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Sasuke lay awake looking across at the face infront of him. The face he had dreamt of waking up to for so many years. A smile adorned his face as he gently caressed her cheek. He was in his own world until a knock on the door brought him back and forced his eyes from looking at the sleeping beauty. As he looked towards the door he saw it open revealing a miniature version of the woman lying next to him.

"Daddy when's mummy getting up to make breakfast?" Sakurako asked. Sasuke looked from his daughter to Sakura and back again.

"I'll make it, your mother deserves a lie in after 6 years of waking up early." Sasuke told her. Sakurako smiled and walked out of the door to give Sasuke privacy to get ready.

After having a quick shower and getting changed, Sasuke made his way down into his kitchen. He had never really made something too difficult but thought he'd try to today. He saw Sakurako come down and told her to take a seat as he began to cook. Sakurako just watched in awe as her father fried things. She knew he couldn't cook, he had told her so himself and it made her smile that he was doing so now because she knew he was doing it for her mother. To impress her. Suddenly a glass of orange juice appeared infront of Sakurako and she smiled up at her dad who smiled back.

Meanwhile the sleeping beauty upstairs had awoken. She looked across at the spot where she knew a body should lie and finding none panic ran through her. All she could think of to explain his not being there was that he had once again gone away. She wasn't sure what she felt more, depression or anger. Standing up in the clothes Sasuke had leant her the night previously Sakura began walking out the door, as she opened it she called out for him but no answer came. Tears began rolling down her face as she once again called him and again received no reply. She called out his name another few times receiving the same nothing as before and with tears running down her face she walked downstairs. To Sakura he had committed the biggest betrayal imaginable. He had left her for a third time, only now he had left their daughter to. She carried on walking when suddenly she got a wif of toast cooking. She began to run towards the kitchen and when she saw both Sasuke and Sakurako sat down at the table her tears of sorrow turned to tears of joy. Sasuke looked up when he heard the sobbing sounds and seeing a crying Sakura he instantly went over to her and held her in an embrace stroking the back of her head in a loving manner at the same time. Sakurako just looked over at her parents, confused and worried by her mother's tears.

"What's wrong?" He asked once Sakura had calmed down slightly. She tilted her head so she was looking a Sasuke's face.

"I… I thought you had left me again." Sakura said as more tears escaped from her eyes. "I really thought you'd left. Seeing you here makes me so… so happy" She looked away from Sasuke as tears carried on rolling down her face.

"Sakura look at me." Sasuke said, she refused to do so and so Sasuke grabbed her chin and twisted her face around to look at his. Even though Sasuke now knew they were tears of joy running down her face he still hated it. Those tears were there because she had thought he had left her. "I promise Sakura, I'll never leave you again. I swear down on my families' graves. I couldn't leave you if I wanted to, I'm too in love with you. You and Sakurako are the most important people in my lives. For now and for always. I am never going to leave you alone like I did in the past. You're my everything Sakura." He kissed her lips as his thumbs wiped away the tears on her face.

"I'm sorry Sasuke, I was just worried. I just got scared when you weren't next to me. I should have known you'd just be doing some sort of good." Sakura said as she kissed him again. He smiled a soothing smile.

"Don't worry Sakura, I know it's going to take you a while to get used to the fact that I'm here for good, when I've disappointed you so much in the past. I'll just have to make sure I stay in bed till you wake up in the future. I don't want to see you in pain again." He said to her. She smiled back at him and then that smile turned into a grin.

"So, what's for breakfast?" She asked as she twirled out of his embrace and went to sit down next to Sakurako, the past events seemingly forgotten. She gave Sakurako a hug and a kiss on the head while Sakurako just grinned back at her, her worriees now gone, now she knew what had been wrong with her mother.

Sasuke smiled and walked over to the counter where he got some pieces of toast out of the toaster and put them on a plate before bringing it over to the table, along with another. He put the two plates of food infront of his two girls grinning, seemingly very proud of himself.

"Thank you daddy." Sakurako said as she tucked into her food.

Sakura looked at the well-prepared full English breakfast and thanked Sasuke as well before beginning to eat. Sasuke joined them too and comfortable silence filled the room. They all finished their breakfast and both Sakura and Sakurako went upstairs to get ready as Sasuke who was already ready washed the dishes they had used.

