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Zaraki, Hitsugaya, and Iba just stood there staring at the hollow, seemingly trying to memorize it's features.

It was twelve feet tall dwarfing even Zaraki's tall stature. It also had four long arms that could stretch and retract at will. They were covered with sharp looking barbs and were tipped with four blades that could come together to make a needle sharp point.

His mask looked like a skeletal wolf fully equipped with a set of razor sharp teeth and a set of black eyes with no pupil.

The rest of his body looked like the body of a Nazgul from LOTR, including the tail which also had two sharp blades protruding from it.

They only had a couple of seconds to stare at it before it disappeared.

"Taichou's, look ou-" Iba tried yelling before the hollow appeared behind him and tore through his chest and quickly cut him in half.

"Dammit! Sit upon the frozen heavens, Hyorinmaru!" Hitsugaya yelled releasing his Zanpakuto and swinging it at the hollow.

He froze one of the arms while Kenpachi leaped at it trying to have a little fun for once.

"Zaraki, wait stay back!" Hitsugaya warned while the hollow broke it's arm out of it's ice prison.

The hollow brought two of it's arms around and smashed them into Zaraki and throwing him through a tree with puncture wounds al over his side.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Hitsugaya cursed his luck.

He slashed again at the hollow which dodged his attack and lunged at him with it's arms.

Hitsugaya kept dodging attack after attack and didn't have a chance to make a counter attack.

All of a sudden the hollow disappeared and reappeared behind Hitsugaya. It all happened in slow motion to Hitsugaya. He turned to see one of the hollows arm rushing towards him and the only thing he could do was watch as it flew toward him.


Ichigo had gone back to his room to grab Yachiru for breakfast. What he found when he arrived was not what he was hoping to deal with today.

Yachiru was tearing apart his room in her underwear yelling about how she wanted candy and that she was hungry.

"Yachiru! Put on some clothes right now!" Ichigo yelled.

"Make me strawberry!" she yelled back giggling.

"Dammit, get back here and put some clothes on!" Ichigo yelled chasing her around his room.

Needless to say, it was a bad way to start a day.


After Ichigo had gotten clothes on Yachiru they walked over to the mess hall to try to get something to eat, mostly for Yachiru to calm her down.

"I want a bowl of sugar covered strawberries, and chocolate covered bananas, oh and I want a bottle of soda too." Yachiru told the cook when they entered the cafeteria.

Ichigo just looked at her like she was crazy. Funny how often that happens isn't it.

"I think we need to put you on a diet of fruits and vegetables, and NO sugar." Ichigo said seriously.

Yachiru gasped before fainting right there. Matsumoto noticed them standing together and walked over to join them. She quickly spotted Yachiru lying on the floor and Ichigo trying to shake her awake.

"Oh Ichi-kun, I had the worst nightmare ever! I dreamt that you said I had to stop eating sugar and start eating fruits and vegetables. How awful huh?" Yachiru said waking up.

"That wasn't a dream I really said that." Ichigo told her.

Yachiru fainted again.

"Well isn't that funny, I think you might have killed her with your comment. I don't think I've ever eat something without sugar. What the." Matsumoto finished and looked down to find Yachiru with her eyes closed, a big grin on her face, squeezing and playing with Matsumoto's boobs.

Ichigo didn't say anything, he just waited to see how she would react to Yachiru's groping.

Yachiru opened her eyes and continued playing with Matsumoto's dirty pillows, only to see Matsumoto sigh.

"Yachiru, I told you to NEVER do this again didn't I?!" Matsumoto said getting angry.

"Maybe." Yachiru said slyly.

"What?! What do you mean AGAIN?!" Ichigo asked loudly.

"Well-" Matsumoto started.


"I'm bored." Yachiru said to herself.

"Oh! I know, I'll go bother Boobies!" she said happily.

Yachiru jumped down from Byakuya's roof garden and ran off to go bother Rangiku.

'Why me?' Byakuya thought to himself.


Yachiru had arrived at Rangiku's room and she couldn't find her so she looked in Rangiku's room to find her lying in her bed with her breasts exposed.

Yachiru got an evil smile on her face. She slinked over to where Rangiku was sleeping. She jumped up on the bed and reached over to grab at Matsumoto's soft flesh.

She started to squeeze and massage the pliable mounds

"Ohh." Matsumoto moaned waking up from her drunken sleep.

She looked up to find Yachiru pressing her small fingers into her chest.

"Yachiru get you hands off of me! Get out of here!" Rangiku yelled as she covered her chest.

Yachiru started running away laughing like Mayuri at the free test subject store.

