Roar FanFic:

Roar FanFic:

Childhood Memories

Part V

Fergus, Tully and Catlin raced up the hill. All three had their swords drawn, but it was too late. Longinous was gone and from what they could see, they wouldn't be able to help Kendallyn either.

Fergus stopped the other two and sheathed his sword. He took careful steps and stopped a yard or so away from the young prince. Conor had his head down, buried close to Kendallyn's body. Fergus crouched down in front of them.

"We'd better start back, get a proper burial for her." His voice was soft, solemn. Conor didn't look up, not right away, but when he did, Fergus could see his eyes were bloodshot. "I'm sorry lad."

Conor knew that Fergus meant it. He knew that he would understand the most out of all of them. But at that moment he felt nothing. He was completely numb.

Conor carried Kendallyn's body in his arms as Fergus, Catlin and Tully surrounded him. They were followed by the rest of their shoulders. It was nearly dawn before Conor could bring himself to go back to the Sanctuary. It was then that he came to the realization that Kendallyn was really dead.

Molly and the others ran out to see their fighters return, but everyone's happy faces fell as soon as they saw Conor.

Molly was the first to approach them, her eyes solemn and sad. "Conor?"

Conor's head snapped in her direction, blinking as if it was weird to hear someone else speak his name. He just stared at her, the woman that was his wife. The woman that he loved. He turned his head, shaking it slightly. "Not now, we need to prepare the burial." He moved passed her, clutching Kendallyn's limp body as closely to his as possible.

Fergus came up behind his daughter, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "Jes' give him time, lass. He'll be okay."

Molly nodded her head and let it drop down. "He loved her, didn't he, Da?"

Fergus turned his head, only slightly shocked at the question, but nodded. "Aye lass. But he loves you also. And you are his wife."

Molly simply nodded and moved with Fergus towards the lake where the burial would be held.

During the burial ceremony, Conor had managed not to cry. He just watched her body burn with a cold, expressionless face. Rage and revenge building inside of him with every moment and every memory.

After they had left, he stayed and watched the lake. Their Nirvana, but never again would she see it. Never again would they see it together. He closed his eyes tightly and turned. He didn't know if he'd ever come back. He knew it'd be hard and he didn't want too. He also knew that he wouldn't be able to stay away.

He stood on the cliff, over looking Ireland and let out everything he had inside of him in a yell - in the Roar.