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Summery: Harry Potter has a secret...in fact he has quite a few of them. What happens when a stranger in a blue box turns up during the welcoming feast in Harry's 7th year. what happens when this stranger knows harry and has another stranger with him who is possessive over Harry? What happens when Granger scoffs at Aliens? And what happens when Harry shows his true self...oh dear a year full of drama and abnormalities. Harry Potter can never be simple.

Warnings: SLASH dont read if you dont like! Ginny Ron Hermione bashing possibale Dumbledore bashing

Harry Potter and His Travelling Troubles

The atmosphere surrounding the great hall was rather relaxed especially seen as the war was raging. However there was not a lot that could be done for now. The students all chatted happily about their summers and homework yet to be done. The only person who didn't seem to be enjoying himself was one dark haired green eyed Gryffindor.

The Gryffindor was watching his two friends talk and trying to engage him in their convocation but his mind was in a whole different place. A different world. A different time. A different century.

Many could sense that he had defiantly changed over the summer. His eyes sparkled half with happiness at what ever it was he remembered and half with power that had been their since the 'very-small-11-year-old' had joined. He wondered briefly if all wizards were so blind and stupid or if it was just the majority of Britain. He knew Remus had always found something odd about him and Sirius had sensed the same whilst he was alive.

Despite what many thought he did not still mourn Sirius he hadn't even mourned him that much the year before. Since he was a child he knew the death was part of life. Sometimes a death was hard to accept and it hurt but it happened and you would always see them again.

Instead of being depressed his mind normally wandered whilst he sat in classes' way below his ability but he had to keep up appearances. His lips twitched slightly at a random memory that popped into the forefront of his mind but he was quickly brought out of it.

"Harry! Merlin what is wrong with you?" Hermione growled "Sirius died over a year ago get over it"

"I wasn't thinking about Sirius" he growled back the bushy haired apparent know-it-all did get on his nerves but he put up with it to keep the appearance.

"Well what ever you were thinking about mate you were pretty spaced out" Ron said

"Guys leave him alone he's under a lot of pressure" Ginny defended Harry briefly rolled his eyes to the ceiling and looked at the stars

'You're laughing at me right now aren't you?' he questioned in his mind before looking back to the girl who was flirting horribly. Harry chuckled at the thought that if someone saw her flirt like that he might just have a heart attack. Poor conduct or some random broken rule of flirting.

Harry watched the 3 of them bicker as he fought the urge to take his robe off it was dead annoying.

"Harry help me out here" Ginny said Harry opened his mouth but the hall suddenly filled with an odd siren 3rd years and above all drew there wands as a flashing light appeared followed by a blue box that faded in and out. Harry raised an eyebrow watching everyone aim their wands. Oh yeah because voldermort would really use a 50's style muggle police box to invade Hogwarts. Harry shook his head that little sarcastic voice really did want to show it's self.

As the blue box finally became solid the siren and flashing light stopped. Harry stood with the rest of the school but didn't draw his wand. A few seconds of silence before the door opened and a brown haired man poked his head out then stepped out. He was wearing a dark blue pinstripe suit with trainers and some glasses. He blinked at the wands.

"Ah…now that I didn't think about"

"What a surprise" Harry drawled sarcastically but a grin spread over his face. He stepped away from the Gryffindor table and a few students gave him a confused look "of course it's not really thinking isn't your strong point is it" he teased and a few lowered their wands.

"Harry!" he man said cheerfully "you look…odd" he chuckled Harry smirked

"Might be the fact I look 17" he nodded "remember that keeping appearance which you just destroyed thing"

"How did I destroy it!" he pouted Harry chuckled

"Because you need me to save you again."

"Once brat and it was your fault"

"Shouldn't have given me the damn thing then" he grumbled and the man chuckled. "Why are you here anyway? Nothing's happened has it?" he asked easily hiding his panic though he knew the man sensed it.

"Nope. Well not that I know...you know…never able to tell with me"

"Too true" he muttered "go for a nice visit with the queen and almost get beheaded yes defiantly no telling."

