Title: Behind the Façade

Pairing: sasunaru

Rated: PG-13 for adult themes and some swearing, and a teeny bit of "grown-up" stuff

Warnings: The main pairing here is Sasuke and Naruto (slash, yaoi, whatever you call m/m relationship) and if you don't like then don't read! OOC will be prominent here (especially Sasuke and Itachi). Slow updates will also be happening here since school is starting next month already. So please be patient with me and my story. Oh, and there might be some Japanese words here combined with the English don't worry I'll place a vocabulary at the end of each chapter. Itachi is so so so OC here!

Summary: Uchiha Sasuke has always been in love with his best friend and rival Uzumaki Naruto but Naruto has always been in love with the legendary phantom thief 'Ten no Kage'. Only problem was that Kage is also Sasuke.

Apologies: If you find anything offensive here please let me know immediately so that I can work on it. Please don't sue; I am only a high school student.






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Behind the Façade


A little boy was running. The boy appeared to be seven years old. He had spiky blond hair and had the most exquisite brilliant blue eyes. He continued running and looked behind the tall trees of the forest. He bent on the bushes as he appears to be looking for something or someone. He looked up and saw that dusk was beginning to fall and the sun was making its way to hide once again in the darkening sky. It was a very beautiful sight. How to describe it? It was mysterious yet… elegant.

He snapped from his thoughts when he thought he heard a rustle behind him and quickly headed for that spot. He grinned as the thought of the person he was looking for was there. Oh yes, he was going to win this time. He won't fall for any tricks. That was certain.

But when he arrived at the spot he found no one.

He growled in frustration. He was looking for him for the past three hours already. He was always losing this game. Every single bloody time he plays it but nevertheless continued playing it. Why? It was simply because he wants to beat that certain person in this game. That bastard has always found him first. So what was this game? It's called hide-and-seek revised edition.

It was called revised edition because some of the rules were twisted in a more fun and exciting way. There will be two groups and each group will pick a 'chosen'. They will both start at both ends of the venue of the game and they will simply have to capture the other group's 'chosen'. The other members of the group will have to protect their 'chosen' by distracting the others. If the 'chosen' was already captured the game ends and the one who first captures the 'chosen' will be the winner.

But since their playmates already left earlier it was only him and the bastard who were playing. In short they're both the 'chosen' only problem though, was that nobody can protect them they're all on their own.

So here he was currently trying to find his "playmate".

He stepped into a twig and suddenly he was lifted up in the air, a rope holding him up. He shouted in surprise and tried to wriggle his way out of the damn rope that was holding him up. His position was really uncomfortable you know. I mean he's hanging upside down and he was wearing a kimono. A kimono for Pete's sake! And it was color orange any dirt can cling into it and will be noticed immediately. The old hag will surely kill him if she finds out that he was playing in the forest again. He shuddered at the thought on how that oldie will punish him.

"Tsk, tsk. You lose again dobe," said a voice from above him.

He looked up and found his playmate looking down at him smirking. The boy's features were plain. He had inky black hair that matched his equally pitch black eyes. The boy was rather pale in texture and appears to be seven years old. Nobody could deny that he was rather handsome. He too was wearing a kimono, a combination of black and dark blue with his family crest embedded at the back.

"Teme! Put me down this instant!" the blond haired boy shouted while still trying to wriggle out.

The other boy's smirk was still intact when he jumped from the tree and went in front of the pouting blond and replied,

"And what will you do if I don't?"

"I…I will…" said the blond trying to figure out what to say.

"Heh, you can't do anything can you?" the black haired boy teased. That earned him a punch in the face but luckily his reflexes were fast and dodged it immediately.

"That was low, dobe," he taunted yet again and his smirk widened (if possible) as the other boy began to rant him insults.

"If you don't put me down this instant I will tell Ita-nii that you tried to read his diary!"

The other looked startled, "I did not!"

"Oh, yes you did!"

"Where's your proof then?" challenged the black haired boy.

The blond chuckled evilly and said, "You still got the glitters and little butterfly stuck in your clothes that day."

"Those clothes are already circling in the washing machine together with the other dirty clothes, usuratonkachi," replied Sasuke confidently.

The blond chuckled evilly again and then countered, "Oh Sasuke how ignorant can you be?"

Sasuke looked at him, brows knitting in confusion.

When the blond haired kid saw this he chuckled more and then said, "I took your clothes from the hamper for black mail purposes Sa-su-ke."

