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Chapter Thirty-Five –Everything You Are Is Everything In Me

November 4, 2011

The sun had just begun to rise. The cool morning air was slowly hitting her exposed skin and she adjusted the small blanket around her body. She wrapped it tightly around her before turning her attention back towards the beautiful sunrise.

It was quiet out. She was sure that most of Tree Hill was still sound asleep. But not her. No, she had been too nervous. Last night after Nathan had fallen asleep she stayed up watching him for most of the night. Watching him calmed her. She had been nervous all week. It wasn't for her either, it was for Nathan. Today was the Ravens first official game of the season. The tournament that they had played in last week didn't count. This was a good thing since they lost all their games. After that all the pressure that Nathan was feeling from residents of Tree Hill, she could feel it too. He didn't really talk about it all that much but she knew that he was nervous.

She watched as the beautiful sun gave off a warm yellow glow as it continued on its way up. From the balcony of their room she could see most of the town. It was really a beautiful sight. Some mornings she would find Nathan just standing out here watching the sunrise. And every time she would walk right next to him and wrap her arms around him. Most times they didn't even talk as they held each other. But that didn't add up to the times that Nathan couldn't control himself that early in the morning. She had realized that they had made love on the balcony almost as much as their bed.

She loved mornings like that. So much that she found herself waking before him and her being the one waiting on the balcony for him. She closed her eyes and she could feel his arms wrap around her waist tight as if he was actually standing right behind her.

Being married to Nathan had been everything that she had dreamed of and more.

If it was even possible she felt like they had fallen more in love with each passing day.

Even in their times apart as he worked with his team and she recorded with Peyton, they still found that they hated being away from each other. It had been like this when they were younger. They hated being apart. Even now with him asleep just a few feet away she missed him like crazy.

She took one final look at the perfect glowing sky before walking back into their room.

She couldn't help but smile as she noticed her husband sound asleep on his side of the bed. Her husband. She still couldn't believe that they were married. It was not even months ago that she was living in New York with Brooke. She didn't know how she had gone so long without Nathan. She knew one thing for sure. She would never do it again.

She moved slowly as she crawled on their huge bed.

She took a seat right next to his sleeping figure. Her smile widened as she slowly bent her head down. Her mouth made it right next to his ear. Closing her eyes she breathed him in before whispering in his ear.

"Hey, you wake up."

She watched as his eyes slowly opened and he quickly smiled brightly at her. It was enough to have her heart hammering in her chest.

"Oh, hey," Nathan said in a raspy voice.


"I didn't hear you wake up," Nathan mumbled.

"That's because I didn't go to sleep," Haley said softly as her hand traveled up his bare chest. His body was so perfect. His bulging muscles always amazed her.

"What? Why?" Nathan asked confused.

"Watching you sleep is so much better," Haley giggled softly. "You're adorable when you're dreaming. Your eyes flutter a little." Her hand stopped right over his heart and she placed her hand there.

"Is that so?" Nathan chuckled.

"Uh-huh," Haley nodded. "It's time to get up." With that she went to move off the bed when his arm caught hers quickly. He made her turn to him forcefully as he pulled her down to him.

"Oh, I'm up," Nathan smirked.

"Oh, yeah," Haley giggled before her lips softly landed on his. And just like every time they touched, she lost herself in him. Her eyes snapped shut. She took his bottom lip between both of hers and bit it softly. His tongue brushed over her bottom lip before slipping into her mouth. It felt like she was melting into him.

He heard her moan as his hand cupped her cheek and pushed her more into him.

He loved being married to Haley. He loved that she was his wife. Ever since they had gotten back together, he had been the happiest man on the planet. He woke up every morning with a huge smile. Life couldn't get better than this, he thought.

Their kisses grew more heated and he found himself slipping under her spell.

But just as soon as it started it was over. She pulled away from his lips. He watched as she smiled sweetly at him before moving to make her way off of the bed. He knew her hesitation was about Jamie. He would be up any minute now.

Right after she had moved in with them things had been this way. She was constantly worried about Jamie hearing them. He laughed when she told him that. But still that didn't stop her whenever they were together. Unlike, when they were in high school now they were quiet. Their love making was always hushed and consisted of whispers. It was only the times when Jamie was out of the house where they let their passionate love making take over everything and they held nothing back.

His eyes stayed on her as her small sleep shirt moved up. It was then he noticed the small inked numbers imprinted in her skin. 23.

Those numbers he had worn his whole life.

He felt himself harden at the sight of it. It had been so long since he had seen it on her. In fact, the last time was on their wedding night. He felt such pride surge through his whole body.

