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A/N This is my first chapter of my first story, I have been bouncing arround alot trying to find a story line I liked and wanted to write. This is an A/U sixth year Fic.

Harry Potter was not your normal fifteen year old boy, for starters he hated summer holidays more then anything else in the world, and then there was the fact that this summer he had done nothing but study. For hours everyday he read books that he shouldn't have about things he shouldn't know. He had been home a week His godfather had sent him a package of books with a simple note attached.

Now that the fiasco at the Ministry is over and done with I thought you should read up on dueling, I have been released, good old Lucious Malfoy spilled his guts, and I am once again a free man. I know what you tried to do to Bellatrix when you thought I had died, but alas I am alive and you need to learn how to duel properly, I will have no son of mine, not fighting to the best of your abilities. That's right I adopted you, I want you to kill that bitch the next time you see her, she is a disgrace to the family so read up and I will see you soon.

Love Sirius

It was the best day of his life when Harry had found out that his godfather was not dead. It turns out that the veil he had fallen through required an incantation to kill, it was a safety function, so Sirius was alive and it was only a matter of time before he would be leaving Privet Drive for what he could only hope was forever. Harry went down for breakfast that morning not knowing what this day would bring him. Harry as always had to fix his own breakfast, but only from what was left after the others ate. He was sitting at the table when he heard a loud eerie voice from outside, "HARRY POTTER I HAVE FOUND YOU COME OUT MEET YOUR DEATH!" Petunia fainted Vernon fell over, and Dudley looked amused. Harry wiped his face with a napkin and calmly stood up, pulled his wand from his back pocket and walked outside. As soon as he walked out side, a bolt of green flew at him, Harry ducted out of the way, Voldemort and five Death Eaters were with him.

"Morning Tom, I am glad to see you brought your life partner with you, morning Wormtail, so nice to see you again," Harry said. One of the books Sirius had sent was a comprehensive guide to Dark Curses and how to use them, it was by Phineas Nigellus Black, Sirius' several great grandfather. Harry pointed his wand at Wormtail, and with a sneer on his face uttered Avada Kedevra, putting all his anger and intent on killing the bastard behind it. The rat traitor was so surprised to see that spell come from a wand at him that he didn't react. The rat fell over dead. Bellatrix had been very wrong when she had said hate was the only trigger for the Unforgivables, in fact Anger worked just as well, you just had to focus on the intent more, and you had to will the curse to continue working for the Imperious and Cruciatus curses. Lord Voldemort laughed, never had anyone used an unforgivable on a follower in his presence before. "Bellatrix, I learned something since the last time, we met up," Harry said. Crucio it hit so fast and so hard she didn't have time to react, she was on her back screaming from the pain. Lord Voldemort wasn't laughing anymore. Harry uttered Avadan Kedevran and a wide bolt of green magic flew from his wand killing the last four Lord Voldemort brought with him. "See Tom, your lap dog at Hogwarts is wrong I can learn some things," Harry taunted, resistas apparation locatus maxima persona maxima Harry rattled off, and a huge golden apparation ward came into existence. "See Tom I haven't learned how to apparate yet, so how could it be fair for me to allow you that advantage."

Now there was nothing funny about this, Lestrange, Pettigrew, Narcissa Malfoy, Nott, and Yaxley dead, but not before a little torture, and a massive apparation ward blocking a quick escape. Lord Voldemort responded with his favorite spell, Avada Kedevra, Harry conjured a brick wall and stopped the spell, "Tut, tut Tom I would expect better from you, Harry responded with a barrage of spells, a dozen in all, two Crucio, a Scottish Killing curse, and nine other nasty lethal curses. A Crucio made it through. Lord Voldemort for the first time ever felt the pain of that curse, Harry held it on him for two minutes, before he let off. Voldemort rolled away and fired another Avada Kedevra, at Harry. Harry kept firing spells at Voldemort, but he began crawling to the border of the ward, in a last ditch attempt to pull out a victory he possessed Harry, Harry however was ready for it this time. Sirius had sent him a book on defending the mind, and mind magics. Harry had learned about Occlumency and had begun practicing, he also learned the proper way to defend against possession. Instead of fighting to remain outside the mind Harry entered his own mind, found Voldemort and willed a sword into existence.

