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Aaaaaaaannnnnd, I still have writers block. I dunno what to write now :

The speed of Dark

"I guess I never really paid that much attention to the Kira case," Emily thought, frowning, as she walked down the hallway by herself, her laptop under her arm. "But L dieing? That's… That's… Unheard of."

"I mean…Mello always paid attention…" she stopped short.

That was right. Mello did.

And now Mello was gone, he had left without even looking back. Matt disappeared a few days after him, and adults went into a frenzy, though she new it had only been a matter of time. Near was planning to leave too, this she knew, She had uh… "accidentally" hacked into his computer 3 days ago, and Near was making a list of people fully qualified to be working for him. She was almost 80.6 percent sure he was going to leave with in the next month to catch Kira by himself.

And then that left her.

She sighed, walking into the playroom. She weaved easily through the mess on the floor, cleared her favorite space at the bay window, and began writing a report on the effects of religion on human thought process. She continued writing, because it came easily, and let her mind drift. She wondered what it would feel like, to be number one at Wammy's, wondered if she would ever see those boys together, alive, ever again.

And she had the oddest feeling she wouldn't.

AGH. Severe writer's block. Kill me now.

sorry this ones so short, but I dunno what to do next. Ideas Please? Innocent face