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Chapter 1: Arrival

As I stepped out of the passenger seat of my dad's car, I felt a sense of peace. The woodsy yet salty smell of the air assaulted my nose. I breathed it in deep, relishing in the feeling of clean air, hard to find in Los Angeles. The soft green light around me was beautiful and I paused to admire the beauty of La Push.

My dad is a historian, and we were spending a year there in La Push to document the history of the Quilette tribe. They had already been so generous to us, agreeing to meet with my dad and even selling us a house right on the reservation. The house was an adorable little white two story house, complete with the little white picket fence. My mother would have loved it.

We entered the house, a few bags and boxes in our arms, to scope out the furniture placement. I ran up the stairs to my room, and instantly fell in love with the view. Out my window, I could see the ocean and the rocky beach. I even saw what were probably tide pools. Then, I walked down the hall to what would probably be our office space, for me to do homework, and for Dad to work on his history stuff. Out that window, I could see the woods I also loved; a small path wound into our yard.

My dad came up behind me.

"So Natalie, do you like it?" He smiled his gentle smile.

I smiled back, my smile much like his. "Yes Dad, it's absolutely perfect! I can see the ocean and the woods!"

"I'm so glad." He answered, and turned around to go grab more boxes. I followed, eager to get my room in living order. We moved all the boxes in, and then we worked together to move in most of the furniture. That's when we hit the roadblock that changed my life.

"Dad, it's too heavy!" I cried. "I can't lift it!" My dresser had gotten the best of me. He sighed.

"Alright," he replied. "I see a house right through those trees, we can go see if anyone there can help us."

I agreed and we walked over. I knocked lightly on the door. It was answered by a tall, very good looking, Quilette boy.

"Hi, you must be the neighbors?" He asked a little uncertainly.

My dad smiled and said, "Hello. Yes we are. I'm Dave Johnson and this is my daughter, Natalie."

He said it was a pleasure to meet us both, and that his name was Jacob Black. My dad asked for help with my dresser, and Jacob agreed immediately. I couldn't keep my eyes of Jacob, he was huge and yet very graceful. Plus he kept looking at me too. It was all very odd. Not that I was complaining.

He lifted the dresser with ease, even up the stairs. He volunteered to help with the rest of the furniture too. I decided to investigate the path leading into my backyard. It made a wide arc to the left. I ended up in Jacob Blacks back yard.

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