What Harry didn't know but Lord Voldemort did know was that the curse that had failed to kill him as a baby had put a piece of Voldemort's soul in Harry. Harry helped keep him alive. Harry wielded his sword that looked a lot like the Sword of Gryffindor Harry attacked Voldemort, Voldemort pulled his own sword and fought back, they dueled sword against sword for ten minutes before Harry cut into his neck, there was a loud scream and Voldemort was expelled from Harry's body, but the duels has taken there toll on Harry, and Voldemort had been strengthened enough to run away. However, as he was leaving the apparation wards, ten men in red cloaks, and Albus Dumbledore arrived on the scene. Harry was portkeyed away by one man, while Dumbledore and a man Harry recognized as Allistor Moody cleaned up the scene, The last thing That Harry saw before he left was Dumbledore going into the house, and a red and gold griffin replacing the dark mark.

Harry found himself in a warm bed, and fell asleep almost immediately, it seemed like seconds but in reality Harry slept for fourteen hours, and when he finally woke up he was met be Albus Dumbledore and Allistor Moody, "Potter Scottish Aurors Service, aye or nay?" asked Moody

"Aye," responded Harry, the first book in the package from Sirius was a pamphlet about the SAS he knew he had just been recruited, he really didn't think he had a choice, after all he had used unforgivables, he needed protection from the British Ministry. Moody for his part pulled a mirror out of his pocket, "Jenkins, plant the signatures!" Moody growled.

"Don't worry lad, the ministry will believe that Voldemort used those curses, we left some questionable curses from your wand but few, you'll have no problem, Now who do ya want for a partner, we have a few options for ya lad. I've been planning on recruiting ya for years so the choices you have are, Tonks, Granger, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, or Neville Longbottom." said Moody

"Better be Granger, Hermione has saved my life a few times, and she keeps me focused," said Harry.

"Aye I will be back, our healers say you can leave when ever your ready, best wait for me to get back though." said Moody.

"Thank you sir," said Harry.

"Good lad," replied Moody. Dumbledore waved his wand over Harry, mumbling in Latin, "Allistor wait, we need to hear the full story," said Albus.

"Yes, go on Harry tell us," said Moody.

"I was eating breakfast, I had to make the Dursleys breakfast first, and I got the scraps, they really do treat me like a house elf, but anyway I heard Voldemort call me out, so I stood and walked out side. They cast the killing curse at me, so I began talking with him, and then I made some rude comments, and returned a killing curse at Pettigrew. Then I shifted my attention at Lestrange, I Crucio'd her and then used Avadan Kedevran to kill the last four, finally it was just Voldemort and I, I put up an apparation ward, I held him under the Cruciatus Curse for two minutes, I let it up, but kept firing spells at him, finally he was crawling away, but he tried to possess me, I went into my mind, and attacked him with a sword, I won that battle, and then he limped off, he had gained some power though."

"Harry you had a piece of Voldemort's Soul in you, it was there as a baby, I just checked you, you killed it, fighting the possession. Now that, that is settled, I will leave you." said Albus

"Professor Moody, sir, I need some clothes, I only ever got hand me downs is there some place for me to get clothes here? By the way where am I?"

"Go to the P X, it's right across from this, you are in the base infirmary at the Scottish Auror Service, Northern Regional Headquarters, Isle of Drear, don't worry, the quintapeds have a sanctuary across the isle, and the St. George Detention Facility is in the middle of that sanctuary. The P X has Clothes, Books, Weapons, pretty much anything you would need, and they take Gringotts Drafts. When your done there, go to my office, it's in the Command Center, and I will be there after I talked to Granger about being your partner," said Moody.

"Harry I have your Gringotts Portfolio, I should have given it to you years ago, but I didn't want to risk the muggles getting their hands on it." said Albus.

