Title: When Lies Become Known

Characters: Tangie or Todd/ Evangeline
Summary: AU Kinda. Set after Todd went to LA to find his son, I stopped watching shortly after that. Van never had the 'pregnancy' scare with Cris (blech) but did go into a coma after saving Starr from a fire (yes I totally rewrote that part). Todd never went missing and the story takes place three months later.

A/N: This story is totally dedicated to my sister in fanfiction, 'Ayshen' who got me hooked on this pair and since then wrote a story about them after following her lead.

Three Months Later

She had been in a coma for three months, ninety days, two-thousand one hundred and sixty hours, one hundred and twenty nine thousand six hundred minutes that his best friend had been apart from his side. He had never known such a feeling of isolation since he was in confinement and strapped to a chair about to lose his life.

She had protected his child, his daughter who was nothing to her biologically but because she meant something to him, she had fought for her, fought to save her life. Starr had looked at him with such humility in her eyes that he was hesitant to even discipline her for running off to see Cole. She hadn't known that her conversation had been overhead by Evangeline, she couldn't have known that Evangeline's only thought was protecting her, all she knew was that she wanted to be with Cole. So once again, unselfishly Evangeline Williamson put her life on the line for him, and she came through once again.

He looked at the gentle rise and fall of her chest that let him know that she was still breathing. He held onto her hand tightly as the fear once again ran through his brain. Every day that he left her side he was petrified that the next morning he would come to find that she had gone in the night. Out of his life as quickly as she had entered it, but forever changing it for the better.

The door opened and he didn't even flinch, he knew who the person was, it was who they always sent.


Todd looked up and nodded slightly at his daughter and said, "I'll be there in a moment."

Starr flinched as she heard the steely tone that underlined her father's voice; it was what she had been subjected to since his return from LA.


"So let me get this straight, my friend, my best friend is in a coma because you couldn't keep your promise that you made to me to stay away from Cole?"

Starr flinched at the anger that she heard in her father's voice, she knew the apology that she had ready would fall on deaf ears but she had to try it anyway, "Dad, I'm sorry. I had no idea that Evangeline heard what I was planning to do or that the arsonist…."

Starr let her voice trail off as she realized where her train of thought would lead. She gasped as her arm was jerked to her father's side as he stared at her disgusted, "I trusted you, I tried to trust you. Evangeline told me that I had to trust you and this is how you repay me?"

Starr felt the tears fall freely from her face as she listened to the tone in her father's voice even as her mother came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her shoulders she couldn't get warm, "Todd, I know you're upset about what Starr did, so am I but the important thing is she okay! We have Evangeline to thank for that and when she wakes up, we'll give her a check or something."

Todd spat as the words fell from his ex-wife's lips, "You think you can handle everything with money or sex don't you? That's why Starr is so messed up now, she has no female role models and the one that she does have is a gold-digging whore. I asked you to do one thing, watch out for the kids and you let this happen."

Todd turned back to the room where the doctors were working on his best friend frantically and said, "Go, I don't want to see either one of you."

End of Flashback

Starr had waited for days for her father to look at her with anything other than betrayal in her eyes but the day hadn't happened. The cold look that had once been permanent had now been replaced with a look of utter desolation. A look that she knew meant that she had screwed up big time and that her one time dream of her parents reuniting was just that, a dream. There was a look of loss on her father's face that she had never seen when he was concerned about her mother. There was a look of need that her father had that let her know that Evangeline was more than just her father's best friend. She was his world.

Starr pulled the chair next to her father and took his hand as she looked at the beautiful woman who was lying motionless in the bed and said, "I want to be a lawyer Dad."

Todd looked down as he felt the tears well in his eyes as he opened his mouth and choked out his daughter's name, "Starr…," his voice broke off as he became overcome with emotion and Starr tightened her hand around his and said, "I'm serious Dad. You're always telling me how I fight for things until I win and fight for the things I care about. I care about you Dad, and I care about Evangeline but she taught me something in that burning house. She taught me that to have a bigger purpose in life means more than saying it, you have to live by what you are. Evangeline lived by what she was Dad, and I want to be able to do that someday."

Todd let the tears fall freely from his face at the sincere tone in his daughter's voice as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her softly on the head. Starr smiled even as she looked at the bed and noticed that there was no movement from the figure on the bed.

Todd stood up as he realized that his daughter was asking for him to come with her and leave the vigil he had created since hearing about his best friend's coma. He didn't know if he was strong enough to leave but as he looked into his daughter's eyes that were filled to the brim with sorrow and fear for him, he knew he had to stuff down his own emotions and focus on his family. He stood up and pulled his daughter with him and said, "Come on, let's go home."

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