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Chapter 1

Things were always much simpler back then… Back when Roxas was at the primary school, junior high or high school. Time always passed by as they should be without any real worries at all except for piling mountains of home works and assignments. …Yes, things were always so easy, so perfect. Roxas longed to go back to that time, where he and Hayner would have quarreled at each other doing their home works or projects, where he would go shopping with Olette for hours and ended up having to take all of the shopping bags to Olette's home, where he and Pence would travel Twilight Town in search of some mysterious rumors, or even when they are just hanging out together at the usual place, spending their time away eating sea salt ice cream. The time when he spent his night away in the bedroom with his twin, Sora, chatting the night away, was also very sweet and comforting too.

As he snapped back to reality, things would never go back to the way it was before. High school was over. Hayner, Pence, and Olette had each gone their own way to the university out of town, leaving Roxas in Twilight Town. Sora is too chasing after his dreams and going to the university in Hollow Bastion. Sora had managed to get a scholarship at the Hollow Bastion University while Roxas had tried hard and was only able to get scholarship at the Twilight Town University. At that, Roxas is left alone in the town. Well, not exactly alone… He still had his parents. However, for Roxas, Sora, Pence, Hayner, and Olette are his everything. He had spent time with them since forever and he had always thought that they'd be together forever. It sounded crappy, but really, Roxas never thought that he'd be separated from them.

The blond breathed out a heavy sigh as he walked to his dresser. Not exactly his dresser… It had been him and Sora's. As twins, they shared everything together and as they are growing up, nothing changed. They won't let their older age keep them apart. The dresser which had always been stuffed, full of clothes, had become hollow, leaving half the dresser empty with Sora moving out of the house.

Roxas rubbed his eyes a bit, still sore and red, having cried all night. He missed his brother's warmth. He missed his friends. He missed everything in his past. He knew that it was foolish to get all depressed and sensitive over this sort of thing called 'separation'. They will meet again someday and of course, they can easily contact each other with the communication technology nowadays. But, he didn't want that, he wanted them to be by his side… For his own selfish reason. Roxas was always spoiled and he had never expected 'change'.

He took out some attire and put it on neatly on his small body. He went downstairs, greeted his parents and sat down over at the dining table. "First day of university, young man. Put on a smile." A dark blonde woman put on a smile and lifted Roxas' chin with her fingers so that their eyes met.

"Mom, I'm alright." Roxas pouted.

"You are not and I think your father agrees with me on this. Aren't you, hun?"

A man, holding the newspaper, sitting on the sofa over at the living room turned to look at them. With a nod, he said, "Your mother's right Roxas. And you know we hardly agree on the same thing together. Go wash your face some more. It's still early."

"Daaad… No matter how many times I wash it, you know this face will be the same." Roxas pouted again, putting his chin on the table, curling his lips downward and biting on the lower lips.

Roxas' mother stood straight, holding a spatula at her hands, wave it around slightly and winked at Roxas, "Listen to you father, sweet heart. Go. Go wash your face and I'm sure, everything will be okay after that." She smiled.

Roxas, having no reason to argue further, lazily holding the table to help him stand up, as if he hadn't the back bones to do so. He wailed around slightly as he walked, looking as if he was a drunk. He acted that out, to let his parents know how much he missed Sora and hoped that, although silly, for his parents to maybe call Sora back to study over at TTU with Roxas. That's not going to happen though.

He opens the door to the first floor bathroom and flicked up the button to light the lamp. The bright white colored light shone. Roxas walked over to turn the tap and with both of his hands, gathering the water, and pouring it over his face. He woke up a little more and felt a little bit fresher. He watched himself over at the mirror. His hair a little bit wet from the water and it dripped. That was not the usual 'Roxas' reflection in the mirror. The Roxas looked slightly old with his bulging red eyes from crying, lips that are curved downwards, and black panda rings down his eyes. The blond tried to smile a little but it looked horrible. With sigh he convinced himself, 'It's alright. I can get through this. C'mon, Roxas. Don't be such a cry-baby.' And surprisingly, he felt better. He tugged a smile to his lips again and it looked natural. He went outside to the dining room again.

