Cosmic Conjecture

Summary: She always represented something big…celestial… cosmic. "I know," he said quietly," I don't deserve her; the concept of her is too much for me to ever grasp."

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He was an avenger. It has been told a thousand times. The Uchiha survivor lived it, breathed it, embraced it.

And now, he was dead. And come to think of it, it was funny (and painful and maddening and agonizing) to learn that everything he has believed in was a lie. It was not Itachi's fault. All his brother ever did was protect him.

And I killed him.

He killed him; now everything is gone. He couldn't care less what happened to his pathetic existence. He couldn't have struggled much from the fox boy as he dragged him…home. What purpose does he have left? Why fight? Why even live?

Now, as he lies in the hospital bed, in Konoha, the land he betrayed, his former home, his current prison, the only thing keeping him from draining his own life out is her steady breathing as she leans in close and tries with all her might to cure him, her steady hands struggling to control his violently bleeding stomach. (Why didn't you avoid my attack teme?)

She wasn't looking at him, neither was he, the pain keeps him from even opening his eyes. All he knows is that she is there-always there-always struggling, always caring and loving. He knew he didn't ever deserve it but as the pressure on his stomach suddenly stopped and he heard her sigh in relief and whisper Welcome home Sasuke-kun, he knew he was willing to relish the undeserved grace bestowed on him.