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Chapter 5

The laughter ceased after a whole twenty minutes. Axel waited until Roxas could freaking finally stop that stupid and annoying laugh directing to him. On second thought, Axel didn't think that the laugh was stupid and annoying at all, he thought it was cute—in some way. The red head—erh, the blond wild haired—had safely tugged his hair inside the safety of the gray wool hat, making him look like a cancer patient or another. Roxas, still chuckling, got up from the floor and went over to take his heavy bag.

The blond stood in front of the gray hat-man, deep azure eyes piercing into emerald, "What'd you do that for?" he asked happily.

Axel quirked an eyebrow, thinking of what Roxas meant, "Do what?" he asked.

"Uh, dying your hair blond?" Roxas asked, still holding his laughter.

"You said you like blond, didn't you?"

Roxas paused. He's doing it for you. The voice said. Roxas felt a bit touched but he laughed again, having fun of making fun of Axel, "If I said I like rainbow?" he tried, "You're going to dye your hair rainbow colored?" he shook his head, hard., trying his best not to be sucked in the temptation of throwing a fit of laughter again.

"You think?" Axel tried, thinking if maybe he should do like Roxas said.

"Why are you trying so hard?" Roxas asked innocently with his bright blue eyes that no one could resist and of course, Axel, being the one who's crazily in love—or not—immediately fall prey to those nasty blue eyes.

The red head scratched the back of his neck, feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden. However, it only lasted a couple of good seconds and he's back to the good ol' arrogant Axel again, "Do you need to ask? I want you to love me." He trapped Roxas to the wall again.

"Well, you think raping someone would make them like you?"

"I told you, I'm not going to rape you!" Axel's voice now sounded desperate more than anything.

Roxas smiled sincerely and appreciatively, "Alright. I'm going to trust you on that."

Axel, being the dumb one he was submitted into that smile and almost thought that Roxas maybe had eventually fall for him. Not until Roxas sincere smile grew into an evil smirk, one that Axel knew so well that he's going through another torture, "Roxie?" he asked.

"Tug, you're it!" Roxas laughed and tugged off Axel's hat, revealing the blond wild hair to the whole world. He snatched the wool hat away from view and just as he had seen, Demyx immediately ran closer to them and tackled Axel down. Namine and Kairi followed closely from behind.

"Axey, what'd ya do with your hair? You're blond!" Demyx squealed and messed with said hair happily. He was thrown away pretty quickly by a more than annoyed Axel. "Aww, what'd you do that for?" he pouted, rubbing his ass which held his fall.

Kairi and Namine giggled at the sight. Namine's just lasted for a while, while Kairi can't seem to stop laughing, "You're pretty cute, Axey." The auburn haired female teased.

"Shut up." Axel snapped. He turned and glared Roxas, "Give that back." He snatched his hat back from Roxas' hand. Roxas was dumb struck for a moment seeing Axel's reaction. Without saying anything, Axel went away, out of the college building and disappearing into the streets. The blond stared, wide eye, visibly panicked. In fact, he felt guilt eating him up right now.

See, you and your stupid tease.

"Hey, it's not my fault. I thought he'd just laugh it off."

Well, what are you going to do now?


"Hey, Roxas. You alright?" Namine asked softly, putting a hand on Roxas' shoulder.

Roxas shook his head and threw his attention back to Namine who was standing beside him. he forced a smile to hide his guilt and said calmly, "I'm alright."

"I think Axel's angry?" Demyx asked, "Or maybe he's moping?"

"He's going to be alright." Namine laughed.

"Yup, give him a day and watch the miracle."

"Want to walk home together, Roxas?" The blonde girl in the group offered.

"Uh—" Roxas ran a hair through his hair, "I'm alright. I have to buy a couple of things before I go home. You guys go ahead."

Kairi nodded, "Bye, Roxas." At that, Kairi and Namine went away like the best friend they are.

"Are you really okay, Roxie?" Demyx asked, confirming. No answer and Demyx added, "You're feeling bad for Axel?"

"I guess, yeah."

