Ichigo's heart skipped a beat at the very notion as well as the tone the other used. He was speechless. Never, ever, in his wildest dreams did he conceive this sort of situation was even possible. His body wanted it so badly but his mind and his heart were less decisive. There was still a rather larger potion of him that said this wasn't right, that it was too much all at once. He'd been able to ignore it until now and the implications of such an action were something he had yet to process.

Uryu, on the other hand, seemed to have much less of a problem with the idea. It wasn't that he didn't care if they had actual sex but he was already more than pleased with their encounter. If they stopped right where they were, he certainly wouldn't have been disappointed. For a few agonizing moments, however, he watched the apprehension play on the other teen's tanned features. He was so sure of himself before…and now he freezes? "Here…" Uryu rolled them over so that he was on top I've let you be in control long enough, "I'll make this easy for you. Stay right here," he ordered as he scampered off to the bathroom.

Did he just scamper again? …and his pants are still hanging off…his ass is practically hanging out. The sight of the shorter teen's nearly bare ass nearly made his brain short circuit. It wasn't until he returned a few moments later that he noticed the only thing holding those slacks up was Uryu's erection. He was so distracted by this fact that he didn't notice why he'd retreated in the first place. "Why did you leave?" he asked, almost pitifully.

Ishida didn't say anything as he slid his pants back off and returned to his place above Ichigo, straddling his lower abdomen He gave the slightest smirk as he took the small plastic bottle, which he'd apparently retrieved, and poured some of its contents onto his palm. Without hesitation, he reached back and began to rub it onto Ichigo's, now throbbing, length.

He gasped as much at the cool liquid as he did the feeling of being touched again. Once it was fully coated and he was starting to roll his hips, the hand went away. Ichigo looked down his body at his partner, only then realizing that he'd thrown his head back in pleasure. He didn't need any experience to know that Uryu was rubbing the remainder of the lubricant on his backside. I wish I could see… he thought more out of curiosity than because he knew it would be arousing. It looks like he knows what he's doing… "Have…have you done this before?" he asked, attempting to hide the suspicion and slight disgust.

In spite of Ichigo's best efforts to keep his tone polite, Uryu still heard the unfavorable timbre. He wants to be my first? That's kind of sweet. He's a lot more sentimental than I gave him credit for. "Does that matter?" he was slowly positioning himself as he spoke.

Does it matter? The possessive part of Ichigo's personality told him that yes, it did matter, at least a little bit because he liked the idea of exclusivity, of having the quincy all to himself. That sounded rather selfish when he thought it over, and tried to push it out of his mind. The more realistic part of him said that it didn't really matter, that it shouldn't have any bearing on his feelings. Then why did it? Was it because he was under the impression that the dark-haired young man was a virgin as well? On the rare occasion he'd considered these sort of things, he thought that it might be better for his first time if he did it with someone who knew what they were doing so how was this different? Then he realized something that made him uneasy…Am I intimidated by him if he has more experience than me? Ichigo swallowed hard. That was it. That's a stupid reason…I guess it doesn't matter.

What the hell is the matter with him, spacing out at a time like this?! "Ichigo!" Uryu nearly had to slap the orange-haired teen to get a reply.

"No…no, it doesn't matter," was all he could manage as the fair-skinned teen began to slide his slick cock between his cheeks, rubbing it against his puckered entrance.

The boy on top shivered slightly at the feeling of his friend's, no, his boyfriend's hot length sliding back and forth beneath him, tickling his asshole with every pass. Damn, this is so hot…I could almost get off like this. "Ichigo," he raised himself up and positioned accordingly, "in or out?"
He didn't hear the question. He was too captivated by the sight, sound, and feeling of the other young man. His body shined with a thin coat of sweat which made his normally perfect hair stick to his face. This time he didn't hesitate to reach up and brush a few strands away from his eyes. His whole body carried a deep pink flush, except for his cock, which was a much deeper red, almost purple by now. He was panting and nearly shaking with anticipation.

"Stop daydreaming!" Uryu finally complained. Stop making me wait!

"I'm sorry, it's just…you look so beautiful right now…I can't help just staring at you…"

The compliment caused the quincy to pause. He almost climbed off and started snuggling his new boyfriend…almost. That is, until Ichigo spoke again.

"If we do it like this…isn't it going to hurt you?"

Ishida rolled his eyes before a slight smirk appeared. The first thought he had was, Hello, I'm gay! I've sort of prepared for this possibility. It's not like I haven't messed around down there already. If I hadn't, I probably wouldn't want you to fuck me so badly. "It'll only hurt…if you go really fast right at first. Once I get used to you a little bit, it won't be so bad," he replied offhandedly.

"Won't be so bad?" the soul reaper didn't really like the wording.

