This is the conclusion of Fulcrum's Revenge. Just a friendly warning. There is more adult language and situations in this chapter then is my norm. Oh, I still don't own Chuck.

Distractions Can Get You Killed

- - - -

Carina and Casey struggled to get the bodies of the two Fulcrum agents into the car trunk. Casey was really hurting from the blow to the head and the several punches he had taken during the fight. Carina was obviously concerned.

"Casey", Carina asked Casey as he was vomiting behind the car. "Are you ok?"

"Does it look like I'm ok", Casey growled. "It doesn't really matter. We need to get going."

Carina opened the driver's door and climbed into the car.

Casey looked at Carina questioningly. "I can drive", he said.

"Casey", Carina snapped. "Just get in the car. Chuck and Sarah won't be able to last very long. We're late already."

"I'll be ok", Casey grunted. "I can drive."

"And you think that I can't", Carina growled as she started the engine. "Casey. You're hurt. You need to rest before we get there. Now stop this macho bullshit and get in the fucking car."

"Ok", Casey grimaced as he slid into the passenger seat. "I guess you're right."

Casey had barely closed the car door when Carina threw it in reverse and squealed the tires backing out of the parking spot. As soon as they were clear of the spot, Carina threw the car into drive and spun the tires as she rapidly navigated the narrow parking structure.

Casey was thrown forward when Carina backed out and violently thrown back in his seat as Carina accelerated.

"Damn it", Casey sighed as Carina sped around the parking structure. "Be careful."

"I'm tired of being careful", Carina replied through clenched teeth. "Just hold on."

- - - -

Sarah climbed down from Chuck's lap and faced Steve Jones. She flashed her best Sarah smile at him.

"Sir", Sarah sighed. "Thank you. You've kept your word. Now I'm going to keep mine."

Jones smiled at her suggestively.

"Please don't be upset, sir", Sarah cooed. "I just want to make sure that I have your word that you'll let my husband go."

"Agent Walker", Jones said softly. "If I get your best effort tonight, I give you my word."

"Oh, you'll get it sir", Sarah smiled. "Just sit back and get what you deserve."

Sarah smiled as she walked to the middle of the room. The seven Fulcrum agents, including Jones were sitting on cots in a circle around the room.

Sarah slowly walked around the circle as she unbuttoned her blouse. Every so often, she would stop and caress an agent's face.

- - - -

Traffic on the strip was typical for an early evening. That meant gridlock. No one was moving in any direction. Carina exited the parking garage and flew up the sidewalk. Tourists scattered in every direction as Carina sped by. Carina was weaving back and forth between lanes of traffic, often using the sidewalk.

Without anything to brace himself, Casey was being tossed back and forth. He hit the door hard several times.

"Damn it", Casey growled as he struggled to fasten his seat belt. "Is this how you interrogate suspects? Put them in a car and bounce them to death?"

"Hang on", grunted Carina as she ran a red light barely missing a city bus.

- - - -

Sarah let her blouse slide to the floor. She walked up to one of the agents and rested her foot between his knees on his cot.

"Can you help me", she asked sweetly as her placed her finger on the end of his nose. "I'm afraid this zipper sticks."

The agent visibly gulped as he reached for the zipper of Sarah's skirt. As soon as he had lowered it, Sarah walked to the middle of the room. She shook her hips suggestively until the skirt slid to the floor.

- - - -

Once Carina finally left the strip, traffic eased considerably. Carina floored the accelerator and the car shot forward.

"You need to take the next right", Casey yelled.

Carina turned the wheel without slowing down and executed a perfect power turn. The tires squawked in protest.

"Can you be a little quieter", Casey growled. "We are supposed to be sneaking up on them."

"If Sarah is doing her job", Carina growled back. "We could sneak up on them with a jack hammer. No, make that two jack hammers."

- - - -

"Well", Sarah smiled seductively. "It looks like it's time for the good stuff. Doesn't it?"

Sarah walked up to another agent. "Do you think you could help me with this clasp", she smiled to the agent. "I never can reach it."