Sasuke stared at him for a moment then started walking away.

"He-hey! Sasuke! Where are do you think are you going? Put me down first!" the blond shrieked. The other just calmly walked away and waved his hand over his head. The blond continued looking at Sasuke's retreating form, after a few moments only did he realize that Sasuke left him all alone… and still hanging upside down.



"Don't move too much, gaki!" screamed a light blond haired woman who had chocolate brown eyes. She appears to be in her early thirties but the truth was that she was over fifty years old. How she manages to look young, nobody knows.

They were currently in a room. It was big and the king-sized bed was in the middle. There were dozens of closets and cabinets and the whole room was lighted by a chandelier above it. The two figures who were arguing were standing in front a big mirror that was adorned by heaps of exotic gems on the frame.

"Demo, baba it's really tight!"

So what were they currently doing?

Tsunade, the blond haired woman was trying to adjust this brat's kimono a new one actually to be more exact since he kind of "dirtied" it a "bit". He managed to free himself from the rope but fell immediately afterwards into the ground which happened to be where nice creatures poop.

Tsunade loosened the kimono a bit and asked,

"How's that Naruto?"

Said boy replied, "That's much better."

After she adjusted the "new" orange kimono that suspiciously looked like Naruto's past kimono, Tsunade then proceeded to comb Naruto's blond hair in which said blond reacted.

"Oi, baba stop messing my hair!" complained Naruto.

Tsunade glared at him through the mirror, "I am not messing your hair gaki. I'm actually fixing it. You'll have to look presentable at dinner you know."

"But why?" asked Naruto whilst pouting cutely.

Tsunade just sighed before chuckling lightly, "Well it so happened that another clan is to arrive and join us for dinner."

Naruto looked at her, "Why, don't they have their own food? How poor they must be!" he exclaimed while looking horrified.

Tsunade laughed, "No, gaki! Of course they have food. Let's just say your father and the head of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Fugaku wants to strengthen the alliance of both clans."

"Feh! They sure sound like oldies. Making sure that both clans has alliance and stuff. Hello? We're like in the 21st century and not the 1300's!" he continued rambling as Tsunade also continued fixing his wild blond hair.

"Gods my father and that Uchiha—huh? You did say Uchiha right?" asked Naruto.

"Yes I did."

Naruto looked thoughtfully at her before replying, "But Sasuke-teme is an Uchiha. Does that mean that he's here too? Oh, and Ita-nii?"

"Yep, that's right Usuratonkachi," said a voice behind them. When they looked there was Sasuke dressed in his normal Uchiha kimono attire at the door and Uchiha Itachi his elder brother was there also.

"Hello, Naru-chan!" greeted Itachi enthusiastically while entering to hug Naruto, Sasuke following in suit.

Naruto brightened at the sight of his "playmate" and his brother, "Ita-nii! Sasuke-teme!" he exclaimed as he ran towards the awaiting arms of the 12 year old Itachi.

"Now, now let's continue this downstairs at dinner. Come now," said Tsunade as she headed for the door while dusting her green-y attire.

"Okay!" chimed in Naruto.

He then dragged Itachi and Sasuke out of his room. While walking down on the elegant and flamboyant stairs Sasuke started to speak,

"Oi, dobe, finally decided to comb your hair? I knew it I have always been your idol."

Naruto stopped and faced him while glaring –which did not look like a glare at all— "What did you say bastard? And why would you even think that you of all people will be my idol?!"

Sasuke smirked in response, "You never fixed your hair, ever. Well, after I told you that you should fix your hair like I do, you actually fixed it," he said while looking at Naruto's rather fixed hair.

Naruto's eyes narrowed at Sasuke and then suddenly rumpled his hair and didn't stop until he was contented that it was disarrayed. Then he looked at Sasuke once more and said,

"Who's my idol now, huh, you narcissist!"

Sasuke just continued to smirk and walked away and said in a low whisper but Naruto heard it anyway,

"I still am."

"WHAAATT?!" screeched Naruto as he was about to lunge at Sasuke, Itachi grabbed his hand and said,

"It's okay Naru-chan. My brother is really a stuck up so just leave him be," he said that while amusement was clear in his eyes. He simply loved the way his brother and Naruto interacted. It was really funny. They both thought they were complete and exact opposites when the truth was that they were also alike in many ways.

Naruto 'hmphed' in annoyance but nevertheless continued walking and huffed past Sasuke but not before sticking out his tongue. Itachi laughed at this as he too started walking away then said at Sasuke,

"You are sooooo obvious."