"If you ever do this again I'm going to put you up for adoption you little pervert!" Rangiku yelled after Yachiru's fleeing figure.

End Flashback

"And that's what happened." Rangiku finished her story with a blush.

Ichigo could only stare at Yachiru, surprised at the kinds of experiences that she had had in her life.

"Yachiru." Ichigo started.

"Yes Ichi-kun?" Yachiru asked.

"Sometime soon you and I need to talk about good touch and bad touch." Ichigo said wiping his face with his hand.

"Aww, but they're so soft right Ichi, you should know." Yachiru said devilishly.

Ichigo could only blush and try not to look at Rangiku.

"And you and I need to have a talk about things to NOT say in casual conversation. Maybe we should start with a lesson in capital punishment first." Rangiku said cracking her knuckles.

"Uh-oh." Yachiru gulped and ran away with Rangiku on her heels.

Ichigo just sighed and walked after them.


Rukia had been walking off her stress and embarrassment from the day before. She was still fuming about how Rangiku had taken Ichigo away from her and how she accidentally told him that she liked him.

"Huh." she sighed.

"Why can't I just find someone who will return my love?" she asked herself.

While she was in her own little world talking to herself she literally ran into Renji.

"Oh, hey Rukia. What are you up to walking around all alone?" Renji asked trying to get up some courage.

"Oh nothing just trying to get my mind off of two certain bright haired idiots." Rukia seethed.

"Well, um, do you, ugh, want to go get something to drink with me?" Renji asked nervously.

"What?!" Rukia asked surprised.

"Do you want to get a drink?" Renji repeated twitching.

Rukia considered his question.

"Sure. I guess it couldn't hurt and maybe it would make me feel better." Rukia agreed.

"Really alright let's go. I know a great place that Rangiku showed me."

"No. we're not going there then. I know a better place that doesn't cater to prostitutes." she stated flatly.

"Ok Rukia, whatever you say." Renji replied being dragged off by Rukia.

"Good because there's a new Chappy bar that just opened up and I want to go see it." Rukia said excitedly.

"What?! Chappy bar, agh!" Renji yelled.


During their meal it was quite quiet, other than Yachiru bothering all the other shinigami. Every time that Rangiku looked at Ichigo he seemed to be lost in deep thought.

But in fact Ichigo was just trying to not look at Matsumoto's overly exposed cleavage, which for once she didn't realize she was flashing Ichigo. Ichigo didn't want to start the day by having an erection in the dining hall right in front of Rangiku, he was worried she would pounce him right there.

After breakfast they all decided to go for a walk, well Yachiru decided to go for a walk and they followed to make sure she didn't cause trouble..

It was awkward for both Ichigo and Rangiku to walk together alone after what had happened, both the bedroom incident and then what happened with Rukia.

"Ichigo I just wanted to say I'm sorry for everything. I shouldn't have made you do anything, I should have taken it slower, and when you were ready for me we could've gotten to know each other better." Rangiku said.

Ichigo had started to notice how close she had gotten to him while she was talking. She was close enough so that he could smell her strawberry scented shampoo she use in her hair.

He could feel how she was starting to press herself in his chest making him blush and stutter.

"R-r-angiku, I don't blame-" Ichigo started but she pressed a finger to his lips.

"Shh, quiet Ichigo. I know what you want, and you know what I want so-" she stopped mid sentence to slowly tilt her head and move in for a kiss.

"Ichi, Boobies, look something is happening over there!" Yachiru yelled before they could kiss.

"Dammit you little mood killer!" Rangiku said to herself.

"Hey wait, she's right something is going on. Let's go see what happened." Ichigo told her as he grabbed her hand and pulled her with him making her blush.


The group of three hurried over to the mass of 4th division healers to find Iba torn apart. Zaraki dead with a hole in his chest, and Hitsugaya alive but in bad condition.

"Ken……chan?" Yachiru asked.

"Toshiro, tell me what happened." Ichigo shot out quickly.

"We went go eliminate the hollow but it was stronger than we expected. It tore Iba in half right away." 'cough' "My shikai didn't have any effect on it. We underestimated it." Hitsugaya told him.

"What happened to Kenpachi?!" Ichigo was starting to get angry about not being there to help.

"He told me never to speak of it. I can only tell you that he died in battle."


Hitsugaya watched as the arm came towards him…….only to be stopped by Zaraki taking it in the chest, right next to his heart.

"W-w-why?" Toshiro asked.

"Because if I let you die when I was around, that old man would never have left me alone about it. Besides, didn't you hear about Ichigo and your vice-captain, if you die who will keep an eye on those two, not me, that's for damn sure." Zaraki said.