Harry looked at his Portfolio he had ten million Galleons in his trust account, he decided to go do a little shopping. He went to the post exchange and found that the clothes were defiantly military in nature, Camo, Black, and Gray, were the main colors. He bought a dozen or so sets of pants and twenty tee shirts some sweat shirts, and sweat pants, he found Hogwarts logos in the back, so he added a bunch of Gryffindor stuff to his cart, He went through the books and bought quite a few, bought a new trunk, although he had discovered that his had been returned, he bought parchment, ink, and quills, he got a pair of Nike trainers that actually fit, dragon hide boots, a dragon hide vest, a dagger, finally when he had everything he put it in his new trunk and shrunk it down.

He went across the base to Professor Moody's office, he walked into to the command center. It reminded him of the Ministry of Magic that he had been to when he was on trial for underage magic. Memos zoomed around, people moved around, but he found that people walked on the sides of the corridors and left the middles open, he saw ten men in Red cloaks run down the middle of the corridor, going some where.


While Harry was shopping Dumbledore and Moody had a conversation, "The boy is perfect, now that he took care of his little problem, he knows two unforgivables, plenty of curses, and hexes, he has dueled for his life, all I need to teach him is transportation, some warding, healing, stealth, tracking, concealment, transfiguration, the SAS spells, and we'll round out his offensive and defensive training, oh and Potions, he is in that NEWT right? I can have him ready for the field in a month, it's June 22, by July 22, he'll have his badge and cloak, and be ready to go, I figure a day on SAS, two days on stealth, tracking, and concealing, a day on transportation, two days on warding, four days on healing fourteen days on transfiguration, four days for Offensive and Defensive and two days on Potions, He is already fit, 6-3 good size for an auror."

"He will be in NEWT Potions as long as he got an E in the subject, and if you think he can handle the training so be it." said Dumbledore

"I'm glad he chose Granger, The Weasleys have too much to learn, and Longbottom isn't powerful enough, and Tonks is too old. I really must be off now to talk to Granger.


Few wizards in the world can apparate silently, Allistor Moody is one of them, he walked up to the well appointed muggle house, and knocked on the door, A brunette girl about 5-11 came down the stairs and looked out the window in the front door, she pulled a wand, opened the door, and said, "Who are you?"

"Allistor Moody, Northern Regional Commander, Scottish Auror Service, I was your professor, but Barty Crouch Jr. impersonated me for a whole year, now I have a question for you, Scottish Auror Service, Aye or Nay?"

She didn't know why she did it, in fact she would never know why she did it, but she said, "Aye,"

"Good, pack be ready to leave in fifteen minutes, do you need to speak to your Parents?" asked Moody.

"Ah yes sir, that would be good," replied Hermione, she had not expected to go so soon.

She went into a study and began talking with her Mother, "Mom, remember me telling you about the Scottish Auror Service, they are a sort of special forces for the Wizarding world?"

"Yes dear, what about them?"

"I just got an offer to join them, I leave in fifteen minutes," replied Hermione

"What?!" Mrs. Granger went out into the foyer.

"She is still injured! How can you take her away?" asked Mrs. Granger.

"It's her choice ma'am, she accepted, she has fifteen minutes to pack, she will be gone at least a month, she will be in a remote location in Scotland, her partner is already there, and will begin training with her tomorrow," replied Moody.

"Who is this partner?" asked Mrs. Granger.

"Can't say, someone she knows," replied Moody.

Hermione came downstairs with her trunk, "Bye mum, see you in a while."

Moody made a portkey, "30 days ma'am."

Moody and Hermione disappeared, they made it to the base in less then thirty seconds. "Professor Moody, where are we?"

"We recruit Granger are at the Scottish Auror Service, Northern Regional Headquarters, on the Isle of Drear," responded Moody.

"Isle of Drear, what about the quintapeds?" asked Hermione

"There is a sanctuary on the other side of the isle, the St. George Detention Facility is in the middle of that sanctuary," said Moody.

"We will go to my office, your partner should be there, I will give you uniforms, and the books you need, Training pays 1000 Galleons, uniforms, a dragon hide vest, dragon hide boots, spare wand, sword and staff. We pay one hundred Galleons a month, and fifty Galleons a day when you're here or on a mission, and you get bonuses when you complete missions. Your first mission will be under cover at Hogwarts, I will pay you 12,500 Galleons for the year, your Partner doesn't know this yet, because frankly he needed us to get out of a spot of trouble, whatever we give him is just gravy."

