AUTHOR'S NOTES: Based on a fanart by the great Norkia. But seriously, I don't know where I get all my harebrained ideas.

Spoilers for those who have no idea what really happened to Michael. Oh...and implied Michael/Fasalina.

It was Sunday.

Dawn broke as the sea gently lapped the shore before receding again. Palm trees swayed with the slow, salty breeze that also left the faintest grooves in the sandy brae. Somewhere in the distance, a seagull called, its cry echoing in the distance, or repeated by its comrades. Red, orange and gold dominated the skies – for now.

Michael Garret walked the beach, shading his emerald eyes as he stared up into the heavens. Some distance away was his hovercraft, waiting dutifully for its pilot, but it was quite forgotten – for now.

What mattered to Michael right now was a peaceful, quiet place to think. The tide came in, but it didn't even reach his boots. He decided that it was time to sit down, and found a log not too far from the arboretum.

There were so many things he needed to reflect on, but the Comrade had told him to take as much time as he needed.

The wind lifted his hair as he gazed out into the horizon.

Somewhere, maybe not as far as he thought, was his sister. He remembered what Fasalina had asked him – would he have the courage to defeat Wendy, now that he knew where her loyalties lie? Still, Michael had his suspicions. Perhaps Wendy was not with the absent member of the Original Seven by her own volition. Had he kidnapped her and forced her to side with him, just like what she thought the Comrade had done to her older brother?

But the last time they crossed paths, she remained pretty sane, looking nothing like a hostage.

He bent over and picked up a pebble. Standing up from the log, he walked back to the seaside, and threw it into the sea, where it instantly sank. With a reminiscent sigh, Michael thought of the times when he and Wendy would skip rocks in the lake where they had found Kameo. As long as she had a smile on her face, he was happy.

Now, he had a bigger purpose and wondered why she couldn't see that the world needed him. Maybe she simply didn't know the entire plan. The elder Garret made a mental note to orient her when he saw her again.

And about that man…Michael would deal with him later, avenge Gadved and Woo's deaths, and save his sister. Secretly – and he was sure Fasalina knew this too – Michael wished that he wouldn't have to face Wendy on the battlefield. Yet, there would come a time that it would be something inevitable.

Not for the first time, he wished Fasalina was with him at that moment instead of leaving her behind. But as much as he was fond of her company and advice, he wanted some alone time.

His footsteps barely made any sound on the wet sand as he continued his stroll, his mind on more pressing matters than the sand and sea. Maybe eventually, he really would have to face Wendy. He tried not to think about it, but if she stood with that man, which meant standing in the Comrade's way…

There was always a way. And at least Fasalina had promised to help him. The Comrade, as always, would support them.

For now, Michael Garret felt at ease on that Sunday morning and could properly appreciate his tranquil surroundings.

For now.