All the Damn Vampires

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--Chapter Four: Couch and Dumpster Diving

Wanda slammed the drawer shut and groaned. After rummaging through her dresser and finding is almost completely empty, she'd come to the realization that she was running out of clothing. The boys might've been content to wear the same outfit over and over, but she liked a little variety in her wardrobe, and her choices were quickly dwindling. She'd once had the option of using Max's washer and dryer, but that privilege had been promptly revoked thanks to Paul. The local Laundromat was also out of the question; hiding blood-stained clothing from nosy onlookers would be too much of a hassle, especially now that Santa Carla was buzzing with vampire rumors.

The solution to her clothing shortage was obvious: shopping. And since she didn't have any money...

"Marko!" she cooed, stepping out of her room and sauntering into the lobby. She immediately spotted him in his usual perch, the recliner, with a new book in his hands.

"What?" he asked, turning a page.

She hopped onto the armrest and peered over his shoulder. She grinned.

"You're reading Anne Rice? Seriously?" Her grin faltered. "That's my book, isn't it?"

"Possibly." He finally looked up at her. "What do you want?"

"Can I borrow some money? I need to go clothes shopping."

"And you're asking me because...? Hey!"

Wanda plucked the book from his hands and held it to her chest. "If you want to read my book, then loan me some money. It's a totally fair trade."

"Uh, it totally is not."

"Come on! Pretty please?"

"No way. Keep your lousy book. It wasn't that good anyway." Wanda arched a brow. Marko hesitated for a moment before sighing in frustration. "Fine. How much do you need?"

"Just a couple bucks, that's it."

Marko reached into his back pocket, intending to give her exactly two dollars and telling her to shove it, but Wanda had snatched his wallet and returned the book before he even saw her hands moving.

"What the fuck, Wanda!"

She grinned and jogged over to Dwayne, who was heading toward the cave's entrance. "Dwayne, you heading out?"

"Want a lift?"

"If you don't mind." She looked over her shoulder at Marko. "Thank you!"

"Yeah, yeah, go fuck yourself," he murmured, flipping through the book. "You lost my page."


"What's up?" Dwayne asked quietly when he saw the look on Paul's face.

"Star's goin' off on David," he murmured back, falling into stride with him. Wanda was a few paces behind them, unsure if she was welcome in the serious conversation or not. "Ya know, about his flirting. He was doing it, and she was standing right there. Of course, he's tryin' to guilt trip her by saying she's not that devoted to him either, since she won't feed. I just got the hell outta Dodge. Talk about awkward."

The trio looked up when they heard Star yelling up ahead. With all the commotion and noise already on the boardwalk, no one was paying the arguing couple any attention. Star had her fists clenched at her sides while David was calmly smoking a cigarette. He looked calm, but the tightness in his jaw gave away his anger.

Star suddenly turned and stormed off in the opposite direction. To the boys' surprise, Wanda actually chased after her.


Star collapsed onto a bench and buried her face into her hands. She couldn't believe she'd yelled at David in public like that, but the he really had deserved it. She didn't care if he flirted and toyed with his female prey, but doing it to some random girl while she was standing right there, holding his hand... It made her furious and heartbroken at the same time, and of course he'd take the opportunity to nag about her unwillingness to turn. Damn it, he might not have had any qualms about losing his humanity, but she did, and the least he could do was pretend to respect that.

She jerked and looked up when someone sat beside her.

"You okay?"


"What, you were expecting David?" Wanda snorted. "Look, David's an ass and you don't deserve the way he treats you. He's not hurting you on purpose. The only reason he's pressuring you to make your first kill is because he's scared of losing you. All right?"

Star blinked. "...what?"

"Good. Now that we have all that out of the way..." Wanda reached into her back pocket and pulled out a wallet. "Let's go shopping!"

"Where did you...? Is that Marko's?"

"What are you talking about? I don't know anyone named Marko." Wanda stood. "You coming or not?"


"What's an average day like for our dad?"

"Well...he gets up, raids the fridge, gets high as a kite, and sits behind the counter with Mom until it's closing time. Sometimes he stays in the back and listens to Hendrix."

"That's what I thought." Edgar made a face. "So, mind telling me what possessed him to dig through the trash and read an old newspaper?"

Alan looked up in surprise. "He did that? Seriously?"

"Yeah. Not only does he know that his friend died, but he called the guy's relatives and found out that the funeral is in a couple weeks. And not only that..." Edgar gave his brother a defeated glance. "But he says I have to go with him."

"What? Why?"

"Hell if I know! He says it'll be a bonding experience. I asked why you didn't have to go, and he said someone has to watch the shop. I asked why I had to go, and he said you're too much like Mom. What the hell kinda sense that makes, I don't know." Edgar tiredly rubbed his face and groaned. "Christ, I didn't think he even knew how to use a phone."

"Is that normal? Having the funeral a month after the guy dies?"

"Well, I think they already buried him, but the guy's birthday is in two they're having a ceremony thing then."

"Oh. Maybe it'll be a like a party?"

"That's creepy. And this completely ruins my awesome vampire eradication plan!"

"They'll still be here when you get back. And besides, school will be out in like a month, and we'll have the whole summer to hunt vampires."

Edgar made a face. "Yeah, and in the meantime, they run wild. I don't like this."

"Well, you don't have much of a choice. You won't be able to talk Dad out of this, and we can't let him go anywhere by himself..."

Alan looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well, wait, you said it's in a couple weeks, right? We still have some time before you leave..."

"No." Edgar frowned. "Dad wants to leave in a couple days."

"What? Why?"

"He wants to make some ridiculous road trip out of it...besides, it's gonna take a few days to get there."

"Wow. Bummer."

"No kidding."

They were silent for a moment before Edgar sighed heavily and clapped a hand onto his brother's shoulder.

"Looks like you'll be on your own. Think you can handle it?"

Alan hesitated. It wasn't like he was actually going to do any vampire hunting on his own. And he'd taken care of the shop on his own plenty of times. "Yeah," he said eventually. "What's the worst that could happen?"


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