"Who is my partner?" asked Hermione

"Oh you'll find out, he requested you though," replied Moody.

At that point things began shooting through her mind, who would request her, Victor? He could get himself in trouble. Harry? What kind of trouble could Harry get into that would require entrance to the SAS? Ron? No way not enough of a man to get in that kind of trouble. Ginny? No way she wouldn't request Hermione. She was puzzled. She walked into the Office, No one was there. "Wait here, I'll go get him," said Moody.

Moody walked out, he noticed that Harry had changed out of the old ratty baggy clothes, he was now in camo cargo pants, with black dragon hide boots, and a navy blue SAS tee shirt. "Your partner is here, Potter, come with me," growled Moody.

Harry walked into the office. "Potter as I just told Granger, you will get 1000 Galleons for training, a spare wand, dragon hide vest, dragon hide boots, a sword, a staff if you can use it, you get 100 galleons a month and fifty galleons a day when on a mission or when you are on base, now I can't tell you everyone who works in the SAS, you are allowed to know that I work here, that your trainers work here, Remus Lupin has come back from his extended leave of absence he is now chief of intelligence, Sirius Black is now a member, but his mission will be similar to yours, he is going to accept a position at Hogwarts in order to provide security. You are going to work for security purposes at Hogwarts, you will report Mr. Black. You will paid 12500 Galleons for your mission, so Miss. Granger, I will arrange for 13500 Galleons to be placed in a vault at Gringotts, Mr. Potter I will place it in your vault, the post exchange takes drafts, but I will provide you both with five combat uniforms, two dress uniforms, and five everyday uniforms, as you are undercover you will not wear anything SAS related while at Hogwarts, and except for Mr. Black, and Mr. Lupin, no one may know. Oh Professor Dumbledore may know as well, he is a member on leave of our group. There are several oaths and charms and a ritual that we must all go through. So let us begin," He produced several pieces of parchment and a blood quill.

"I know that you have been forced to use this kind of thing before, but these oaths must be signed in blood to be binding," said Moody.

I Harry James Black, swear on my life and magic to keep all secrets that may be revealed to me in service to the Ministry of Magic of Scotland, while a member of the Scottish Auror Service. Further I swear to keep secret the identities of all members of the Scottish Auror Service that I may meet on missions, or while on base I promise to follow all lawful orders and directives. I also promise to never use knowledge gained from training with the service to do harm to the Scottish Ministry of Magic, or the Scottish Auror Service.

Signed: Harry James Black


"Why does it say Harry James Black?" asked Harry.

"Don't know but the charm is never wrong, so maybe it is because Sirius adopted you," said Moody. Hermione had a similar piece of parchment to sign. Once both were signed Moody handed them another piece of parchment.

I Harry James Black, authorize the Scottish Auror Service to deposit funds in my Gringotts Vault 367 for services rendered to the Scottish Auror Service.

Signed: Harry James Black


"When will I find out what vault I have?" asked Hermione.

"Sign it, and then I will floo Gringotts," Hermione did and Moody went over stuck his head through, he handed the pieces of parchment through, and then talked with the Goblins for a few minutes, and came back through and handed Hermione a key, vault 1979, and that is just coincidence, your current balance is 13500, I set up an automatic deposit of 100 galleons a month for both of you, by the way if Hogwarts remains safe until Christmas you will get a 5000 Galleon bonus, if it remains safe until the end of the year you will get an additional 10000 galleons," Hermione's eyes opened wide, that was a lot of money. She was regretting her decision less and less. She was going to spend the next month alone with Harry, she was going to learn magic they would never be allowed to teach her at Hogwarts, and she was going to have fun, plus she was going to get in shape. It was her dream vacation.

"Very well, it is 11:00 now, I am going to take you to the ritual room." Moody pulled a wall torch on the right side of his well appointed office, They walked down a narrow rough hewn stone stairway, they drop down what seemed like ten stories, and entered a large room, with chairs around the edge, and a large stone alter in the center. Moody began with there wands, and chanting in Latin he removed the tracking charms on the wands, next he moved on to each of them and began chanting in Latin making complicated wand movements, after five minutes Harry glowed blue, it took ten minutes before Hermione glowed pink. "Your traces are removed," Moody said, "Granger you had a block so I removed that."

