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My Someone Else's Life

It's always great to walk out of the hospital after a killer of a long shift and see the sun shining and hear the birds singing. It makes you think about why you're here. It's almost life affirming. Of course, when you're beginning to realise the woman you love more than anyone isn't interested in you in that way at all, you always feel kinda 'glass half empty'. You see, a couple of weeks ago I tried to talk to Elliot about our on/off relationship, and she laughed it off. Admittedly, she thought I was joking and, you know, I said I was to save face, but still. It sucks.

I step out of the hospital and take a deep breath, before walking down the ramp adjacent to the wall with the Sacred Heart Hospital sign on it.

There's a bench opposite the entrance of the hospital where I like to sit and ponder over all the crap that's going on in my life. Normally there's nobody on that bench but today there's a young girl sitting there reading a book. She looks kinda familiar, but I'm positive I haven't seen her before. She can't be more than sixteen years old. But why is she sitting on my think-about-my-crappy-life bench? Ach, who cares? I'm gonna sit there anyway. I do so and she doesn't even bat an eyelid.

"Whatcha reading?" I ask casually, trying not to seem nosey.

"Chemistry notes," she answers without even looking up to see who's talking to her. I'm not sure whether she's being rude or just thoroughly engrossed in her revision notes.

"I remember those days, my friend," I say, trying to exert wisdom. Well, it's true. I do remember those days. They sucked.

I get the feeling I'm annoying her because after a couple of minutes of silence she slams her thick book shut and looks round me, with a completely pissed off expression on her face, and says, "What's wrong with you?"

"What?" I ask, completely shocked and confused by her tone and what she means.

"I have been sitting here for an hour and a half," she begins, " and the only people who sit here are looking for a good 'bitch about my sucky life' session while I'm tryna study. So what's your problem?"

I'm not sure whether I should tell a complete stranger about my girl troubles, but then I figure, what could it hurt? If anything, I'll get some stuff off my chest and maybe get the opinion of someone neutral. I sigh and then begin. "There's this girl I love. Have done for the last like, six years. But she sees me just as a friend. I mean, we've tried the whole relationship thing, and talk about a train wreck."

I look round at her, still trying to figure out why she looks so familiar. She seems genuinely interested, if the look on her face, which is a total contrast to what it was when I first started talking to her, is anything to go by. "So it didn't work?"

"Nah," I sigh, "but I don't know if we gave up too early. To be honest, I don't think we tried hard enough. I guess I'm wondering what could've been if we'd really tried to make it work."

"So…," she says, drawing it out like she's trying to think of what to say next, "why can't you try to make it work now?"

What a question to ask! Especially since it's the one I've been asking myself. "It's complicated," I say. Like what isn't complicated in life?

"Why?" she asks.

Dammit, why did she have to ask that? "We're really good friends, and if we got into a relationship it might ruin the friendship."

"Would you be willing to risk that to see if it would work?"

"I would, but I'm not sure she would," I answer.

"Have you tried talking to her about it?"

"Yeah but she thought I was just messing with her."

"Well that sucks," she nods.

"You're damn right about that one," I say solemnly.

"So what's this girl you love more than anything like?"

"She's amazing," I say with so much enthusiasm. "She cares so much about every one. Her friends, her patients, you name it – she cares. She's so neurotic it borders on insane and she can talk about a million miles a minute."

The girl has a puzzled look on her face. "Isn't the expression 'a mile a minute'?"

"It is, but she talks a million times faster."

She laughs. "So, what does she do?"

"She's a doctor," I say and I can't hide the smile on my face.

"Wait…," she says slowly, and the look on her face tells me she's trying to work out a puzzle in her head, "So you're Scooter!"

I'm more than a little confused. "How'd you know that?"

"Well, the first person who sat down here five minutes after I did was Dr Jan Itor."

Who's Dr Jan Itor? Oh… Janitor.

"Yeah, he was talking about you. Yeah, he was talking about how you keep pining over Blonde Doctor, who I now assume is that girl you like."

I clear my throat. "It's JD actually. My name's JD."

"Really?" she asks, raising an eyebrow. "Because the second person who decided to have a bitching session called you girls' names."

"Yes, that would be Dr Cox," I say knowingly. "I'm beginning to think those two guys hate me."

"Well, the way they were talking it did make you seem pretty pathetic," she giggles. "Just have faith," she says a couple of minutes later and I'm not exactly sure what she means. "It'll all work out one day."

"You really think so?"

"Yeah," she says with an encouraging smile. And I almost believe her, which is slightly weird considering I don't even know the kid and probably won't see her again.

"Thanks," I say and I truly mean it.

"No problem," she says with the same smile on her face. "It's what the bitching bench is for, right?"

I laugh. I really needed that talk. What had I been worried about? It had helped. I did feel better. I have a sense of hope. It's probably just a temporary sense, but still, it is a sense of hope and there ain't nobody gonna take that away from me just now.

"So what's a young girl like you doing sitting outside a hospital at 12.30 on a Saturday afternoon?" I ask her, thinking she might want somebody to tell all of her shit to.

"I'm waiting on my aunt," she says happily. "I'm going to be staying with her for a little while. My parents are going out of the country."

"That sounds like it will be fun!"

The girl scratches her head nervously and looks down. "Yeah, she doesn't know about it yet."

"Seriously?" God, her aunt is going to be pissed.

"Well, they didn't tell me until I was being dropped off here, so I don't think they'll have had the courtesy to tell her."

"Your aunt work the hospital?"

She shakes her head. "No, she works in the vets' office across the road."

There's a vets' office across the road?

She hasn't seemed to notice my confused expression. "I'm just kidding! She works in the hospital."

I laugh nervously. "Funny." She's good with the advice but her jokes suck. A yellow cab pulls up in front of us and I stand up. "That's my ride home. Maybe I'll see you around."

She waves slightly. "See ya JD!"

"By the way, what's your name?"

"Alyssa," she smiles. "Alyssa Reid."

Wait a minute… Did she just say… ARGH!!

(In case you hadn't noticed, that was the voice in my head screaming.)