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Tonks looked up from the paper she was reading. It had a few very promising advertisements for apartments in London and a couple in Hogsmeade. She folded the paper and looked back at Draco.


"We've been invited to dinner at the Weasleys'," he smiled.

"Which Weasleys?" she asked.

"Molly and Arthur, but everyone's going to be there."

"Alright, what time?"

"In two hours."

"I'll start getting ready then," she said, getting up from the table.


"Hello Draco, Tonks!" Molly Weasley opened the door, hugging each of them.

"Wotcher Molly," Tonks smiled, then stopped. An awkward silence took hold of the kitchen as Tonks spotted Remus for the first time in a week. Teddy's happy cooing wasn't making the situation any better…

"Well…er…I should go," Remus said.

"No, no!" Molly shook her head. "Stay. Here, I'll take Teddy and you two can go have a chat."

"No, I really have to go," Remus insisted. "Thanks for the tea Molly, Arthur."

He grabbed his cloak off the hook and sped out the door past Tonks. Everyone stood in uncomfortable silence for a moment before Fred said,

"Well, let's head into the living room, shall we? Lee's show should be starting by now."

Everyone began shuffling quietly out of the kitchen, but Molly held Tonks back. Tonks shifted Teddy in her arms, waiting for the inevitable.

"Look," Molly said concernedly, "how do you expect to get past this if you won't even talk to him?"

"It's complicated Molly," Tonks muttered.

"Everything in marriage is complicated," Molly said sternly. "You have to learn to work through these things! You can't just give up the first time things get rou—"

"He hit me. Twice."

Molly looked up at her with an almost confused expression.


"He hit me," Tonks said again.

"Was he drunk?"

"Not the second time."

They were quiet for a moment as Molly stirred a pot of sauce and sent a large pile of potatoes soaring into the sink to be washed. She began rinsing them before speaking again.

"I still think you should try and work it out."

Tonks looked up from Teddy, who was starting to whimper, in shock.


"He's been through a war Tonks—"

"So has Harry. I don't see him hitting Ginny. I mean, I know Remus saw some fuc—messed up stuff during the war, but you can't tell me that Harry, Ron, and all the others didn't either."

"He loves you."

"He doesn't," Tonks retorted, "He cares about Teddy, but even that seems like it's only because he has to."

"Well," Molly said softly, "Whatever happens, we're here for you. All of us."

"Thank you Molly."


"After reviewing you case, Mr. and Mrs. Lupin, this court has decided to grant Mrs. Lupin's, hereafter to be addressed as Ms. Tonks, request for a bond separation. There is, however, still the matter of the child the two of you share. Based on the information given to us, we feel that it is in the child's best interest if custody is granted to Ms. Tonks. Do you have any requests, Ms. Tonks?"

"Yes," Tonks said, "I'd like Mr. Lupin to have visitation once a week with his son, starting next month."

"So ordered," the judge said, adjusting his monocle. "Mr. Lupin will retain supervised visitation rights beginning December first. You are both dismissed after the bond is separated."

A lanky wizard stepped to the front of the judge and his secretary.

"You will need to hold hands for this charm," he said. Once Tonks and Remus, grudgingly, complied, he pointed his wand at their clasped hands and a green haze covered them both. They dropped their hands and pointedly stared at the judge.

"You are dismissed," he told them.

They walked out of the room and down the narrow hall, still avoiding each other's gaze. Remus stopped and Tonks looked back at him.

"Gracious of you," he said, "Once a week with my son."

"Until I can trust you again, that's all you're getting," Tonks said coldly. "After all, you did promise to stop hitting me; how can I be sure you won't hit him?"

"I only did that twice," Remus argued.

"I don't want you to do it even once to him," Tonks turned to walk away. Remus grabbed her arm.

"See this?" she asked, "If you did this to him he'd have bruises for a week. Babies take patience, which is something you don't have anymore. Let me go."

He did, and Tonks walked the rest of the way to the elevator. When she turned back, he was still standing there, watching her go. The elevator doors closed and Tonks slid down the wall, crying.


When your heart is free it's easy to make a decision
When your head is cleared you know you have good judgement
But when your life is turning topsy turvy and you have no reason for what's disturbing
Remember these words mama said to me
She said
Keep your head up don't say you love him
Walk away from all that has hurt you
Find your power you know your strong
Make that step and it will help you along
Why give up? This time you can win
Why give up? This battle is within
Why stay when you don't know what he's gonna do?
Why choose him when it's time to choose you?