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Chapter One: The Wreckers

Who are 'The Wreckers'?

The Wreckers were the three most popular girls in school, they been friends for as long as they could remember and they planned on keeping it that way for the rest of their lives. They weren't a force to be wrecking with; they were basically at the top of hierarchy in Tree Hill High. Why were the called 'The Wreckers' was an entirely different story.

Rachel Gatina, the 'slut'. Rachel was one of the hottest girls at Tree Hill High, she was also one of the most promiscuous girls there. She was born in Tree Hill and she never really knew her parents. They were always away and the only authority she ever had around was her nannies. Rachel had many nannies over the course of her childhood; she was know as the 'demon child' so her parents had to pay a lot of money just to keep a nanny around. She loved to party, even though she never remembers what happened the next day. She was the life of the party and everyone loved her. Sure, she could destroy you in a single sentence but she had this playful presence that you couldn't help but be drawn to. Rachel was the co-captain of the Tree Hill High cheer leading squad and she made sure that every girl on the squad knew their place.

Haley James, the 'innocent bitch'. Haley was a quiet one. She always excelled in all her classes and was most likely to graduate at the top of her class. She was a nice girl, but she wasn't the one to mess with. She was know as the 'innocent bitch' because her appearance was only an illusion for what she really was. Sure, she was the nicest out of all 'The Wreckers' but she was was a real bitch when she wanted to be. When she was younger, she was never as cold as she was now. It wasn't until after her parents died that she decided she didn't want to be the nice, smart, push over that everyone thought she was. So she immediately changed her image. She loved to read and she picked up cheer leading just as hobby so she could spend more time with her friends.

Brooke Davis, 'Queen Bee'. Brooke basically ran the school along side her two best friends Rachel and Haley. She was one of the of the coolest girl you could ever meet. She was bitchy, sure, but only when necessary. Brooke wasn't your typical 'Queen Bee'. She was school president and head cheerleader but she didn't get there based on her popularity, she had to work for it. She was mostly friends with everyone, the jocks, stoner, goth, nerds, and some outcast. But she wasn't their friends out of pity; she understood everyone was different and had to accept them as they were. Nathan Scott was the only guy she allowed herself to trust. They been friends since they were in diapers, mostly because their parents were best friends. Brooke's parents weren't around much and neither were Nathan's, but they tried harder than Brooke's parents ever did. She didn't have the sweet life that everyone thought. In her mind, life sucked and she wished she had never been born.

They were currently eating lunch at what was known to be the 'popular' table, the seating was always the same. It went like this from left to right: Brooke, Rachel, Haley, Nathan, Bevin, Tim, Jake and Theresa. There were others but they were too busy being scattered around the campus sitting with other students. The table was mostly made up of jocks and cheerleaders.

Haley and Nathan were engaged in a conversation, and everyone knew that the two had feelings for each other. It was so obvious. The only two who couldn't realize the flirting between the two were themselves. And Brooke and Rachel made a bet that they would hook up soon enough. Brooke also bet that Rachel would soon settle down with a certain boy who had a crush on her, a certain boy by the name of Jake Jagielski.

"Who is that hot new guy on the team and how come I've never slept with him yet?" Rachel was blunt when she spoke. She didn't hold back anything and she went straight for the kill.

"I thought I told you not to talk about him," Nathan glared at the red head who stuck out her tongue. "That bastard, I can't believe Whitey likes him so much, he's not even that good."

"Can you say jealous much?" Brooke smirked as she too received a glare from Nathan. "Natey calm down, we all know how much you hate him but you're going to have to learn to except him, he is your--"

"Don't say it," Nathan cut her off immediately. "He's a bastard."

"Well like or not he isn't," Brooke snapped back at him. "And your dad's a jerk for abandoning him and his mother."

"I agree with the fact that my dad is a jerk," Nathan nodded his head. "But I still don't like him."

"Whatever," Brooke shrugged her shoulders, she looked back at the blond boy sitting three tables away from them sitting alone reading a novel. "I think he's kind of cute and he has this whole brooding thing going for him, very sexy."

"Very!" Bevin smiled looking towards him. "But I have the eyes for his hot friend, I think they call him Skillz, and I bet I know why."

"I thought Rachel was the slut," Haley pondered jokingly. Rachel grinned at her comment then rolled her eyes, "But Nathan, promise to give him a chance for me. I work for his mom and she is very sweet and I consider her like my own mom. And Lucas is one of my best guy friends so I would appreciate if you stop talking about him like a piece of meat!"

"Whatever Tutor girl," Brooke ignored Haley last comment. "But he is definitely one piece of meat I wouldn't mind taking a bite out of."

"Shut it Cheery," Haley began getting up from her seat. "I'll think I'll go sit with him today, you're all boring me."

"So, 'Wreckers' any plan tonight?" Jake asked as he watched Haley walk over to Lucas.

"Actually there's this party tonight," Brooke informed them. "We're planning on going, Jake you can go as Rachel date, she talks about you know stop."

