose ponytail running down her chest, completely pulled back the curtains and then stepped in between their beds. She wore a black kimono and hakama with a long white coat. "I am Retsu Unohana, Captain of the Fourth Division of the 13 Court Guard Squads. May I ask who you are?"

Naruto and Hawk both had no idea what this 13 Court Guard Squads was, but they figured that they would learn what it was soon enough.

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"I'm Kenshi Mitsurugi, but most people call me Hawk. And I guess we're now former ninjas of the Village Hidden in the Leaves."

"Village Hidden in the Leaves? I've never heard of it." Unohana said.

Naruto grinned sheepishly. "Well that's kinda because we're from another world."

Unohana looked at them in surprise and disbelief. "Another world?"

"Err..yeah." Naruto answered. "It's kind of a long-"

A pair of groans interrupted him. It was Sakura and Sasuke.

"It looks like you're all a wake now." Unohana said as turned to the two beds opposite their's.

"Ugh...If I ever see that guy again, I'm gonna kill him." Sasuke said as he rubbed his forehead. "He could have warned us that he was going to that."

"He could have. But something tells me he has a sense of humor that won't have allowed him to warn us." Hawk commented.

Unohana smiled and introduced herself to Sasuke and Sakura, who introduced themselves to her.

A white haired woman entered the room. She wore a black kimono and hakama as well but didn't have the coat. "Ah Isane. Please inform Captain Yamamoto that our guests have wakened."

"Yes captain." Isane said as she bowed her head and left.

"Captain Yamamoto?" Sakura asked.

"Captain-General Yamamoto is the commander of the 13 Court Guard Squads and the strongest of all soul reapers." Unohana replied.

"Soul reapers? What are those? And what exactly is the 13 Court Guard Squads?" Sakura asked.

"Well..." Unohana briefly explained what soul reaper are, the 13 Court Guard Squads, and their duties.

"Basically, this place is this world's afterlife. And these Guard Squads basically help souls cross over and to purify corrupt souls called hollows. And we're dead. Correct?" Sasuke said.

"Essentially, yes."

At that moment, an extremely old, decrepit looking man entered the room. He was bald with a long white beard, revealing a pair of scars in an X shape on his forehead. Like Unohana, he wore a black kimono and hakama. There was a white coat draped over his shoulders. The man walked with a wooden walking staff. All the members of Team 7 could tell that this man, although he was old, he was immensely powerful.

"My name is Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai. I am the Captain-General of the 13 Court Guard Squads. And the four of you are Sasuke Uchiha, Kenshi Mitsurugi, Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki, correct?"

"How do you know that?" Sakura asked, but they were all thinking it.

"There was note that came with you. It explained everything." Yamamoto replied. "It seems that Fate has thrown a few more wayward souls my way."

"This has happened before, Captain Yamamoto?" Unohana asked.

"Indeed. But it hasn't happened in many, many years. I was a young man back then." Yamamoto commented. "Captain Unohana, are they well to be able to attend the upcoming meeting?"

"Physically, aside from extreme physical exhaustion, they're fine. They should be able to attend the meeting, if they take it easy. But I would advise that they get some sleep first."

"No. Have them brought to the meeting." Yamamoto said. "So we can straighten everything out immediately."

Yamamoto then walked out of the room.

Unohana turned to them and said, "There's still over an hour until the meeting. I suggest that you all get some rest until then."

Captains' Meeting Chamber
First Division Headquarters
One Hour Later

Unohana, her lieutenant, and the four ninja entered the Captains' Meeting Chamber in the First Division Headquarters. Hawk nervously readjusted his headband as stared at the captains and lieutenants who looked at them with curiosity. (It's a one with a long blue cloth, like Naruto's post time skip headband.) He had to admit, they were an odd looking bunch, course the same could be said for some of the others from Konoha.

