Disclaimer: I don't own any rights to Babylon 5 anything

Disclaimer: I don't own any rights to Babylon 5 anything.

Takes place during Episode 3: Born in the Purple

Londo Mollari waited for the terminal to arrive. It's doors opened and he was delighted to see the beautiful Adierra, his love. They smiled as they passed, looking like little children sharing a huge secret that no one is supposed to know. The view was suddenly soured as G'kar's massive and overzealous aide, Kodoth (I'm not sure how to spell that, there's probably an apostrophe somewhere but I'm not sure) charged passed him, Mollari could not help but think, "Someone is going to push that women out an airlock one of these days."

"Ambassador," Delenn greeted as she exited and passed by as well.

"Delenn," he acknowledged and entered into the lift where Mr. Garibaldi was leaning on the handrails, a peculiar look on his face. Mollari watched as the doors close and asked, "And what is it that is troubling you, my dear friend, Mr. Garibaldi?"

"I just don't get it," he replied, still pondering.

"Get what?"

"How males of other races find their females attractive when they're bald."

"What?" He was surprised, he had always thought the security chief a women chaser like himself.

"Well, like Narn females, how can that be attractive?"

"Now, there, we can agree," Mollari smiled, satisfied that his earlier surprise had simply been a misunderstanding.

"And the Minbari, I mean, technically they aren't bald, because they have the bone and all, but I don't know, it's still bald."

"Hm, Minbari are too noble and religious for me, personally."

"And Centauri females, no offense Ambassador, but the bald on the top with the ponytail in the back is just… I don't know, it kills it for me."

Normally, Mollari would have some witty comeback, but his mind was on Adierra and his mood much too good to be ruined, so he chuckled, "Well, we all have our opinions."

Garibaldi kept going, "Take the Centauri women who was just in here," Mollari stiffened and bristled slightly, "her face was absolutely beautiful, but her head was just so… bare, I don't understand how anyone can be attracted to that."

The doors opened on the Mollari's destination floor, he stood for a moment at the doorway, and turned to face the other man, "Well, the universe is just odd like that sometimes my dear Mr. Hair-a-balding," the Centauri grinned and left.

Hope you enjoyed it. It's really short, I know. I try to keep the two in character, so let me know what you think please.