His father quickly called him and handed over the phone, "A call." The man said shortly and went away to grab his bread over at the table.

Roxas frowns. Who would be calling him this early in the morning? "Hello? Roxas speaking." Roxas said formally.


Roxas almost instantly knew who it was and although he couldn't see it, he knew the voice is grinning at the other side of the phone. "Hey, it's been forever." Roxas said excitedly, instantly brightened despite all his sulk earlier.

"I've just been gone for a day, Roxas. But, yes. It feels like forever. I missed you."

"I missed you too." Roxas smiled. There's an awkward silence between the two. Finally, Roxas decided to break the silence, "Hey, did you notice that we are talking like lovers?" Roxas laughs.

Sora laughs too and answers, "Yeah, I guess we do. But, since we both don't have any lovers, it's okay, right?"

"We're twins, Sora." Roxas reminded.

Sora laughs again, "'s okay."

Roxas cleared his throat a little before saying, "So, how do you do over there? I-I mean… you're living all alone…"

"Well, it is lonely. But what can I do, huh? I'll get used to it. You too."

"Well…" Roxas scratched his head a bit and thumped himself down to the fluffy sofa.

"No use getting all sad about it, right?" though Sora said it like that, Roxas can feel the sadness in the other brunette's voice. "We're grown ups after all."

"Aww, don't tell me, you cried all night, Sora?" Roxas decided to tease a bit to cheer the situation.

There was a long silence before Sora finally answered hesitantly, "Yes, I did…"

Roxas was a bit surprised that Sora didn't jump to his defense and starts to battle mouth with him, "Actually, I did too." Roxas confessed. Both the boys laughed. "Well, anyway, no matter how far apart we are, we're still twins, right? Come back over at holidays."

"Roxas, I just arrived at Hollow Bastion like, yesterday. Don't persuade me to go back this early."

"Haha, yeah…"

"So, it's both our first day at university. Best of luck for us both."

Roxas jumped a bit at his seat when he realized that Sora isn't coming to a new place with him. Well, he had known earlier but it still managed to scare him. Sora was always there. Kindergarten, primary school, junior high, high school, everywhere… They were always together and Roxas never even feared at anything because he had Sora there, whom would be ready to protect him from some bullies. Roxas was small and short, making him an easy pry for those bullies at school. "Umm, Roxas? Are you there?" Sora asked hesitantly.

"O-Oh, yeah. Sorry, I spaced out a little." Roxas chuckled awkwardly. "Yeah, best of luck to both of us."

"Rox, just call me if there's anyone bullying you okay. I'll come back to Twilight Town immediately just to beat the crap out of that person."

"Yeah, I know you'd do that." Roxas laughs. Sora is very over protective over him sometimes and Roxas really isn't bothered by it. He's glad, actually, to know that Sora cared so much. "But, no. Don't come back just for that. Or Mom and Dad will throw a fit at me. Besides, I think it's high time I learn how to protect myself. Since you're gone and all."

"Hey, I'm here." Sora pouted.

"Oh, yeah. Haha, I didn't mean it like that. Erh, you know what I mean. But really, you just need to listen to me if I ever call you, okay?"

"Well, cool with me as long as everything is still in the line of 'okay'. Alright then…"


"Love you, Roxas."

"Love you too, Sora. Thanks."

"Huh? For what?"

"Well, I just thought I need to say thanks. So, thanks."

"You're weird, Roxas. Bye, take care."

"You too."

And the phone call ended. Roxas put the phone back on the table with a smile. He had brightened a little, hearing his brother's voice early in the morning. His mood always went up and down like that so Roxas doesn't really find it weird anymore. He can be happy for one minute and the next minute, he would be angry. He took his backpack lying on the sofa and put it on his shoulder.