The tallest person in the room, a man who had a wild and savage aura to him, with shoulder length black hair and a long scar on his left eye. Standing behind him, was the smallest person in the room, a pink haired little girl, whom stared at Sakura intensely. Than there was a man wearing a straw hat and what appeared to be a woman's pink coat. A guy with a big afro, wearing sunglasses. Some guy with ridiculous looking long blond hair. A ditzy looking green haired girl standing behind a gray haired guy with 69 tattooed on his stomach.

Hawk made a mental note to, when he was fully recovered, check if he still had all of his tattoos and if they still did what they were suppose to do.

'Okay, so let's see what we've gotten ourselves into.'

Yamamoto looked around at the assembled people. "Now that we are all here, it is time to discuss what shall be done about our guests."

His gaze focused on the four of them. "Now, tell us how the four ended up here."

"Then I suppose we should start with our names. My name is Kenshi Mitusurgi, though just about everybody calls me Hawk." Hawk said.

"Why Hawk?" a man with white hair tied back in a loose ponytail asked.

Hawk paused for minute. "Actually, it's been so long since I got that nickname, that I've forgotten how I got it." he replied in embarrassment.

Just about everyone in the room sweatdropped. Sasuke cleared his throat and said, "Sasuke Uchiha."

"I'm Sakura Haruno."

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Konoha's Number One Ninja!" Naruto shouted, much to the surprise of all the captains and lieutenants.

This time, just about everyone in the room sweatdropped.

"I thought it was Konoha's Number One, Loudest, Most Unpredictable Ninja, Dobe." Sasuke said.

"Teme." Naruto grumbled.

The man wearing the woman's coat laughed. "Well, he certainly knows how to make a first impression."

"Is he always like that?" the white haired man asked.

"Pretty much. Naruto is rarely discrete about anything." Hawk replied. "Now I think should we talk about where we came from. Our world was one of ninja and Hidden Villages..."

They took turns talking about the shinobi world, about chakra and the techniques they used, of the Hidden Villages, and of their pasts. They left out Sasuke's betrayal and few other personal things, though surprising, Naruto told them about the Kyuubi being sealed into him. When it came to Sasuke's defection to Sound, they merely told them that they had spent two and a half years apart from each other, learning under different masters, which technically was the truth, they just omitted the reason for it. They finished with their deaths at the hands the Akatsuki, meeting Fate and getting sent here.

When they finished, they heard a set of hands clapping. It was that pink haired girl. "Yay!...Great story Whiskers, Emo, Birdie, and Big Pinky Head!"

Again, just about everyone in the room sweatdropped.

"Whiskers?..." Naruto said in disbelief and annoyance.

"Emo..." an annoyed Sasuke said.

"Birdie?..." Hawk said in pure disbelief.

"Big Pinky Head..." Sakura said with a look and tone that she only used whenever Naruto said or did something that angered her.

"I have to agree with Little Miss Yachiru." the straw hat wearing man said with a grin. "That was quite an interesting story. Hidden Villages, ninjas, giant demons of immense power being sealed into newborns, it sounds like something from a children's book."

"The people of our world would say the same about you and this place." Sasuke replied.

The man chuckled. "Yeah, you're probably right about that."

"Personally, I'm interested in those techniques of yours'." a dark skinned woman wearing a captain's coat said.

"I am as well. They sound a lot like our kido spells." a man with short blond hair said. "Would you be able to give us a demonstration?"

"Er...Well, we don't know really know what we can still use." Hawk paused for moment before adding, "Actually, there maybe something I can show, if it works anyway."

Hawk opened up the front of his white hospital kimono, revealing all of the tattoos on his chest as well as the large, jagged scar he got from Samehada. He bit his thumb, drawing blood. He smeared a bit of blood on the largest tattoo on his chest. A tattoo of a black raven in flight, located on his upper chest, a few inches beneath his throat. The tattoo literally flew off his chest and transformed into an actual raven, earning "ohs..." from the pink haired girl and the green haired girl. Hawk suddenly a wave of vertigo and fell. Naruto caught him before he hit the ground.

