Daniel and Vala were on their way to the grocery store.
Vala had never been to one before so she was extra excited meaning she wouldn't stop talking.
"What do you buy at a grossry store?"
"It's called a gro-cer-y store and you buy food and other essentials there."
"That's what I said: grossry store."
Daniel groaned.
Vala kept talking.
Daniel groaned louder.
Vala got the hint and shut-up.

When they got to the grocery store Vala couldn't keep still, because she was so overly excited.
She would grab random items, even ones she didn't know much about, and throw them into the shopping cart.
That meant Daniel would have to take them out one by one and put them back exactly where she took them from.
Vala put something in , he took it out.Vala put something in,he took it out.
This routine was tiring Daniel and he didn't know how much more he could take.
Vala put something in.
Daniel handed it back to her.
Vala put it in the cart again, with a "I'm determined to win" look on her face.
Daniel took it out and gave it to her again.
This went on for a while when finally Daniel had to say something.
Vala looked shocked.
"Stop what?"She asked with an innocent expression on her face.
"You know what!The whole put everything in the cart thing!"
"Oh,I'm sorry if it bothered you Daniel."
The minute she said his name his anger vanished.
She took something and out in the cart, all the while still walking.
Daniel chuckled to himself and kept pushing the cart.