Hello! This is my first yaoi fan fiction!(warning yaoi-boy x boy, gay sex, etc... so don't like don't read...I'm only saying this in the first chapter)

FYI-the characters are human style sonic characters with their animal ears, and tails only

Chibi- Yay! Time for some yaoi!

Sonic- Oh god! Another yaoi fanfic involving one of my friends...okay which one is it now?

Shadow- I bet it's me again...

Chibi- actually you're half right. Its sonic x shadow, sonic x tails, shadow x tails...

Sonic- so I have to do tails?! This is messed up!

Chibi- don't worry tails will be 19 years old, you'll be 24, and shadow will have an appearance of 25. You all will be in London in the autumn. Shadow will be working a lot, and Sonic will be feeling like no "excitement" in your-SLAP-

a white glove slaps over her mouth

Shadow- don't spoil it!

Chibi- Fine! Owch. that hurt! Let's begin the story!

..:Chapter 1-The Naughty Hedgehog:..

"Deeper..."the blue hedgehog pleaded to the dark hedgehog, Shadow, moaned.

Shadow thrusted his body against Sonic. He moaned out in pleasure, and arched his back out against his lover's body. "O-oh my God...It feels s-so good!," escaped sonic's lips. Shadow snickered a naughty smile on his face, and started to thrust faster into Sonic.

Sonic moaned out in pleasure and started to pant faster as Shadow shoved this cock into sonic faster.

"ah!...ah!...ah!...Shadow!!" As Sonic ejaculated, Shadow did the same.

Shadow fell on top of Sonic, gasping for air. Sweat and cum ran down his face and body. Sonic was the first to crawl out from under Shadow, stood up, and wobbled to the widow.

He opened the window up, revealing hills of green grass. Miles away from the city.

The blue hedgehog lit a joint (cigarette) and blew a ring shaped smoke out of his lips.

"How come you don't smoke any other time?" Shadow questioned Sonic.

Sonic looked at him, thinking for a moment. "To tell you the truth, I really don't know. I always smoke after having sex, but any other time I'm smoke-free. Weird..."

Shadow chuckled a bit. "There's always something about you that I don't get..." He looked over at the clock. It blinked 3:48. "It's almost 4 o'clock. Time to get back to work." Shadow rolled out of bed, and started off to the bathroom to take a shower until he was stopped by arms wrapped around him.

His hands slid on his muscular chest, "Can I join you?" Sonic moaned in a naughty tone. "I'll scrub your back, and more..." Kissing Shadow on his shoulder.

Sigh Shadow removed Sonic's arms from himself slowly then dashed into the shower, door slammed in front of Sonic's face. He heard the water turn on in the bathroom.

Sonic stood there, heartbroken. -'What happened?! Why did he just run off without saying anything to me...I-Is he getting annoyed by me? Is he losing interest in me? Maybe that's why he's always out so much! He's cheating on me!'- Tears started to fall on Sonic's pink cheeks. He ran toward the bed and fell on the bed with his arms folded with his head buried in along with his tears of sorrow.

When Shadow walked out of the bathroom, he was dressed in his suit for work at the late night acme steel making company. He looked around for Sonic to say goodbye, but no one was there. He looked down at his watch, "Damn it...I'm late." He ran out the door, got into his car, and drove off toward the city of London, England.

Back to Shadow's room. Sonic tumbled out of his closet to the floor. He shook his head to gain consciousness, and headed to Shadow's bed alone for the night.

The day started off rainy. Sonic woke up from a deep sleep. He rolled over to see the clock. It read 10:16 AM. Sonic rose up, rubbing his eyes, noticed that Shadow wasn't there because that side of the bed was neatly made up. Sonic took a shower and headed downstairs.

He sipped his coffee while looking at the TV even though it was raining. The news said, "It looks like the rain should stop my mid-noon time. Then the Sun should dash all the rain away by tomorrow!" Sonic turned off the TV and sat his coffee on the table. He stared at the mug, almost all the coffee gone, and went into a daze.


A loud knocking at the door that made him jump a little. He dragged his feet to the door and openned the wooden door. When he opened his eyes up a little more to get a better vision of whom it was, his eyes openned up quickly. Wide awake. It was a male fox with golden blond hair, big soft ears, and two soft tails to go with it. He had a young adult look. Semi-muscular chest and arms. His face was half covered b

y his golden blonde hair, sorta like an emo hairstyle, but he didn't look emo though. Sleeve-less white tee with long light blue jeans touching the porch, hiding half of his gray converse shoes.

Sonic was the first to speak.

"Um...Hello. Can I help you?"

"H-Hi," the two tailed fox slyly said, "I'm your new neighbor down the road, and I j-just wondered if we could get to know each other better..." He twidled his thumbs waiting for him to answer.

Sonic noticed that the fox's cheeks were blushing light, light pink. 'He just shy, that's all... it kinda makes him look cute...'