Rachel nudged Brooke in the stomach and nervously looked at Jake, "Sure I'll come."

"Good it's a date," Brooke smiled showing off her cute dimples. "What about you Nate? Haley has been dying for you to give her that good Scott loving, just don't get her pregnant."

"Your an ass Davis," Nathan shook his head. "I'm always down for a party."

"What about you two?" Brooke turned her focus to Bevin and Theresa. "You can come over if you like."

"Sure," Bevin looked a little puzzled. "Do you and Haley live together? Because I've noticed she been staying with you for like ten years and she never moved out, so she lives with you?"

"Obviously Bev," Rachel rolled her eyes at the dimwitted blond. "Your so slow at times."

"Well I'm off to do presidential stuff," Brooke got up from the table. "I'll see you whores later."

Brooke walked away from the table catching Haley and Lucas' attention, "Hey Brookie monster, pick me up from work today?"

"You got it," Brooke yelled back and followed with a playful wink. "We're hitting up a party tonight, bring Broody with you."

Haley laughed as she saw Brooke walk away, she turned her attention back to her best friend, "I'm sorry. She can be weird at times, so do you want come?"

"I don't know," the blond replied in a hushed voice. "Will he be there?"

"Nathan?" Haley looked back at the brunette boy who was laughing at a joke that Rachel made. "Most likely, he is Brooke's best friend, but he won't bother you because your like my best friend and he kind of respects that Luke."

"Yeah, so that why he stole my clothes out of the locker room and I had to walk around covering my self with two basketballs," Lucas said a little harshly.

Haley began laughing, Lucas glared at her, "I'm sorry but that was funny. I remember when Brooke and I found you in the hallway with Whitey."

"It wasn't funny," Lucas rolled his eyes at her. "It was embarrassing."

"You're only saying that because Brooke saw you in all your glory," Haley smirked. "I on the other hand, didn't want to see my best friend since the age of eleven in his birthday suit."

"I didn't ask for you to see me either," Lucas eased up a little. "But admit you liked it."

"Your right," Haley sighed sarcastically. "But I'd rather see your brother goodies!"

Lucas glared at her, she held her hands up in defense, "It was joke, kind of."

Brooke walked into the small Cafe that had the inscription 'Karen's Cafe' on the front door. She walked over to the counter where her blond friend was currently wiping the counter. Grabbing a seat in front of her, she asked, "Ready to go Hales?"

"Almost," Haley threw the rag underneath the counter. "I've got to finish of the counter and tell Karen I'm leaving then we are good to go."

"Is Broody coming with you?" Brooke smiled leaning over the counter.

"He has a name," Haley told an eager Brooke. "And yeah, he's coming."

"That's cool," Brooke smiled. She thought Lucas was cute but she didn't think anything serious of him. "I could give him a proper team greeting."

"That is Rachel's job," Haley smirked as Brooke began laughing. "But seriously, he's not like that, I think he's one of the many few guys out there who wants a relationship. He's like my brother and I don't want to see him get hurt and vice versa, except your like my sister and plus I've known you longer."

"Hey girls," Karen came out of the bag with two orders hand. "Have fun at the party tonight, but not too much fun."

"We'll be careful Karen," Brooke reassured her, she didn't want her to worry. "I'm always careful and Haley never lets anyone have any fun so you won't have to worry."

"That's good to know," Karen laughed, she noticed that her son was now by her side. "Have fun you guys and Lucas don't come home too late!"

Lucas nodded his head, the three teens walked over to Brooke's car, Haley called shotgun leaving Lucas to sit in the back on his own. Lucas was really nervous, he was about to spend time with some of the most popular people in school. He hardly even knew these people except for what he hears about them around school. He sat in silence as he watched the two girls up front exchanging gossip and fashion. He noticed the brunette look at him during the red light. She winked at him and gave him a reassuring smile.

"You nervous about tonight?" Brooke asked.

"No," Lucas lied, as Brooke nodded her head. "Why would I be?"

"Isn't this like your first high school party," Brooke pointed out as if it was the most obvious thing on earth. "Most people get really nervous because they don't know what to do or who to hang with and if your kind of an outcast, ya know, no one really accepts you."

"I'll hang around Haley," Lucas shrugged. "And you seem pretty nice."

"You are sadly mistaken," Haley chuckled a little as Brooke hit her arm. "Well your not all that nice at times, for example now, when you just hit me!"

Lucas laughed from the back, "So, why do they call you the 'Wreckers'?"

"I thought Tutor girl would've told you," Brooke looked over at Haley who shook her head 'no', before staring back at him through the rear view mirror. "We'll save that for later."

Brooke pulled into a driveway, she and Haley got out of the car as Lucas followed behind them. They entered the house to be greeted with the blasting sounds of the speaker system. Everyone there was already drinking and the party seemed to be in full effect. Brooke immediately had all eyes on her, people were smiling and waving at her.

