I still don't own Chuck

This is a sequel to Chuck vs The Real Relationship. This is my attempt to prove to myself that I can write something other than pure fluff so shippers beware. Not that I could possibly do a story without a little fluff. Oh, I still don't own Chuck.

Chuck and Sarah were driving home after their shift. Chuck could barely keep the Nerd Herder on the road. He had never been more tired in his life. In the past thirty six hours he had worked three shifts at the Buy More and completed two missions for the CIA. Not to mention proposing to Sarah and their twelve very physical lovemaking sessions.

"Twelve", Chuck wondered to himself. "Is that even physically possible? I guess there's something to be said about six months of build up tension."

Whatever the reason, Chuck had been running on adrenalin and it was about gone. Chuck could tell that Sarah was tired to. Her head was drooping as she fought to keep awake.

Chuck turned to Sarah and said, "Wow. Babe. Are you ok? You really look tired."

"I am", Sarah replied without opening her eyes. "I really hope we don't have any missions tonight."

"Me too", Chuck sighed. "I can't wait to get home and crawl into bed." "And go to sleep", he quickly added.

Sarah's eyes opened and a small smile crept across her lips.

"Not getting bored with me already, are you", she sighed.

"A little."

"Come on. I was just kidding", laughed Chuck as he saw Sarah's look.

"I'm glad that we both have tomorrow off", Sarah laughed. "Let's sleep until noon. Then we'll see how bored you are."

When they finally arrived at Sarah's apartment, they were too tired to even get ready for bed. They both just stripped down to their underwear and got directly between the sheets. Even though his body ached, Chuck had never felt more contented. Sarah felt like an angel in his arms. She had fallen asleep practically the second her head touched the pillow. Even though Chuck was exhausted, he took a moment to watch Sarah's rhythmic breathing. Of course, their lovemaking had been fantastic. But in a very real way this was even better.

"We get to sleep in tomorrow", Chuck smiled to himself as he buried his face in Sarah's hair and quickly drifted off.

The phone didn't wake Chuck up but Sarah stirring to answer it did. He strained his eyes to try and focus on the clock. It flashed 8:06.

"Come on", Chuck grumbled to himself. "Who would be calling us now? Only two hours?"

Then Chuck noticed the sunlight streaming through the window.

"Oh my goodness", Chuck whispered to himself. "It's eight in the morning. We've been sleeping for fourteen hours.

Sarah looked at her phone. She could tell from the caller id that it was Beckman.

"Walker, secure", she answered.

"Beckman, secure", was Beckman's reply. "Agent Walker. We have a very serious situation. It appears that Steve Jones has escaped. Obviously it's an inside job. We fear that it's very possible that he is going to attempt to exact revenge on you and Agent Hansen. You need to immediately prepare to go off the grid. Report to Casey's in twenty minutes. Do you understand?"

"Yes maam", was Sarah's terse reply.

"We'll have someone pick up your car", Beckman said firmly. "Put all of your personal stuff in the trunk."

"Yes maam", said Sarah as she hung up the phone.

"Chuck", Sarah shouted. "Wake up."

"I'm awake", Chuck smiled. "What's the matter?"

"I'll explain once we're in the car", Sarah replied breathlessly as she began throwing on last night's clothes. "Right now seconds count. We need to get out of here immediately. Get dressed."

Chuck could tell by the tone in Sarah's voice that this was not the time to question. As Chuck was putting on his clothes, he noticed that Sarah went to her closet and retrieved two black duffel bags.

"Are you ready", she asked.

Chuck nodded.

"Let's go" said Sarah as she headed out the door.

Once they got outside, Sarah walked to the Porsche and opened the trunk.

"Chuck", Sarah said firmly. "No questions right now. I need your wallet, cell phone, and watch".

As Chuck handed them over Sarah placed then in the trunk. Chuck could see that she had also placed her handbag and cell phone in the trunk.

"Chuck", Sarah said as she closed the trunk. "You need to drive us to Casey's as soon as we can get there."

As they got into the Nerd Herder and pulled out of the parking lot, Chuck turned to Sarah.

