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Red stared in horror at Purple's ruined left hand and Gij acted fast. He tore a strip of his uniform and wrapped it tightly around the Tallest's wrist and remaining hand and he calmed down a bit. His blood was as bright green as the other's.


Little Maize, who only reached the top of his foot, was kneeling beside an unmoving blue form on the floor about three feet away. A pool of darkest green surrounded her and a foot away from her lay a Tallest dressed in green. Her head was almost gone.

Chi was dead?

He ran over as best he could and kneeled beside his sort-of progeny.

Mona lay unmoving on the floor, what little of her hair remaining pooled out around her, a rusty rail spike driven through her upper chest. There was blood on her mouth and the front of her uniform as well and he knew it was because she had threw-up.

Maize was crying pitifully and Red, for once, felt like joining her. He laid a hand on her forehead, bare of an Elite commander's mark and felt warmth. Her skin was still warm. She was alive!

"She's alive!" he said, surprised. Maize sniffled and looked up at him, her bright yellow gaze like a search light.

"She is?"

"Yes!!" he replied.

He brought out a portable X-ray machine from his PAK and looked. Yes!! The rail spike hadn't penetrated anything that mattered! She still had her lungs and human heart, which was cloven in two by the spike, but she also had an Irken heart and a squeedilyspooch!

"She could survive with only her Irken heart, couldn't she?" he asked Gij. Gij shrugged.

"She might be able to. Her PAK could do the rest, but then, she'd be more Irken than she is human. It'd be her choice, really," Gij explained.

The dark blue dots on Mona's PAK were flashing colors. From dark blue to electric blue and back to dark. Her life was hanging by a thread. It all hinged on her decision.

He was powerless.

Everyone crowded around her fallen form, even the Elite soldiers who had deserted him and Purple to join Chi. No one had wanted to fight until Chi came down. This was all her doing. It served her right, a spike through her temple and the flesh of her ugly face blown off. He thought he spied one of her eyeballs a foot away from her body.

"Is she gonna be okay?" asked Dib. Red examined the large-headed kid more closely. He looked exhausted and like the rest of them, he was covered in blood, both red and green. As Mona would have said-

"-You look like Christmas."


Red ordered Purple to The Massive's sick bay with Joanna, who was bleeding freely from a deep lacerating wound to her left shoulder. He had to have Benn and Gij help get the spike out of the floor in order to lift Mona. They left it in her body because they wouldn't know of the consequences of taking it out just yet.

Her body felt limp, like a bag of sand. Just dead weight. It felt wrong to him. Her blood was much much darker than a normal Irken's but it had the same salty smell to it, like salt water mixed with something thicker. It was hot and felt squishy under his fingers. Like the rest of them, she was covered in it. As they carried her, a bit of irken brain matter fell from her hair and onto the floor. The Massive was a mess.

"Someone summon Karo," he demanded.

Very soon she was at his side.

"My Tallest?" she saluted.

"Chi's dead. Announce it over The Massive's intercom and if you can, try and get rid of Chi's computer virus? We need all the computer help we can get," he ordered.

"AND BRING SOME DONUTS!" he called after her as she walked away.

She waved to show she had heard him.

Red continued carrying Mona down to Sick Bay with the rest of the wounded. The dead were thrown unceremoniously outside to be disposed of afterwards.

Right now, the dead were beyond help. It was priority to help the living.

He set Mona very gently down onto a cot and immediately hooked her PAK up to a machine that would restore her consciousness for a moment or two.

Her eyes fluttered open and she sat up somewhat. The rail spike through her ribs prevented her from slouching, however.

"Red? What happened? Where's Chi? I killed her... the war is over? I can get some decent sleep for once?" Even now, she was attempting humor.

Red smiled.

"As far as I can tell, yeah. Earth is ours again. We can get rid of anything Chi set up here and then get rid of her. The war is over. You can get some sleep," he explained.

Mona frowned.

"What about the irkens Chi brought down with her? What to do with them?" she asked.

Red shrugged.

"I don't know. But that's the least of our problems right now," he replied. He gestured to her injury and Mona slumped.

"Oh yeah. Right. Crap... when am I going to die?" she asked.

Red raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"You have a choice, actually. The spike pierced your human heart. It's ruined. Your Irken heart can keep you alive, though. It's up to you," he explained.

He held the portable X-ray machine up to her and took a freeze frame to show her. She looked at it with interest.

"It's weird seeing my own skeleton. My organs have really changed, haven't they?" she asked.

Red nodded.

Mona frowned.

"What's this one for?" she asked.

She handed him the freeze frame and pointed to something on the bottom.

He followed her finger and squinted. The organ she was pointing to wasn't Irken, in the normal sense, but it didn't look human either. It was very small, just below her squeedilyspooch, where her human reproductive organs lay, probably rotting from disuse and needlessness.

He opened his eyes wider and realized, the strange organ was depicted over her reproductive organs.

They weren't rotting from misuse. The unknown "organ" was a fetus. She was carrying a smeet.

Red shut the X-ray machine off in a hurry and stashed it back inside his PAK.

"Well?" she asked.

Red wasn't sure how to break it to her. He was confused, himself. She was carrying a smeet... his smeet, really and truly his. Maize had been a distraction, and even though she was loved, she wasn't well... she didn't really seem like a daughter, just another smeety irken soldier-in-training.

