Edward Cullen

Chapter 27 - First Bloodshed

"Emma Jane, will you please tell your sister to stop. You're the only one that she'll ever listen to," I begged.

Megan had not stopped apologizing ever since the day that Evalyn had fallen down the stairs. Even after Carlisle had give Evalyn the clean bill of health, completely certain that there would only be a few bumps and bruises, Megan had still been afraid to touch her.

"Ily be quiet," Emma Jane ordered.

"What?! Isn't it natural to feel bad?" she questioned.

"Not for this long. And I should know," Jasper informed her.


"Why oh why oh why? Today of all days," Megan complained. She rubbed her head as if she had a migraine, but Bella and I knew it was just stress.

"Seriously, one would think that after 99 bottles of beer, you would be pretty wasted, if not dead," Emma Jane commented, rolling her eyes at the insanity behind us.

"I don't know, 99 bottles of beer divided by the, what, thirty people on the bus, that's around three bottles of beer a person, and that's not too bad, as long as you're not driving. Then everyone's dead whether they got any of the beer or not."

We were on a field trip to the local history museum for National History Day. Every student in the school was going to go at some point during the week. Due to my charming abilities, I was able to make sure that all of us were together that way nothing would happen to Emma Jane and Megan.

National History Day never really made sense to me. National History Day became this big scholastic competition that lasted months, and for some students, their entire school year. That's not much of one history day, but more like a history year. Which made no sense because it was annual. An annual year. How idiotic.

"You still have to let me cook tonight," Megan insisted.

"Why? We're not going to care what it tastes like," Rose reminded her. "It'll be gross to us either way."

"Yeah, but that'll get something off of your hands."

"We could, without a doubt, do it faster than you," Alice pointed out.

"Yeah, but I'm making baked potatoes. You still have to worry about bake time. Vamps can't speed ovens up," she snapped.

"I would just let her do what she wants," Emma Jane suggested. "It'll get her to stop apologizing at the very least."

Megan tried to give Emma Jane a death glare, but it wasn't as menacing as it was meant to be. Emma Jane had better glares than that. Emma Jane copied the glare and sent Megan into fits of laughter. She was the only one who ever laughed at Emma Jane's death glare. We never knew why. I couldn't even pick it out of her head. I was guessing it was something instinctual. Growing up together she learned that the glare wasn't frightening or something.

But it was true. Once we agreed to let Megan cook, she was instantly more cheerful and we didn't hear another apology from her for the rest of the day. She even played with Evalyn without being scared of hurting her, and Evalyn seemed more than forgiving, which I guess helped in the cheering up process.

Dinner time rolled around and Megan began to cook. While the potatoes were in the oven, she began chopping up the lettuce for a salad. It never failed to amaze me how much humans needed to eat.

With how clumsy the twins were, even without Alice, we should have been able to forecast Megan using some sharp object to cause bodily harm. It would have been so much easier to tell her to make something that didn't require knives. We shouldn't have let Megan cook.

Alice should have seen it coming.

We all should have been able to see it coming.

It was a good thing that I was fast.

"Shit!" she exclaimed. She swung around and held her finger up. Just then a single drop of blood seeped through a tiny cut. She slid to the sink to run water over it. "Klutz reflexes. Years of 'hurry, before you bleed on the carpet.' Nothing got into the salad. I mean, you guys have to agree with me that was epic success!"

It was only then that Megan finally looked up and saw why it wasn't an epic success. It was the worst of epic failures. And finally she realized that.

"Oh mother of vampires," she mumbled, the irony almost amusing.

"Yes, dear?" came a voice from behind her. Megan turned around and saw Esme, with the scariest expression that I had ever seen on her face before.

It was deja vu. A klutz who knew we existed, but didn't want to move away from, in our house, and a tiny little cut. And other vampires were probably after her, just like last time. Only this time, I was prepared.

Scanning the room for other traps as I went, I ran to Megan and threw her over my shoulder, grabbing a kitchen towel as I went. I handed it to Megan. Before she could even completely wrap it around her finger, I was in Carlisle's office.

"Keep Megan up here. I'm going to get the girls calm enough to fight the guys off, if that's even possible. And I know anyone of us could break it down, but whatever you do, don't open the door!" I ordered. Even though Carlisle was centuries older than I, he respected my advice and knew that it was probably one of the best plans that any one of us could have come up with. He had taught me well, and having to maneuver around a year and a half with a human Bella, I was the most experienced.

Bella was no help. Even though she was completely cured of all human-blood desires, she was still completely freaked out. So I focused on finding Rose and Alice, and together we were able to push Emmett and Jasper out of the house quite easily.

Away from the smell of Megan's blood, they were a lot easier to restrain, so Alice stayed with Jasper, Rose with Emmett, while I went back inside to find Bella.

Emma Jane was upstairs, outside Carlisle's office, begging to be let in, but he had been following my directions, no exceptions.

"It's okay, Carlisle, the guys are outside now," I said in no more than a casual volume.

Bella found me without much of a problem and ran to me. I wrapped my arms around her, as tight as I could.

"Is it always this scary?" she wondered. She was so shook up that her mental shield was down, easily letting me see what she was scared about. Flashes of the blood on Megan's finger ran through her mind. She had ran to the other side of the house the instant that she realized what was happening. She didn't want to even risk anything happening.

"Only when it's someone you really care about," I assured her, kissing her on the forehead, and each cheek, beforetouching her lips to mine. "Other than that, it's just frustrating."