The agent nodded nervously. Sarah turned around and sat on the agents lap.

Just as the agent was reaching to unhook Sarah's bra, Casey burst through the front door with his gun drawn.

The two Fulcrum agents on the opposite side of the room fell instantly dead as Casey quickly fired twice.

At the same time, Carina burst through the back door. She fired one shot, killing the agent sitting next to the front door.

As soon as Sarah saw Casey, she rammed her elbow into the agent's face that she was sitting on. She picked up the gun that the agent had laid down in an effort to reach Sarah's bra. With a single shot, he was quickly dead.

The other three quickly surrendered. Casey and Carina quickly bound their hands and feet with nylon ties while Sarah covered them. They tied Steve Jones to the same chair that Sarah had been previously fastened to.

Carina worked to cut Chuck loose from his chair. Once he was free, Chuck and Sarah quickly threw themselves into each others arms. They were both franticly kissing each other in relief.

Finally Sarah looked at Chuck. "I need to take care of something", she smiled. "Don't move. I'll be right back."

Chuck smiled back and nodded as Sarah walked over to Steve Jones. She sat on Jones's lap, straddling him much like she had Chuck earlier.

"You know Steve", Sarah said seductively. "I can't tell you how much of a turn on it is to be wanted as much as you want me."

I'm really tempted to take you in the bedroom and do everything that you wanted", Sarah continued as she gently kissed Jones's nose. "Just for fun. Too bad, I just got married and my new husband is here. I don't think he would understand. No. I'm sorry. He wouldn't."

"But don't feel bad", Sarah sighed as Jones groaned. "I'm sure where you're headed there's going to be a whole line of big muscular men ready to take my place."

"But Steve, please", laughed Sarah as she stood up off Jones's lap. "Please make sure you give them your best effort."

Sarah then walked over to the agent who had groped her earlier. He was standing against the wall with his hands and feet bound together. Suddenly, Sarah threw a roundhouse kick that connected directly in the groin of the agent. The agent quickly fell to the floor in agony.

"Sarah bent over and lifted the agent's head by his hair until he was forced to look into her eyes. "They're hard now", Sarah smiled as she released him.

Suddenly Sarah noticed Chuck. He had picked up one of the agents guns and had it pointed at Steve Jones head.

"What kind of man are you", Chuck said softly.

"Chuck", Sarah called softly.

"I mean", Chuck continued. "What kind of man forces a woman to strip and have sex to save her husband's life? I think that might be the most evil thing I've ever heard of."

"Chuck", Sarah called more loudly. "Don't do this".

"Its ok babe", Chuck replied to Sarah. "This guy has it coming."

"I know that", Sarah cried. "I'm not worried about him. I'm worried about you. You've never done this before."

"She'll never be safe", Chuck said to Jones. "She'll never be safe as long as you're alive. Will she?"

"Chuck", Sarah cried. "Please don't do this. Please. It will change you. Trust me, I know. It has changed me."

"Sorry Sarah", Chuck smiled. "I have to."

As Chuck touched his gun to the side of Jones's head, he yelled, "Bang".

"That was kind of fun", Chuck smiled as Jones babbled incoherently.

"That was a very dangerous game you were playing", smiled Sarah as she embraced Chuck.

"Don't worry", smiled Chuck. "The gun wasn't even loaded."

"See", said Chuck as he pointed the gun in the air and pulled the trigger. The shot rang out loudly. Some plaster fell from the ceiling where the shot hit.

"Opps", Chuck smiled sheepishly as he handed Sarah the gun. "Maybe you should take this."

"Maybe", Sarah laughed.

"I'm going to call Beckman", laughed Casey. "And get a cleanup crew over here."

"Unless you want to shoot somebody else", Casey smiled at Chuck as he dialed.

Sarah looked up at Chuck as she hugged him.

"You'll never know how proud I am of you", Sarah smiled. "I was actually starting to worry that you were freaking out for real."

"Well", smiled Chuck. "Let's just say that I was emotionally in tune with my character."