"Feel better, sweet heart?" Roxas' mother, who was sitting over at the dining table, smiled.

Roxas nodded and smiled, "Yeah, thanks."

"Hey, aren't you eating, Roxas?" His father asked while taking a bite of the bread that is filled with apple jam.

"I am." Roxas walked over and took bread layered with his favorite mango jam which is prepared by his mother, took a bit, and walk to the front door. "Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad. Love you."

"Roxas, it's still early in the morning."

His father's voice halted Roxas. Roxas turned back and took a glance at his parents. "I need time to explore Twilight Town University a little first. Arriving early won't be bad. Bye." And Roxas stepped out of the house, running to TTU.


Twilight Town University is the only university in Twilight Town. It is not the most prestigious university, not the worst one either. However, its educational fee is slightly cheaper than most university in another town and most of the Twilight Town dwellers would be able to afford sending their child there.

Roxas stood at the front of TTU, staring up in amazement. Judging from its size, it is not bigger than the Twilight Town High school, but standing all alone there really makes the place feel a lot bigger. He walked inside cautiously, afraid that maybe something will jump at him, bite him, eat him, or something. It is his first day in the university. He's a freshman and he had read some stories about some seniors prank jokes on freshman. In addition, it does not make him feel any better that he is all alone.

A first step into the university sent shivers up his sleeve. There are a few people can be seen on the lobby. Some sent him curious looks, some seemed indifferent, some gives him glares, and some even sent him smirks... evil smirks. Roxas kept his head down to the floor as if seeing something that is very interesting on the floor tile. He keeps his head low and heads over to the second floor. Somewhere on the second floor, when Roxas is looking around someone bumped into him, "Sorry." Roxas said immediately, still keeping his head low.

"O-Oh no, I'm sorry."

Roxas looked up immediately when he noticed the one that bumped into him was a girl. "Are you okay?"

The blonde haired girl with pale skin wearing white overall dress gathered her book that fall down on the floor and jumped up to meet Roxas' eyes. She smiles shyly, "I'm okay. But, are you okay?"

"Huh? Yeah…"

"Namine." The girl said cheerfully. Roxas tilts his head to the side a bit in confusion. 'What's a Namine?' he asked himself. And, as if knowing what Roxas was thinking about, the girl said again, "My name. It's Namine. Nice to meet you."

"Oh… I'm Roxas." Roxas took Namine's hand.

"Roxas. Then, I guess we can be friends now?" Roxas feels confused at Namine's statement, never thought that he'd make friends so easily in a new place. He quickly smiles and nods in agreement. "Great."

"So, umm –"

"You need to go anywhere in particular? I've known this place like the back of my hand. I can show you around."

"Huh? Oh…"

"I'm new here too. But I got a sophomore brother here. So I come here a lot with him showing me around." Namine explained. "Oh, and I got a friend who's new here too."

"Oh…" Roxas said, understanding. Not having anything particular to say to that blonde in front of him.

"Ummm…" Namine suddenly feels awkward and hugs her books, "I'm talking too much again, aren't I? Ooohh, I'm so sorry. I got a little bit too excited sometimes when I meet a new person. I'm sorr—"

"No, no. It's okay. I'm just a bit on the quite type, I guess." Roxas smiled. "Thanks, Namine."

"Okay. Then is it okay if I take you to meet my friend and brother?"

"Sure, it never hurts to make friends."

Namine's big blue eyes brightened in excitement. "Let's go!" She said, excitedly, grabbing Roxas' wrist and dragging him with her. Roxas is a bit surprised at first, but followed nonetheless.

Namine took Roxas inside a room also filled with only a few people. There, a certain red head attracts Roxas' attention. Two red heads, in fact… and that is where Namine and Roxas are heading. Roxas stood as Namine came to a halt. He examines the two red heads carefully. One a girl with auburn hair… pretty, that's the first thing that came across his mind. Another is a tall man with unnaturally bright red hair which sticks out to his back. The spiky kinda hair reminds Roxas of Sora although the spikes are way different.

