I started writing this a couple months ago as part of a larger series. The drive behind that cooled off, but this particular part works well enough as a one-shot I figured I'd post it for you all

Title: All About Chemistry

Genre: Humor

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 200

Summary: Ratchet has no idea.

All About Chemistry

"You've checked out fine. Send in the next mech." The brown minibot slid off the examination berth clumsily and walked out the door. Only 12 more, Ratchet, he thought to himself as he reset his scanners. God, physicals detail is dull.

The door whooshed open, and Ratchet turned to address the incoming mech, "Engineer Apprentice #4, Designation: Wheel-"

Ratchet's vocalizer ground to a halt. He stared dumbly, horrified, at the mess on his exam table.

"That's me!" The charred, dented, and otherwise mangled (bot?) cheerfully greeted.

"You- What happened?" Ratchet sputtered.

"Oh this?" Wheeljack gestured vaguely with a functioning limb, "Well, I had a bit of an accident a couple of orns ago trying to-" And then poor EA#4 discovered the worst tempered Medical Intern in Iacon was giving his physical.

"Orns?! I don't care if you were trying to build another Allspark, what in the Pit were you thinking waiting until now for medical attention?!"

Ratchet took a moment to yell "Come back tomorrow!" to the remaining waiting mechs in the hall before beginning work on the self destructive engineer. After today you're done with physicals detail forever, Ratchet, and this crazy fragger will never be your problem again!

Notes: The series that died was originally inspired by the lines

So for awhile we conducted experiments

In an apartment by the River Road

And we found out that the two things we put together had a

Bad tendency to explode

From the song "Chemistry" by Semisonic. A very cute song that I found appropriate for any Wheeljack related romance