"I'm sorry, that was rude," he applied a little more pressure by sitting down just a few centimeters, nearly pushing the head inside. "What I meant to say was…," he took an agonizing moment to adjust his glasses. "Once I get used to how big you are, try not to hold back too much. Even though this is, actually, my first time, I'm not some fragile thing that you can break. So, I'll ask you one more time; in…..or…..out?"

Ichigo, unable to form an intelligible verbal response, grabbed Uryu's hips and threw his hips upward. Uryu, however, was prepared for this and pulled away just enough to avoid the violent intrusion. He grabbed Ichigo's wrists and pinned them on either side of his head. Ichigo screamed in frustration.

"I said you need to take it slow at first," he reminded through ragged breath.

Ichigo gave him a petrified look as he realized what he'd just tried to do.

"It's alright," Uryu assured, "just let me lead, okay? If I didn't know how much that would have hurt, I wouldn't have stopped him…the look on his face was so…I almost wish I hadn't stopped him.

"Yeah…okay," he tried to catch his breath, to focus his vision but before he could, Ishida began to slide slowly down his shaft, stopping every few seconds to adjust before pushing further. This continued for what seemed like forever until he reached the base. He could feel the muscles inside the shorter teen tensing and relaxing around him. Oh god, so hot…so tight…please move soon…

Shit, that stings! Oh, but it's so hot…and just look at him, he can barely contain himself. He allowed himself a moment to try to relax all his muscles, knowing that would be the key to actually enjoying this. Once he could breath semi-normally, he removed his hands from Ichigo's wrists, putting them on his chest so that he could get the leverage he needed to move upward. He felt the soul reaper tremble slightly at the feeling of being released from the tight prison of his body.

Ichigo moved his hands back to Uryu's hips, this time with much more care. This time, he simply assisted the quincy with his movements, instead of trying to force them. It felt so good to be working together like that, they quickly forgot his error. Ichigo had never been one to follow someone else's lead. He was much better at doing things his own way. He didn't necessarily want to be in charge, as it wasn't often that he was in charge of the situations he found himself in, but he wasn't exactly the best follower ever either. This was different somehow.

Not that any of that mattered for very long because Uryu was picking up the pace. Even though he was still torn between pleasure and pain, he needed more of that delicious friction and he knew his partner did too.

After either the third or the fourth time he felt Uryu's erection brush against his stomach but before he needed to be prompted, Ichigo reached up to start stroking it. He was rewarded with a pleased hiss and the quincy falling back down on his member a little faster than planned. They both cried out in sudden pleasure.

When Uryu increased his speed again, Ichigo used his grip to slow him back down.

"Ichigo, I'm okay, you don't have to-ah," he couldn't finish his sentence as he was impaled once again.

"I don't have to…but what if I want to?" He withdrew once again.

He's wanted to go slow from the very start. I shouldn't be surprised to hear that hasn't changed. "But why?" he nearly whined.

"Because if we go much faster than this…it'll all be over way too soon," he warned regretfully.

This time the quincy did whine, but only just a little, as he removed the soul reaper's hand from his length. "If that's the case, then you should stop touching me there, it has too much of an effect on me."

The implications of that suggestion made Ichigo sit up so that they were wrapped in each other's arms and legs and the dark-haired teen was in his lap. "My whole body tingles when you say things like that," he wrapped one arm around the thinner boy's waist and cradled his head in the other while speaking into his neck.

Uryu felt his erection press and brush against the larger boy's stomach. It was enough to continue providing him pleasure but not enough to actually make him cum. He was pretty sure that side effect of their positional change wasn't intentional, but it was brilliant nonetheless. It had one more unintended side effect, the angle change meant Ichigo had a better shot at hitting his prostate, or at least brushing against it, with much greater frequency now. The first time it was hit dead-on, he gasped and threw his head back.

The sudden intense reaction caused Ichigo to pause.

"No, Ichigo, don't stop," he desperately shook his head from side to side.

Immediately, he resumed, moving a little harder and a little faster than before. It didn't take long before it hit it again. This time Uryu's face wasn't buried in his shoulder so he got to see the dazed look that overtook the quincy's features as well as hear the raspy moan when it happened again. "You like that?" it was his turn to sound coy.

Uryu didn't mind playing along, "Yes, Ichigo, just like that…but harder, please…." the plea rolled off his lips a second time that evening and his quincy pride hardly noticed. All he cared about was the blinding pleasure and never wanting it to be over even though he knew that the better it got, the closer to the end was.

Please… Once again, that single word seemed to be all that Ichigo heard as he brought his boyfriend in for a kiss before clinging to his smaller, fairer form and thrusting into him with complete abandon.

