Chapter 12: Sincere Amore- The Love You Never Have To Question- part 2

Richard takes Caroline's hands and brings her closer to him, just so that he can feel her: 'Caroline, I want to finish what I was about to say OK? When I said to you that I didn't want anymore children with you... he then takes a pause as he tries to come up with another thing to say, 'What? What is it?', '... I'd only said it out of fear; I just panicked. I was scared that I couldn't do it, and that if I couldn't be a good enough father to Stefano, then I wondered how on earth I could be a good father to your children, I mean, our children. It wasn't that I don't want children with you- and if it came across to you that way, then I'm so sorry Caroline. It's just that back then, I didn't know how i'd cope if I had more than one child. But thanks to you, I was proved wrong... and I put my hand on my heart and say that 'I was so wrong, and you Caroline, were right', 'I was?', 'Yeah. you sure were. Remember the time when I said if there had to be a child born into this world that I'd rather it had a part of you?', 'Sure', 'Well, honey, I'm glad that child was Stefano, because to me he is a part of you', 'Me? But he's Julia's child', '... and yet she was the one who decided that she didn't want to be part of his life. Besides, when I look at Stefano, part of him reminds me of you, Caroline. I see the way you bond with him, the way you care about him, and most of all, the love that you have for him, and for that, I couldn't think of another woman, who can give him the happiness and love he truly deserves, but you, and I love that about you'. 'Richard...', 'Caroline...','Richard, I want you to get through this- but if not for yourself then for me?', 'Sure, what is it?', 'I really want you to try harder. I really want to help you get through this ok, because I love you too and that I feel with my encouragement and your effort, we can go a long way with our relationship. I'm not asking you to do much, but as long as you make the effort, then for me, that's all that matters'. You do understand, right?', 'Right. You're absolutely right. I aim to try harder and I'm so relieved that you want to help me get through this, and I know that with you by my side, I can do it. Together, we can make this relationship work... but without you... I don't want to think about it, one bit. By the way, have you noticed the way Del and Annie have been acting, lately?'. 'Come to think of it, I do. As a matter of fact, they are dating one another', 'You knew as well?', 'Yep, they were making out in the bathroom, whilst Randy and I were in this bedroom', 'Randy, huh?', 'Richard, forget I ever mentioned his name', 'Caroline, it's ok, really. Can I ask you something?', 'Go ahead', 'Did you really love Randy more than me?', 'Richard...', 'Caroline, I really want to know. Just tell me', 'He was different, we got along well, but...', 'But what?', 'But he wasn't what I wanted'. 'But I thought you loved him; you married him because he wanted children and you wanted to be with a guy who wanted children...', 'Yeah but in the end, he just wasn't you. And as much as I tried to deny it, truth is I missed being around you so much'. 'And so I take it from you Richard that you want children?', 'Just as much as you, and as long as you take me back. I can't think of anyone as tolerable, warm, amazing and loving to be the mother of our kids but you... only you can make this all seem possible'. 'Richard...' , 'Oh and I would love it if you were Stefano's step mother. That's if you want to that is, you don't have to..., 'Richard, I'd love to. You're a great dad to Stefano, I am so proud of you'. 'Thank you Caroline' replied Richard. He then went to unearth the painting he'd created for Caroline. 'I painted this just for you. Hope you like it'. Caroline's face lit up when she saw it: 'Richard, it's so beautiful, It's amazing', 'I titled it 'Caroline And The Love That Never Dies' after you. What do you think?'. 'I love it so much. I cannot believe you painted this', 'Well, I just wanted to give you something special', 'and you just did' she uttered to Richard's lips. I just have one more thing to say and it cannot wait any longer... Caroline, will you please be my wife?', 'Yes I will', 'I love you Richard', 'I love you Caroline and there's one more thing...', 'What is it this time?', 'I got your message', 'Yeah well, I got your letter. 'Caroline, how did you find out about the letter?', 'Oh let's just say a old friend named Charlie gave me a hint', 'Oh THAT Charlie', 'Yep, that Charlie'. They both laughed together. 'Anything else you wanna add?', 'Nothing that I can think of- other than for me to make sweet love to you' purred Richard. 'I'd so love that' went an estatic Caroline. 'Richard, I'm sorry for the way I behaved towards you'. Richard was however sympathetic: 'Caroline, don't worry about it. You and Stefano are all that matters to me. I love you so much', 'I love you too' replied Caroline and thus, they kissed again but it didn't stop there. The couple, took turns removing each other's clothes, whilst they seduced one another as they couldn't keep their hands off one another; it was the first time they had sex as a couple and the first time in over six months they became intimate with each other. They fell into bed together naked, kissing and making love to each other that night and every night. For them, the timing was almost ideal- yet it felt so right, and so complete.

And with that in mind, as well as getting married a few days later, the pair with Stefano eventually start a new life together as a couple. Sincere amore? In the eyes of Caroline and Richard, most definitely.


N.B: sorry it took this long, but I hoped you enjoyed reading it- W. Liu