Chapter 10


My mother once told me a story that our kind used to be separate. That we were never allowed to walk among men. As I stare out the huge bay windows that overlook the Puget Sound and see the waves crash against the rocks, I smile knowing that my kind can have both. My mother helped change all of that. She swam the length of the ocean to find her one true love. She walked among men for her one true love. Now, it was coming time for me to do the same. My own eighteenth birthday was quickly coming. The question that held everyone's interest was will I be choosing man or merman. Maybe even a vampire, like that of my mother.

"Marie," my mother's voice called out to me.

I turn slowly to look at her, so young still, even though she will be coming close to celebrating her fortieth birthday. My father had his arm wrapped around her waist holding her close. I smile at how I know their secrets; after all, they are mine as well.

"It's almost time, Marie," my father said smiling at me.

I look back out to the ocean that lay out before me. I have the whole ocean to explore, but first I had to go home. I had to learn the ways of the merpeople, just like I learned the ways of my other family.

As much as I wanted this, I was hesitant. This will be my first time that I have gone out on my own. My mother and father both say that I am ready. I have practiced my gifts; my swimming has come natural to me.

"I don't know if I can do it," I said quietly.

I felt a cool hand on my arm and a breath of a whisper in my ear. "You can do it. The ocean is your door to an unlimited number of possibilities."

I lowered my head already feeling defeat. "What if they do not like me?"

I could sense my mother smiling. "They will love you. You are the first of our kind."

I turned and gave her hug and then walked over to my father, his cold, hard embrace a welcoming comfort. "We love you, Marie."

I pulled away and looked into his deep topaz eyes. "Has Aunt Alice seen anything? Do I need to watch out for something unusual?"

"No, Alice has not seen anything. Your mom and I will be staying closer to the water. If something happens you know that she will be there in a heartbeat."

I looked back to my mother. "Okay, lets go."

My mother and father flanked me on both sides as we stepped out on the back porch. Slowly making our way down to the rocks. I know that the only way that I will be able to find my other half was to be in my mermaid form. My mother found hers in three days, but she had close to six years of tracking him. I have not even begun.

I stopped just shy of the water's edge and kicked off my sandals. I took a deep breath and then put one foot in. I could feel the cold water lap around my ankles; I gave my parents one last look and then dove head on into an oncoming wave.

I watched as my legs joined and the shimmering of my topaz fins and scales unite. My clothes shedding off of me like a snake shedding its skin. I relished in the feeling of the salt on my skin. I quickly began to swim. I have never been to my underwater city, but mom says it is instinct. All I needed to do was let the waves carry me.

The oceans are cold, but my heart is colder. Find true love will bring warmth. Go find your warmth. We will see you again on July 11th.

I smiled as I heard my mom's voice in my head. The ocean is full of secrets, many of which will never be told. But my secrets will be carried on, my heart will be warmed.

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