It still amazed him that someone as amazing as her saw something in him. He couldn't believe she was his forever.

His hands instantly landed on her waist as he moved the rest of his body towards hers.

His eyes stayed glued to those magic numbers as he held her against him.

"Not so fast, Mrs. Scott," he whispered huskily as his mouth made it to her ear. His whole body was pressed into hers as his want for her increased to new heights. He heard a soft moan escape her lips and he wanted to take her right then and there.


Her words died on her lips as his mouth moved softly over the exposed flesh of her neck. He planted soft kisses all over her neck as his hands held her waist firmly against him.

He moved his right hand down her back and made it to those numbers that drove him crazy with just one look. He let his fingers softly trace the number as he brought his mouth back to her ear. He let his hot breath hit her and he felt her body quivering against his.

"That tattoo is such a fucking turn on, Hales," Nathan whispered huskily.

"Yeah," Haley mumbled as she fisted the bed sheets.

"I want you right now," Nathan mumbled before attacking her neck again. He let his hands slowly move to her stomach. He slipped his hands under her shirt as he found her perfect breasts hanging freely. He kneaded them softly.

"Oh god!" Haley moaned softly.

He flipped her over quickly as his body towered over hers. Her giggling filled the air as he smiled down at her. "What is it with you and laughing when I'm trying to make love to you?" His hands searched for hers. Once he found them he intertwined their hands and moved them above her head.

"What can I say, babe? You just bringing it out in me," Haley giggled softly.

"At least let me give you something to laugh about," Nathan chuckled as his hands instantly went to her sides. He tickled her as she tried to wiggle out of his grasp. But he didn't let her go for a second. He couldn't help but laugh as he watched her.


"Shh, you're going to wake up Jamie," Nathan teased. It was then that they heard little footsteps.

"Too late," Haley giggled as her head instantly turned towards the door. And there Jamie was. His hair was messy and his hands were rubbing his eyes.

"What's so funny, momma?" Jamie mumbled.

"Oh, you know…your daddy."

"Come here, Jim Jam," Nathan stated as he let go of her sides. They both watched as Jamie walked slowly towards their bed. He jumped up and sat next to the both of them. Nathan smirked at Haley before he grabbed Jamie's sides and started tickling him.

"Oh, daddy! That tickles," Jamie squealed as he moved to get away from his father.

It was minutes later when he finally stopped and he laid himself next to Haley with Jamie sitting on his chest. Jamie smiled before falling back.

"Good morning, baby," Haley smiled as she sat up and moved her hands through Jamie's hair. "You ready for today?"

"Yep," Jamie smiled excitedly before sitting up as well. "Go Ravens! Can I wear my jersey, momma?"

"You sure can! Let's go get you dressed," Haley stated as she lifted him in her arms and placed him on the ground. He nodded his head before taking off running out of the room. She turned back towards her husband as he smiled brightly at her.

"There's always later," Nathan mumbled as he sat up as well.

"Yeah, later," Haley laughed softly before leaning in and kissing him softly. "I'm going to hold you to that."

"You better," Nathan chuckled as he kissed her again.

"I'll see you downstairs," Haley smiled before kissing him softly on the lips. She pulled away seconds later and moved off of the bed. That wasn't before Nathan slapped her lightly on her ass. She turned and smiled at him as she made her way to Jamie's room.

Nathan took his time in the shower. Today was such a huge day. The whole town was counting on him in a way. He'd be lying if he said he hadn't been stressed. He was under so much pressure. It kind of felt like he was playing the game. It was very much the same pressure that he used to feel at Duke. It felt like the whole world was resting on his shoulders.

And at the same time it felt like it really didn't matter.

Because when it came down to it, it was just a game. It wasn't his main priority. His world didn't revolve around it. His world certainly wouldn't end if it was taken from him.

He had everything he needed with Haley and Jamie. They were his world.

It wasn't long before he finally changed and made his way downstairs. He could hear the laughter of his wife and son. It had been two months since they had been married. Two of the best months of his life.

Lucas and Lindsey had moved into their new house about three weeks ago. So this living just the three of them was still new. But he loved it.

Once he walked into the kitchen the scent of his wife's perfume hit him hard and he found himself smiling as he walked towards the two of them. "Mhh, something smells good."

"I made some French toast," Haley said looking over at him and smiling.

"It's totally good, daddy," Jamie smiled before taking another bite.

"Totally good," Haley agreed.

"That's not what I meant," Nathan mumbled leaning into Haley.

