I wrote this over the course of a year after I had a dream. This is my first completed fic, so please r/r responsibly. Thanks.


Childhood Memories

Part I

The girl dressed in a light brown dress that barely fell to her knees, the top coming down her front in the shape of a "V." They weren't beggar's clothes, but not a warrior's either. She could hardly be classified as either. Kendallyn McJonal of the McJonal family, she had been separated from her family for nearly five years; stolen from her home as a child. Now she returned to where she grew up, to where her family once lived and ruled, to where she fell in love.

She had finally broken away from the Romans. She had freed herself from the pain, suffering and mental torture that she had endured for the last five years. She believed it had only made her a stronger person. Perhaps not.

She had come back to this place expecting to find everything the same as when she had gone. She was shaken and upset when she saw the harsh changes that developed. Her family was dead, dead or they had fled from Ireland, fled from the Romans. Conor. His family, they were all dead. Well, not Conor. He still lived, leading the Rebellion that fought against the Roman invasion.

She swallowed hard, kicking a rock from her path. She had no idea where to find Conor, and Fergus. She had asked but all she talked too were tight-lipped, afraid that she was a Roman and would steal their prince away from them. She understood their fear, their apprehension. She was no longer a princess. Not to them, not to this land. At that moment she could care less about that. She merely wanted to see Conor, to hug him, to touch him, to tell him she was sorry that she never wanted to leave him. And to tell him that she loved him, that she had always loved him, ever since they were children and he chased her up that tree.

"Lass, you haven't changed since the last day I saw you. Still always in your dream world." The familiar voice came from behind Kendallyn. She whirled around and stared at Fergus. His arms were folded over his chest, yes; it was the same Fergus who had watched Kendallyn and Conor as children. The same Fergus who had taught Conor to fight with a sword as a boy while Kendallyn picked flowers and watched.

A smile crossed over Kendallyn's lips and she threw her arms around Fergus's neck, hugging him happily. "Aye, Fergus, you haven't changed much either!"

He laughed softly, hugging her back, but when he finally let go, his eyes grew serious and he stared down at her. "We all thought you were dead, lass."

She nodded her head slowly, solemnly. "I know, and I'm sorry. He wouldn't let me send any word or letters - not even to my family." A soft frown crossed her lips and she looked downward. Her eyes glistening with tears.

Upon seeing this, Fergus put a comforting arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. "Aye. You're home now and Conor will be more than excited to see you."

"Conor?" Kendallyn's gaze moved up to Fergus's gentle face. "How is he?"

"He's well. Married now, finally no longer a boy, but a man."

"Married? To whom?" Kendallyn could feel her face drop, her expression had changed and she felt that change throughout her entire body. She wasn't quite sure why she was surprised. She never really expected him to wait for her, and as Fergus said, they thought she was dead.

"My own daughter, Molly." Fergus seemed not to notice Kendallyn's expression as he beamed. He couldn't be prouder that he had been able to marry Molly off to Conor.

"Molly? Well, she certainly is a lucky girl, Fergus." Kendallyn forced a smile as she tried to remember the girl, but it was hard. Molly had been sent to study with the Druids at a young age.

"Come, lass, I'll show you to the Sanctuary. We'll have a great feast." He grinned and led Kendallyn towards the forest.

She stood at the entrance to the Sanctuary. On the way towards the secret hiding place, Fergus had updated Kendallyn on the war, what part Conor had taken in it, Molly, Catlin and Tully, and everything else she would need to know for now. Kendallyn smiled when needed, laughed when he told a joke and became solemn at bad news. She had become a good actress, although only through the "happy" parts about Molly and Conor is when she really needed to act. Smiling on the outside, dying on the inside. She had missed Conor, thinking of him everyday since she'd been taken by the Romans. She had hoped that he thought about her too, but now she didn't see how that was possible.

"Wait 'ere, lass. I'll go fetch Conor." Fergus smiled and quickly disappeared into the caves of the Sanctuary.

Kendallyn frowned and turned her back towards the entrance. Her hands played within themselves as she stared up at the night sky, her blondish-brown hair fell in waves down her back. Her bright blue eyes-the color of diamonds-stared at the shimmering stars. She always loved the night sky, ever since she was a little girl. She remembered staying up until it was practically dawn-just to stargaze. She didn't hear the footsteps as Conor came up behind her. He just stared at her back, watching the wind blow softly through her long locks of hair. Fergus hadn't told him who was waiting, he had said it was a surprise. Now, Conor stood there, his breath caught in his throat as he watched her watch the stars. Was it real, or was it all just a dream?

"Kendallyn," her name escaped his lips in a soft, flowing whisper.

She turned slowly to face him. Her eyes blinked, taking in his form. Her lips pursed, but then slowly opened as a soft gasp escaped her throat. She had envisioned him hundreds of times, she imagined him whispering her name - but nothing was as wonderful as this single moment. She felt her knees go weak and her heart begin to race in her chest. None of that mattered because in mere seconds she was in his arms, wrapping hers around his neck tightly, holding him close. Her face buried in his shoulder - she was crying.

Conor wrapped his arms around Kendallyn's small waist. His hands pressing softly, gently against her back. His face pressed down, against hers - leaning onto her shoulder. He held her, happy to have her back, but it was more than happy - it was relief. Not only was she back, but she was still alive.

"I missed you," he whispered softly in her ear. He hoped it came as a comfort to her. Slowly, he pulled away, but only enough so that he could stare into her eyes. Kendallyn stared back at him. Her baby blue eyes matching his own. Conor offered her a small smile, slowly lifting his thumb to her cheek, brushing away her tears gently. Their happy reunion was broken when a soft voice came out into the darkness.

"Conor? Are you okay?"

Conor's eyes closed and he bowed his head, when they opened; he didn't look at Kendallyn. He turned, smiled (though somewhat forced) and looked to his wife. "Aye, Molly. I'm out here."

Kendallyn took a step back from Conor, folding her hands easily behind her back. She watched as she saw Conor's young wife come into the darkness, embracing her husband and kissing him softly. She had to look away.

"What are you doing out here? Everyone's looking for you."

Conor smiled and turned towards Kendallyn. "An old friend returned tonight. Molly, this is Kendallyn. I grew up with her. Kendallyn, Molly is my…wife."

Both girls exchanged smiles and hellos. Molly tugged on Conor's arm and pulled him back towards the Sanctuary. He turned, looking at Kendallyn over his shoulder and smiled softly, motioning for her to follow.