"You dye your hair red? Does the university allow that?" Roxas mumbled out loud without even noticing it. He quickly puts a hand to his mouth.

"You mean Kairi's, right?" the red headed man grins.

"Hey, my hair is still normal. He must have meant yours, Axel." Kairi protested. Roxas nodded, agreed that he meant Axel's hair.

"It looks so… bizarre… Is that for real?" Roxas muttered again, loud enough for everyone to hear. He walked closer to touch said hair and surprised that it felt so soft. He'd thought that the hair had been standing up at the effects of gel or something and that it must be oily for it to be shining like that. But surprisingly, it's so smooth, not even oily. Roxas jumped when he heard Axel's growl, quickly backed away, and apologized. Kairi and Namine both chuckled at the sight.

"My brother's a little bit on the sensitive side when his hair is mentioned." Namine explained.

"Axel, sensitive? Ha!" Kairi laughs evilly and tugs Axel's hair.

"This means war." Axel proclaimed and started chasing after Kairi, who had run away. He stopped halfway, decided not to chase after the girl and walked back to Namine and Roxas. "So, Roxas here is a freshman huh?"

"Yeah…" Roxas smiled.

Axel was stunt for a bit seeing the cheerful smile of the blond and shook his head a little before staring at Roxas again, "Well, you certainly are fresh. I can say that for sure." Axel licked his lips unintentionally.

"Huh? Ummm… Anyway… How did you know my name? I don't think I've mentioned it…"

"Oh, you've mentioned it, Roxas. You must have forgotten it." Namine quickly defends Axel, Axel sighed in relief.

Roxas just nodded in agreement, maybe he really did mention it. "I'm really sorry for touching your hair… I didn't know."

"Not forgiven." Axel said rudely, decided to tease the new blond a bit.

"Axel." Namine glares.

"I said, not forgiven. I'll find a way for you to make up for it, though." Axel grins.

"Ummm… Alright…" Roxas muttered slowly, a bit confused and scared. He is a sophomore after all and he can't risk being hated by him. He'd rather comply and make everyone happy.

"Roxas, you don't need to be nice in front of Axel, you know. Axel is everything bad and you really need to defend yourself in front of someone like that." Kairi said, apparently had come back from her retreat and hides in the back of Namine. Axel shoots her a death glare, about ready to get the girl again but is blocked by Namine.

"You're not going to hit me now, are you, brother?" Namine said with a tone in her voice, putting her hands on her hips.

"Erh, no, no." Axel smiled awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck while still shooting death glares to Kairi.

"Anyway, Roxas." Namine clapped her hands together and smiled, "This is my brother, Axel." Namine looked to the red head man and shifts to the girl, "This is my friend, Kairi."

Roxas came up with a question that appeared in his mind again, "You and Axel are related?"

"Yeah, that question has been asked a lot of time." Kairi stood straight still behind Namine, taking precautions if Axel decided to strike again.

Axel sighs exaggeratedly, wailing his hands, "You think that I and that stupid red headed chick are related?" Axel smirks as Kairi scoffs, "Just because the girl copied my hair color, doesn't mean we're related, got it memorized?" Axel said cockily, staring intensely to Roxas, pointing to his brain.

Roxas leans away to the back a bit, biting his lower lips. At that, Axel's grin widened. He secretly thought that Roxas is too cute, so sexy, that he bit his lips like that. The red head shakes his head again to come back to reality. "Yeah, ok." Roxas nodded, feeling nervously awkward that Axel is staring at him like that.

"I did not copy your hair color, idiot. Since when did 'red' become yours? Namine, defend me from your idiotic brother." Kairi scoffed and hid again. "Besides, everyone would be ashamed, related to you."

Namine laughs, "Yeah. I have to agree with that."

Axel grinned but before he could voice anything, a sound came from the overhead small speaker in the room saying, "For the freshman and appointed mentor, gather in the lobby. I repeat…"

"That's our cue." Kairi said. "Let's go, Nam. Oh, and Roxas too."