"Did Harry have a block?" asked Hermione

"Miss Granger, there are those wizards you can block, and wizards you cannot, the lack of a block confirms my suspicions that Mr. Black is the latter. Blocks are dark magic, the British Ministry tries to block as many wizards as it can, until they reach the age of 17 so the trace will work perfectly, but if you come from a Dark Magic Family then the block does not work. That is truly odd, the Potters are a light magic line, well, a mystery for another day. Now the last test we must go through is an aura test." He waved his wand an light appeared around Harry, it was red, pale blue, and gold, with a touch of black, and a bit of green. "Excellent, the perfect aura, the red is for anger, the trigger for offensive magic, pale blue is for your trigger for warding, pale blue is love, gold is power, black is for the unforgivables, and the green is for Parseltongue, a great aura." Moody was happy. He waved his wand an colors appeared around Hermione, it was very like Harry's but it lacked the green, "My God a nearly perfect pair, well no need for any rituals, your power is excellent, your triggers are good, and both are able to use the unforgivables. Well now to the Sergeant at Arms for your wands, swords, and staves." They went across the base and entered a building that looked like Ollivanders wand shop. "We have Kellin Ollivander, his uncle Nigel sold you both your first wands, Kellin is like his uncle just a lot younger," said Moody.

"Ah Allistor taking them awful young these days huh? No matter I know of the reasons, Mr. Black try this wand," he handed him a holly wand Harry flicked it , it worked perfect for him. "It feels better then my old one sir," said Harry.

"Let me see your old one?" Harry pulled out the Holly and phoenix feather wand, flicked it and it did not work as well as it had once worked. "Curious, try this one," this one was walnut, it worked better then the last one, the best yet. "Yours are dual cored, the holly is basilisk heartstring, and dragon heartstring, the walnut is basilisk heartstring and phoenix feather, you have had the pleasure of meeting all of the creatures, these are strong wands." They moved on to Hermione her old wand worked just fine, perfectly really, She got basilisk heartstring, and phoenix feather They got dragon skin holsters, Kellin put Harry's old wand on a cushion in the front window, there were ten other wands there, "All of those wands have fought in a great duel, your duel against that boot licker of a dark lord counts, congratulations, you join an exclusive club only two other have ever fought him and lived, Moody and Dumbledore." They next selected swords, and received dragon hide scabbards for their swords, finally they got staves, Harry's was Holly, and had a carved Lions head with green emeralds for eyes, it could shrink itself down to a wand, cane or could be six feet long, Hermione's was made of walnut and had a carved griffins head, with citrines for eyes, it also could shrink to a wand or cane, it was only five and a half feet tall though.

"Well that's the first part of the package, Hermione we need to get you dragon hide boots, and a vest," Moody said. They went next door to the armory, Hermione got black boots, and a black vest. They picked up their uniforms and books, and then they went to the Barracks. "Go to your room, and in fifteen minutes report to the range for your test," Moody said. Hermione and Harry would be sharing a room, it was large and had Bunk beds, but unlike normal bunk beds they were queen sized. After a quick game of rock paper scissors Harry got the bottom bunk, He put his vest and uniforms away checked his wand, and made sure he was squared away, Hermione went and changed into the same kind of clothing that Harry was wearing. They both reported down to the range for their test.

"I want you to fire every hex and curse you know or have ever even heard of at the targets, they measure accuracy, and power," said the instructor, it was Kingsly Shacklebolt.

Harry stepped up to the line and began firing, an hour and three hundred curses later he finished with Crucio, Imperio, Avada Kedevra, and Avadan Kedevran. They were extremely powerful and dead on. "Impressive recruit, not a lot we can teach you in that department." Hermione on the other hand had only managed fifty curses and none of the unforgivables.

"Recruit it is time for your first lesson," Shacklebolt went on to describe how to use the unforgivables, Harry had some input as well, It took Hermione an hour to manage them. "Excellent recruit, now it is 1:00 you have transportation theory in forty five minutes in class room 1. Go eat lunch."

