This is Home

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the persons, places, or things in the The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

When I was really young I read the Chronicles of Narnia and thanks to the movies I have fallen in love with them all over again. This is my feeble attempt at writing an alternate story so that my favorite couple from the movie (Susan and Caspian) can exist in my favorite books. Selfish I know, but I just can't help myself. This is set at the very tail end of The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader" (If you haven't read it, you don't really need to, I think this story can stand alone without it), and will not include The Last Battle because unfortunately I was seriously let down by that one. So, since this is fanfiction I've decided to bend the stories to my will. Mwhaha. Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Very End of the World

It had been three years. Three long, lonely years and he still thought of her every day. Caspian couldn't understand how one girl-woman- could have cast such a spell on him in the matter of weeks he had known her. Yet, that short time with Susan was all he needed, one kiss was all it took, and he would never forget her. When he saw her walk out of Narnia he couldn't help the selfish thoughts that consumed him. He wanted to hold her and keep her with him, but these thoughts were always followed by gut-wrenching guilt. How could he keep her from her family? Her home?

King Caspian the Tenth was currently having his daily reminisces of Queen Susan the Gentle while standing at the bow of the Dawn Treader. Watching the ships course, this was the only real time he had alone for his thoughts. He had been very glad that King Edmund and Queen Lucy had come back to Narnia, yet throughout the journey it also served as a reminder that he may never see their older sister again. He had made it his mission to keep Lucy and Edmund safe ever since they appeared out of nowhere in the Eastern Sea. He figured if he could not be near Susan then he wanted to at least protect the only piece of her he could: her family.

Just thinking of Susan was a double-edged sword though; remembering when she kissed him brought him so much joy but he was always reminded they could never be together which hurt more than he ever thought possible. He sighed, and then realized what he must do.

Slowly turning from the beautiful sight of the endless sea of white lilies they had just come across, Caspian made his way down the length of the ship and called all his men to the stern so he could speak to them all.

Reepicheep had already been promised that he could go to World's End, but Caspian wanted to go with him as well. The thought that he could be reunited with Susan gave him so much hope even if it wouldn't be in this world; he had to try. Even if Aslan sent him back; just the thought of looking into her bright sapphire eyes one more time was enough for him to give up his title of King of Narnia, his life, everything.

Clearing his throat and mustering up his courage, he addressed his crew, "Friends, we have now fulfilled the quest on which you have embarked. I entrust this ship over to you, Lord Drinian, upon your return to Cair Paravel I trust that you, Master Cornelius, Trufflehunter, and Trumpkin will choose a King of Narnia-"

"But Sire, are you abdicating?" Captain Drinian asked incredulously, not believing what his sovereign was saying.

"I am going with Reepicheep to the World's End." Caspian stated simply trying to keep his cool. Edmund and Lucy had stepped forward and were watching the king's speech silently until this moment.

"You can't do this." Edmund said fiercely. He and his brother and sisters had worked too hard to get him the throne and he was just going to give it up? "Or have you forgotten all those who fought and died for you to be king?"

Caspian was livid, how dare he say things like that? Of course, he remembered the battles they went through for him, yet deep down Caspian knew Edmund had a point. His hope of seeing Susan again was blinding him to his duties, but how could he carry on much longer without her? How could Aslan be so cruel as to let them, dare he say, fall in love and then rip them apart?

"Have you forgotten those who died to save your soul, King Edmund?" Caspian roared referring to Aslan's sacrifice all those years ago. He realized he had hit a nerve in the young king, so Caspian stomped down to his cabin and slammed the door so he didn't have to see Edmund's hurt expression.

After a few minutes of pacing his room he had calmed down quite a bit and let his words catch up with him. He knew he had been out of line and regretted what he said; Edmund had only wanted him to see reason. Caspian no longer wanted to see reason though; he only wished to see Susan. Defeated he sank down onto his four poster bed resting his elbows on his knees and held his face in his hands.

After a few moments he collected his thoughts and resigned himself once again to his fate: an eternity without his love. He stood up and made his way to the door when he noticed the eyes of the lion on his bed's headboard were following him. He quickly turned around to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him and sure enough those piercing eyes were looking directly at him. Could it be...?

"Aslan?" Caspian gasped. All at once the entire Lion's head came to life and looked sternly at the King of Narnia.

"Yes, it is I." Aslan said and immediately Caspian fell to his knees beside the bed. "Rise, for I have much to say and very little time in which to say it." Caspian looked up and quickly rose to his feet.

"These past few years you have been a great king to your people and recovered some of the glory to Narnia as it was in the Golden Age, but you have not been happy." Caspian looked down shamefully. He knew he should be more thankful, hundreds of people would die-or kill- to be king and yet he could not be content with his position.

"Even I cannot predict all that happens in the future, but I do believe you could have much to learn from the Pevensie's world." Did he just hear him correctly? Would Aslan really allow him to reunite with his dear Susan? He tried to squash these hopes that were coming fast for they always turned out to be painful, but he could not. Caspian's dark eyes looked into Aslan's yellow, lamp-like ones and see he was completely serious.

"Oh Aslan, could I really see that world? Eustace tells me it is round, is that true? How exactly does that work? Does...uhm...what I mean to say Susan-" Caspian found that he could hardly speak with the excitement coursing through his body. Aslan let out a low growl which Caspian had learned was his way of laughing.