The next thing he did was grab the arm that was embedded deep in his chest and chop it off with one swipe.

The monster screamed and ran off before disappearing in a flash of white haze.

Zaraki told Hitsugaya something important before pulling the arm out of his chest.

"Now don't forget what I said." Zaraki told him.

"I won't." Hitsugaya replied.

And with that Zaraki clutched his chest before falling over dead.

End Flashback

"But he did tell me something to tell you." Hitsugaya said sitting up.

"What?" Ichigo asked.

"The first thing is that he's putting you in charge of the division, he already did all the paperwork in case of his death." Hitsugaya informed them.

Ichigo looked dumbstruck, but the next thing was what really made him react.

"The second thing is that you now have to raise Yachiru in his absence, and if you don't do a good job he'll come back from the dead to come for you to make you're life a living hell."

Two seconds after he said that Zaraki's body moved and scared them all making Ichigo scream like a girl.

"I didn't know you had such a beautiful voice Kurosaki." Hitsugaya said with a smirk, followed shortly by a cough.

Ichigo was embarrassed but he was to shocked at the thought of having to raise Yachiru to say anything back.

"Ken-chan." Yachiru stated sadly.

She slowly walked over to the table which held Zaraki's pale body.

She reached out her hand to touch his lifeless hand and started to cry. She ran back to where Ichigo was starting to kneel and ran into his arms and cried.

Rangiku couldn't help but feel the sadness of Yachiru's loss. She knew what it was like to lose somebody, she had lost Gin when he defected, and now all those emotions rushed back to her unbidden.

She walked up to Ichigo to and pulled him into a deep kiss surprising him but he complied and kissed back.

"Ichigo, you'll never leave me will you?" Yachiru asked with red, teary eyes.

"Will you ever leave us, Ichigo?" Rangiku asked as well.

Ichigo thought for a moment before answering.

"No. I'll never leave you guys, how could I." he said with a smile trying to cheer them up.

He bent down to Yachiru to whisper something into her ear. Her eyes grew big and got teary again before she launched herself at Rangiku.

"MOMMYYYYYYYYY!" Yachiru screamed.

""What?!" Rangiku asked.

"What, you don't think I'm going to take care of her myself. Besides, you said yourself that you wanted to get to know me. What better way to get to know me than to spend time with Yachiru and I all the time." he said with a wicked grin.

"Oh yay! Now I have a new mommy and a new daddy. We'll be a big happy family." Yachiru said spinning in a circle before falling over.

"Well I guess it could be fun to spend time with you guys." Rangiku said exhaling.

"You know, maybe we could go back and play house with just the grown-ups." Matsumoto said licking her lips and looking at Ichigo.

"Um, ugh, well, I ugh." Ichigo stammered.

"Come on, let's go, I know just the thing to cheer us up." Yachiru said cheering up already.

They let her drag them away from the medical room.

"They completely forgot that I was here." Hitsugaya said to himself.


Rukia and Renji had been drinking at the bar for about an hour reminiscing about old times.

"Do you remember in the shinigami academy when you tried outdoing Kira in kido and it ended up blowing up in your face?" Rukia asked.

"Yeah, I had burns for days after that one. How about the time I walked in on you in the onsen by accident?" Renji asked.

"Of course I remember that, and I know you do too because I sent you to the 4th division for a week." Rukia said laughing at his misfortune.

"Ha-ha. Yeah, so how have you been Rukia? We really haven't talked like this for a while. I, um, heard that you and Matsumoto kind of got into a fight the other day." Renji stated.

Rukia quickly lost her smile and started to think about hurting Rangiku again.

"Yes we did get into a fight but it was a mistake. I should've solved the problem between her and me differently. Like waiting till she fell asleep." Rukia said darkly making Renji shiver.

"Rukia that sounds like something Aizen would do. Are you ok?" Renji was starting to get creeped out.

"You're right, what am I thinking? I shouldn't be thinking like that. Thanks for telling me what was to stupid to see. I should just talk to her." Rukia thanked.

"It's fine Rukia. I just wish you would forget about Ichigo, there's plenty of other guys out there that are jealous that you like Ichigo so much." Renji stated.

'Jealousy, that would be perfect? If I can get Ichigo to be jealous, then he'll forget about the whore. It's brilliant!' Rukia thought to herself.

"Come on Renji let's go." Rukia said grabbing his arm and dragging him away.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"…….My place." Rukia informed him with a deep smile.

"Why would we go…….OH!" Renji realized what she was getting at.


