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Explore It Furthur

Illyria stepped into Wesley's office in her modified form, as Fred. She'd intended to change back after the shells parents had left but had a question in her that she could not rid herself of. It made no logical sense to her, she was God to a God, once. She had to learn to walk in this world, because her world of ruling and armies was long dead.

She spoke in the slight southern twang that Fred had. She actually liked the sound of her shells voice, though she would never admit it.

"Wesley?" She asked quietly, and sensed him stiffen a little, "Are you, like...mad at me or something?"

He did not turn to her, "Stop it." He was quietly forceful, as if Illyria should know her place.

She straightened and spoke in her own voice, "Isn't it what you desire?" she flowed seemlessly back into Fred's guise, smiling and walking towards Wesley, "I mean, I love you, you love me, what's the big deal?" As she went to touch him he walked away from her.

"I loved her." He said putting emphasis on the last word.

Illyria straightened again, "You loved this," she said and looked down at her form in it's burgundy dress and she looked back up at him, "and part of you still does. I wish to explore it further." She said with a force to get the request out as fast as possible.

Wesley looked at her as if her face had melted and revealed the skull beneath. For a brief second, he thought that it was a ridiculous request but then went to his office door, leaving her in the room. Before he closed the door he spoke back to her,

"Do whatever you want, but don't expect me to worship you." And the door closed with a click.

Illyria stood in the dark office and smiled slightly, "Wouldn't dream of it." She licked her tongue over her teeth and looked at her reflection in the glass, "Hello, Fred."