Brooke waved back and put on a smile for her friends, she looked around the room and she found Rachel with Nathan and Jake surrounded by other people from the team and cheerleaders. She walked towards them putting her arms around Rachel, she grabbed the drink that was in the red head hand and began gulping it down. Haley slowly advance towards them with Lucas behind them, she stood next to Brooke as waved everyone 'hello'.

"Hales, you made it," Nathan pulled into a hug with his unoccupied hand, he noticed Lucas behind. "And you brought a stray with you."

Lucas stayed quiet as Haley shot him an apologetic smile, "Nate, can you cool it for one night?"

"I'll try," Nathan turned his attention to Tim, Nathan best friend since the age of four, he continued on about whatever he was talking about.

"So Luke?" Rachel spoke up. "Where have you been hiding? I mean, this is the first time I've ever seen you at a party."

"I've been busy," Lucas shrugged, he didn't really know how to answer.

"Busy being a loser," Tim coughed as the group around them laugh excluding Haley and Brooke, the both rolled their eyes.

"Shut up Dim," Brooke shot defensively. "Unless you want everyone to know that you've been checking out Nathan in the locker room, a little gay don't you think?"

"Hey the Tim love the ladies," Tim crossed his arms. "Can't say that much for Lucas here!"

The group began to laugh again, Nathan gave Tim a high five, which earned him a glare from Haley. She looked back but Lucas was no longer behind her anymore, she walked away from the group and began to search for him. She looked all around the house and she couldn't seemed to find him anywhere, and she was beginning to get stressed. She walked over to a table and began pulling a rubber band that lied on her wrist.

Haley felt a hand on touch her shoulder, she turned around, hopeful it was Lucas. When she saw the brunette standing behind her, her smile turned into a frown and she rolled her eyes.

"Why the attitude?" Brooke asked.

"Nathan's pissing me off," Haley crossed her arms. "I swear I am this close to kicking his ass. I told him not to harass Lucas and what does he do? He harasses Lucas and now I can't find him. This is stressing me out, I can't deal!"

"Don't worry about it Haley," Brooke rubbed her friends back. "I'll find him, you go have fun."

Haley nodded her head as Brooke walked outside, she looked around and noticed Lucas was sitting on the front porch. He was smoking, and she didn't take him as much of smoker but she shrugged it off. Brooke sat next to him, touching his arm, and causing him to flinch. He turned his head to see who it was, and was surprised to see the brunette sitting next to him. She was smiling, which showed off her dimples and it drove him crazy. She was so beautiful.

"I'm sorry about back there," Brooke shrugged, she bit her lip, she wasn't good at this whole comfort thing. "Haley was looking for you."

"Oh," he replied simply turning his head away from Brooke, he looked as if he was thinking again. "So you never did tell me why they call you the "Wreckers'."

"You really want to know?" Brooke smirked. "We wreck people lives."

"What?" Lucas turned to Brooke. He thought she must have been joking, but she had a serious expression across her face.

"We wreck people lives," the brunette replied as if it wasn't anything. She noticed Lucas raise his eyebrow, and quickly spit out, "If you can't handle that than I think you should leave."

"It's not that," Lucas shook his head. "It's just weird, people told me you were a bitch but I never really believed it."

"What?" Brooke asked defensively. "Listen loser, you might be Haley's friend but I'll kick your ass without hesitation."

"I didn't mean it how it sounded," Lucas said. "Don't get so defensive."

"I'm sorry, I can't help it," Brooke looked confused for a second, did she really just apologize? "Look your really cool I guess but I don't think we could be friends, considering Nathan hates you."

"That sucks because I was really looking forward to getting to know you," Lucas blew smoke out of his mouth. "But if you don't want to--"

"I know this really stupid but maybe we can be like secret friends?"


Brooke opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the opening of the front door. She rolled her eyes when she saw who appeared from behind it. Of course it was him. Nathan had a drink in his hand and looked pissed off.

"What are you doing with this bastard?"

"Why don't you go jump off a bridge?" Lucas shot back.

"What are you even doing here?" Nathan questioned him. "Haley doesn't like you, she takes pity on you! She a 'Wrecker' she probably just wants to wreck your life. Stay away from Brooke, she doesn't like you."

"Don't worry, I don't befriend sluts," Lucas looked at Brooke who mouth dropped, he winked at her and she caught on.

"Well I don't befriend washed out basketball players," Brooke placed her hands on her hips.

"So what are you doing with Nate?"

Nathan looked as if he was about to charge Lucas, Brooke held him back, "He's not worth it Nate, he's just a clueless bastard. Don't worry he'll get the proper 'Wreckers' greeting."

"This is lame," Lucas turned his back and began walking off. "Have fun with the slut, Nate."

Brooke grinned a little, but when she turned back to Nathan, it turned into a scowl.

"What a dick head" Nathan crushed the plastic cup in his hand and entered back into the party.

"Yeah," Brooke whispered to herself, "some dick head." She watched Lucas walk off, and smiled as she looked down at her hands. After one more backward glance toward the retreating boy, she walked back into the party and closed the door behind her.

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