"Oh, yeah," Haley giggled before he captured her lips with his. He kissed her tenderly before pulling away. He took a seat right next to her as she placed his plate right in front of him.

"What do you have planned today?" Nathan asked.

"Mostly just playing," Jamie answered.

They both started laughing as Haley glanced over at Nathan. "Nothing much really. After I drop Jamie off at school, I'm going to head into the studio to meet up with Peyton."

"And tonight?" Nathan asked.

"Oh, uh…nothing really," Haley teased.

"What about the game, momma?" Jamie asked.

"Right," Haley smiled. "The game."

"Right, the game," Nathan mocked. "I totally forgot about it."

"I'm sure you did," Haley giggled. "But seriously, everyone is meeting up at the café to celebrate."

"And if we lose?" Nathan mumbled.

"More reason to party," Haley stated with a smile. He smiled before he went back to eating breakfast. Haley always had a way to make him relax. He knew no matter if they won tonight or not she would be there with him. That's all that mattered.

"Raven's win! Raven's win!" Jamie shouted in his father's arms as they walked into the café. Everyone was already there waiting for them. Nathan placed Jamie on the ground.

"Good job, son," Dan stated from across the room.

Nathan squeezed Haley's hand as they made their way into the café. "We only won by one point."

"What does it matter?" Haley questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, dude, we won! A win is win," Jake smirked.

"It's the start of a beautiful season, boys," Lucas said as he approached them.

"Either that are we move out of town," Jake shrugged. "No big deal."

"Yeah, no big deal, nerd," Haley said laughing as she punched him lightly on the arm.

"Owe! I'm just saying," Jake mumbled as he rubbed his hurt arm.

"What? That your sister beats your ass?" Peyton asked with a smirk.

"That I do," Haley declared. "Where's the Brookie Monster?" Looking around the crowded café with all their family and friends she didn't see Brooke insight. That was weird because Brooke had been excited after the game. Skills had helped the guys coaching.

"In that back," Lindsey pointing towards the restrooms.

Nathan glanced around for Skills. "Yeah, and I'm assuming Skills is back there also?" Nathan chuckled.

"Yep," Peyton nodded.

"I'm sure…"

"Don't," Haley said shaking her head. "We get it." Leave it to Brooke and Skills to get it on in a public place. Especially when everyone was around.

"What is everyone talking about?" Karen asked as she walked up to them.

"Nothing," both Lucas and Nathan rushed out.

"Somehow I doubt that," Karen said knowingly.

"Really it's nothing, Karen," Haley assured her. Lords knows they didn't want to have this conversation with her.

"Okay, the food is ready," Karen stated. With that everyone stood up and made their way to the counter. Nathan and Haley stayed behind.

"Is that your –"

"Dad and Deb making out…yeah," Haley mumbled weakly as she glanced out of the windows of the café. And there they stood kissing. Haley's stomach turned upside down as she saw them before quickly glancing away. "I think I'm going to be sick." She buried her head in Nathan's chest as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight against him.

"Just look on the bright side, Hales…"

"There's a bright side?" Haley asked glancing up as she made a face.

"Yeah…my team won," Nathan smirked.

"You're lucky I'm your wife," Haley said shaking her head before laughing softly. Only Nathan could get her mind off something like that so quickly. Her focus was completely on him now.

"Very lucky," Nathan agreed before softly pressing his lips against her forehead.

"No, I'm the lucky one," Haley insisted.

"You're wrong," Nathan said softly. "I don't deserve you." He had felt that way his whole life. Even when they were just friends. In his eyes she would always be too good for him. He didn't know how he got as lucky as to have someone like her love him so intensely. He realized that their love was unconditional love. No matter what happened to them over time they would still have love. Nothing would ever change that.

"Well, too bad," Haley stated while smiling at him. "Because I'm yours forever, hubby!"

With that she flashed her hand right in front of his face to show him her wedding ring. It was amazing how looking at something so small meant so much. Just the sight of it made her heart hammer and her whole body warm up. She wondered if she would always feel this way when she looked at it. She prayed that she would. It was one of the best feelings in the world.

"Always and forever," Nathan agreed with a smirk.

"You bet your ass always and forever, buddy," Brooke cut in as she walked over to them and punched Nathan in the arm. "Because if you do something stupid I'll kick your ass!"

"She suffers from rage outbursts," Skills shrugged.

"Watch it," Brooke pointed at him. "You might be next!"

"I can see that," Nathan chuckled. "But don't worry, Penelope. I'm never letting her go again." She nodded her head at him in understanding.

"B. Davis come see this," Peyton shouted towards them. Then just like that they were alone again. Nathan's hands stayed firmly around Haley's waist as he held her to him.