"You guys can go first. I have to go to the Faculty Room to take care some stuff."

"Alright. Bye, Roxas." Namine smiled, waved, and went away with Kairi, leaving Roxas with Axel.

Axel smirked as the two girls went away and approached Roxas. He cornered the little blond to the wall and leaned unexpectedly close to him. Roxas swallowed, holding his backpack in the front to keep a line between them and he hissed, "What?"

"Ooo, that's the first time I see you that intimidating, shortie."

"I am not shortie, jerk."

"Oh, so I guess you just act goody goody in front of the girls." Axel chuckled and circled his arms around Roxas' waist, completely preventing the boy from running away. Roxas struggled to get away, but the taller guy is much stronger than him. "You said yes, didn't you?"

"What?" Roxas shakes his head, cerulean orbs met emerald.

"It's time for you to make up." Axel smiled a very evil smile, grabbed a fistful of Roxas' hair, pulled it up softly, carefully, not hurting Roxas and pressed his lips to Roxas'. Roxas is stunned. He had never expected that. He struggled, but Axel kept pressing his lips harder and started nibbling on the blond' lower lips. Axel kept his other hand busy by sliding it up to the blond's shirt, rubbing his back, and traveling down to his pants. Everyone in the room who was busy with their chattering and conversation has averted their eyes to watch the show. Some even approached them in order to view the scene closer. Axel though isn't the type that would just stop because everyone is watching him or just because the blond in front of him is struggling horribly, biting his tongue. He began to travel down after ravaging enough of Roxas' lips. He sucked the curve of said blond' neck, determined to leave a mark behind.

Roxas squirmed, wanting to shout for help, but the voice that came out turned out to be a moan instead. Roxas hated himself for that. His eyelids are closed tight. He didn't enjoy a single moment of it, being pressed to the wall, and being… molested like that. "Get… off!" was all Roxas managed to shout out. Axel pulled away a short minute after, proud of the mark that he had leave behind. It will be soon that the mark started to rise from the flesh and reveals itself to the world, saying 'I'm Axel's'. Silently, Roxas regretted that he picked a blue t-shirt and jacket to wear that day which covers none of his neck. "Get off of me, you bastard!" With all his gathered strength, he pushed Axel away. Axel finally had budged a bit.

Roxas pants, catching his breath in uneven breaths, glaring Axel. The red head gave a winning smirk, "You liked it, didn't you?"

"Like hell I am! Stay away from me! You're sick!" Roxas held back the tears that are already welling up and about to burst out. He touched the hickey that Axel gave just now. With uncontrolled anger, he slapped Axel, hard. In fact, the entire room is ringing from that slap. Roxas gathered his backpack that had already fall to the floor and hastily ran before Axel decided to pull another attack to him. Axel watched as the blond ran away, touching his burning cheek.

He grins, "Ouch…"

Roxas ran through the alleyway, passing through the gathering students. He wiped his lips in disgust. It was his first kiss… and it is stolen by a guy nonetheless. What could be sicker than that? And what. The. Hell. Everyone is just watching, like it is some freaking show that he and Axel put on to entertain them. It's not!

'Did you enjoy it?' Roxas stopped running when he reached the end of the hallway, holding on as if his bone will crumble if he is left to stand alone there.

"No! That's sick!" Roxas muttered to himself.

'Not even a bit?' the voice from his head asked again.

"I hate him."

'Good, I guess we could agree in one thing then. Stay the hell away from any certain red head and remember to buy some weapons later to protect yourself.'

Roxas nodded in agreement. He is a little bit surprised that the voice and he are agreeing in the same thing. It never happened before. The voice can sometimes be a jerk and told him the complete opposite of how Roxas felt.