It was around mid-day when Sasuke, Sakura and Sakurako left the Uchiha Manor. They headed towards the Hokage tower, Sasuke and Sakura holding hands as Sakurako was carried by Sasuke using his spare arm. As they walked down the street they got gasps and stares by the villagers. Each whispered his or her own remarks and comments to a friend. The small family didn't care though, they didn't care what anyone though, they were happy and that was all that counted. They entered the Hokage tower receiving the same reactions as before by most of the ninja's in there, however some only looked with disgraced looks. Probably angry with Sakura for craving in having experienced her pain first hand. Sakura knocked on the door to the office and once hearing a grumpy reply of "come in" opened the door and entered the room with the other 2.

Tsunade looked up towards the door and saw Sakura enter with Sasuke by her side holding her non-biological grandchild, her eyes then travelled down towards their entwined fingers and her mouth fell open. She knew that deep down Sakura still loved Sasuke but she hadn't thought she'd give in this quickly, sure she knew Sakura would have eventually, after all she could tell how much Sasuke loved her that first day he came back, and she also knew he'd do what he could to get her back as soon as his restraining order had been dismissed. She wouldn't have been shocked if it was after that, but here they were together. She had made sure he hadn't gone to see her when he came back and was certain that he hadn't. Now she just couldn't work out how it was that they were together.

"Baa-Channn" Sakurako shouted out, she got out of Sasuke's hold and ran over to Tsunade, jumping on her knee and giving her a hug in the process. "You wouldn't believe it Baa-Chan, mummy an daddy are back together and it's all thanks to me."

Three pairs of eyes all stared at the little girl sitting on the Hokage's knee, one pair of eyes being the Hokage's herself. Tsunade raised her eyebrow at Sakurako who smiled back at her with her cheeky grin prepared to tell her story as soon as she was asked to.

"Tsunade-sama, that's why were here really. You see, I've kind of forgiven Sasuke-kun, as much as you didn't want me to, and I didn't want me to. I was hoping that you could dismiss the restraining order against him. You see it's kind of hard to be together when he can't go near me, especially since were going to be living under the same roof, in the same room." Sakura said to her teacher.

"How did this happen?" Tsunade asked very calmly.

Before either Sasuke or Sakura could begin to tell her Sakurako had plunged into the story. She starting with the day Sasuke had returned, telling Tsunade how she had felt a connection with Sasuke and how when her mother acted the way she did with him, not letting her speak to Sasuke or know his name she knew something was up and instantly knew he was her father. She told Tsunade of her first time going to Sasuke's house, and the conversation they had. Then she told her of her genius plan, and the way it worked, her other meetings with Sasuke, and the way they got caught. She also told her about the way Sakura and her had searched the entire village for Sasuke, and how finally they ended up together. She told the complete story from beginning to end, making sure she missed out none of the important details.

"So you see, daddy never left to hurt mummy but to protect her, and mummy now realises that's true and so she's decided to give him another chance, and now were one big happy family. Isn't it great Baa-Chan?" Sakurako asked with the biggest smile possible on her face.

"Ah. Well-done Sasuke. You actually won her back without breaking any of our agreement. I'm proud, you really will be a great asset to this village once your back to doing missions and such. I can also tell your going to make a great father to my grandchild and an even better partner to Sakura. I'll grant you your wish Sakura. I'll now allow it that you two are so close to each other." Tsunade said.

"Thank you Hokage-sama." Sasuke said as he bowed in respect.

"Don't mention it. However Sasuke keep this in mind. I regard Sakura as a daughter and obviously Sakurako as my grandchild. Therefore if you hurt either of them or leave again, I will personally hunt you down and make sure you never rebuild your clan to more than Sakurako." Tsunade threatened. Sasuke nodded feeling slightly feared for his manhood.

"Wait just 1 minute. I'm confused." Sakura stated. "I thought you'd be angry with me, and then ban me from seeing Sasuke or something like that. Which to be quite honest, I'd not listen to."

"I knew you'd get together eventually Sakura. I could tell he loved you and as much as I hate it, what an Uchiha wants, an Uchiha gets. It's a sad fact of life. Plus you were obviously sill in love with him Sakura dear." Tsunade said.

Sakura just nodded at Tsunade's words, while Sasuke and Sakurako just smirked at the statement, agreeing to it.