"Oh well, I'm sure you can handle it. I'm going ahead, bye." Demyx said, cheerful as ever and went away, leaving Roxas alone in the hall.

Roxas mentally kicked himself. That look on Axel's face just now was one he had never seen before. It almost looked like that he was disappointed and pissed at the same time and—that was Roxas biggest weakness. He hated it when he disappointed a person. In fact, the thing he hated the most was to regret something he had done. Axel had managed to make him feel that way.

It reminded him back to the event that had leaded him to be terrified of those feelings. That was when he was just seven years old. That time was the end of school year, of their second grade. Students had received a report regarding their school results. Olette was once again first in their class and Pence and Hayner were always average. In Roxas' class though, Sora achieved first while Roxas second. Roxas was literally angry when everyone started congratulating Sora and ignoring him altogether.

Roxas was small back then and we all know how kids like their attentions. Roxas was one of those kids. He had always studied hard in order to be better than Sora. However, it always turned out that his effort was not hard enough as Sora would always be better than him in the end. Roxas reached the limit of his emotion that day. Amidst all the congratulations Sora got from the teachers and friends and from their parents, he ran away from the school. Sora and the others didn't know that Roxas had gone missing that day.

When they finally noticed it, they started to panic. It was Sora the one who first to ask their parents about where Roxas had gone. That day, they all went to search for the missing Roxas. It was already quite late and they hadn't been able to find him yet. The sun set too soon for the searching family. Sora visibly panicked as well as their parents, Olette, Pence, and Hayner. Though the latter three kids had been sent back to their home by their parents and weren't allowed out to look for Roxas anymore.

They couldn't contact the police since the police would only dispatch a search party if said person was already missing for twenty four hours. Little Sora went to every place possible that Roxas would go. However, the little brunette still couldn't locate his missing twin. Midway, he started to cry, loudly. He went on moving all the while crying. The orange sun lit the pathway he traced about to say goodbye to the world until the next time it rose again. "Roxas, where are you?" the little boy whimpered.

Roxas had spent the hours away, staring at his own reflection in that river and kept mumbling, "Stupid Sora, stupid mom, stupid dad… Hayner, Pence, and Olette are stupid too." His little hands grabbed the yellow book which showed the school results tightly, almost crunching it. He held his knees closer and hugged it, throwing away the yellow book somewhere near him. He hid his face between his knees and continued sobbing for his failure.

"Oi, you alright, little guy?" A cheerful sound suddenly pierced into the little blond's ear. He could feel a hand lightly tapped on his shoulder.

Roxas wasn't about to lift his head and eye the intruder in his condition. The little blond always knew how ugly he looked whenever he cried. His pretty bright azure eyes will went all dark and bulge out bigger that it should. In fact, when he stood in front of the mirror when he had stopped crying, he thought he was looking at a monster and at the same night, he couldn't sleep, imagining his own reflection. That's why he just shouted at the intruder with his high pitched voice, "Lem'me alone." And slapped the hand away.

"Easy there, blondie." The voice tried to persuade. There was no more sound after that. Roxas thought that the intruder must have gone away. When he's about to lift his head, he heard another voice, "Whoo, you're a clever student!" the voice said excitedly.

Finally the little blond boy lifted his head and eyed the intruder. His eyes widened and his tears stopped when he saw the boy standing in front of him. Without any second thought, he knew that the boy must be taller than him. The little red head grinned to Roxas, holding the yellow book. "Gimme back." Roxas snatched the book back from the red head.

"Little guy's been crying." He said in a sing song tone.

"Lemme alone!" Roxas pouted, hiding his face between his knees again.

"I can't cause I'm waiting for my friend and there's only you here I could talk to." The boy reasoned.

"Talk to the grass or the water or something." Roxas retorted, feeling annoyed.

"Hey, little blondie." Roxas felt a hand gently caressed his head, "What happened? Daddy and mommy kicked you out or something?" he laughed.

"I'm not allowed to talk to strangers." Roxas snapped, pulling and sitting away.