"Yes, of course! Please come in you must be soaking wet."

"Oh no. I came with an umbrella", the fox pointed at an upside-down light green umbrella drying off on the porch.

"Oh...", Sonic moved against the door to let the fox come into Shadow's humble home.

They both sat there on the same sofa with the TV on but on low volume. Sonic poured some coffee from a coffee pot into a mug for the fox. Sonic smiled and gave the mug to the two tailed fox. He blushed pink cheeks, and took the mug and sipped it.

"So, what's your name?" Sonic asked

"My name's Miles Prower, but you can call me Tails."

"Tails eh, sounds like a cute name for you." Sonic giggled. Tails soft cheeks flushed pinkish red. He looked at his mug slyly. Tails noticed that his hands were shaking a little. He quickly stopped before Sonic noticed. "What's your name?" Tails asked.

"Sonic. Sonic the hedgehog"

"Sonic..."Tails whispered with pleasure. "It's a nice name for you..." He said with a blushing face, still looking at the mug. Trying not to make eye contact to Sonic.

Tails felt fingers on his chin lifting his head to Sonic's eye height. He blushed when he saw the blue hedgehog in his sight. Sonic closed his eyes and smiled at Tails. "You have such soft pink cheeks", he said softly, turning his hand around for the back of his hands, feeling Tails's soft blushing cheeks. Tails started to pant lightly as Sonic kept petting his cheeks. -'Sonic's hands are so soft...it feels so good... and he's so hot...'-

Sonic slid his hands to Tails's lips, and opened Tails's mouth slightly. Sonic leaned slowly near Tails's face and locked his lips with the golden fox. He didn't slip his tounge.

'Just kiss him lightly and see how he reacts...', Sonic thought.

Then after a moment, Sonic broke the kiss slowly away from Tails. Savoring the moment of quietness. Tails's blue eyes were still closed. '...His lips were so soft...', Tails thought. He openned his eyes in a tired way, starring at Sonic in a fantisizing way.

Sonic took the mug from Tails's hands to the table.

"…do it again...", Tails softly said.

Sonic laid Tails's whole body down on the couch, with Sonic on top of him. They locked their lips again. Sonic slipped through Tails's lips, sliding his hands up Tails's tee, and feeling his flat, semi-muscular chest. The blue hedgehog's finger tips started to feel Tails's nipple softly, in a circular motion.

"S-Sonic...", Tails quietly moaned while arching his back slightly.

Sonic pulled off his shirt, revealing his muscular, fit body to the golden fox. Tails eyes widened, with his flushed red cheeks.

-'He is hot...'-

Sonic's hands pulled of Tails's white tee. Revealing his body also. Their bodies touched while they french kissed each other for a while. Sonic's hand drifted all the way down to Tails's cock area. He started to gently rub Tails's cock.

Tails's moaned in tune with Sonic's hand.

"faster..." The young adult fox panted out, with his eyes closed.

Sonic smiled deviantly at Tails. He undid Tails's jeans, and sunk his perverted hands to massage the fox's cock.

"Your getting hard Tails...", Sonic said in a naughty tone, "We have to fix that..." Tails had a pondering face on him.

-'what did he mean by that?...'-Tails thought.

Sonic slid his whole body down the lower part of Tails's body right down to Tails's crotch area. He pulled out Tails's cock and started to blow him. Tails panted in pleasure, his hands squeezed the edges of the couch to control his erection. "f-faster...please, harder..." escaped his mouth. Sonic obeyed Tails's command and sucked harder and moved his head faster on Tails's cock.

Tails moaned,"Ah!...Ah!...Ah! Ah!-Ah!...Ahhhhhhh! Sonic!", He arched his back out and cum spewed from Tails's cock, still in Sonic's mouth.

"Mmf!...Ack!", Sonic's lips removed from the tip of the cock. His mouth full of Tails's cum. He swallowed it.

"your cum...it tastes good...", Sonic said softly. He pulled his body back up to Tails's upper body, looking down at the exhausted, panting boy under him.

Tails openned his eyes an looked up at the blue hedgehog. Tons of questions popped into his head. The number one question that he was concerned about was, -'I have the worst feeling that I'm gonna regret this from ever happening...'

End of Chapter 1

Chibi- Whew...that the first chapter...Well folks I hope you enjoyed it so far because the drama has only just begun...If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please review or e-mail me. The second chapter should be up it about a few days.

Sonic- I feel like a whore...

Tails- YOU?! I'm gonna be the sex sla-MOUTH SLAP!-

Shadow- Quit ruining it you two tailed, freak!

Tails- jeez Shadow...you don't have to slap everyone's mouth all the time...

Shadow- snapsHow about I pop out of nowhere and kick you in the face, shouting out "NO SPOILIERS!!" then disappear! How about that!?pant pant pant




Tails- I'll stick to mouth slapping...