Being Back…

Being Back….

Summary: Dean's soul is reunited with his body. Will living be just another kind of Hell?

Disclaimer: Not mine. Kripke et al. owns Supernatural.

A/N: Something Kripke said about season 4 stuck in my brain and wouldn't let go until I wrote this fic. If you haven't read the spoilers, then I don't think you'd notice the difference.

My first published fic. I welcome criticism, but hope for kindness. All mistakes are mine.


Awareness slams into him full force.

His eyes pop open and the light hurts them. Sounds make no sense. Confusion reigns. He can't breathe and something is choking him. Panic sets in. High-pitched sounds invade his ears, hurting them. There are what sounds like voices, but he can't make out what they're saying, and he's not sure he cares. A cool sensation in his arms, his vision dims, and he knows no more.


He opens his eyes again, and all he knows is that it's later.

The light still hurts but not as much as before. His throat hurts, but breathing is easier. Sounds start making some semblance of sense. He hears a steady beep…beep…beep… and he decides he's in a hospital. A thought unbidden comes to mind: I hate hospitals. His nose feels uncomfortable and he reaches up to feel a tube, but his energy is spent and his arm flops back down to the bed before he can figure out its purpose.

More thoughts and memories come back, and he realizes he's alone. Panic starts to creep back in, and an alarm goes off. A woman in what is supposed to be cheerful scrubs looks into his eyes and says:

"Mr. Anderson, please calm down. You're going to be okay. I've called your brother. He said he will be here as soon as possible."

My brother, he thinks, and full-blown panic sets in as memories of another time flood into his overtaxed brain.

(flashback) Your brother thinks he is going to find a way to get you out of Hell. But he is wrong. You are ours forever, and soon he will be too. (end)

More alarms go off. Breathing is becoming more and more difficult.

(flashback) Your deal was for nothing. Sam is dead. Always were worthless and a disappointment to your family. What would your father think of you now? Or your mother? Sam is in Hell forever just like you. His suffering is even worse than yours. And you will never, ever see each other again. (end)

Panic. Can't breathe. A coolness. His last conscious thought is:


And, he knows no more.


He dreams.

Images of Sam throughout the years. It's pleasant at first – almost peaceful.

Then pain invades his dreams and they become nightmares. A hook digs into his shoulder, into his side, and there's pain on top of pain. He's screaming for help.

Screaming for Sam.


A/N 2: Since Kripke seems to like to bring things back around, I thought it appropriate to have this end in a way similar to the end of season three. What do you think? Should I continue?