"That... wasn't an organ... not really, anyway... you shouldn't have been fighting," he muttered.

And he was as good as dead. The few Elites who had fought alongside him and Purple knew he had a thing for Mona. If they knew she was smeet-bound, he would be demoted and executed!

"Red... you're making me nervous..." she muttered, an odd expression on her face. How much more nervous could one be with a nine inch iron spike through their ribs?

He told her what it was and her eyes became large, almond-shaped pools of sky blue.

"You're JOKING."

He shook his head.

Mona frowned for a second and with one giant tug and a shriek splintered with pain, she ripped the rail spike out of her own chest. Blood pooled out in a steady stream and she reached into the hole the spike had made and yanked out what remained of her human heart. It lay in her palm, fist-sized, cleaved nearly in two and covered in red muscle tissue and blue veins.

"If I'm having a baby, I want to live. I did NOT fight this little war only to die at the end. I DESERVE sleep," she said sarcastically.

And sleep she did.

Kato and the other Medi Irkens came out of hiding after Karo made the announcement over the Massive's intercom system and fixed her up like only they could. Grorl even helped out, going so far as agreeing to wear the Armada's standard issue Medi Uniform.

He helped Kato sponge the blood and brain matter off of her, stripped her once-again destroyed uniform off and replaced it with something light and airy and dark purple. They closed the wound in her chest and her back, repaired whatever was damaged in her PAK and was left alone to recover as she would. Her wounds were healed but her body was still exhausted.

Maize was fine, as was Dib. Joanna would live. The Elites Benn, Gij and Megadoom were offered promotions but declined. Mona's brother was livid at the damage that had been caused and the number of times his sister had been forced into sick bay but was elated when Red told him what grew in her belly.

He then pinned the human to the wall by the shirt and got in his face.

"Tell no one. NO ONE. Understand? If you do, I would be sentenced to die," he threatened.

Micah grinned, nodded and gave a thumbs up sign. What it meant was a mystery to him but he guessed it was a good enough answer.

The war had been short but extremely bloody and in the end, Earth was no less beautiful.



Tallest Red and his fellow Tallest Purple were seated on the roof of the Massive's enormous side pod, munching on nachos and sipping irken cola. Zim2 sat beside them in a privelaged seat. He had relinquished GIR's robot slave drone form and had been granted permission to inhabit a new body for himself. Superior Vortian technology enabled him to survive with no PAK. He was beyond soldier or tallest; he was simply Zim2.

They had also been surprised to find that when not clinically and criminally insane, Zim's original soul, the one that had resided in his physical body before PAK integration, Zim2, got along quite nicely with Dib. They were not best friends but they could at least hold a civil conversation.

Maize was finished with her Invader's training but had chosen to remain on Earth as a civilian. Since she was partially human, if less so than her genetic mother, she had chosen Earth as her home planet over Irk, which she had learned about but never seen.

The control brain had eventually ended up scanning and sifting through Red's PAK and all his memories and found the reasons he admired Mona, as well as the fact that she was smeet-bound.

They had waivered the rules and hung regulations in those cases after seeing all that Mona and Red had done to save the Armada from Chi's ugly clutches.

As for Mona herself, her smeet was doing fine. It was starting to show and she had taken to wearing looser fitting shirts. She and Joanna and her brother seemed to be closer than ever before.

Things were finally looking good.

"It is pretty, once you get over the fact that Chi wanted it for herself," said Purple, staring appreciatively at the sunset.

"Yeah. It is," Red agreed.

Then something occurred to him.

"How did you know how to cock that human gun??" he demanded.

Purple laughed and muched on a donut.

"One of the Elites introduced me to some movie with a "dirty harry" in it. It's what he always did," he replied.

Red was thrown for a loop.

"And how is your smeet-to-be?" Purple asked in retaliation.

Zim2 smiled proudly at his Tallests and was content to be physical again.

Red shrugged.

"It'll be the first natural born smeet heard of in a long time in Irk's history. As far as I know, no issues. Mona's human organs can hold an irken smeet just as well as a female Irken with organs intact and capable," he replied.

They all slurped Irken cola's and munched on donuts that tasted oddly of candy and watched the sun go down.



Five months later, Mona doubled over in pain. Her smeet was ready to be born.

Red wanted no part of it, but Joanna was stubborn and having none of it. She literally dragged him to the human hospital where both human and Irken doctors worked freely and insisted he watch.

Mona was naked to the belly and wore no pants or hospital blanket. Her human orfices had gone, as well as all body hair. Her lower region resembled an irken's even if her chest area did not, at any rate.

The only orfice in her was sopping wet and stretching.

Red averted his gaze for what seemed like four seconds before a thin gasping could be heard.

He looekd back and saw one of the Medi Irkens wrap the newborn up in a thick blanket and wipe the sime and amniotic fluids off its head. Limp, oddly-shaped antennae lay flat against the back of its head and it opened its eyes for the first time.

One was the same light blue as his mother's and the other was Red's all around.

Not one person, free human or Irken, on Earth did not celebrate that night.

In the end, they decided to name him Dual.


start. May 28, 2008 fin. September 24, 2008


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