"My name's Axel. Got it memorized?" said the cocky boy. Roxas eyed the said boy, "That way, we are not strangers anymore." He smiled and offered his hand.

Seeing the cheerful and cocky boy, Roxas lightened up a little bit and finally whimpered, grabbing the hand, "Roxas."

"I'll call you Roxie from now on."

"Axel! I'm done buying ice cream!" Another voice shouted and Roxas searched around for the source of the voice and he noticed a taller blond upstairs on the walkway. The blond was holding popsicles on both hands, waving and yelling to get Axel's attention.

"That's Dem. I gotta go, Roxie. Cheer up." With a last cocky grin, the little red head ran away.

Roxas didn't have the chance to say thanks.

Sora walked the way along the river of the Twilight Town. There was a huge gap between where he was standing and the river. For those who wanted to watch the river closer could take the stairs far away ahead. The brunette looked down and there, he eyed his twin. He soon brightened and his tears stopped. "Roxas!" he called out happily. Deep sea eyes met bright azure. The twins were alike in many ways. Of course—they were twins after all.

Roxas visibly flinched; traces of tears could be seen in his slightly chubby cheek. The blond quickly wiped away any of the leftover tears that lingered on his cheek and flushed. He stood up from where he was sitting and whimpered weakly, "Sora?..." his little hand was still grabbing the school result he received early morning.

"I'm coming down, Rox. Hold on." The brunette sobbed and without a second thought jumped down to where Roxas was. Roxas tried to stop his twin but he was too late. Sora already jumped off the tall ledge. He fell down and hurt himself in the process. His knees started bleeding but he didn't seem to care. He jumped up from his fall and quickly hugged his twin, "Roxas, I found ya!" he grinned happily.


"Why did you go away? We are all very worried."

"You're bleeding." Roxas said worriedly with his soft voice.

"That's okay as long as you're okay."

"Sora, I'm sorry."

The twins went home together that day. Roxas couldn't help but regret his actions earlier. He regretted it even more when Sora wasn't mad at him instead worried about him. He promised from that day on that he wouldn't get jealous again. That's how the boy grew up to be a somewhat timid character. He grew up hating to draw people's attentions since it's the same attention that got Sora wounded—even if it was just a small wound.

"Wait a minute… Axel? I met Axel before?"

Well, duh, obviously. Didn't you remember?

"I just remembered. Well, it was over ten years ago. I couldn't just remember every single person that I met in my life." Roxas tried to battle the voice.

The voice yawned and answered Well, does it change anything now that you remembered?

Roxas thought for a bit, "Can't say."


Roxas had decided to spend his two absolutely boring weeks with books. He had dedicated himself to them. Who knows, maybe when the time comes, he could obtain a scholarship in the HBU and join Sora to study there. Becoming a slave to books really isn't a bad idea if­­—he could actually concentrate. The pile of books the blond had borrowed from the library earlier lined messed up in his desk. Roxas couldn't be anymore confused than he is now.

Usually, he would be able to suck in any kind of information when he's reading a book but now—nothing came in. It just went outside of his brain as quickly as it got in. Of course—there's only one person to be blamed for it—again, the red head. Those looks Roxas last see of Axel, it stuck into his brain and he couldn't help worrying that Axel might hate him. However, his stubbornness won't allow him to go out, search, and apologize to Axel. No, of course not.

Even though he would eventually throw his stubbornness away, there were still things that would hinder him. For one, he didn't know Axel's address and he didn't have any of his new friends' phone number which meant he couldn't contact any of them. It struck him when he wondered how Axel knew his address though. It's not like it's written all over his face, right?

With a soft sigh, the blond threw away the book entitled, "The Wonders of Twilight Town" to the floor. Dragging his steps, he walked to his bed and slammed himself down on it. There were still two beds inside the room. One belonged to Sora, one belonged to him. He felt really lonely. There was only silence in the house. Silence accompanied by the buzzes of the town once in a while. Twilight Town was never one of the crowded and noisy towns. So, all in all, it's really quite. At times like this, this quietness bugged Roxas to no end.