Sasuke scowled at him and Itachi just laughed again.


Naruto sat beside his father Uzumaki Minato while Sasuke sat beside Itachi's left and to his father's right. His mother was seated beside his father also. Naruto's mother was nowhere to be seen. Well….duh! Of course she wouldn't be there coz' she's dead already. She died when giving birth to Naruto.

His only memory of his mother was a pendant. It was a simple black rose. It was very beautiful but something was off to the pendant, because at the rose's left side appeared to be a broken wing. It was as if the pendant has another something attached to it like a wing. When he asked his father about it, he said that it was already like that when she told him to give it to him.

Dinner was quite uneventful. Well, of course that is if you count out Naruto's and Sasuke's continued bickering.

"What did you say bastard?!"

"Are you deaf or are you just a complete moron?!"

The other occupants of the table just sweat dropped at them while Itachi had the liberty to take "pictures" of Naruto and Sasuke and as he put it…he was taking pictures to observe the behavior of "couples" which of course made Naruto and Sasuke blush and retort angrily at him, in which he seemed like he didn't hear.

"Naruto, your language," scolded Minato.

"Sasuke, your respect for our hosts," reprimanded Fugaku.

Seeing that they both were about to attack Itachi Tsunade cleared her throat gaining their attention.

"Well, while you both were constantly continuing in bickering there we have decided on one thing on how to improve both the clan's relation and yours too."

"Well?" asked Sasuke feeling a bit nervous under the woman's and the other occupant's sweet smile. It was too sweet for Sasuke's taste. He looked over at Naruto secretly and saw that the other boy was looking a bit uneasy. He then turned to Itachi and saw him smiling innocently. You know the closed eyes smile and a grin that reaches your ears.

He mentally growled in frustration. Nothing ever comes out good when Itachi was smiling that innocent because first and foremost he was not innocent.

"We decided that you Sasuke will be having a sleep over at Naruto's room! Just the both of you, alone," she said, smile still intact.

"Oh," was what Sasuke and Naruto's reply not fully registering what they were supposed to do and they continued bickering again.

"You bastard! Where did we stop again?!" yelled Naruto.

"I forgot you idiot. In case you didn't notice they were suddenly interrupting us and telling me that I am going to sleep over at your room!"

"Oh yeah and they said that we were just going to be…alone," faded Naruto's voice. His anger gone so did Sasuke. They finally realized what was happening.

They were going to sleep in one bed.




The moment Tsunade, Minato, Fugaku, Makoto (Sasuke's mother) and Itachi entered Naruto's room to check up on them they weren't surprised at the mess. Pillows ripped and the feathers inside it were flying all around, the bed sheets dropped to the ground, curtains ripped away from the rack and so much more.

"Why the hell did you slap me girly?!" screamed Sasuke while touching his red cheek.

"I am not girly! I am a boy! I have all the testosterone and all the body parts of a male! So don't go around calling me a girly!" Naruto shouted back while throwing Sasuke another pillow.

"Well, you didn't answer me!" shouted Sasuke too whilst throwing Naruto another pillow.

"It's because you are a pervert!"

"What about me is a pervert?!" shouted –and asked—Sasuke while dodging the pillow headed his way.

"Bastard! I'll file a case on you to the police. So you better get yourself a good lawyer or you're behind bars!"

Sasuke sneered at him and threw another pillow, "Oh yeah? And what would be my case dobe?"

Naruto contemplated for a moment then glared at Sasuke again and shouted with confidence,


Sasuke fell to the ground anime style while the others face faulted or sweat dropped.

"That's not even a case you idiot!" said Sasuke as he regained himself.

"It is so!" shouted Naruto back.

"You truly are an idiot!"



After breaking up the two they were finally being tucked to bed by their parents.

"Behave yourself Naruto, okay?" said Minato while kissing Naruto in the forehead.

"I will if he does," replied Naruto throwing Sasuke a dirty look and sticking his tongue out.

"You've been sticking your tongue out too much dobe. How about I cut it for you so you don't have to make a fool of yourself by making those idiotic and stupid remarks," taunted Sasuke which earned him a smack in the head by his mother.

"Sasuke!" she scolded.

"Hn," replied Sasuke.

"Oyasuminasai little ones."


One by one they left the door when Naruto called Tsunade to stay.

"Ne, ne neechan, please tell me a good night story."

