Very short, just a little something I thought of during the movie. I mean, really? He just HAPPENED to have a flashlight in his backpack? And it looked like that's all that was there! Anyways. Don't expect much, I wrote it in about five minutes, so.

Also, I don't own any of this. I can't even find my Narnia books right now. So. I really don't own anything.

"Edmund! Hurry up, we're going to be late for the train!"

The rustling of blankets was all the response Peter received.


"Alright, alright. I'm up!"

Edmund pushed the blankets from his body, stretching his feet past the end of his bed. Today was the day. Back to boarding school. Edmund had been both dreading it and looking forward to it for some time. The year since they had been back had been hard. They had all lived for so many years, and yet now here they were at boarding school age again. Young, and inexperienced, and mere boys and girls, as compared to the Kings and Queens they had been in Narnia. It was strange at first, the way his friends were all worried about games, and girls, and other silly things, when just days before he had been ruling a country. Now, though, Edmund hoped some normalcy would be good for them. Especially Peter, who still seemed to be taking it the hardest.

Two loud knocks on his door told Edmund it was time to stop daydreaming and start getting dressed. He did so quickly, pulling on his dreaded uniform, and attempting to pull his hair into some sort of neatness.

His larger bags were already packed, downstairs waiting at the door. He grabbed his backpack, and slung it on his shoulder, preparing himself for the heavy weight of books.

Strange... it felt as thought it was empty. Yet he could have sworn he put his books into the bag last night before going to bed. They weren't on his desk, so he reasoned they must be in there, despite the fact that his bag was strangely light.

Edmund opened his bag carefully, as though expecting something to jump out at him.

"A flashlight?"

He jumped. His own voice startled him. But... what in the world was a flashlight doing in his backpack?

"Ed, Mum says we're leaving without you if you don't hurry up!"

Edmund gave one last look around his room, then he looked at the flashlight once more. The image of Aslan flashed through his mind, though only for a moment. Maybe Aslan was telling him something? It wouldn't be the first time that something strange would happen and Edmund would think of Aslan. Usually these things worked out in Edmunds favor, and Edmund would offer a small 'thank you' to Aslan. He hadn't asked Peter, Susan, or Lucy if anything of the sort had happened to them, but he would be surprised if nothing had.

However, this was truly a strange case. A flashlight? What was Aslan trying to tell him with a flashlight? That the lights would go out on the train? What possible need could he have for a flashlight on the train to school?

He almost took it out. His hand wrapped around it, but for some reason he couldn't quite make himself pull the flashlight from his bag.

"Alright, I give up. I trust you."

Hours later, after the train ride that didn't happen, after being called back to Narnia, after all of this, Peter asked Edmund if he had any matches.

Edmund looked in his backpack, and pulled out his flashlight.

"No, but I do have this."

He smiled, and thanked Aslan.