"Brooke's just being –"

"Brooke," Nathan smirked as he cut her off. "She's pretty amazing."

"Yep," Haley smiled. "Amazing."

"I wanted to thank you," Nathan said softly as his eyes landed on her.

"What for?" Haley mumbled.

"For everything," Nathan smiled. "These past few weeks have been pretty hard for me…with the team and the town pressuring me. And I know I've been pretty busy with coaching and I haven't really…"


"I'm just trying to say that you made everything better for me," Nathan mumbled. "When you and Jamie are around everything else just seems less important. And it takes off all the pressure of it all. You're a great wife and mother…and I just wanted to say thank you."

"You're welcome," Haley said softly as her heart pounded in her chest. His words touched her deeply. Like every time he talked this way to her, it touched her soul.

"I love you so much," Nathan said softly before leaning in a kissing her softly on the lips.

"I love you, too," Haley breathed as they pulled away and she hugged him. She closed her eyes tight as she held him. It wasn't long until she felt his hot breath on her ear and it made her whole body tremble.

"And I haven't forgotten about our deal either. It's taking everything in me not to pull a Skills and Brooke and take you in the bathroom, and show you just how much I want you," Nathan whispered. She felt her cheeks turn hot at his words. She held onto him tighter.

A part of her wished he would. But the other part that could hear all their family and friends a few feet away was totally against it. She had a little self control left. Granted it was slipping away with each passing day. It was getting harder to be around him and not be able to do what she wanted with him.

But she could wait until they made it home.

"We are so leaving early," Haley whispered as she heard him chuckle.

"Deal," Nathan smirked as she pulled out of their hug. He got lost in her beautiful brown eyes. It was seconds later when he felt Jamie run in-between them. Looking down he smiled. Ever since they had gotten married Jamie had been with Haley just about every second of the day when he wasn't at school. When they were both going separate places and he got to choose who he wanted to go with he always picked her.

"What's up, baby?" Haley asked sweetly as she looked down at him.

"Jenny wants me to hold one of her dolls and I don't want to," Jamie said shaking his head as he held up his arm for her to pick him up.

"Dolls…yuck," Nathan chuckled as he watched Jamie turn to him once he was in Haley's arms.

"I tried to tell her that I'm a boy but she wouldn't listen," Jamie said making a face.

Haley glanced over and noticed Peyton playing with one of Jenny's dolls. She held in her laugher. It was always something when Jamie and Jenny played together. Usually they got along pretty well. But there were those times when they just couldn't find a common ground.

"Good for you, J Luke," Jake chuckled from a few feet away. "It's too bad that I can't get out of it that easily."

"You play with dolls?" Jamie asked making a face.

"He sure did when we were younger," Haley smiled as Nathan started laughing.

"And now too," Nathan added. "I saw you the other day playing with Madelia."

"Ha-ha," Jake said sarcastically. "Wait until you have a daughter. You'll understand." He turned towards his wife and daughter then.

Nathan glanced back at his wife and son. "Come here, boy."

Haley held Jamie out to him as he took him in his arms. "Now, I know you're a boy and you don't like playing with girl things…but…"

Haley noticed Nathan searching for the right words. "What your daddy is trying to say is that Jenny plays with your boy toys all the time. And maybe she doesn't like it but she plays with them. Maybe, it would be a good idea to just go over there and play with her toys a little and then later you can play with your toys."

"Your mother's right, James," Nathan said looking at Jamie. "Don't tell your Uncle Jake this but daddy used to play with dolls…a little with your momma." He noticed Haley smiling out of the corner of his eye.

"You did?" Jamie asked as his eyes got big.

"It's true," Nathan said truthfully. "And even though I didn't like it, she was my friend, so I did it just to make her happy. Don't you want Jenny to be happy?"

"Uh-huh," Jamie nodded.

"Then how about you go over there and show her just how great James Lucas Scott is at being friends," Nathan told him.

"Ok, daddy," Jamie smiled. Nathan placed him on the ground. Jamie looked up at Haley for a few seconds smiling. "Did daddy really play dolls with you?" Haley smiled as bent down to his height.

"He sure did," Haley giggled. "And I played with his toys, too."

"Ok," Jamie smiled. "I love you, momma!"

"I love you, too baby," Haley smiled. "And how about you invite Jenny over for the night? I think it's a good night to camp out in the back yard!"

"Really?" Jamie smiled.

"You got it," Haley nodded.