Butterflies start to flutter in his stomach. Axel had dyed his hair blond for him and all he did this morning was just making fun of him. The red head might have deserved it for the aggressive actions he pulled to Roxas. Still, the blond felt guilt. He need to apologize to get off from this guilt and it made him hate the red head more and more for putting him into this mood.

Before he knew it, the sun was about to set. Decided not to sulk anymore, Roxas wore his usual attire, took his keys, wallet, and cell phones, and went out of the house. He traced the streets without destinations. Without knowing it, he's already at the park near his house. The kids he played with the day before were there, playing hide and seek. Roxas was reluctant in joining in. He decided to just sit at the swing, watching them play.

"The brother from yesterday." A boy approached Roxas. From what Roxas remembered in his last encounter, the two black haired boys were called Lenz and Yogurt. Lenz was cheerful and hyper while Yogurt was quite and shy. The two blond girls were called Rikku and Yuna which were both also hyper. Although Yuna was really not blond.

Roxas smiled at Lenz who regarded him. Three kids seemed to be drenched in sweat after playing together. Soon, Roxas was surrounded by the kids, "Where's Yogurt?" Roxas asked.

"The red haired brother took him to buy ice creams." Lenz answered joyfully.

"Red—you mean, Axel?"

"Yup, Axel." Rikku answered.

"He wore this wool hat all day though." Yuna added, giggling.

"Yeah, that's strange, I though he's always so proud of his hair." Rikku commented, also giggling.

"Maybe he used the wrong shampoo today and bleached his hair away." Lenz laughed at his own imagination.

Guilt started eating Roxas' stomach again. "Uh—I-I think I should get going now." He stuttered and quickly got up from the swing he was sitting on. He wanted to avoid seeing Axel.

"Why?" Yuna asked, her big blue and green eyes gazing into Roxas'.

Before Roxas could answer, a voice he knew so well had already called his name, already killing the blond's escape plan, "Roxie?" Roxas turned back and eyed the man wearing the same grey wool hat from the morning.

"Uh—hi…" Roxas ran a hair through his hair.

"What are you doing here?" Axel asked all the while giving off the ice creams he held to the kids. Leaving one which was supposed to be his but he gave it to Roxas. The kids, together with Yogurt this time, had already gone back to play while eating their ice cream, leaving Roxas and Axel behind.

"No, I'm fine." Roxas shook his head, "I'm not really a big fan of ice cream."

"O really?" Axel teased, amused.

"Yes." Roxas answered, determined, although his face was showing that he really wanted the ice cream but once again, his pride got into his way.

"Just take it." Axel shoved it to Roxas' hand nevertheless and he sat on the swing. Roxas muttered out a soft thanks and eat the ice cream, joining Axel on the swing soon after. "So, why are you here?" Axel tried again.

Roxas hesitated, "I just have nothing to do at home and I got here… what about you?"

"Well, I can be seen basically everyday here."

"You love kids, huh?"

"Yup." Axel smiled.

It was awkward for Axel that they both could strike that nice conversation like normal people. He started to doubt that he and Axel were normal ever since they met. And he soon came into a conclusion that Axel plus Roxas equals five minutes make out. In an equation, it was supposed to be written as:

Axel + Roxas five minutes make out

It was just a rough equation though so don't count on it.

They both sat on the swing in silence, watching the kids play. Roxas found himself opening and shutting his mouth again and again in an attempt to strike a conversation—a conversation that never came out of his mouth. Soon, the sun set and each of the kids' parents came to pick up their kids. They expressed their gratitude to Axel for watching over them yet again. Roxas found himself discovering another side of the red head.

"You should be going home, too." Axel said after there were only him and Roxas in the park.

"Hey, Axel." Roxas called out uncertainly and looked down to the ground, avoiding Axel's gaze. Axel hummed indicating that he was listening, "I'm sorry about this morning for—you know…" he paused, "And I kinda like your hair…" he added, "Although it's a bit strange." He laughed nervously.

"Really?" Axel brightened, turning completely different from who he was just now.

