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The Brotherhood

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The halls of Azkaban were unusually silent the day that the Minister of Magic visited them for his annual inspection. The Dementors were, of course, locked away. Cornelius Fudge wanted no chance that he would run into them. Instead, Aurors patrolled the hallways, keeping the prisoners silent, so they wouldn't disturb Fudge's peace.

The Minister walked along; his hands tucked into his cloak pockets as he peered into cell after cell filled with prisoners. Most sat in their cells, heads bowed and blank expressions on their faces. Others, the more insane prisoners, cried out or taunted the Minister as he passed their cells.

Fudge deftly ignored Bellatrix Lestrange and her deranged cackling as he came to a cell only a few places down from the insane witch's. Inside this cell was one Sirius Black. He sat on his bunk, watching Fudge with a polite curiosity. Not even a hint of insanity showed on his pale face.

"Good day, Minister," Sirius greeted pleasantly, inclining his head with only a small measure of respect.

"Black," Fudge replied in way of an answer. Every year it was the same thing. Black seemed unreasonably sane, despite his seniority in the prison.

"Having a good day, then?" Sirius asked, tilting his head in an almost canine manner.

Fudge shifted the Daily Prophet that he held under his arm a little as he answered. "As good as is expected, visiting a prison."

Sirius nodded, but his eyes were on the newspaper that Fudge carried. "Are you finished with that?" he questioned.

"With what?" Fudge asked, glancing behind him.

"The newspaper, of course," Sirius replied casually.

"I..." The minister had only brought the newspaper to read during the trip to and from the island on which Azkaban was situated. He normally would have flooed to the island, but as the island's fireplace and security office were undergoing some renovations, that wasn't possible. He had been forced to take the boat, in which the prisoners were taken to the island. It was a fifteen-minute trip through the raging ocean, on a good day.

"Yes, I suppose I am," Fudge finally answered.

"Can I have it, then? I truly miss completing the daily crossword puzzle. It was one of my favourite hobbies before coming to Azkaban," Sirius stated.

Fudge hesitated before answering, "No, I don't think so."

"Pity, that," Sirius replied, then leaned back against the damp wall, clearly dismissing the Minister.

A little miffed, Fudge left, taking the Daily Prophet with him.

As he left, he caused a dimensional rift. In this new dimension, Sirius would never see Wormtail perched on the shoulder of a certain redheaded boy and would not be inspired to break out of prison in his godson's third year of Hogwarts.

In this new dimension, Harry would never find out about his imprisoned godfather or the truth about that fateful Halloween night many years before.

In this new dimension, Scabbers would never be revealed as a traitor and so would never be forced out of his peaceful existence of being a pet rat to the Weasley children.

In this new dimension, Bartimus Crouch JR would find Voldemort's soul instead of Wormtail, after having escaped from his father's imperious curse. In this new dimension, he would be able to resurrect Voldemort without having to use Harry Potter's blood.

In this new dimension, Harry would enjoy his peaceful third and fourth years of Hogwarts, never suspecting that it was not the way things were supposed to go.

In this new dimension, in Harry's fifth year, destiny would catch up with the boy-who-lived as he would be wrongfully accused of a crime and arrested. He would be sent to Azkaban, without a trial, and his friends would be given evidence that he was, in fact, guilty. Not all of them, however, would believe it.

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