Later on that day Sakura had to go to work and so Sasuke and Sakurako were left alone. Sasuke having talked to Sakurako (which he had now decided he should never do) was stuck spending all his money (well not all of it, nowhere near all of it, he is after all rich since he inherited all his relatives money, homes, and property) shopping with his daughter. The shopping trip had originally been planned to get a ring, but had somehow turned into a, buy Sakurako everything she sees trip. Sasuke was already stuck carrying at least 10 bags, and worse still was that he hadn't even looked in 1 jewellery shop.

"Hey daddy in here." Sakurako said as she dragged him into yet another shop where yet again they would receive confused or angry stares. Sasuke felt the cool AC as he entered the shop and looked up to find that, amazingly they weren't in a toys r clothes shop but rather a jewellery store. "So what kind of ring do you want to get mummy? I think you should get her a white-gold ring, normal gold is just stupid, and with lots of pretty jewels."

"Well you seem to know what she'd like, why don't you just choose it." Sasuke said sarcastically.

"Don't get moody daddy. Anyway it would be more special if you chose it." Sakurako told him as she dragged him over to a glass case full of rings. "Just look, he perfect ring will probably just jump out at you."

Sasuke looked at the rings, examining each one carefully. He was examining a ring when suddenly a sales assistant came over grinning like mad. He was a small man, with white hair that looked to be in his 70's at least. He gave a small greeting and shook Sasuke's hand, also giving Sakurako a small smile.

"So I see your admiring the engagement rings, who the lucky girl, or should I really be asking that?" the sales assistant said as he looked at Sakurako. "I was wondering when Sakura would find herself a fiancée, no offence Uchiha-san but I never thought it'd be you. I thought Sakura hated you after you left her knocked up… Oh kami-sama I'm sorry, I'm being rude. I didn't mean for that to sound so mean. I've probably angered you now, and you'll leave, I am sorry, I'm not trying to say that your not good enough for Sakura-san, just that you kind of hurt her, well actually you hurt her a lot, honestly the whole village wanted to kill you when they found out what you had done. I really am surprised she's with you though, you used her after all. Well atleast that's what everyone thinks, of course that might not have been the case, but still everyone thinks so. Oh balls, I'm being rude again. I really am sorry."

"It's fine" Sasuke said to shut him up, for an old man he really could talk. Sakurako looked up at the man angrily though. She didn't like how everyone seemed to think her mum and dad wouldn't end up together, or the way everyone saw her dad as the bad guy. This wasn't the first time today someone had mentioned her mum and dad getting back together. Of course the whole village knew by now, a small village like this, word gets around quickly.

"Anyway I didn't come over here to insult you, I saw that you were kind of struggling and I thought I'd put your mind to rest. You see I have the perfect ring for you Sasuke-san. I've always had it for you. Ok well not always, but for a very long time. Just wait here for a moment while I go get It for you to see." The sales assistant said before walking off.

Both Sasuke and Sakurako stood there utterly confused, both with the same thought on their mind 'weird'. It wasn't everyday you walked into a shop and had some guy insult you before telling you he had had the perfect thing for you for years. It was certainly strange. They both looked towards where the sales assistant had gone waiting for his return. None spoke a word, maybe too confused to do so. A few minutes later and the sales assistant came back carrying a small ring box. He brought it over to Sasuke and passed it to him.

Sasuke looked at Sakurako before he slowly opened the box and peered at the ring inside. His mouth dropped open and all words were lost. Sakurako seeing her father's expression looked inside the box, but all she saw was a really, really pretty ring, nothing to cause a reaction like that. Finally after a few minutes of just staring at the ring infront of him Sasuke spoke up.

"Why do you have this, it's my mothers, and don't even try to make up some story about that being pure coincidence because my mothers ring was specially made. A 1 of a kind ring." Sasuke said.