The orientation for the freshmen start... and how unsurprised Roxas was to see that one of his appointed mentors is the same red head that had just molested him, Axel. Roxas had gone to the Faculty Room and came to the lobby on time to join Namine and Kairi. The two girls had found out what happened by just looking at Roxas' bleeding lips. Namine apologized and said that she shouldn't have left him alone with her brother while Kairi said that she will protect him from Axel. Axel felt utterly depressed at that. Is he that weak that he needs to be protected by a girl?

"I'm Zexion and I will be the one to take responsibility of you for three days of your orientation." The professor with soft silver hair covering half of his ace, standing in the front of the gathering students said, "If there is anything you don't understand you can come directly and ask me or just go to your mentor. Now, make a group of three."

Everyone gathered around. Some searching for friends and soon, everyone is already a group of three. Of course, Roxas grouped with Kairi and Namine. Roxas prayed that his group's mentor is not Axel. Not Axel. Not Axel. Not Axel.

"Alright then." Zexion started appointing a mentor for each group. Every group that had been appointed a mentor went off for their tour around the university. The last left is Roxas' group along with Axel, Zexion, and another blond with Mohawk hair. The blond stood beside the professor, hugging the professor's arm in a sort of intimate way, in Roxas' opinion.

"Demyx, you're the mentor of this last group and Axel, you come with me to the Faculty Room. I've heard about what you did to a freshman." Zexion said with a cold tone, glaring Axel while keeping steady so that he does not fall down because Demyx is tugging him.

"What? But, Zexy, let me stay with you." Demyx pouts.

"No, Axel needs his punishment."

"Aww." Axel grins, "Demyx will happily take the punishment for me, right, Dem?"

"Yes. Punish me, Zexy." Demyx leaned closer. His lips are just one centimeter away from Zexion's.

Roxas frowns. Is it usual that professors and students relationship that intimate? In addition, they're both guys. What has this world become? Roxas can't stop wondering.

"Dem, don't make me angry. You don't like it when I'm angry."

"Aww, Zexy. I love you. I love you even more when you are angry. Let me take the punishment for Axel."

Axel nodded, "Yeah, then I can start mentoring this group of fresh classmen." Axel said with a smirk, staring intensely to Roxas. Roxas averts his eyes quickly, hiding behind Namine and Namine shields him.

"Don't try to do anything inappropriate in front of me, Axel." Namine hissed with a warning smile.

"That means I just need to take Roxie somewhere not in front of you then, right, Nam?"

"Is it right if I assume that the ones being reported to me are you and Roxas there?"

"You're bright, Zex." Axel laughs. "Anyway, who he fucking hell reported it?"

"You don't need to know. Roxas, I will take care of Axel. You can leave that to me. He will get proper discipline act." Zexion eyed Roxas.

Roxas nodded and muttered, "That's good. Thanks." He smiled.

"Demyx, become their mentor, now." Zexion said with an even colder voice. Demyx won't budge and kept hugging Zexion tightly. "Or I won't let you touch me for a whole month. You know I'd do that, Dem."

Demyx finally let Zexion go and stood straight. "Sorry, Axie. Can't help you there. Take care of yourself." Demyx grins. "The least I can do is treat your wounds when Zexion is done, kay?" He laughed and winked at Axel.

"What?! No. Dem, don't leave me with him!"

Zexion grabs Axel's wrist and dragged him away. Roxas again, began wondering how Zexion can drag Axel. Zexion is smaller than Axel though bigger than him. "So, my name is Demyx. I'm a sophomore too. Same as Axel there. Huh, that's strange. We already know each other, right, Kairi and Nam?"

"Yes, Dem." Kairi answered lazily. "Skip the introductions and show us around already. We're already late behind."

"Right, good. The little guy must be Roxas then, huh?" Demyx approached and put an arm around Roxas' shoulder.

"Umm… I'm Roxas." Roxas scratch the back of his neck nervously.

"Yea, I know. Axel's little guy."

Roxas frowned, "What?"

"Ooops, let it slipped. Shouldn't have said that." Demyx let Roxas go and put a hand to his mouth. He quickly changed the topic then, "Alright, let's go juniors. We start from the hall." Demyx said excitedly.