"Babe", Chuck started. "You're scaring me. What's going on?"

"That was Beckman". Sarah tersely replied. "Steve Jones escaped. They think he might be coming after Carina and me. Effective immediately, we're off the grid."

"What does that mean", asked Chuck.

"That means that we're going to disappear for a few weeks", Sarah started. "You see Chuck; an agent has to prepare to go off the grid in case they become compromised. In those two bags, I've previously prepared new identities for both of us that nobody knows about. Not even Beckman or Casey. That way, nobody can track us or give away our location. Casey and Carina have similar identities prepared that I'm not aware of. I have everything that we're going to need to be two brand new people. Even if Fulcrum has infiltrated the agency, they won't be able to find us. That's called being off the grid."

"Who are we going to be", Chuck asked.

"Here", Sarah replied as she handed Chuck a wallet. "You're now Chuck Anderson. Inside you'll find a drivers license and all of the usual stuff. I'm Sarah Anderson. We've been married for two years."

"Two years", Chuck smiled. "I bet we had a hell of a honeymoon."

"Yup", Sarah smiled back. "We have an amazing marriage. It's been two years and we still can't keep our hands off each other."

"No kids", asked Chuck. "I know that Sarah Anderson really wants a daughter."

"Not yet", Sarah smiled. "I think that Chuck Anderson might have some slow swimmers."

"That's too bad", smiled Chuck. "I guess he'll have to make up in quantity what he lacks in quality."

As they arrived at Casey's, Chuck could see that Carina had already arrived.

"Hi", Carina smiled as they entered the room. "Let me introduce myself. I'm Carina White."

"Chuck and Sarah Anderson", Sarah replied with a grin. It's good to meet you.

"My new name is John Black", growled Casey.

"Wait a minute", Chuck laughed. "You mean that you and Carina are Black and White?"

"It looks like it" Casey growled as he shook his head. "Who knew?"

"Chuck", Sarah said as she turned to him. You have a couple of minutes to pack a quick bag. Then we'll have to leave."

"Wait a minute", replied Chuck. "What should I tell Ellie?"

"Would it be ok if I talked to Ellie while you pack", Sarah asked. "I've wanted to talk to her for a while and this is as good a chance as any."

"What are you going to tell her", Chuck asked.

"I'm going to tell her that we're eloping", Sarah smiled.

"What", Chuck exclaimed softly.

"Trust me", was Sarah's reply.

When they entered Ellie's apartment, it was obvious that Ellie was just finishing breakfast. Her eyes brightened as she saw Chuck.

"Chuck. Sarah", she beamed. "It's been days since I've see you. Do you want some breakfast?"

"No thanks", Sarah smiled. "I would like to talk to you for a minute if that's ok. Alone?"

"I'll be in my room", Chuck said. "If that's ok?"

"Sure" Ellie smiled as Chuck left the room. "We never get a chance to girl talk. What do you want to talk about?

"Well Ellie", Sarah started hesitantly as she looked at the floor. "I'm sure that you've noticed by Chuck not being here much lately that we're kicked up our relationship a notch."

"I have", smiled Ellie. "I think that's just great."

"Ellie. I'm really nervous", Sarah began.

"Why", Ellie asked. "Sarah. We're friends. You know that you can say anything to me?"

"I know", smiled Sarah. "I'm nervous anyway. Maybe it's better if I just say it."

Ellie nodded with a smile.

"Ellie", Sarah began. "I know that you're much more than just Chuck's sister. You're more like his mother, father, and sister rolled up into one. You're the only family he has and I know that he loves you more than anything. I just wanted to tell you what a fine job you've done raising Chuck. He is the most honest, genuine, nicest man I could ever imagine. It's taken me a long time to believe that he wasn't too good to be true. I never believed that I could feel what I'm feeling. But now that I do believe it, I never want to be apart."

Ellie's eyes filled with tears as she nodded for Sarah to continue.

"I wanted to come here today", Sarah continued. "I wanted to look you in the eye and make sure you understand how much I love Chuck. How much I treasure him. That I understand what it is you're giving me and that I'll never, ever cause him any pain. I guess what I'm asking for is your blessing to marry Chuck."