"Your right it is 1 of a kind, and it was your mothers. She got it made here you know. I remember when your father came all those years ago and asked me to make it. He had the ring completely planned out. He wanted the white-gold, which was quiet unusual back then believe it or not, and he asked for both red rubies and white diamonds to be put in. Something to do with the colours of the symbol for your clan, the fan is red and white right? What am I saying of course it is? Why did I even ask that? You'd think I'd know straight away, I saw it often enough. Oh wait I'm blabbering on with myself again and not getting to the point. Going Back to the point, as you probably know your whole family had wills wrote out, being ninja's it's generally a good idea, you never know when you could die on a mission. Anyway your mothers, and your fathers, both stated that when they died they wanted their wedding rings, and in your mothers case engagement ring as well, to come here until the day one of their sons, obviously you or your brother, get married. Since you know, your brother kind of, erm… well you know the story, I think that kind of ruled him out, so I've been waiting for the day you decided to get married. Of course when you were younger I thought I'd never have the heart to give you the rings. After all the whole village knew that all you would have wanted in a woman back then was a baby making machine, and I think it would have been very disrespectful to give rings made with such love to someone that wanted it just to state hat he could now reproduce. You've obviously grown-up over the years though. Maybe that Orochimaru wasn't as bad as everyone said he surely fixed you. Anyway so the reason I have your mothers engagement ring, and also the wedding rings which I can give you when you actually get married, is because they wanted me to hold them for you. This way it would be a surprise when you got them. Of course as the will stated, if you didn't want them, well your mothers happy for you to get your own special ring for the 'lucky woman' as she wrote it, the way I see it it's more the inverse way round, you're the lucky man to get her. Anyway ye, if you want your own ring that's fine, but your mother would be happy if you had this 1 instead. Of course as it belongs to you, you don't have to pay, but you will have to pay if it needs resizing. Sorry but I need to earn some sort of money. I could have earned loads of the ring if I sold them, but no I'm just too good to your mother and father. Going along with their wishes. They would be happy with me. You know I did nearly sell it once. When you left, I thought of selling it, then the rumours that you came back, which we all found out to be true, made me keep it a bit longer and just as I was about to sell it along came Sakurako, and I instantly knew she was yours, she looks quite alike, so I decided I'd save them for her when she came of age, but of course, now you've returned and your getting engaged and so I find myself giving them to you. Just as your mother and father intended. Though to be fair if the whole massacre thing hadn't happened, as your brother is older he probably would have gotten them not you, but that did happen so meh. I guess you're just lucky… Oh Kami-sama that sounded horrible, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for it to sound like that, I loved your mother and father, we were good friends, of course it's not lucky that the massacre happened, I was trying to say that it's lucky that you got the rings, but not in a way which implies that it's lucky that your parents died, just lucky that you got the rings. Really I swear that's what I meant, I'm so sorry, reall…"

"Please be quiet. I understand really. I'll take the ring, and the wedding rings when it comes to that time." Sasuke said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, he grabbed a load of money from it and handed it over to Hiroshi. "For keeping them safe all this time. Thanks." Sasuke said and began to walk out of the shop with the ring safely secure in his pocket and with Sakurako holding his hand.

"Thank you so much Uchiha-sama, you're too kind." Hiroshi shouted out to them.

Father and daughter just carried on walking away trying to get away from the old man as soon as possible. Now he had the ring Sasuke had other things to worry about, like how to propose. He knew it wouldn't be easy but he had to do it.

Sasuke sat nervously awaiting Sakura's return from work. He hoped so much that she remembered that she lived here now and didn't go to her old house before remembering to come here. He had spent all day almost having a heart attack over this. That was something an Uchiha never did,, in fact so was the nerves. Actually to be fair he hadn't been very Uchiha like for ages. It was them girls, they changed him, made him someone new., and yet still he loved them more than life itself. It was at least half an hour before Sakura got home and as soon as she did Sasuke gave her a kiss then lead her over to the dining hall were he sat her down at a candle lit table. He went into the kitchen momentarily but returned moments later carrying food which he passed to Sakura, she smiled at him, even though she was feeling utterly confused. He sat down across from her also.

"What's all this about?" Sakura asked.

"Well I thought you forgiving me deserved a romantic dinner. If you don't want to then I suppose I could well, actually I don't know what I'd do." He said.

"Oh no, It's great. Just very unsuspected. I love it. Thank you Sasuke-kun" Sakura said. Sasuke smiled a heart melting smile at her and she couldn't help but blush, she was just about to eat when she realised her daughter wasn't at the table (AN: She's not a bad mother, she just a tad bit out of it at the moment :S) "Where's Sakurako?"

