All the Damn Vampires

Summary: Sequel to Cry Little Sister. The vampires fear exposure when rumors surface on the boardwalk. Have they been caught in the act, or has someone made a grave mistake?

Disclaimer: I do not own The Lost Boys; just Wanda!

Author's Note: It posted the prologue awhile ago, but I decided to edit it and start posting the chapters. I already have a few done, so you don't need to worry about slow updates for now! This takes place about eight months after Cry Little Sister, and it will cover the events then and the movie.


Devon tugged his jacket around himself, trying to shield himself from the chilly wind. A storm was brewing, he suspected, or at least some heavy rainfall. Hadn't the weatherman promised a clear, starry night? Typical.

He'd been at cookout with some of his friends, but it had been too cold to swim and the wind had blown most of their plates and napkins across the beach. His friends had given up and decided to go to a movie, but Devon just wanted to go home and get out of the wind. He'd even opted to take the shortcut through the small thicket of trees to reach the parking long, even though it was creepy at night, especially with the wind rustling through the branches.

He heard a twig snap and he jumped. Santa Carla was notorious for its collection of missing posters, and it wasn't called the Murder Capital of the World for nothing. He swallowed hard and dared to glance over his shoulder, but there was no one there.

He chuckled nervously to himself and looked up at the cloudy sky. He could see a small patch of stars peeking through, maybe a little sliver of the moon if the clouds keep moving. Maybe it wouldn't rain after all.

He heard another twig snap, then another. Then laughter. It was feint, muffled, but there was no mistaking it for the wind.

"Who's there?" he demanded, his voice shaking. He was in a clearing now, surrounded on all sides by trees. His only reply was more laughter. It seemed to come from all around him, but he couldn't be sure if there was more than person or if the wind was just carrying it through the trees. "Hello?"

He heard a soft growl from behind him. He whirled around, seeing only a pair of bright yellow eyes and...and fangs?

Devon screamed. And screamed. And then fell silent with one last, horrible gurgle.

It never did rain.


Wanda took a long drag off her cigarette and sighed, releasing the smoke from her dead lungs. The boys were hitting it up with a group of girls on spring break, and she had been left to her own devices yet again. Having nothing better to do, she'd chosen to watch them from a safe distance. Star, preferring to turn a blind eye on David's unfaithfulness, had fled to a concert.

It amazed Wanda that, even after nine months, Star hadn't given into the thirst. Wanda really didn't envy the other girl. Fighting the thirst was painful, and Wanda had only done it for a few weeks. How Star had managed for so long was a mystery.

One of the girls glanced over at her. She frowned and tugged on Marko's sleeve as she whispered something to him. Wanda had been staring at them for quite some time, and it looked like she was making the girls nervous. She knew she was making it difficult for the boys to flirt, but it didn't matter. They would eventually get bored with these girls. They wouldn't kill them; killing people from out of town was against Max's rules, and no one dared disobey him. He was a delusional prick, but he was still the head vampire.

"Concert get boring?" She didn't need to look away from the group in front of her to know that Star was approaching. She could smell her.

"It was terrible," Star laughed, out of breath. "I stayed as long as I could."

"I'm sure you had more fun than me."

"Why didn't you come with me?" Star asked, her cheer fading as she watched David lean into one of the girls.

"It pisses them off when I do this." Marko glared over at her and she responded with a grin and a flirtatious wave. Her gaze shifted to Star just into time to see the older girl frowning at David. "We can get out of here if you want."

"No. They're done."

Wanda smirked as the group of girls walked away, each frowning in disappointment. She flicked her cigarette to the ground and crushed it under her heel.

The boys walked over to them, and David slipped his arm around Star's waist. That was why Star was able to put up with David's wandering eyes: while the other girls were just food, she was the one he'd chosen to share his blood with.

"Ready to grab a bite?" David asked, looking at Wanda.


They started toward their bikes. As they made their way through the crowd, Wanda found herself listening to the surrounding conversations at random. When she'd been adjusting to her enhanced hearing, she had not been able to tune out the many noises around her. Now, eavesdropping had become a bit of a habit.

"I can't believe she did that behind your back!"

"I know, right? She is such a bitch."

"Don't you have anything better do?" Marko asked, keeping his voice low.

"Here we go again," Paul muttered to Dwayne, but they all knew to stay out of it.

"Hey, you wanna catch a movie?"

"No, sorry, I have to get home."

"Are you listening?"

Wanda rolled her eyes. "I don't see what the big deal is. I did what you asked."

"I asked you not to stand ten feet away from us every night."

"Yeah, and I moved back like fifteen feet."

"So get this: then he said..."

"Don't be a smartass."

"Yeah, man, it was brutal. Throat torn out and everything."

Wanda froze and stopped walking. She tried to listen and find the young man who'd been speaking, but Marko was still talking. She tuned him out and sifted through the many conversations around her until she found the right one again.

"...all over the news. The guy's head was practically torn off."

"Did you hear that?" she asked, stunned.

"Don't change the subject."

"No, seriously, I..."

"Most of the blood was gone... It was like a vampire did it, you know?"

Marko's eyes widened, but he wasn't looking at her. He was looking into the store behind her.

Wanda turned around and realized that they were standing in front of the video store...and from Max's expression, she had a feeling that he'd heard the same conversation she'd been listening to. And he did not look happy.

"Uh, David?" she said nervously. "I think we have a problem."


A/N: There ya have it, editted prologue. I know skipping ahead eight months is lazy character development, but you'll soon see Wanda isn't such a shy little girl anymore. Eight months of the Lost Boys will do that to ya. Well, lemme know what typos you find and I'll get them when I update...which will be later this week. Seriously, the first four chapters are done! Have no fear!