Harry and Hermione went to the mess hall and got lunch, after lunch they went as instructed to classroom one and took a class on transportation theory. "You will find that there three main methods of transportation available to your average auror, broom, portkey, and apparation, Black you are an expert on the use of a broom, I will teach you how to make a portkey, and how to apparate." said Moody.

"Portkeys are easy to make, and when done properly they take almost no power to make. All you must do is develop the sense of coordinates, it is inherent in all witches and wizards. This can be done by picturing a place or by knowing the coordinates. Then you say the spell, you must focus on what type of activation you require. It can be touch, wand, magical signature, timed, number of people, you may choose any or multiples of these triggers. Lastly you must decide if it is to be one way, two way, or reusable. I prefer to decide those two things then say the spell, but it is possible to decide while casting. Finally you will find in your books how to construct anti-portkey wards, wards to redirect portkeys, and how to circumvent wards. Memorize those spells and the additions to the basic portus spell, you never know when they may come in handy. Apparation is the same, except there is no incantation, but rather, you will yourself to your destination, the more intent and will you have the quieter you are. Lets go," Moody walked out of the room. Harry and Hermione followed him, and they went to a gym, "We will practice portkey, and apparation, your distance target will be the gates of Hogwarts." Harry made a portkey that took him across the room, then one to take him outside the room, and finally one to take him to the gates of Hogwarts, he looked around and apparate back to the base. When he got back Hermione was gone, Moody seemed happy. Harry apparated around getting used to the sensation and then apparated to Hogwarts and back. Hermione was back at base she was apparating around and she apparate to Hogwarts and came back.

"Well aren't we just moving along, that only took three hours, It's four forty five, SAS spells will be taught to you tonight, and offensive tomorrow," said Moody, "You are dismissed for dinner."

Harry and Hermione went to Dinner, this time they sat with Remus, who was at Dinner he was surprised to see them, but he knew that in this business it did not pay to ask questions. After dinner they went back to Classroom one.

"Very well there are few spells that unique to the SAS, we have a messaging spell, we also developed the patronus messaging spell, we have the griffin mark, to counter the dark mark, there are fifteen binding spells, fifty security charms and wards, twelve locking charms and wards, three imprisonment spells, and a dozen disabling spells. I will teach you these 95 spells tonight. It took three hours, Harry and Hermione were really tired when they were done, but they knew all the spells by heart. It was 9:00 when they made it back to the Barracks, Harry slipped into his pajamas and went to bed, the last thing he said was, "Good night Hermione."

Hermione responded, "Good night Harry."


Moody was giving a progress report to Dumbledore, "Well Granger is now an expert at the unforgivables, I need to teach her what the Cruciatus curse feels like, but that can wait, I want her to have a little more training, they can make portkeys in their sleep, apparate like they've been doing it for years, they know the SAS spells better then most. Black is expert with over three hundred curses, Granger is expert with fifty four, so we have to work on that with her, tomorrow morning I am going to go over rules and regulations, and then tomorrow afternoon we begin offensive work, I want to teach Granger at least one hundred more hexes and curses before she leaves."

"So you are pleased," said Dumbledore.

"Yes, strange though, all of Harry's paper work said he was a Black why is that?" asked Moody.

"I am not sure, I will have to ask Sirius," replied Dumbledore, "Is there anything else?"

"No, although we may be done much sooner then I expected, they are a hell of a team." said Moody


Horns sounded at five in the morning in the barracks, Harry and Hermione were up instantly. Harry got dressed, and ran out in the hall, Moody was waiting for him, "Lets go recruit a little run never hurt anyone." Hermione was about thirty seconds behind him, they began running they went on a five mile run, followed by an hour of calisthenics and then they went to breakfast. After breakfast Harry and Hermione found themselves in class room one again.