"Alright, senior." Kairi said, less excited, in a mocking tone. Namine just laughed it off and took Roxas hand, walking beside him. Roxas blushed a little. That's the first girl other than Olette that's ever held him like that. And, he liked that feeling.


Roxas spent his three hours touring around the university and hearing Kairi, Namine, and Demyx quarreled with each other. He stayed silent, still feeling a little bit awkward around the new people. Namine noticed that and would talk to him once in a while. Kairi and Demyx would joke around with him too. After the tour, they return to a room and get an instruction lecture by Professor Zexion. 'I wonder if he beat Axel hard.'

Zexion let them go early seeing the junior tired faces. And day one of orientation is over.

"Hey, Roxas. Wanna walk home together?" Namine offered after class.

"Huh? Walk home together?"

"Yeah, our house is close, right? Or, are you being picked up?"

"No, I – How do you know where my house is?" Roxas asked, again, confused.

"We've known you since high school, Roxas." Kairi giggled. "We're at different classes. So, I guess you never noticed us because you are always hanging out with Hayner, Pence, Olette, and Sora."

"You know them?"

"Of course." Namine answered. "You and Sora are pretty popular at school, you know. You're both like the top students and besides, you're twins."

"We're popular?" Roxas laughed and blushed a little. He just noticed that what Kairi and Namine said are true. He didn't really make friends or try to get to know everyone else in the high school. In fact, the only ones he had known in high school are his teacher and Sora, Hayner, Pence, and Olette. "I didn't know…" Roxas added.

Before Namine can say anything as a reply, a red head came approaching them. Roxas hastily steps away from the approaching taller man. "Hey there." Axel called from afar.

"I-I think I'll just go home alone, Nam. Thanks."

"What? But…"

"No, it's okay. Thanks." And Roxas ran away with all the speed and strength he had.

"That was… fast…" Namine muttered and averted her glare to Axel. "What'd you do to him?... Ouch…" she put her hands on her mouth, surprised seeing Axel's state. Axel, even though is not wounded, he looks like a ghost. His face is pale, very different from his bright hair color.

"Huh, kudos to Zexion. He sure can handle people like you." Kairi jumped in laughter. "So, what'd he do?"

"Got preached for six whole hours…" Axel's mouth curved down in every possible way.

"Just preached? You got away easy." Namine giggled.

"Oh, it's not just that. Trust me. One life's little rule, don't ever irk Zexion." Axel touched a hand to his forehead. "Where'd Roxas go?"

"He ran away as soon as he saw you. What'd you do?" Namine frowns.

"I guess you can say that I just molested him a little." Axel earned two sets of death glares. "What? It's just a little." Axel grins, face brightened.

"You're the worst, Axel." Kairi shakes her head.

"I'm going to take Roxas. Thank you." Namine said, smiling.

"He's mine. Dear, little sister. So, get your hands off, Nam."

"No." Axel's eyes blinked. Namine added, "You molested him the first time you met him. I'm sure he's straight, anyway. I can win his heart easily. You can stay away, my sweet big brother."

Kairi sighed at the sight. It is not unusual that Namine and Axel quarreled over a certain things. But from what she saw, looks like they are really serious about winning this one. Namine always won over Axel though in this kind of fight. "It's a war, then." Axel declared.

"A war it is." Namine smiled and grabbed his brother's hand.

"I'm gonna go make my first move first." Axel stuck his tongue out and ran away, chasing after Roxas.

Demyx walked, approaching Kairi and Namine after Axel had gone away. "What's up?" He grinned.

"A war over Roxas." Kairi explained shortly.

At that, Demyx instantly understood what Kairi was talking about. He nodded and said, "Sorry, Nam. But I'm cheering for Axel."

"It's okay. Kairi's on my side." Namine smiled and Kairi nodded. "I'll definitely win this one." She said confidently.

"Hey, go easy on Axel." Demyx laughed.


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