"You alright?" Naruto asked as he help him back up to his feet.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." he replied as the raven landed on his shoulder. "Hey Karasu. Good to see you again."

Karasu simply nodded his head in response. "Karasu is my familiar. An animal that has agreed to be bound to me. It was a famous technique of my clan. Because of this, Karasu can't truly die, at least as long as I'm alive. Should his body die, his essence returns to my soul and his tattoo reappears on my chest, allowing me to recreate his body like I just showed you. I'd show you some of the stuff we can do together, but I'm just too drained."

"Extraordinary." the man with short blond hair said in awe. "You'll have to show more when you've all recov-."

"Enough Captain Urahara." Yamamoto interrupted. "That can wait. We have other matters to attend to first. Now, the note that was sent with the four of you said that you should all be sent to the Academy and trained to be soul reapers and that you'll all likely be done in a year. So that is what we shall do. Unless someone has an objection to this."

No one objected.

"Very well then. Next week, all four of you report to the Academy. Until then, you will stay at the Fourth Division."

And that's it for now. So what do you think? Good? Bad? I know the whole concept of how they were sent to the Bleach world is kinda lame. But that was the only way I could do it without having to include other Naruto characters. And if I did that, I would have had either the Bleach characters or the Naruto characters getting overshadowed.

This story is actually gonna be the prequel story of my Naruto/Bleach crossover. And much shorter than that one will be. This one will cover the time before the storyline begins and will pretty much focus on the members of Team 7.

Now, they all retain certain ninja abilities they possessed, though some can only be used with their zanpaku-tos. They all retain many of the basic techniques, such the Substitution Jutsu, the normal clones (though Naruto doesn't get his Shadow Clones, see below), and some others. Sasuke retains the Sharingan. Naruto retains his high stamina and endurance and has high levels of reiatsu (in place of his high chakra levels). He also retains his faster than normal regeneration. Sakura retains the Mystical Palm Technique (AKA Chakra Scalpel Technique) as well as her insane strength and perfect reiatsu control. As for Hawk, about the only abilities he's retained are tired to his familiar, Karasu and I'll explain them in future chapters.

(I tried to make sure they weren't too powerful)


Name: Kirinonai Kaze (Endless Winds)
Release Command: The weak shall know their kindness, the wicked shall know their wrath
Appearance: A pair of katanas. Both the hilt and sheath are black with an orange strip running up the sides. A gold guard in the shape of the Konoha leaf symbol with nine small rings along the sides of the guard.
Shikai Appearance: A pair of large falchions, similar to Shunsui's shikai. The hilts lengthen but otherwise, both the hilt and guard of the swords remain the same. There's a large, round hole near the the top of each blade.
Description: A rare twin-bladed zanpaku-to. As it's name implies, Kirinonai Kaze is a wind-type zanpaku-to. It's first ability is to create clones of compressed air and reiatsu, similar to Naruto's infamous shadow clones. When destroyed, the clones explode in a mini-tornado, damaging up-close enemies. Kirinonai Kaze can also manipulate the air around it, creating powerful blasts of compressed air. Another of it's ability is a passive one. When Naruto lands or receives the first hit, a marble size Rasengan appears in the center of the holes in the blades. They grow larger every time Naruto hits something or is hit. When the Rasengans fill the holes, Naruto gains two abilities he can use. The first is to release all the gathered energy in a single attack, an attack that resembles the Rasengan. The second ability, is to release that energy into his swords, creating powerful, high-speed wind currents that surround the blades for a short period of time, dramatically increasing their power.


