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Chapter Six: Life's A Jungle

Brooke opens her locker, shoving three textbooks in to the small compartment. She heard footsteps approaching her from behind as she shut the locker close. She turns around to see the last person she wanted to speak to. The brunette simply rolls her eyes and continues to walk towards her first period class. She hadn't forgotten what happened that weekend. In fact, she had been holding a grudge against Nathan and Lucas for the exact reason. Her black eye was beginning to clear up, but it didn't stop people from assuming that she got her ass whooped.

Nathan grabs on her arm, "Brooke, wait," he says pleading with the angry girl, who glares daggers at him. "You haven't spoken to me since Saturday. You always call me, even if it's just to check on me. Are you still mad?"

Brooke pulls her arm away from Nathan's grip. "If I haven't been calling you, what do you think?"

"It's not like I'm the one that punched you," Nathan argues with her. "It was Lucas. You should be mad with him not me."

Brooke looks at him dumbfounded, "I am mad at him," she yells at the boy in front of her. "But I have every right to be angry with you too. I asked you to stop, but did you listen to me! Did you?" She waits for his answer to which he doesn't response. "That's what I thought."

Nathan grabs her hand, "Come on," he pleads with her once again. "I'm sorry, Brooke. I really am. You're my best friend. If you want me to finish this whole thing with Lucas just to prove to you how sorry I am, I will."

Brooke soften her glare, "You would do that for me?" She asks as he nods. "You better."

He laughs and pulls her in for a hug, "I miss talking to you."

"I miss talking to you, too," Brooke says, leaning against his chest. "You didn't even come to my party."

Nathan's pulls back, "I thought my invitation was revoked."

Brooke simply laughs, punching him in the arm. "Everyone was invited, even you."

Nathan smiles, remembering he told Lucas something familiar to that. "Alright, you got me," he puts up his hand up defeated. "But I really just wanted to give you some space. I heard the party was killer though. Almost as good as the last rager you guys through last year. Remember?"

Brooke crosses her arms, "How could I forget?"

"Brooke," the brunette heard her name being called. "Rachel!"

Brooke was sitting outside by the pool with her regular circle of friends. She stopped laughing at a joke Nathan just told, when she heard her name being called from inside. Worried, she ran inside with Rachel and Nathan quickly trailing behind her. She rushed through the door looking around for the person who just called her. She turned to see the alarming look on her friend's face and her eyes filled with tears.

The blonde ran up to her, "You have two come now," she grabbed her two friends, dragging them up the marble stairs. "I don't know how this happened. One minute she told me she was going to the bathroom cause she didn't feel well and the next minute she was--"

"Haley, what are you talking about?" the red head asked anxiously, watching as her friend tried to wipe her tears on her sleeves.

Haley walked over to the first door on the left, busting it open. She revealed to them a girl passed out on the bathroom floor, foaming from the mouth. Brooke rushed over to the girl feeling the top of her forehead. Her skin felt cold and she was heavily discolored. Her breathing was becoming abnormal, frightening the brunette more than she already was. She could feel the tears begin to sting her eyes. She tried to lift the girl off the floor, but she was doing a poor job at it. Nathan sprinted over to trying to help her by grabbing the unconscious's girl legs.

Haley began pulling on the rubber band around her wrist, "We have to call 911."

Rachel shook her head, "We can't do that," she said as her friends turned to her confused. "What are we going to tell the cops when they find out about what happened? We sure as hell can't tell them that she passed out from a coke overdose. We could all be arrested. Not to mention that Brooke parents are out of town and left her with no supervision. If the media found out about this your dad would be out of a job, not to mention mines, Nikki's and probably Nathan's."

Nathan turned to Brooke, "She's right, we could get in to a lot of trouble for this."

Brooke knew this was true, but what else could she do? "So, what are we suppose to do? Let Nikki die?"

"She's not going to die, so you can cut that shit out right now." Rachel rubbed her temples. All this drama was beginning to give her a headache. "Nathan do you know how to drive?"

"Yeah," he nodded his head, pulling Nikki out of the room. "Let's take her to you're dad's car, Brooke."

Brooke followed his lead, "Haley get the car keys off the hook!" Haley nodded, still standing the same spot, petrified. "NOW!"

Nathan watched as the brunette became sadden by the memory, "Do you ever think about her?"

Brooke nods her head. "All the the time," she unfolds her arms. "But then I remember that if we didn't do what we did, she could have died that night. Or something worst could have happened. We made the right choice. I don't regret our decision."

Haley took a seat in front of Lucas, who's head was buried in his arms on the table. She shook him causing him to groan as he lifted up his head. His eyes were bloodshot red, not to her surprise. She knew that she couldn't expect him to get rid of this habit so easily. She sits back in her seat, leaving him to go back to trying to get some rest before class started.

She heard him beginning to speak, "How's Brooke?"

Haley simply shrugged, "She's alright I guess," she says pulling her notebook out of her book bag. "She was pissed off for a while, but she's softening up. I saw her talking to Nathan this morning. She'll probably start talking to you again sooner or later."

Lucas just nods his head, "Are you mad at me?"

Haley turns to face him, "Let's see," she starts off holding up her fingers. "Number one, you lied to me. Number two, you punched my best friend in the face. Number three, you didn't listen to me when I said stop getting stoned, cause it's obvious you are now. Number four, you got in to another fight with Nathan. And last but not least number five, you lied to me! Your best friend."

He lifted up his head completely, "I didn't want to lie to you," he tells her truthfully. "Brooke just didn't want anyone to find out about us. Especially since Nathan and I aren't on such good terms. You saw what happened when he saw in the library. He flipped out."

"Fine," Haley sighs. "But you better not keep anymore secrets from me again, Lucas Eugene Scott."