"It'll be fun, little man. Now, go over there and make up with Jenny bug," Nathan instructed him. Jamie nodded his head before running across the café to Peyton and Jenny. Nathan noticed Haley looking only at him and smiling. "Huh?"

"You know what? You still make my heart race." Haley stated as Nathan chuckled softly. "You do, I'm serious, feel this." She placed his hand softly over her heart. "My heart is full of pride, and love, and joy right now, because of you."

He didn't waste a second as leaned into her and kissed her deeply. It was seconds later that they heard someone clearing their throat. They broke away quickly to find their four best friends looking at them.

"Dude, that's my sister!" Jake stated with a glare.

"And she's like my sister!" Lucas added.

Nathan shrugged as he pulled her into him. "And now she's my wife…so deal with it!"

"Oh, he got you," Peyton chuckled as she glanced over at her husband who had his mouth open.

"Very well played, Scott," Brooke smirked. "I see I've taught you well." Nathan chuckled as Brooke gave him her approval.

"Yeah, well she's still my sister," Jake said softly.

"And just because you guys are married doesn't mean you can suck face in front of everyone," Lucas stated.

"Actually," Haley smirked. "I think it does."

"Me too," Nathan agreed.

"I agree with the two of them," Peyton said smiling.

"Yeah, if you two losers don't like it then look away," Brooke added with a chuckle.

"Didn't I see you and Lindsey making out all during the game?" Nathan questioned as he glanced at his brother.

"Yeah, but –"

"Did someone say my name?" Lindsey questioned as she walked up to Lucas.

"Yeah, Linds," Nathan smirked. "I was just telling your boyfriend to leave me and my wife alone. He seems to think that we shouldn't be kissing in public."

"Lucas Eugene Scott! Their married…leave them alone," Lindsey fussed him.

"Thank you, Lindsey," Haley smiled.

"I totally forgot about Eugene," Jake chuckled.

"Thanks, baby," Lucas muttered.

"Ah, leave Eugene alone," Haley cut in as everyone started laughing.

"Guys, the food is getting cold," Karen called out from across the room.

"I guess we should get going," Lucas said as he pulled Lindsey along with him across the room. Everyone else followed them but Nathan and Haley. Haley laughed as she thought about her brother and Lucas.

"Some things will never change," Haley stated in laughter.

"That is so true," Nathan agreed. "I guess we should get over their. Our family is waiting." Haley nodded her head as she took his hand in hers. Looking across the room she could see all the people that meant something to her. It was so amazing to be this close to her family.

Jake, Peyton, and Jenny had been happy as always. Red Bedroom Records had been doing well. She had even been recording and even producing a few bands for Peyton.

Brooke and Skills were still just having fun. Clothes over Bro's was doing better than ever. Brooke's mother had come to Tree Hill a couple of weeks ago but Brooke sent her away. She hadn't been back since.

Lucas and Lindsey had moved into their new house three weeks ago. And even better Lucas had told them a couple of nights ago that he was going to be asking her to marry him soon. Lindsey had been great with editing Nathan's novel. And Lucas had been having fun helping the guys coaching the Raven's also.

Her father and Deb seemed really happy together. And just like she had hoped things had been great between Nathan and her father. A few nights ago Jamie had asked him if he was supposed to call him grandpa and her father looked over at him and said you better. Everyone had a good laugh at that. Jamie had been calling him grandpa ever since.

Karen and Dan had been good as always. Karen had told them two weeks ago that she was pregnant again. After the shock wore off, everyone was happy. Nathan had told his mother that he wanted a little sister. Lucas on the other hand wanted a little brother for some competition. It seemed that Nathan wasn't enough for him. Everyone laughed at that.

"Come on, momma…daddy," Jamie called out from next to Jenny. They both laughed as they started walking towards them.

"I love you, wife," Nathan stated with a smile as he squeezed her hand.

"I love you, too husband," Haley smiled. She felt his hand pulling on hers to stop. She stopped walking and turned towards him so that she was facing him.

"I just realized that I'm not going to have you all to myself tonight," Nathan stated as he thought about their night of camping. He was sure that Jenny and Jamie were going to be a handful until they fell asleep. "But they have to go to sleep sometime!" Nathan smirked.

"That they do," Haley laughed as she looked down at their joined hands.

"But it's a big backyard," Nathan smirked. "I'm sure we can find somewhere to be alone."

"Like I said," Haley giggled. "I'm holding you to that, hubby!"

She glanced up at him and just like that her heart started pounding. She felt like everything in her life was finally right. Everyone she loved was in the room, they were all happy, and so was she. She got everything she wished for and more. Nathan and Jamie were her world. After everything that she had gone through she was finally home.

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