A few all-too-short minutes later, Uryu came between them, his choked out cry echoing through the small apartment. His muscle spasms pulled Ichigo over the edge as well and he came with a loud groan. They sat tangled together like that on the floor for what seemed like hours but it was only a matter of minutes before Uryu tried to wiggle away. Ichigo, of course, held him tight.

"Let me go," he whined.

"No," the soul reaper pouted and held even tighter.

"But I'm all sticky and slimy…let me wash up, I'll be right back," he tried to bargain.

"This was your idea," Ichigo reminded, toppling them over so that they could cuddle more effectively.

He didn't have the will or the energy to fight him further. Instead he scooted closer and allowed himself to be enveloped in the larger teen's unyielding embrace.

"Uryu, that was amazing…thank you," Ichigo planted soft kisses on his boyfriend's neck and jaw.

"Does this mean you're not mad at me?" Uryu asked dryly.

Ichigo laughed a little, "You knew I was never really mad."

"You bit me pretty hard for not being mad," he griped, but only half-heartedly.

The orange-haired young man gave an evil smirk, "You liked it."

Uryu glared, but it too lacked conviction.

"Don't be like that. It seems like you know every little thing that turns me on. I deserve to know at least one or two of yours." And now that I know your tricks, the playing field just got a whole lot leveler.

Uryu shrugged, finally giving up that fight as well. He was tired and the post-coital soreness wasn't helping. "I'm sorry if you feel like I was tricking you somehow…"

"Don't worry about it. Everything worked out, right?"

"You're very nonchalant about this," Uryu noted suspiciously.

"And you're not?"

"I'm just…surprised, that's all, pleasantly surprised."

"I'm a little surprised too," he added with a mischievous grin.

"By what?" Uryu couldn't help asking suspiciously.

"You're a lot…kinkier than I thought."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Why all the nerve! He renewed his struggle for freedom.

"It means that might have been your first time…but you knew what you were doing. You knew exactly what to do."

At least one of us did. "Ichigo," he adjusted his glasses as he spoke, "it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what we were aiming for there."

"Okay how about the fact that you're only fighting to get away from me right now so that I have to hold you tighter," he pointed out.

Uryu sagged in his grasp. Damn it, Ichigo… "It's not as much fun if you point it out like that."

"But do you see what I mean?"

Uryu gave a guilty smile and nodded just barely. "Now, please, let me wash up." You've made a lovely mess of me but I need to clean up.

"Fine," the soul reaper slackened his hold but didn't completely let go so that Uryu had to fight him just a little bit to get away.

"You're a lot more sentimental than I thought you would be," Uryu admitted as he retreated to his bathroom, which was just off his living room.

"What?" Ichigo gave an incredulous laugh.

"I was just thinking, my being kinky makes up for you being so sentimental."

"You think I'm sentimental?" I guess you've called me worse things.

"No, I know that you are sentimental. But it's very sweet, in fact, you might even add it to the list of my turn-ons that you seem to be making."

"I'll have to remember that. So, Uryu," his tone suddenly changed, "are we going to tell people about us?"

"You're asking me?" I figured you'd already have a strong opinion about that.

"Well yeah, I'm not just going to decide without asking you."

"Ugh, Ichigo…I've gotten the impression that most of our classmates know that I'm gay. Surprisingly, I've received very little attention because of it. You, however, give a much different impression. This wouldn't be as much of a transition for me as it would for you."

"Well, I don't really want it to be a big secret or anything. That makes it seem like we think we're wrong and…" he trailed off.

"And what?" he emerged with a damp towel for Ichigo to wipe off with.

"And…and I don't think there's anything wrong with us." He blushed deeply at his own honesty before diverting his gaze to the task at hand.

Uryu laughed. "Ichigo, there is, in fact, quite a lot wrong with both of us." But that just makes it more perfect. "But we can't just go around announcing it to everyone. That would be weird. Why don't we just let it be? We'll do whatever we want and if they figure it out, good for them."

"Does that mean I can touch you and kiss you in public?" Ichigo grinned hopefully.

"I'm not the biggest fan of public displays of affection," Uryu tried to downplay his disgust for couples that couldn't keep their hands off one another when in public.

"But you flirted shamelessly with me everyday at school…" he reminded almost bitterly.

"That different."

Ichigo cocked a disbelieving eyebrow before pulling his boyfriend back down to the floor. "You're weird," he commented before kissing him softly on the lips. "But if that's what you want, then that's what we'll do. I just won't do anything to you in front of other people that you haven't done to me."

"Thank you." He replied before kissing him back.

"That gives me a lot to work with anyway…"

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that you should remember what goes around comes around."

Uryu gave a sigh of resignation. I should have seen that coming. Then he smiled.


"I just realized that if you're going to play back, this just got a lot more fun."

Okay, so that's in for this one. Thanks for reading!