A Letter From the Desk of ElmoruthPotterfan6,

Dearest Readers,

I have not left the face of the Earth just yet. No, actually I have been here, just sitting on my computer not even at FanFiction.

I sob at the thought that I have been gone so long. For that I owe my greatest sympothy in the hands of my fans and readers.
I plan to update those which I feel like they should.

In the case of Think of the Fishes I don't think it will be updated. I have left it in a very sad note. And I feel like I betrayed fellow
This Lullaby fans. I felt like that would be what would have happened and I don't want to disterb this sad relm that I made of it.

I have a few more plots brewing but I will not put them up untill I feel like I am half way through them on my computer. When I do,
look for them because I feel like I put more thought into them because I've been idle for so long.

As for In the Late Afternoon well, its done. The whole story of it was based on one-shots that popped up in my head. I just don't have
the heart to take it off and put them back on as seperate one-shots.

And for These Few Notes I didn't plan to update it either, but if I do look for it, 'kay?

As for everyone else, I plan on updating them so please please please be forgiving and read them? They mean so much to me.
Please by nice to my babies.

To Micorsoft Word! Tally-ho!


P.S My pug puppy, Yahtzee, says "Nom nom nom!" to all of you! :]