"This morning recruits we are going to learn about policy, and procedure, we unlike some organizations have very few rules, when you make an arrest there is paperwork that you must fill out. It is all in your books, read about it there. What you mainly need to be concerned about is dueling, the rules are simple force may be met with equal force, if they throw a lethal curse at you, you throw one back, if they throw a stunner at you, you throw one back, the first unforgivable cast, you switch to Avada Kedevra or Avadan Kedevran, the SAS offensive spells may be used at anytime in a duel. If you find yourselves in a dueling tournament, then you may not use a SAS spell, if you find your self in an honor duel you may not use a SAS spell. Is that clear recruits?"

"Yes Sir," they responded.

"Good next, the SAS prefers that mixed sex partners be married, I just wanted to get you thinking about that, you two have been friends for a while and it wouldn't be that strange if you were to get married. We find it causes fewer problems in the field, but alas you need not make a decision today, or really ever, but I felt you should know our position." Moody smiled at the uncomfortable looks he was getting.

"About your training here, we typically subject recruits to one minute of Cruciatus exposure, and ten minutes of Imperious exposure, if you manage to throw off the Imperious we test a second time, are you both willing to do that?"

"Yes sir, I have been subjected to the Imperious by Crouch Jr., and Voldemort and threw it off both times, and have suffered the Cruciatus from Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange So I think I can handle it again." Harry said.

"I will do it, but I have never been exposed to either curse, Crouch kicked me out of class," said Hermione

"Good, after lunch we begin working on offensive spells, I think we will need two days on those, so I think we will apply the curses after dinner three days from now when we are working on defensive spells, it will give me a chance to teach you the counters." replied Moody.

The next three hours were the longest three hours of Harry's life, they went over in detail every regulation and procedure in the manual. At lunch Harry and Hermione sat in the back of the mess hall. Soon Remus joined them, and then Sirius, "Told you they were here," mocked Remus.

"Okay Remus I owe you a bottle," said Sirius, "Of course I owe Harry one too for cleaning out my family tree."

"You mean our family tree, I am a Black now," said Harry.

"Naw, I am your guardian, I didn't adopt you," said Sirius.

"According to Moody the oath document never lies, and mine had me as Harry James Black, as did my vault, hence I am a Black." said Harry,

"No, it's not possible, you look a lot like James, it just isn't possible, but I will look into it and get back to you," said Sirius. .

"So how's training going?" asked Remus.

"Well, how's work for you?" asked Hermione

"Chasing Voldemort, and a Dark Wizard in South America, nothing big, you been under the Cruciatus yet?" asked Remus.

"Three days, after dinner, I'm terrified," Hermione said.

"I'm not concerned, Voldemort has put me under it, as did Bellatrix they can't be that bad." said Harry.

"Well Hermione don't worry, they won't kill you, and Harry, you have no room to talk, you cruciated Voldemort they will treat you worse to prove you are as good as you say you are," said Sirius

"Oh, well I'll survive I always do," said Harry

"You Crucio'd Voldemort?" asked Hermione.

"Yes, and I AK'd, Pettigrew, Narcissa, Bellatrix, Nott, and Yaxley. I tried to AK Voldemort as well." said Harry.

Hermione was impressed, but at the same time she began to realize just how important the Unforgivables really were, "Harry can I borrow the book you learned the Unforgivables from, sometime please?"

"Yes, I'll get it for you when we get back to our room," said Harry.

"They still do partners in the same room?" asked Remus.

"Yes," said Harry

"Do you still have to take showers with your partner?" asked Sirius.

"No, we haven't had to do that yet," blushed Hermione

"It will come soon enough, My partner was James so it wasn't that bad. Remus was alone, because he was going into intelligence, and Lilly and Peter were together, it was worst for Lilly, she was going to be a field healer, she had to help him recover for three days after the Cruciatus test. Of course they only held it for a minute but Peter couldn't take it, even Lilly recovered much quicker then Peter. You always help your partner recover." said Sirius.

"Well, I will of course help Hermione any way I need to, but I have experienced that particular curse a few times, it won't be that bad." said Harry.

"I hope your right, pup," replied Sirius.

