Naruhina Fan Fiction

Ch.1 The Mission


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Another beautiful day in Konaha. The rivers glistened as the sun beat down on them. The town shoppers scurried back and forth to stores as the last rush continued before the sunset.

Near the Lake a stone skips across all the way to the other end just to plop back in the water. A Young man about the age of 18 stands at the waters edge. His yellow hair spikes up and his blue eyes seem to match the clear blue of the sky. He took a deep sigh and thought softly to himself with a hint of sorrow in his eyes.

"What's wrong here!? I can't figure it out! Ever since I got back from training with Jiraya something doesn't feel right what could it--"

His thoughts were cut short as a puff of smoke appeared behind him and a man in a white tunic emerged

Naruto quickly turned around and pulled a kunai from his sleeve, just to bring it back after realizing who it was.

"Neji!Don't do that to me!If I didn't see you, you'd probably have a huge pool of blood under you!" He pulled his hand up to his head a grinned.

"Hn...i doubt that Baka, anyway Tsunade needs to talk to you immediately" With that Neji turned and walked away. Naruto could barely tell at a far distance, but he swore he saw TenTen jump on his back and both of them started to laugh...

He felt a ping in his heart,"What the?What was that..." He shook his head and smiled. He started to run off towards the Hokage Tower at a sprinting pace


"Where is that fool!" an enraged Tsunade yelled at no one. "Leave it to him to be late!" She leaned over her desk again and read the report again for the hundredth time she wondered if what she was doing was right...The door burst open as a boy ran trough them.

"Granny Tsunade!!Neji told me you were looking for me!" he looked at her and narrowed his star but still kept his soft looking eyes."Is it a mission?"he questioned her hopefully.

She just smiled and shook her head "I've never seen anyone this excited over a mission-Yes Naruto it is"

He smiled and looked around "Wh...? No one else is here..."

Tsunade smiled gave him a look that he was uncomfortable to be around"She will be here soon"

"Hmmmm..." Naruto grunted out "Just one other person?Who is it?" as if on cue, the door opened slowly and a girl about the age of 18 walked in. She had long purple hair and eyes to match. She was small and frail, but very beautiful.

"Ahhhh! Hello Hinata-Chan!" he smiled at her and pulled his hand to his head again.

"O-oh h-h-hello Naruto-Kun."She blushed a slight pink and walked next to him.

"Hinata, Naruto. Listen carefully and I will explain what you are doing here" They both nodded and narrowed there view towards her.

"We have recently been reported of some strange going ons in a small village near the border of the Fire Country." She took a drink of her sake and continued "Mysterious kidnappings have victimized three young women all of the age of 9. Hinata and Naruto winced at this piece of information.

"They have specifically paid us to send two ninja to help them at a high price "Both Naruto and Hinata looked at each other "You to will be sent in to find and engage the kidnappers. They are reported amateur, but you must surveillance them for one weak before attacking." She got up and handed them each a photo. One picture showed a bald man with a missing arm standing next to two huge men with katanas at there sides. Another had a picture of a small man with a hook for a hand.

"These two men have been targeted as the kidnappers. The village has no ninja of itself to solve this problem that is why they have hired us"Tsunade looked up at the ceiling

"You two are to go under cover as a couple on vacation..." Hinata and Naruto turned a deep shade of red (Hinata darker of course)

"Y-y-OOo-u w-w-want u-s to pretend to b-b-b-e a couple?!" Hinata managed to studder out. She was about to faint right then and there but refused to, she wouldn't show weakness in front of the Hokage, not in the clan she belonged to.

"Yes, that is correct" she winked at Naruto and gave him a sly smile. Now he turned the same color as Hinata.

"You set to go tomorrow, pack your ninja tools. But, bring normal clothes to wear. You have to fit in for your surveillance, here are your directions to the village."

Naruto shook his head "Alright then shall we get ready, dear" He gave Hinata a grin.

Hinata was on the brink of fainting but she was too shocked when Naruto lifted her by her waist, bridal style, and laughed.

"Naruto you will not! Put me down!" The Hyuga screamed He just smiled and started running towards the door.

"Haheh...well she fits him well..."Tsunade said to herself as she grinned and laughed out loud


It was the day of the mission and Hinata was getting ready she was thinking to herself while she dressed "I'm going to be alone with Naruto-Kun for a whole week...Please Kami don't let me faint in front of him again." she sighed to herself and blushed "Maybe..just maybe he'll actually start to like me for real..."

"Who will actually start to like you?" Hinata turned to look at her younger sister, Hanibi. The violet haired heiress gasped as she realized she said it out-loud.

"I-I-I u-umm" She dropped her head to the ground deeply embarrassed.

Hanibi smiled at her older sister "Don't worry Hinata your secrets safe with me but you have to promise me one thing..." Hinata looked questioningly at her sister but nodded

"You'll tell him"

Hinata's eyes turned to the size of saucers and she blushed madly. "T-t-tell h-h-him?"

Hanibi just looked at her " you promised" with that she walked away. Hinata knew better than to dishonor her sister, but she couldn't imagine doing what she was to do.

But she gathered all her courage and hopped out towards the main gate .

Not only had she taken all her courage but she left something she usually always had, she left a hint of her shyness behind.


Naruto was waiting by the main gate for Hinata. His sack had been packed full of ninja tools,scrolls,some cloths, and instant ramen. Tsunade had been nice enough to give them a room big enough to be a house.

He smiled a sly grin as Hinata turned the corner and slowly walked towards him. When she got there he laughed "Hinata whats wrong? You seem flushed and your blushing." Hinata just blushed even more.

He laughed again and he put his arm around her neck "Shall we start our trip, honey" He grinned and she blushed madly wondering how she could possibly tell him about her deep secret. Little did she know Naruto had a deeper and darker secret than hers...


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