"Just think", Sarah smiled. "Your act helped me convince Jones to give us ten minutes. Just imagine what I would have had to have done to stall for those ten minutes."

"I know", smiled Chuck. "Listen. I know that the plan was for you to take some clothes off to distract them. And that worked brilliantly. It really did. Um, but do you think you could put your clothes back on now? I think you might be starting to distract Casey."

"Oh my goodness", cried Sarah as her face turned red and she reached for her blouse. "I was so keyed up, I had totally forgotten."

"Why didn't you say something", Sarah asked Carina.

"Hey", laughed Carina. "If I was built like you, I'd walk around like that all the time."

"Wait a minute", Chuck laughed. "You are built like her."

"There you go", smiled Carina back.

"Wait a minute", Sarah called. "That reminds me. What took you two so long? I was running out of things to take off."

"We've been here for twenty minutes", Carina laughed. "Casey just talked me into letting him see how far you would go."

"Hey", Casey laughed as his face turned bright red. "You tell her that you're kidding right now. That's a problem I don't need."

While Chuck and Sarah were quietly embracing, Carina walked up to Casey.

"I'm sorry that I yelled at you", Carina said softly.

"No Carina", Casey replied softly. "I'm the one that's sorry. I was treating you like my girlfriend and not like my partner. You do know that I think that you're a hell of an agent? Right?"

Carina threw her arms around Casey and hugged him tightly.

Just then, the cleanup crew arrived. They took Chuck, Sarah, Casey, and Carina in a van to the local FBI office for a video conference debriefing.

- - - -

Beckman was ecstatic.

"Don't you people realize that going off the grid means you're supposed to stay low", she joked.

"Yes ma'am", replied Casey.

"Anyway, nice work", Beckman continued. "Fulcrum has officially been eliminated on the western half of the country. We have Steve Jones in custody and, trust me; there will be no escape this time."

"Thank you ma'am", replied Sarah.

"We've been thinking", continued Beckman. "As much trouble as you seem to discover, we've decided to expand your team. We've contacted the DEA and arraigned for Agent Hansen for be assigned to your team until further notice. Please brief her on the intersect as soon as possible."

"Yes ma'am", replied Casey.

"Agent Hansen", Beckman addressed Carina.

"Yes ma'am", replied Carina.

"You have a reputation for being a superior agent", Beckman continued. "Unfortunately, you also have a reputation for doing your own thing and taking foolish chances. That will not be tolerated on this assignment. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal clear", replied Carina. "Ma'am, I just want to thank you for this opportunity. I won't let you down."

"There is one other matter", Beckman said. "Now that Fulcrum knows you two by name, we'd better give you names that they won't be looking for,"

"That's no problem for me, ma'am", Sarah replied. "Chuck and I were just married. I will be going by Sarah Bartowski."

"Nice thinking", replied Beckman. "That's an excellent cover."

"Thank you ma'am", smiled Sarah. "But actually, it wasn't for the cover. We really did get married."

"Ok", said Beckman much less enthusiastically. "I guess congratulations are in order."

"Thank you ma'am", smiled Chuck.

"What about you, Carina", Beckman asked.

"Well General", Chuck spoke up. "Maybe Casey and Carina could get married too. It would be great for their cover."

"I don't know", responded Beckman. "Do you really think you can sell yourselves as a couple? That seems pretty unbelievable to me."

"I think they could pull it off, ma'am", smiled Sarah. "As long as we can get Casey to act a little more romantically."

"Ok", replied Beckman. "I guess that might work."

"Mr. Bartowski", Beckman addressed Chuck.

"Yes ma'am", Chuck replied surprised.

"Is it still your intention to go back to Stanford", Beckman asked. "We've arraigned for you to be readmitted."

"Thank you ma'am", started Chuck. "But actually we've decided."

"Stanford will be fine, ma'am", Sarah interrupted. "Thank you, ma'am."

"Ok", continued Beckman. "You've certainly earned some time off. Take a couple of days at your discretion before you go back on the grid. And really people. Excellent work."

"Thank you ma'am", all four said in unison.


As soon as the screen went blank Casey turned to Sarah.