"Such a baby," murmured Sasuke but Naruto paid no heed to him and sat up.

Tsunade sat down beside Naruto.

"What would you want?" asked Tsunade.

"The one about Ten no Kage the legendary phantom thief," said Naruto and admiration clear in his voice and eyes.

"You've always make me tell you that story but okay," replied Tsunade. They both were too preoccupied that they didn't see Sasuke stiffen at the name. He decided to listen to the story.

"Once upon a time there was a very skilled phantom thief that goes by the name of Ten no Kage which means 'Celestial Shadow' but he was relatively known as 'Kage'. He had red eyes and pitch black hair. He had pale skin and had a mask that covered half his face. He was always dressed in black that had hints of red. (A/N: If anyone knows Kaito Kid in Detective Conan (Meitante Conan) Kage's outfit is just like his only it's color black and Kage has a black mask)

"Then?" urged Naruto.

"He was much known all around the globe and he even had fans that were totally smitten with him. He would give the police a notice on what he will be stealing and the time he would be stealing it. His card would always be accompanied by a rose. One night on one of his usual heists he meets up with a girl named Sophia. He was about to get caught by the police when this Sophia helped him escape. Kage was slowly falling in love with the woman and every time Kage will do his heists they would meet in a secret place. Kage was totally in love with Sophia."

"They are so sweet," smiled Naruto. Sasuke resisted the urge to snort while Tsunade continued.

"But later it was found out that Sophia was betrothed to the son of the Chief of Police that was under the division that was after Kage. This man found out about Sophia and Kage's relation and approached Sophia and told her that she was betrothed to him. To his surprise Sophia agreed to marry him with out further argument and he asked her why. She said that she was never in-love with Kage and that the only reason she accepted Kage's advances was that because she wanted to capture Kage herself to earn the prize money to anyone who has any information about Kage."

"It's so sad. I hate this part of the story," sighed Naruto.

"Then they both planned on how to capture Kage. It would have worked if not for Kage's pet fox telling him of the plan. He believed him but not the part about Sophia. And so on his heist he had successfully stole the artifact but as he was about to leave the museum he was shot near his feet and when he looked who had done it, it was the son of the Chief of Police. He told his fox to attack the man and it did. Then he saw Sophia come in and help the man. He couldn't believe his eyes. Then Sophia looked at him and kissed the man in front of Kage and proceeded to telling Kage that she never loved him and it was all just a lie. Kage was too shock to even move and then Sophia grab the gun that was on the floor and fired the shot. He saw the shot coming but he…"

"He didn't dodge it," finished Naruto.

"Yes, he didn't even make a move. He was hit in the chest and police started to come in but the fox made both of them disappear in thin air. He looked Sophia straight in the eye before completely disappearing and muttered something that only she was able to hear."

"He said 'I love you'," said Naruto.

Tsunade nodded, "Nobody knew what happened to Kage from then on. He didn't have any heists anymore and some say he died while others said he left the country of Japan and found another life because they say he was devastated that he was almost captured. There was no trace of him."

"Not until 50 years later he returned and then he would disappear again and reappear 50 years later again. What all the people were wondering was how he was still alive or how he kept his youth. But none of it was answered."

"Well that's it gaki. Sleep tight. Don't let the sharks bite."

"But bit the sharks," replied Naruto while smiling and Tsunade left.

Naruto looked at Sasuke and saw that he was still awake.

"Sasuke," called Naruto.


"Don't you think Kage is really, really cool!" exclaimed Naruto as he shook Sasuke.

Sasuke sat up and looked at him, "Yeah, you could say that."

"But I was just sad that Sophia was really mean. I mean she would have just said good bye or something."

Sasuke looked at him with a poker face and said, "I don't believe that that's the real story."

Naruto blinked at him. Sasuke continued, "Something was definitely off."

"I hope so," replied Naruto smiling, "So that I'll like Sophia again. Night 'Suke!"

With that Naruto slept and Sasuke soon followed him then asked Naruto, "Ne, Naruto do you like Kage?"

Naruto beamed with happiness, "Yes! I like Kage so, so much!"


Sasuke heard Naruto whimper and then he saw him slip into dream world. Sasuke lay awake thinking. The story was wrong. Of course nobody knew the real story except for Kage and it so happened that Kage will soon be him. He will become Kage in the next ten years. He looked at Naruto again and remembered what he said.

"Yes! I like Kage so, so much!"

He couldn't help but smile at that.



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