Shortly after the conversation turned towards happier things, lunch was over and they made their way back to the class room. Harry and Hermione found out that the Weasleys were going to be move back into Grimmuald Place for the summer. After lunch they were back in classroom one. Moody gave each of them a set of books, thirty volumes each, but each volume had a different author, Harry recognized some of the names, Phineas Nigellus Black had volumes, one was a book just on the unforgivables and nearly unforgivables, he did not have any of those books, there were five by A. P. B. W. Dumbledore, there were five volumes by Moody, one by Shacklebolt, three by Professor McGonagall, three by Angus McGonagall, three by Remus Lupin, one by Professor Merriweather, one by Snape, one by Igor Grindenwald one by a Professor Slughorn, and one by Gilderoy Lockhart. "Okay this represents all the knowledge the SAS has on Offensive spells, there are over twenty thousand curses, three hundred binding spells, two thousand hexes, and a couple hundred miscellaneous spells, the Lockhart book is his only honest work on house hold pests and how to rid yourself of them. There is another set for defensive spells, another for miscellaneous magic, another for concealment, tracking, wards, stealth and security spells, another set for Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, and Potions, all told there about two hundred books that we will give he average recruit, Harry I might have another couple of sets for you, could you read the title of this book for me please," Asked Moody.

"Bassic Curssess for Beginnersss, by ssSalazar ssSlytherin," said Harry.

Moody and Hermione heard, "hiss, hiss, hiss, hiss, hiss, hiss."

"Could you translate please?" asked Hermione.

"Oh, what?, Oh this is Parseltongue, Basic Curses for Beginners by Salazar Slytherin," Harry said.

"So what is the basic idea of this set?" asked Moody.

"Offensive Magic, most are by Slytherin but there are a few by Phineas Nigellus Black, and one by Grindenwald," said Harry.

"Ok check these out," said Moody He waved his wand and four more sets appeared.

"The Blue one is about defensive spells, Green, is about Wards, yellow about snake charming, and the black one is about miscellaneous spells and rituals, mainly from the defensive point of view, and the first book in that set is about Parseltongue it's history, how it's passed down, everything," said Harry.

"Well as you are the first Parselmouth in one hundred years to come to us, you may have these sets, I also have three sets, one on offensive, one on defensive, and one on miscellaneous spells in ancient languages I will give to each of you, they are in Gobbligook, Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Ancient Middle Eastern, and Far Eastern. I will give them to both of you. Unlike other services we do not teach you everything you will ever need to know. We teach you what you need to know to go to battle and survive, then we take survivors and turn them into thrivers, I give you these books with anticipation that you will continue to learn, we give every member the same library if they can use it, and it is entirely up to you what you learn or do not learn. Now I am going to teach you in the next two days at least 100 new curses and hexes. In two days I will have you take the test again, if you are expert in at least one hundred curses and fifty hexes you will pass on to the next level. If you pass that test, then I will administer the Defensive tests, based on counter-curses, and shields. Depending on how you both perform then we will have from one to three days of defense training, your Cruciatus and Imperious test will be on the last day you defense training, in the end of your three days of defense training I will give you both a Transfiguration test. depending on how you do it could be up to fifteen days of training in that subject, then we will spend four days on Healing and warding. I will cover tracking, concealing, and stealth, finally we will wrap. up with Potions.

Harry and Hermione spent the next several hours learning curses and hexes, by dinner time, they had learned most of Moody's spells. "After dinner I am going to test you," said Moody.

Dinner was a quick affair, Moony and Padfoot were not around. After dinner they went down the range. The test took five hours, Harry and Hermione fired hundreds of curses at the dummies down range. At the end, nearly 11:00 P.M. Moody grabbed the sheets that had been produced, Harry's was over ten feet long, Hermione was ten feet long. "Recruit Grange, Expert at 321 including 4 unforgivables. Recruit Black expert 624 including 4 unforgivables, both have reached expert rank for Offensive Spells. Good luck tomorrow," said Moody.

They went to their beds very tired after a long intense day of training and hard work. "Good Night Hermione," Harry said.

"Love you Harry," said Hermione.

That sent Harry in to a tail spin, how did she mean that, did she love him, like a brother, was she in love with him, what had that meant. If Harry had not been so tired he would have stayed up all night thinking about that but he was far too tired he passed out not five minutes later.

He would figure it out in the morning.