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Oh, and this takes place after the bount arc. And Ichigo can transform into a hollow for 11 seconds

Captain-Commander Yamamoto sat at his desk looking at a scowling Zaraki Kenpachi and a smiling Yachiru on his shoulders.

"You have permission to go and obtain Ichigo Kurosaki from the real world and bring him here to serve in the 13 protection squads." Yamamoto said unhappy to be disturbed.

"Good I'll be leaving right away." Zaraki said with a grin turning away.

"But one thing before you go." said Yamamoto.

"Yeah and what would that be?" Zaraki asked sounding annoyed.

"You may have permission to go and bring back Kurosaki but it is HIS choice whether or not he is going to live in soul society, which means no forcing him. Understood?"

"What?! You mean I have to let that fool decide whether or not he's coming. Why can't I just drag him back here and make him my third seat dammit!?"

"Because he has a family and it wouldn't be right to make him desert his family and come here." replied Yamamoto.

At this point Yachiru was getting annoyed that nobody was involving her in the conversation so she decided everyone wanted to hear what she had to say.

"I think we should bring Ichi-kun a whole bunch of strawberry's covered in sugar and that way he'll be distracted by such a delicious treat and that's when we hit him in the head and color his hair red while he's knocked out, THEN we drag him back here." Both Yamamoto and Zaraki looked at her as if she were crazy but remembered that she was just Yachiru.

"Well you are NOT allowed to do that either or I'll force Yachiru to eat non sugary foods for a month." Yamamoto said.

"Nooooooo! You can't do that I need sugar!" Yaachiru yelled wide-eyed.

"Well fine then he'll get his choice, let's go Yachiru."

"Ok Ken-chan." Yachiru said running after him."

As they left Zaraki said to Yachiru, "He'll get his choice but that doesn't mean I can't "influence" him."


Ichigo woke up with a feeling that it was going to be a bad day. As he got out of bed his dad came flying through the door ready to kick Ichigo in the head. "Be on your guard Ichigo!" He yelled as he went flying through the air.

Ichigo ducked as his dad went flying through the window. "What the hell is the matter with you crazy old man, why can't you just act like a normal parent!" Ichigo yelled through the window.

"Because I have to keep you in fighting shape son to protect this family when your old man finally returns to your mother." his dad said standing in the doorway with cuts and glass shards all over his body.

"How did you get back up here so fast!?" Ichigo yelled pointing towards him.

"Um, breakfast is ready." Yuzu said appearing from out of nowhere.

"Alright Yuzu I'll be right down." Ichigo said.

"Not before you defend agai-" he didn't finish because Ichigo's foot knocked him down the stairs.

"Why does he always have to be like that, ugh."


Zaraki and Yachiru had just arrived in the real world in their gigai's.

"So where do you think Ichi-kun is Ken-chan?" Yachiru asked sitting on his head.

"How should I know, let's just follow his reiatsu."

"I told you we should've brought Ran-chan she would've known where he was."

"I told you I wouldn't bring Matsumoto if my life depended on it."

"Don't say that Kenny She always gives me candy, she's really nice."

"You would say a hollow was nice if it gave you sweets."

"No I wouldn't, they probably don't have tasty candy."

"Whatever let's just go get Ichigo."

"Only if you promise to buy me candy." Yachiru said as he just kept walking hoping they wouldn't pass any candy shops on the way to Ichigo.


Ichigo left his house and started to walk to school when he ran into Orihime, Tastuki, and Chad.

"Hello Kurosaki-kun." yelled Orihime.

"Hi Orihime,Chad, Tastuki, how are you guys today."

"Great." said Orihime.

"Fine." said Tatsuki.

"Ok." said Chad.

"Well I guess we should get to-" they all looked up for a second.

"Did everyone else feel that spirit pressure?" asked Ichigo.

"Yes." they replied.

"What do you think that was?" asked Orihime.

"I don't know but that reiatsu felt familiar but I can't quite place it, my badge isn't going crazy so it isn't a hollow, whatever it was it doesn't seem to be causing any trouble, let's just get to school." said Ichigo.

"Well, I guess you're right, we'll just find out later. Last one to school is a rotten egg." Orihime replied.

"Wait a second Orihime!" Tatsuki yelled.

Chad and Ichigo just looked at each other and followed.


End notes: so hey this is my first story with a plot and I'm just winging it with every chapter, so if the chapters get boring then please come and lynch me. I'm planning on making this as long of a fanfic as possible so I'm not relying on each chapter individually to tell the story but having the whole story come together little by little. No, Ichigo and Yachiru aren't going to have sex because it feels wrong to write about it even to me, the only way it would happen would be for Ichigo to get raped by Yachiru for some random reason don't ask me. Also I'm not really sure what other kind of pairings to put in here so I'm open to suggestions, if I see something I like I'll work it in. REVIEWS PLEASE!