"Everyone to the boardroom now please" Jack said sweetly as he switched off the intercom

"Everyone to the boardroom now please" Jack said sweetly as he switched off the intercom.

"What's so important Jack that you disturbed me from my beauty sleep" Owen grumbled sleepily as he flopped himself down on the chair dramatically placing his head on the table.

Next in came Tosh who elegantly sat down her head in some alien technology again.

Then there came Ianto with a tray full of coffee. Ianto stared at him whilst handing out the coffee's baffled by Jack's sudden change of demeanour.

Next came John Hart holding his head. He must have had to much to drink maybe mixed with a couple of Boeseeds.

Lastly came Gwen. Her gap tooth smile was at full flourish. The smile was directed at him. That was his smile for when it was just them to. Gwen took her seat next to Jack and absent mindedly began drumming her hands on the table.

"So what's all this about then" Gwen said as she raised her legs and placed them on the table.

Jack turned his head and stared at her. God she was beautiful.

"We are going on a road trip" Jack said excitedly.

"Better not be the Himalayas all that snow does nothing for my complexion" Said John. Everyone turned there heads to stare at Him. He blushed a bright crimson. There was a tense silence but it was broken by the sound of Gwen laughing.

They all turned to look at her. Jack knew what was coming. She was rocking with laughter so hard her chair went backwards with her on it.


"Wow" came Gwen's quiet voice from the floor.

They all began laughing as Jack hauled her to her feet her face redder then John's. She didn't even bother trying to cover her embarrassment they were going to rip her a new one.

"So as I was saying before Gwen intervened" he said with a smirk.

"Pack your bags kids, we are heading for Viva Las Vegas".