"All will be answered in good time, young King. You shall take Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace with you but you will not be going to the End of the World. Reepicheep will also go with you as you promised and he will be going to World's End." Aslan explained patiently.

"But sir, how will we know where to go?" At this point Caspian was trembling all over with the very thought of being with Susan again and seeing this wonderful world he had heard so much about.

"Trust me, you will know. You won't be led astray. May you find what you are looking for, King Caspian. Remember, once a king of Narnia, always a king of Narnia." With that the lion's face froze back into the wood of the headboard. This left Caspian breathing heavily and hardly believing what had just transpired.

He ran back out onto the deck, anxious to tell everyone the wonderful news. Quickly, he found Lucy gazing at the lilies and he ran to her.

"I have just spoken with Aslan!" Caspian's eyes were wide with excitement and Lucy could not remember the king showing this much emotion the entire voyage.

"Here? Oh has he gone already? What did he say?" Lucy replied equally as excited as Caspian at the mere mention of the great lion.

"He appeared in my room; well his head did for he is much too big to fit in my small cabin. He said I am to go with you and Edmund and Eustace to your world! We are going to take the boat and sail towards World's End and let Reepicheep off and then he will show us where to go!" Caspian was practically bouncing on the balls of his feet.

"Oh Caspian this is wonderful!" Lucy hugged him tightly around his middle. She was so happy that she could finally take a piece of Narnia back with her. Also, she knew Susan would be practically euphoric when she saw him. Susan had not been herself since returning from Narnia the second time. All of her siblings had tried to snap of her out of it but she understood that there was nothing any of them could do; only a certain dark haired king could. Currently, as far as Lucy knew, Susan was in America with their parents who were there on business and had no idea when they were getting back. It would be quite a shock for when she returned though.

Lucy released Caspian and looked up at him. Her face mirrored his for they both had silly, happy grins on their faces. Lucy wanted her older sister to be happy and she knew that is exactly what Caspian wanted as well.

"We must hurry and get Ed and Eustace!" Normally Lucy would be distraught that she was leaving Narnia, but it was different this time. She knew Peter would be happy to see Caspian as well. They hadn't always agreed but in the end they had gained each other's respect and even friendship. Lucy's thoughts were interrupted when she saw Caspian's forlorn expression. What could he possibly be sad about? She could be quite insightful for her age, contrary to popular belief.

"What is the matter? Aren't you excited?" Lucy said contemplating whether he needed another hug; that always made her feel better.

"Oh very much so, Lucy, but it's just...the things I said to Edmund..." Caspian trailed off unable to finish. His head was bowed in shame and his long, dark hair fell in front of his eyes. Lucy deemed another hug was necessary and wrapped her arms around him once again the way she might hug Peter when he was worried about his exams or school.

"Caspian, Edmund has already forgiven you. He was never really mad. You have to understand what he went through with the White Witch. He has never really forgiven himself for what he has done, even though we never blamed him." Lucy said into his rough tunic, but he heard every word. Caspian looked down at the little queen and smirked.

"When did you get so smart?" Caspian couldn't believe this girl, who he had come to think of as a sister, could explain everything so simply. Why didn't people listen to her more often? She always seemed to be right.

"Thank you, Lucy" Caspian said looking down at her fondly and letting her go. "I think we should go round up Edmund, Eustace, and Reepicheep and begin the next part of this quest."

They explained everything to the crew and once they heard that it was Aslan's will (they believed him for their king was many things but he was not a liar) that Caspian go, they agreed. They were just lowering the boat with Caspian, Edmund, Eustace, Lucy, and Reepicheep and rowing away when Caspian turned to Edmund.

"Edmund, about earlier-" Caspian began with the intent to apologize for his uncalled for comment but Edmund interrupted him.

"Please, forget it. We both were out of line. It's ok." Edmund said smiling at Caspian showing all was well between them. Caspian smiled back and nodded to him. All was forgiven, that's all it takes sometimes.

Caspian rowed them through the lilies and they ran aground and Reepicheep departed saying this was where he would go alone and walked away after saying his good-bye's (and Lucy managed to hug him finally). The rest of them continued on and they came to a wall of water so they got out of the boat and waded beside it until they came to shallower waters until finally they were on dry land. They continued walking, never doubting where they were going, but somehow just knowing where to go.

Eventually they came upon Aslan himself. Lucy and Edmund were thrilled, but Eustace kind of hung back unsure of approaching a huge lion.

"Oh Aslan, are you truly going to send Caspian with us back to our world?" Lucy asked gently running her fingers through Aslan's mane.

"Yes, but now it is time for you all to get going." In that instant the sky looked as if it was being torn and blinding white light came through. The very next instant they were all back at Eustace's house, where Lucy and Edmund had been staying before they were pulled into Narnia through the painting. They all looked around in amazement, especially Caspian who was ready to learn anything and everything about this world and see Susan as soon as possible.

"This is...I can't's..." Caspian was at a loss for words looking at this strange place they were in.

Eustace, who had changed much throughout their journey, turned to Caspian and smiled, "Well, this is home."

Hopefully this didn't suck too bad. If it did then please tell me so I don't burn your eyes with anymore chapters. This was just an idea I had for a while and I had to at least try it. Thanks for reading!