When Lies Become Known Chapter 11

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"You're pregnant!" It wasn't really a question, more of a statement and since Evangeline was still in shock that Starr had directly disobeyed her orders she didn't know what more she could say as she looked at the teen in front of her.

Dressed in street clothes with a backpack functioning as a purse slung over her shoulders, popping bubblegum she appeared for the world to be a teen without worries but as Evangeline looked at her closer she realized that she was seeing someone who still needed to have a parental figure in her life, "Yea I am."

Starr walked forward and held out her hand but then stopped and then looked at Evangeline and asked for permission, "May I?"

Evangeline smiled softly as she took the teen's hand and placed it over her belly and said, "They are twins."

Starr giggled as she felt them kick and then jerked her hand back in shock, "The baby just kicked me….Wait a minute did you say twins?"

Evangeline nodded, "The doctor just told me last week."

Sitting down Starr looked at her, "Which is why you didn't want me to visit?"

Evangeline pulled the girl in her arms and hugged her tightly as best as she could in her condition, "I always want to see you honey but until I figure out how I'm going to handle this situation I didn't want you to be caught in the middle of my problems."

Starr laid her head against the couch, "Things are horrible at home. My mom and my dad are at each others throats, no one is happy Evangeline and I really need you to come home. There is nothing for you in Chicago."

Evangeline shrugged and said, "Nothing but peace of mind, nothing but no Blair, my sister, Layla and ex-boyfriend competing over who can betray me more. It was hard to understand that my life couldn't be at the side of your father even if it was only as friends, but with them as well? I just don't want to go back there."

Starr sighed and shook her head, "I'm not giving up, you are coming home with me and now even more so that I know you are carrying my little brother or sister. My Dad needs you, he won't tell you but he misses you like crazy."

Pressing a gentle kiss to Starr's cheek she whispered softly in her ear, "I miss him just as badly."


Blair tapped her foot as she waited for the elevator doors to open. She had decided since she had spent all day in her boyfriend's bed it was best if she made an appearance at the house, however after fighting with Todd horribly she decided to go back to his bed. There she wasn't expected to be other than his lover and that was her expectations for the rest of the night.

Reaching into her purse for the set of keys she had made herself without his permission she entered the apartment cradling her paper bags full of groceries. Making sure she made no noise she entered the kitchen and placed the bags down and sighed in expectation.

Throwing her purse on the counter she pondered how she was going to surprise him, deciding the best route was the way to go she started to unbutton her blouse only to come up short when she realized that she heard voices.

She walked closer to the bedroom and heard the giggling voices and peeked in the room, and was enraged by the sight in front of her. Throwing upon the door she stormed in with her eyes blazing and spat out, "Cristian! What the hell are you doing?"

Jerking up in shock he tried to cover the woman under him to no avail as Layla gasped and said, "Blair, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be married to Todd?"

Cristian looked back and forth between the women who he had been sleeping with on and off for the last couple of months and said, "How did you get in here anyway? I don't recall making you a key."

Blair lunged over the side of the bed and started hitting Cristina repeatedly, starting to scream, "You are mine, you are mine! You are mine!"

Layla not understanding the relationship of Blair and Cristian tried to pull the hysterical woman off of her man and was backhanded by Blair who said, "You keep your slutty ways away from my man, he belongs to me."

Layla looked at Cristian in disgust and said, "Is this true? Have you been sleeping with her while you were sleeping with me? And she's married?"

Blair rolled her eyes at Layla's naïveté and said, "Yes he's been with me and he wants no one else, so why don't you just leave?"

Cristian who had remained rather silent during the whole exchange chose this time to speak up, "Layla, I think its best if you leave there are some things I need to discuss with Blair."

Layla quickly jerked on her clothes, grabbed her purse but not before saying, "You can have him Blair. I don't share my men anyway."

Slamming the door behind her Blair turned to Cristian with her arms crossed in front of her and enraged look resident on her face, "You owe me an explanation."

Cristian swore under his breath and said, "Look Blair, when we started this thing, it was fun whatever it was just sex. You are trying to turn into something more, I think we need to break this off, I don't want any type of commitment at this time."

Blair felt her world tilt under her as she spoke, "You can't do this to me. You can't leave me, I love you Cristian."

Cristian rolled his eyes, "You knew I wasn't in for that when we started this thing Blair, love was never an issue okay. You'll just have to get over it."

Seeing red, Blair spoke, "No one does this to a Kramer woman, no one."


Evangeline smiled as she looked at Starr across from the table whether they had decided to eat dinner. A small, cozy Mexican restaurant where they were currently nibbling on appetizers while discussing the latest in each other's lives was where they finally decided to land after their impromptu reunion.

"So you sat down and decided to graduate from school early? I would say I'm surprised but with as smart as you are, when you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything."

Starr blushed with the compliment and said, "Yea I'd like to think I got that quality from my Dad. My mom…," she let her voice trail off as she sipped her drink and started speaking again, "Mom hasn't stopped sleeping with her latest lover which left her little time for parenting."

Evangeline slid her hand across the table and rubbed her hand softly, "I'm sorry to hear about your mother Starr, believe me that even with all of the problems that we have I never wanted her to not be a wonderful mother for you two."

Starr looked at her and squeezed her hand back and spoke, "My brother and sister will need a great father too, and that's my Dad. You have to tell him Evangeline."

Lost for words Evangeline looked at her with a pleading tone, "How? How do I explain what happened when I can't even explain it myself? I don't know what will happen with our lives but I know that I'm not the type of woman that would keep a child away from his parent."

Starr smiled and said, "I know you love my Dad, and I know he loves you. You guys can make this work."

Shaking her head, Evangeline started to laugh, "You are definitely your father's child. Let's talk about something else, tell me about where you plan to go to college."


Todd typed furiously on his laptop as he prepared the article for the next edition of the newspaper while wondering how Starr and Evangeline were doing. Knowing his daughter was near to the woman he loved had him threatening to bolt out of his chair and run after both of them.

Pressing save on his computer he collected his items and prepared himself to head home and face whatever plan Blair was working now, but was halted when his cell phone rang. Sighing he answered the phone, "Manning?"

"Todd, its me, I need help."

Cursing under his breath he wondered what Blair had gotten into now and said, "Listen Blair, I'm on my way home can't this wait until then."

He waited a pause as he walked to the door and turned off the lights and waited for the affirmative answer on the other end of the phone, "Blair?"

"Todd, I'm in jail."

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