Roxas lifted his head to eye the male and the next thing he knew, they were already in a lip lock again. "The equation's true after all." Roxas sighed inwardly and happily submit into the kiss which he didn't do too often. Shyly, the blond kissed back. He thought it would be appropriate after all Axel had done. Axel was a bit surprise at the sudden eagerness coming from Roxas. Nevertheless, he was happy beyond happy—which was obviously an understatement for his current feelings.

However, the happy moment did not last long as Roxas soon found himself feeling quite uncomfortable. He struggled even more when Axel's hands began traveling again as usual. Their lips never got separated and Axel's tongue kept pushing deeper inside his mouth while Roxas would push back. After five whole minutes, their lips separated. Axel growled when that happened and Roxas quickly backed away from Axel's embrace. "See, you like me!" Axel grinned crazily.

"I do not!" Roxas just had the urge to deny it. "I still like blond." He teased, not about to give Axel the winning position.

"Well, I'm blond now." Axel said as a matter-of-fact. He even took off his hat to proof himself.

Roxas rolled his eyes and hurriedly thought of a comeback, "Well, you're not natural. Dying your hair blond does not count."

"What do you want from me?" Axel sighed exaggeratedly.

"Well, what do you want from me?" Roxas countered.

"Maybe for you to actually like me?" Axel replied easily.

"You know what Axel, I think I like natural red now. Maybe I'm in love with Kairi." Roxas tried to hide his laugh, knowing very well that Axel wouldn't be able to figure out in his life the implicated meanings in the sentence.

"You've gotta be kidding me."

"Bye, Axel." Roxas waved, walking away, leaving the red—blond wild haired alone.

Things were suddenly all okay again. Roxas was a bit relieved though he really couldn't hold himself from being mean to Axel. It's just priceless to see that expression of Axel whenever Roxas tease him.


Two days passed without any special occurrences. Roxas didn't ever go into the park again. The blond just lock himself away from the rest of the world, becoming a slave to books. He only came out of his room when he needed to fill his stomach. That's only because the voice and the stomach wouldn't stop shouting at him.

Without any problems up his sleeves, Roxas found himself easily able to understand the material he was reading. That's always a good thing. When the clock from the clock tower stroke four times, Roxas' cell phone rang. The Twilight Town clock tower always informed its residence of the current time. Its bells could be heard from across the town. To Roxas, that was the whole pride of Twilight Town.

He picked up his cell phone lazily without looking at the screen to discover who was calling, "Roxas." He said easily.

"Rox! You big meanie! You never called me!" the voice from the other side shouted.


"Don't O-Olette me, Rox!" the girl's voice said unhappily, "You got this free line with us and never called me and Pence."

"I'm sorry, 'Lette." Roxas quickly apologized. He knew that it would never be good to annoy that girl-friend of his. "How are you doing?" the blond changed the topic.

"Glad you ask." Olette's voice finally softened to Roxas' relieve, "Everything's fine over here with me and Pence. What about you? I heard from Sora that you got some love trouble?"

"Love trouble?" Roxas almost choked out the milk he was drinking, "Sora said that?"

"Yup. Sora's also the one who gave me your number." The girl answered easily.

Roxas made a mental note to 'kill' Sora on the phone later. "I do not have any love trouble!"

Yeah, you don't. The voice snorted.

"I don't have any love trouble, 'lette." Roxas answered.

"Really? I think it's high time you go get yourself a girlfriend, not just girlfriend, date."

"I'll try, mother." Roxas laughed.

Olette followed the laugh swiftly, "I've become your mother now, huh?"

"How's Pence?"

"He's picked on by the jerks in college. I'm always there to help him though."

"Oh, take care of him. Tell him I said hi."

"Sure. What are you doing?" Olette asked curiously, "I hope you're not locking yourself in yourself in your room again like the last time we all went to vacation except you."

"A hundred points for you." Roxas smiled.

"What? Go pick up sports or something, Rox. Surely, you've made new friends in the last few days." There goes Olette again. Olette had been always a mother in their group and strangely, she's the one who understood Roxas the most. She always cared for Roxas, hear him out when he had problems, or just tell her problems to him. Olette also knew full well that Roxas was quite the timid and shy one at times.