Name: Raikou Ryuujin (Lightning Dragon King)
Release Command: Rain down your vengeful fury upon the unjust
Appearance: A Chokuto (Basically, it's Sasuke's sword from Shippuden.) Black hilt and sheath with red and blue strips running up the sides.
Shikai Appearance: A pair of tonfas (elbow blades). Each handles resemble a Chinese dragon that extends out and coils around a long sword blade (a bit longer than Sasuke's arm), both ends have blade tips. There are four, angeled back, dagger-like spikes running along the side opposite the handles.
Description: A lightning-type and rare twin-bladed zanpaku-to. Releasing his zanpaku-to, grants Sasuke the use of all of his lightning based attacks and jutsus, save the Kirin (way too powerful for a shikai release, it may be part of his bankai but I haven't decided).


Name: Tsukurite (Creator)
Release Command: Shape the world
Appearance: Ordinary katana. A dark pink sheath and hilt. A gold guard in the shape of four flower petals around the blade and four small leaves in between the petals.
Shikai Appearance: A pair of black leather gloves with pink lines running down the thumbs and fingers with a pink version of her flower shaped guard on the backs of the gloves.
Description: Tsukurite is an unusual zanpaku-to, has it's shikai doesn't take the form of a sword or some type of weapon. Tsukurite increases Sakura's already insane strength. But it's primary ability is to gather reiatsu, from either herself or the environment into her hands. Then she turns it into solid matter and shapes into what ever she wants. However, she can't make complex objects and most of the objects, only last ten minutes at most before they disintegrate. Shorter for larger objects. Sakura can use this ability in number of different ways, from creating weapons for herself or others, to large wall-like shields. It can even be used to help her heal people, creating stitches, bandages, and other medical equipment. The medical equipment is the only exception to the ten minute life that the objects have, has they leech off small, small amounts of reiatsu from the person they're applied to, sustaining themselves until they're removed.


Name: Awaikuro (Light Dark)/Kuroawai (Dark Light)
Release Command: Inverse
Appearance: Ordinary katana. Black sheath, white hilt. A gold guard, the right side is in the shape of a folded angel's wing, left side is shaped like a folded demon's wing.
Shikai Appearance: Long blade katana. Awaikuro: the edge of the blade is white, while the dull side is black. The guard is in the shape of a pair of white angel wings. The hilt is black. Kuroawai: the edge of the blade is black, while the dull side is white. The guard is in the shape of a pair of black demon wings. The hilt is white.
Description: Another unusual zanpaku-to, Awaikuro/Kuroawai, has two separate states, Awaikuro (light) and Kuroawai (darkness).
Awaikuro is more for direct attacks compared to Kuroawai. Awaikuro's primary ability is to gather reiatsu into the blade, causing it to glow increasing brighter over time. Kenshi can release this energy at any time, but he releases it all when he does. The brighter the blade when he releases it, the more powerful it's attacks are, but he has to wait for it to recharge before he can use it's attacks again. Awai Kire (Light Slice), is Awaikuro's main attack, it's simply a releasing of it's gathered reiatsu when it makes contact with something. The brighter the blade, the more powerful the attack and the more powerful attacks can be released as a projectile. Awai Senkou (Light Flash), Kenshi releases the stored up reiatsu in single blinding flash at his enemies, blinding them but it doesn't effect himself or his allies. Like Awai Kire, the brighter the blade, the longer the blindness lasts. Awai Kyuuzou (Light Explosion), is Awaikuro's strongest and most dangerous attacks. It can only be used when Awaikuro reaches it's reiatsu storage threshold and can't store anymore. All that reiatsu is released in a single powerful, projectile attack. However, it destroys Awaikuro's blade in the process and it takes one full minute before it can be restored, nor can it be switched to Kuroawai during this time.
Kuroawai is wildly different from Awaikuro. The blade itself is completely ethereal and unable to attack anyone or anything. Instead, it creates and manipulates shadows to fight enemies. Kenshi uses this ability by writing various kanji in the air with his sword, leaving a black kanji in the air. The kanji than transforms into the object. For example, he writes the kanji for hand, it creates a shadow hand which he then can control. However, his shadow creations can't last more than a few good hits.

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