"Of course", Ellie sobbed as she threw her arms around Sarah and. "I'm so happy that Chuck found you. I've been so worried about him. Every since Stanford, he didn't seem to be able to be happy. Now he truly is. I've never been happier in my life. I don't think I was this happy when Devon proposed to me. Let's keep that part between ourselves. Ok?"

"Of course", Sarah smiled.

"I do have some bad news though", Sarah sighed.

Ellie nodded for Sarah to continue.

"Now that we've made this decision, we don't want to wait", Sarah continued. "Not for another day. We also don't want to take any of the thunder away from your wedding. So we've decided to elope. Today. Can you please forgive me for having to miss Chuck getting married? I promise that we'll do something formal when we get back and after your wedding."

"That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard", Ellie sighed. "Of course, I'm not happy about missing it but I understand. How long will you be gone?"

"At least a couple of weeks", Sarah laughed. "Then we'll play it by ear. I want to spend some time with Chuck making up for the past six months of hell I've put him through."

"What about your jobs", Ellie asked.

"We're both quitting", Sarah smiled. "Chuck is not an eleven dollar an hours computer technician. He's going back to school to finish his degree."

"But how will you live", asked Ellie.

"Actually. I've got that part taken care of", laughed Sarah. "Do you really think a fast food clerk drives a Porsche? I have more than enough money to last us for a long time."

"Wow", breathed Ellie. "Does Chuck know?"

"No", laughed Sarah. "I never told him because I didn't want it to make him feel awkward. I don't think he has a clue. He may be brilliant but he sure can be thick sometimes."

"Thick as a brick", Ellie agreed.

"There's one other thing", Sarah said. "I have this situation. I have an ex from D.C. He was very possessive and didn't take the breakup very well. That was the main reason I moved here. I needed to get away from him. He's hired a private investigator to try and find me. If anyone comes around asking about me, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't tell them anything. We're also not taking our cell phones. We'll try and get a hold of you sometime and let you know that we're ok."

"Of course", Ellie replied. "I hate possessive men. And don't worry about calling me. You're going to be on your honeymoon."

"Thanks", replied Sarah. I'm going to wait outside so you can say goodbye to Chuck. Thanks so much for understanding."

As Sarah opened the door, Ellie called to her.


"Yes Ellie?"

"When you get back, let's go shopping and maybe to a club for a few drinks", Ellie smiled. "I mean, we're sisters now."

"You'll never know how much I'm looking forward to that", smiled Sarah as she stepped outside.

After about five minutes Chuck appeared outside with a bag in his hard.

"Are you ready", he asked.

"How is she", asked Sarah.

"Are you kidding" laughed Chuck. "I'm getting pretty jealous. I think she might want to marry you herself. What did you tell her?"

"I made up a story about an ex boyfriend trying to find me", Sarah smiled. "That way if anyone comes checking up on me, she'll know not to say anything. Other than that, I just told her the truth."

Carina and Casey were already in Casey's car waiting for them. Chuck put his bag in the trunk and climbed in the back seat next to Sarah.

"Where to boss", asked Casey.

"Well we are supposed to be eloping", Sarah smiled. "How about Vegas?"

"Sounds good to me", Casey smiled. "I can get in a little blackjack."

"You know", said Carina as Casey started to drive. "We're totally off the grid and the risk here is really fairly low."

Carina slid over to be next to Casey and put her head on his shoulder. "Obviously, we need to be alert", she continued. "But why don't we try and have some fun? Lord knows we could use the break."

"Sounds good to me", smiled Sarah as she snuggled into Chuck.

"Carina", Chuck laughed. "I'm afraid to know what your idea of fun is. Especially in Vegas."

As they all shared a laugh they failed to notice the grey Camry following them about a quarter mile behind. In the car a man was talking on a cell phone.

"Yes sir. It's definitely Agent Walker."

"Yes sir. There's more good news. Agent Hansen is in the same car."

"Yes sir. They're with two men. From the looks of things they appear to be boyfriends."

"No sir. Don't worry. I won't lose them."