."As long as we can get Casey to act a little more romantically", Casey growled sarcastically.

Sarah walked up to Casey and spoke so that only he could hear.

"Like right now, dumb ass", she smiled as she grabbed Chuck's hand and walked outside.

As soon as Chuck and Sarah left the room, Casey grabbed Carina's hands.

"I'm not good at this you know", Casey said softly.

Carina's eyes told Casey to continue.

"I'm going to have a hard time separating the partner from the lover", Casey continued.

Carina simply looked at Casey with her eyes shinning.

"I'm sorry for the macho act", Casey said softly. "I guess I'm overly protective of the ones that I love. I hope you're willing to be patient."

"I am", smiled Carina. "It's a small price to pay to be loved. And Casey?"

Casey nodded for Carina to continue.

Carina smiled, "I think you're better at this than you think."

"I'm glad you think so", smiled Casey as he hugged Carina to his chest. "Because, missy, I do believe that you owe me a wedding night."

- - - -

As they stood outside the door of their hotel room, Chuck and Sarah said goodnight to Casey and Carina.

"When do you think you want to head back", Casey asked.

"Tired of Vegas already", Chuck smiled.

"No", Casey replied. "I've had a good time, but I'm kind of anxious to get back. To tell you the truth, I'm looking forward to our new routine."

"I'll tell you what", Casey laughed as he continued. "I'm really looking forward to not having to listen to tapes of you and Morgan talking about sandwiches."

"We can't leave tomorrow", Sarah smiled. "Chuck is not going to be in any position to travel tomorrow. Or stand for that matter. He has a bet to collect, a show to see and lot's of new moves to learn."

"I have an idea", laughed Carina. "Why don't we all sleep in and enjoy our respective honeymoons. Then tomorrow night, we'll all go dancing. We'll make it one last wild night in Vegas. Then the next day around noon, we'll head back."

"Sounds like fun", smiled Sarah.

"Ugh, dancing again", moaned Casey.

Then he spotted Carina looking at him.

"I mean oh boy, dancing again", Casey laughed. "I can't wait."

"Just not too wild, Carina", laughed Sarah. "We just got on Beckman's good side. Don't make her come down here and bail us out."

As soon as they were alone in their room, Chuck turned to Sarah.

"I have a confession", Chuck said softly.

Sarah just smiled.

"About our bet", Chuck started hesitantly. "When I first made it, it was a setup. I talked Casey and Carina into pretending to be serious. And I'm as surprised as you that they seem to be really serious."

Sarah nodded.

"So I would feel bad winning under those circumstances", Chuck continued. "So I say, let's just pretend the bet never happened. Would that be ok?"

"Chuck", said Sarah with a huge smile. "You won the bet. Fair and square. You're collecting. I'm looking forward to it,"

"Besides", Sarah continued with a coy smile. "I have a feeling it's not going to take that long."

"Ok", Chuck coughed. "I'm sure you're right about that."

"Are you sure about Stanford", Chuck asked Sarah.

"Yes", smiled Sarah. "I absolutely am. If I can't trust you, who can I trust?"

"Besides", laughed Sarah. "I can always scare the crap out of her. I bet I can have her blubbering like a ten year old in five minutes."

"No bet", laughed Chuck.

"I have a confession too", laughed Sarah. "I was just kidding about having a lot of moves. You've already seen the moves I have."

"Thank God", Chuck sighed. "First off, I was wondering where you acquired all of these moves. Second, I'm having a hard time keeping up with you as it is."

"I told you not to tell me that you loved me earlier tonight", Sarah smiled. "I wouldn't mind hearing it now".

"I thought you already knew", Chuck laughed. "But for the record, I love you."

"And I love you back", Sarah smiled. "Do you think we could work on having that little girl now?"

"Absolutely", Chuck breathed as he leaned in to kiss Sarah.

Taking a cue from their earlier kiss he started very softly. Then with a little more passion. Then they were totally into it. After a couple of minutes Chuck leaned back and whispered to Sarah.

"Show Time."

The End