"Tsunade's looking after her, to give us alone time. She's staying over. Oh and don't worry I packed her everything she'll need. Pyjamas, spare clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap, a towel, her favourite teddy, a few toys, a book. Everything she might possibly need. Oh and a mobile just in case of emergencies."

"Wow, you do know most of that she has at Tsunade's already right? And a mobile, I think that's going a bit over board, don't you?" Sakura asked.

"Well she told me she ad it all at Tsunade and I told her she can never have too much and if she wanted to just keep it there afterwards because she bought a load of new things today. Plus I want to make sure she's 100% safe, therefore the mobile is necessary." Sasuke stated.

"Aww your worried. That's so cute." Sakura said to him.

"Hn." Sasuke said pouting, before eating his dinner. Sakura just laughed at him.

After dinner they had dessert which was strawberries and melted chocolate. He knew Sakura loved them things. They talked about so much, mainly about what Sasuke had been up to over the years, or about Sakurako. Finally once they finished their dessert, Sasuke lead Sakura outside where they sat watching the stars. It took Sasuke a while to get the courage but finally he decided it was time.

"Sakura?" Sasuke called.

"Hm." Sakura replied.

"Well… I-I wanted to. I just wanted to say how gorgeous you look tonight." Sasuke said chickening out suddenly.

"Erm thanks, but I'm in my nurses outfit, and kind of look a state Sasuke-kun." Sakura said as se brushed her fingers through her now knotty hair.

"Your always gorgeous to me though. You always have been" Sasuke said with sudden confidence. "You know when I first saw you although you looked a bit strange cause of your pink hair, I thought you were the prettiest person on earth. You've only become more beautiful over the years. It's no wonder why Lee had a crush on you. I really was jealous when it came to Lee, I very nearly blurted out my feelings to you once to get you away from him. I was terrible when I came to him. I really did love you. I wish now that I had told you back ten, it would have meant we could have been together longer, and I wouldn't have hurt you so much over the years."

"Sasu…" Sakura started but was cut off when Sasuke's finger was placed on her lips.

"Sakura, I love you, I always have and always will. I want so much to spend the rest of my life with you and I want you to know just how much. I also want you to know that it's real, that I really ill never leave again." Sasuke said, he reached into his pocket and produced a the box containing the ring, Sakura gasped and Sasuke got down onto one knee as Sakura stayed seating on the bench they had both been resting on. "Sakura Haruno, My sweet cherry blossom, will you do the honour of marrying me, and spending the rest of your life with me?" Sasuke asked as he opened the box revealing the stunning white-gold ring with a huge diamond in the middle and two smaller red rubies either side of the diamond.

"Of course I will Sasuke-kun" Sakura said. Sasuke grinned and put the ring on her ring finger before standing up and kissing Sakura passionately. "I love you Sasuke-kun"

"I love you too, Sakura-Chan" Sasuke said.

They shared another passionate kiss and somehow ended up in the bedroom moments later where I'm sure all of you can guess what happened.

Years later.

Sasuke ad Sakura were now happily married, since the proposal they had had another 2 children, a boy: Takashi, and another girl: Akemi. They were also expecting a forth child. Sakurako couldn't have been happier when her brother was born and letter on when her sister was. She loved no longer being an only child. She also loved telling the story of how she got their parents together. It was obvious that in later life she'd use it against her younger siblings, saying that they'd not be here if it wasn't for her.

Of course Sasuke had now been accepted back into the ninja world. He instantly became an ANBU captain o what was known as the best ANBU group in the village. It consisted of the entire rookie 9 and Gai's team, of course after a few fights everyone agreed to Sasuke being the captain, though they still argued over it every now and then.

Sakurako had now been put on a team, of course she was with elder kids but she didn't mind. She was already a Chunnin much to Sasuke and Sakura's delight, they were so proud of her. Both Takashi and Akemi had already gained their Sharingan and so Sakura and Sasuke knew they'd do just as well as their older sister. They were so proud of their family. As was grandma Tsunade and all of their aunties and uncles. Though not as proud as they were of their own children, but that's to be expected. A parent would never be prouder of another person's child more than their own.

Suppose you could say they had a happily ever after. Though nothings perfect. They had rows every now and then but still they were happy and that's the way they stayed for years to come, and Sasuke kept his promise, he never left again.

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