"Friends, yeah."

"So? Contact them." Olette gave the most logical solution.

"Haven't found a way to contact them." Roxas answered easily, preparing himself for another lecture from his best friend. He set down his glass of milk on the desk and lied himself down on the bed.

"You mean you didn't ask them their contact number? Roxas, you really should take some initiative sometimes. Locking yourself in the bed won't get you friends."

"Yes, mother." Roxas answered lazily although he appreciated Olette's concern and her effort to help.

Olette decided to switch the topic a bit, "Met any sweet girls in college?"

No, Olette. I met this hot—I mean really hot red head in college. He's a good kisser and I just love his untamable red hair! Although, I guess it's not red anymore. The voice suddenly spoke out.

"Hey, stop manipulating me."

I'm trying to help you in giving Olette the picture.

"Thank you very much."

You're quite welcome. Just ask for my help anytime.

"Get out of my mind already."


"Roxas? Are you okay?"

"Ah, yes. About that. Well, I do make friends with these two girls called Namine and Kairi. I guess you could call them sweet."

"Namine and Kairi? Aren't they the most popular girls when we're in high school?" Olette said excitedly.

"They are?" Roxas asked, interested. The blond really had missed too much in his life.

"Well, of course! Everyone in the high school wanted to ask them to be their partner in prom night. I'm surprised you don't know them."

Roxas dug into his memories but he couldn't find anything significantly marvelous about the prom night. It's just another night where he went to eat and spent his time away. There's nothing really special—as he could remember now. "Can't remember."

"Rox, you'd better start paying attention to the world around you."

Roxas laughed it off, "Okay. I'll be sure to remember that."

"I bet you met many people you know in Twilight Town University, huh? I wish I study there. The only one I knew here is Pence. And there's always this guy named Pete here who always bullies freshmen."

"Oh right, where do you guys study again?"

"Disney University, Roxas." Olette sighed, annoyed by how indifferent her best friend is.

"Oh, that fancy university." Roxas added, showing that he cared. "By the way…" he trailed off, "I don't know anyone in the college too and I'm all alone."

"If you just get to know people back at high school, I'm sure you'll have many friends by now."

"Yeah, I guess."

"Olette! Help!"

"Is that Pence?" Roxas asked, hearing a voice from the background.

"Oh, Pence went and got himself buried by books again. I have to go, Rox."

"Alright. I'll call you sometimes."


The phone call ended abruptly. "Pence got buried by books?" Roxas laughed at the mental image. That was the Pence he knew, clumsy yet intelligent at the same time.


The sun set and darkness took over Twilight Town. It was much too soon to get dark. That meant only one thing—the storm would come soon. Although storm was rare in Twilight Town but it always strike once or twice in a month. Roxas cursed the fact that the storm had choose that day to strike. If his parents were there—not on a vacation, they would be the one taking precautions and the blond didn't watch the TV all day which only spelled doom.

He had no time to be taking precautions anymore. His house was not a study one and water would leak in easily. Without any further ado, he ran downstairs, turning on all the lights in the house. It got creepily dark whenever the storm decided to strike. He quickly ran into the kitchen to close the windows that he had opened early morning. He unplugged any electronic devices that were running. While he's at the middle of that, the house suddenly went dark. He yelped when the darkness suddenly took him. He couldn't see anything, not even his hands or nose. Everything was dark.

Roxas narrowed his eyes a bit, hoping to get some light inside but he still couldn't see anything. He adapted to the dark a while later and peeked out the window only to find out that the whole neighborhood was surrounded by darkness with only the moon shining down the streets. Slightly terrified, the blond soon ran upstairs into his room to hide. Every horrible image of thieves and murderers started attacking his mind. When he got inside his room, he slammed it close—only to forget to lock it.

He sat on his bed and hugged his knees close, shaking a bit in the darkness. He reached out to take his cell phone but couldn't find anything in the dark. After, he heard sounds coming from downstairs. Footsteps…


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