Ichigo, Yachiru and Rangiku were sitting down eating some fish that Yachiru had gotten from somewhere.

They were talking and laughing and having a good time trying to forget the fact that Zaraki and Iba had died, and Hitsugaya was in a hospital bed with injuries.

Ichigo was sitting next to Rangiku and Yachiru was sitting in between Ichigo's legs making a mess of her clothes.

"So how are your injuries from Rukia doing?" Ichigo asked.

"They're fine thanks for worrying about me." she replied blushing.

"You don't have to thank me for worrying about you, I'll worry about you no matter what." Ichigo said, but then he realized what that could imply.

"I mean we're friends." he corrected blushing as well.

"Oh Ichigo you're so cute when you blush. And I'll worry about you too, especially this." she said slowly sliding her hand across his thigh aiming for the center of his pants.

Yachiru wasn't sitting down anymore and was trying to get the fish to come back to life and swim through the air when she noticed what was going on.

"Hey look, little Ichi is happy. Hurry up and make me a brother!" Yachiru said excitedly.

"Yeah come on Ichigo, let's make a baby, or at least we can try. Heh-heh." Rangiku said pushing Ichigo back and climbing over him.

"What?! You can't do that right now! Yachiru is in the room!" Ichigo protested.

"Oh, right. Yachiru go to bed." Rangiku told her.

"I would, but we have a visitor."

There was a member of the 1st squad standing in the doorway with a note in his hand.

"Ichigo Kurosaki?" the man asked.

"Yeah that's him." Rangiku answered for him.

"I have a note for you here, it is to inform you that you are to report to the captains meeting in ten minutes." he said handing them the note.

Ichigo got up and took the note thanking the man who was leaving. He opened it and read it before putting it on the table.

"So what is it about?" Yachiru asked.

"It's about me taking over 11th squad. The other reason is they need me to help them kill the hollow." Ichigo told them.

"Hold on let me get a fishy for the meeting, they can get boring." Yachiru said.


All the captains, excluding Zaraki and Hitsugaya, were waiting for Yamamoto to start the meeting when Ichigo came bursting through the doors followed closely by Yachiru and Matsumoto.

"Now that Kurosaki is here we can begin this meeting. Ichigo Kurosaki, Zaraki Kenpachi has left orders that, upon his death, you are to be put in charge of the 11th squad." Yamamoto started.

"Can I ask something? How long have these orders been in place?" Ichigo asked.

"He came to me shortly after Aizen left, he gave me this note saying that if he ever died in battle, including you killing him, that you were to be put in charge." Yamamoto replied.

"Do you have any reason why you should not be a captain?"

"That depends if I have to go through another physical or not." Ichigo said looking at Unohana.

"What are you talking about. There are no physicals…….oh wait a minute, Unohana, you dirty, dirty woman." Shunsui said chuckling.

"Kyoraku, if you ever mention this incident again, I will explain to you in great detail what happens to your inner organs when they are removed." she replied with a smile.

Everyone shuddered, even Yamamoto, she could be scary.

Yamamoto cleared his throat. "Ichigo Kurosaki, do you accept the position for captain of 11th squad?"

"Yes, as long as I get to keep Yachiru as my vice-captain."

"Yay I get to be Ichi-kun's vice-strawberry!" she said taking another bite out of her fish.

"Is that one of my Koi fish?" Byakuya asked.

"I was wondering where you got diner." Rangiku said.

"Diner?!" Byakuya raised an eyebrow reaching for his sword.

"Enough!" Yamamoto said slamming his staff into the ground.

"Now that that is settled, we will move onto the hollow threat. We will send Ichigo Kurosaki and two others, who wishes to go?"

"I wish to go Yamamoto-sama." Rangiku raised her hand immediately.

"Hmm, very well. Anyone else?"

"I wish to go as well. I do not wish the hollow to get away after he has killed my lieutenant." Komamaru stepped forward.

"Very well, get yourselves prepared you leave tomorrow at noon."



As they were walking away from a very upset Byakuya, they decided to drop Yachiru off at her own quarters.

"But I wanted to stay with Ichi-kun tonight." Yachiru said disappointed.

At this Rangiku leaned down and whispered something into her ear. She whispered but Ichigo could still hear.

"How about you stay with him tomorrow. But don't worry, he won't be alone tonight, I promise." Rangiku whispered.

"Ok! Goodnight Boobies, night Ichi-kun." Yachiru said running to her room giggling.

Rangiku stood back up and noticed Ichigo blushing profusely. They reached his bedroom door and Rangiku asked a question.



"Can I come in?" she asked shyly.

"…………Yes." he replied pulling her into the room.


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