Ch .11

valentines day

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authors note:been a while? ; ) I feel bad but this will be it for this story T.T

but the good news is I will be starting another naruhina fanfiction that I hope to be much longer! Anyway onto the story...

(this is before they were married remember)

Naruto woke up to see Hinata lying sound asleep right next to him. Today was a special day. Valentines day.

Naruto smiled to himself as he kissed his lavender angel on the forehead and snuck out the door. He closed it soundlessly behind him.

He rushed past many people trying to find the things he was looking for. He had made an extremely long list that any woman would find pleasing. First he had to get the dinner reservations...


"grrrrrrr that sure is an ungodly amount" the man just shrugged and smiled. Naruto just handed him the money and stormed off.

The day went on the same way. Naruto going to find something for his list and ended up paying money enough to feed a whole village for a year, but nothing was too good for his perfect angel.

Hinata woke up and couldn't find Naruto anywhere. To say the least she was worried. She went outside and started walking aimlessly around the village I hopes of finding her beloved eventually she saw him walking by himself with his hands behind his back.

She ran to him with a worried look on her face. Naruto was startled to see her, but he just comfortable quickly and kissed her. He started to blush as he took out a box from behind his back that was shaped like a heart.

It had a ribbon on the front that read:

"happy valentines day, Hinata!" Naruto handed it to her and she smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Then a sad look came across her face.

"Whats wrong? Do you not like it?" he questioned her trying to get an answer.

"No! Naruto I love it! Its just...I feel bad because I didn't get you anything." Hinata frowned, but Naruto just smiled and said.

"Your all I wold ever want for valentines day. Now come on there something else I would like to show you."

Before Hinata knew it she was being dragged through Konaha y her wrist.


Hinata gasped at the scene in front of her. Naruto had set up reservations for them in a fancy restaurant. It was lit y candle and the tale already had food set on it. Their was another ox waiting for her at the table.

She walked over and sat down with Naruto she saw the box and opened it. Inside a solid gold necklace waited for her. She examined it closely and the words "Naruto and Hinata" were expertly etched in.

Hinata was speechless so she did the only thing could do, kiss him. Naruto took that as "Oh my god Naruto I love it.

They ate their dinner and left for home. They were both were very tired and fell asleep in each others arms waiting for tomorrow...


And that it! And again I'm so sorry for stopping this so abruptly but ideas for another just kept flowing. I hope you can forgive me (runs and hides from angry mob)