Lucas eyes widen, "I told you not to say my middle name in public."

Haley shrugs turning back to face the board. She saw Nathan and Brooke walking in to the room with Rachel and Bevin trailing behind them. They all took seat around her, but with Lucas sitting behind her, she couldn't avoid the tension she felt. She was grateful when the teacher walked in to the room. This was her time to ignore everything around her and just focus on her work.

Brooke looked behind her, seeing Lucas sitting behind Haley. He flashes her and innocent smile, to which she rolls her eyes to.

"I'm sorry," He tells her, trying to keep his voice low. "I really didn't mean to hit you."

Brooke shrugs turning to face the board, "I know."

"Come on, Brooke," he almost begs her. "Look at me."

She shushes him, "Pay attention."

The teacher begins to write on the board when she was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Brooke whispers to Nathan, "Principle Turner at the door, I wonder what he wants."

Haley lifts up her head and stares at the door. She saw the teacher take a note from the Principal. She walks back in to the classroom placing the note on her desk and a piece of chalk near the blackboard, before turning to the class.

"Well, we I have good news students," she says catching all the students attention. "We have a new student joining the class."

Rachel turns to both Haley and Brooke smirking, "Probably reject who got kicked out of Catholic school."

They all turned to the door and was shocked to see who entered the class. "I would like you all to give a nice, warm welcome to Nikki Julliard."

Nikki turns towards the teacher, "No need for warm welcomes, Mrs. Stein," she tells the teacher politely. "I'm pretty sure they all know who I am."

Mrs. Stein smiles, "Well, there is a seat available between Ms. Gatina and Ms. Davis."

Nikki smiles, walking over to the empty seat between Brooke and Rachel. They both exchange looks before watching the girl they haven't seen in nearly a year take a seat between them. She glances at them both, flashing off what seem to be a sincere smile. Or at least what they hope to be. Brooke looks back Nathan and Haley, who has the same look of disbelief on their faces as they do. The one question that seemed to be on all of their minds was, "What the hell is going on?"

Rachel was the last to join the group at the lunch table. She stayed back to talk to one of teachers about extending her class project on insects and how they help the environment. They all smile when they saw her, knowing that they could officially discuss what happened in class earlier.

Brooke was the first to open her mouth, "When the hell did Nikki come back and why the hell didn't I know?"

"I don't think any of us knew she was back," Haley played with the tray of food on the table. "I mean this was so unexpected. For all we know she could have been back for a while. The real question is, if she knew she was coming back, why didn't she tell us?"

Rachel shrugs, "Maybe she wanted it to a surprise," she shakes her head, hearing how dumb that sounded. "Well, maybe she didn't want us to know. She just wanted to keep it a secret from us. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't like us anymore."

"Nikki at three o'clock," Nathan said pretending to stuff some food in to his mouth. "Act natural."

Nikki approached the table. She hadn't changed a bit, except for the fact that her hair was longer than it's usual length from the last time try saw her. She wore a pair of tight fitted skinny jeans, with a white tank top and a blue short sleeve cardigan. She sat next to Haley, smiling at everyone at the table. She was familiar with everyone there and she was surprised about how much had changed. She flips her hair, then crosses her arms against the table.

"Are you all just going to pretend like you don't know me?" She laughs, as everyone joins her.

Brooke is the first to hug her, to which she returns the hug. "I miss you so much," she whispers in to Nikki's ear. "How you've been?"

"So, so," she laughs. "All of you look so different. Especially you Jake." She winks at him causing him to blush. Rachel rolls her eyes, but smiles because she so happy to see her friend again. "So what have I missed?"

Haley sighs, "A lot."

Everyone around the table laughs, "When did you get back? Bevin asks cheerfully.

"Couple of weeks ago," she tells them. "I know. I should have told you all I was back, but I just didn't know how. Especially after everything that happened. I was embarrassed."

"You don't have to be embarrassed," Rachel says grabbing Nikki's hand. "We love you. You're like our sister."

Nikki nods her head, "Do you guys think I can have some time to talk to the girls? Alone?"

Everyone nods getting up from the table, they all hug Nikki as they leave. It was just the four of them now, just like old times.

Nikki turns to Brooke, "So word around school is your Queen now," she places her hand on her cheek. "I always knew you had potential to run this school. You're class president and everyone seems to like you or stand you. You're doing a good job."

Brooke simply nods her head, "Yeah."

"So girls," Nikki folds her hands. "Lets get right to it and talk about that night. You know, the night that you left in the hospital to deal with my furious parents. Trust me you guys, they were furious." She received uneasy look from all three girls. "Lets talk about how you guys left me, without a goodbye or even a note."

Haley spoke, "We tried, but you're parents refused to let us see you."

"Right," Nikki nodded her head slowly. "I thought you bitches could at least handle the task of dealing with them, but I guess I was wrong. You guys are really nothing without me. I don't know if you guys thought I forgave you for abandoning me the way you did, but I didn't."

Brooke exchange confused looks with Haley and Rachel. "Nikki, we did what we thought was best."

"Best for you maybe." Nikki rolled her eyes. "I learned something from my alone time in rehab. I learned that life is a jungle. It's survival of the fittest out there and no one is going to stand by your side making sure that you survive. You have to watch out for yourself because you can't always trust your packs. I don't know if you girls were smart enough to fit the pieces together, but I was one the one who put up the fliers."

Haley gasped, "Why?"

"Like I said Haley-bop," Nikki said with false sincerity. "It survival of the fittest out there, and I have to make sure that I come out on top. The bitch is back now and she's taking no prisoners." She looked around the table and saw the hatred in the girls eyes and simply laughed. "I'll see you girls in the jungle."

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