"Well if you don't want me here we'll just leave. Only came because I picked up this very annoying companion who would not stop begging to bring him here"

"Brown hair blue eyes American accent massive co…" Harry saw the look he was getting and held back his laugh "…at?" he finished innocently and his body have a brief shake with silent laughter but he managed to swallow it

"That would be the one" he chuckled. Said man appeared from the door with a smirk some of the girls gave a sigh at how handsome he was. He wore suit trousers with braces and had a long blue coat over his shoulder he looked around

"So this is where the he 'learns'" he said with obvious amusement he lent on the TARDIS side giving Harry a lazy smile "'ello love" he said in a fake British accent

"Don't do that your British accent is scary" Harry said and the first man nodded in agreement "doesn't suit you"

"Neither does that face. You look…almost innocent" he grinned as the other man snorted

"Harry innocent? When you swear a life of celibacy"

"Hey! Never! Ever! Joke about that!" he cried Harry laughed quietly

"Drama queen"

"Are you wearing anything under that dress?"

"It's a robe but yes" the man walked over and pulled Harry close so they were nose to nose even if he did have to look down a bit

"Good" he said softly but everyone heard him "because they come off now" he said possessively and ripped the buttons off "evil things must be burnt"

"Jack do stop striping Harry in the middle of where ever we are"

"The great hall" Harry said over jacks shoulder before his robes were pulled over his head revealing black jeans with a spiked belt and a green shirt hugging his toned and taut body. A couple of girls fell back onto the benches some dropped their wands on the floor and some giggled and whispered.

"Much better" Jack said happily and hugged Harry who chuckled and hugged him back. "Missed you"

"I bet you did" he chuckled

"Leaving me alone with him what were you thinking?"

"I have no idea I was expecting another phone call. 'Harry, Jack exploded her what do I do! We're going to crash!'"

"That was your fault"

"I was being 12 how was it my fault" he laughed Jack shrugged

"Because I'm sexy" Harry and the man snorted

"If you say so Jack" Harry said and hugged the other man any wand still pointing at them was lowered.

"Harry care to introduce your friends? And put your robe back on" Jack hissed at the offending material and pulled Harry to him tightly

"Jack…cant…breath" he gasped and was released he coughed for a bit before calming

"Look old man you can not hide a body this beautiful under some hideous dress!... it's…it's…BLASHPHMY"

"Did you give him something?"

"Nope" he shrugged

"Anyway professor Dumbledore this is Captain Jack Harkness and The Doctor"

"The Doctor?"


"Hi" Harry gave the man a look as he waved but just got a grin in return.

"And what would they be doing here?"

"Ask them I don't want to know how their minds work…they are both scary places"

"You seem to enjoy mine on a dark night" Jack purred Harry turned his head and glared at him and was kissed Harry rolled his eyes again and shook his head

"Jack must you molester my…Harry in front of me?"

"Aww do you feel left out?"

"Cant you tranquilise him?" Harry asked with a chuckle

"I could but he might be twice as bad when he wakes" Harry frowned tilting his head to the side then grinned with a snap of his fingers

"Let's dump him on…wait" he held up a hand "Raxacoricofallapatorius" he said then grinned and laughed the doctor laughed as well and they jumped into each other hugging each other Jack glared at them

"You two are so mean"

"So what? He finally said it!" the doctor said happily it was the only planet Harry could not pronounce. Jack crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow

"Childish much" he scoffed


"Right sorry."

"We are here, Albus Dumbledore, because my ship felt like bringing us here" The Doctor said with a shrug "To be honest I just land where ever and hang about for a bit"

"When bad stuff normaly happens"

"Not my fault"

"Time traveling nightmare"

"Time traveling trouble maker"

"I feel left out Harry darling come show me to some random closet and amuse me"

"Jack" he growled "behave"

"Fine" he huffed "I'll find some nice woman to replace you"

"Are you comparing me to a woman?" Harry asked dangerously

"Well you do bitch a lot"

"Can you say hypocrite" he snorted

"Now, now children let us not fight" The Doctor said amused

"Cant you two concentrate for 3 fricking seconds!" Hermione cried in exasperation. "Do you not know who you are ignoring?"

"Yeah we do he's the old guy who runs the school and is supposed to be all powerful and stuff" Jack shrugged "so scared" he mocked ignoring the annoyed look he got from the Gryffindor.

"So gay" Harry laughed Jack stuck his tongue out and Harry smirked "careful now don't know where it's been or where it'll go"

"I hate you"

"If you say so" he shrugged "perhaps we should go to your office sir. These two love to play up to an audience"

"Do not!"

"Uh huh" he said disbelievingly

"Very well" the three followed the headmaster out and to his office.

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