Chapter 1

First Sight

Edward POV.

I and the rest of the band were going back to our dressing room after the concert. We were all tired, but there were many who had backstage passes. After a lot of squeals and screams, there were this group of three girls who caught Jasper and Emmett's eyes.

"Dude! Look at that babe! She is totally hot!" Emmett, the band's bass guitar player and drummer exclaimed to me pointing a slim blonde, shoving down the gummy worms down his throat.

I'd have to admit, she was hot, but she wasn't my type. I wanted someone beautiful, thoughtful, self-less, loving and funny. Plus, I prefer brunettes.

The first impression Emmett would make is a very huge and muscular man, and a bear would probably get really scared of him, but if you get to know him, he is actually such a teddy bear.

He once talked Jasper into telling Ty, our band's manager, who we all know has obsessive compulsive that he had a lot of blemishes and he freaked out.


I was reading blogs about our band and Emmett came to Jasper.

"Hey, Jazz you need to do something rather than read! I mean, wait… I mean what I just said. Hmmm…," Emmett trailed off looking for ways to have fun.

"Aha! Let's pull a prank on Ty! You know how OCD he can get." And he lent down to Jasper and told him the plan.

At Ty's room

"Hey Ty! We want to do something fun! Come on! Lets play the wii. Oh my God, Ty! What happened your face!" wow. Emmett can really act. Jasper came in pretending to be 'in the zone' so he went up to Ty, and dropped his controller.

"O MY GOD TY! What the hell happened to your face! I could've sworn the last time I looked at you, your face… was CLEAN!" Yeah, and Emmett can act.

"What? What's wrong with my face?! AAHH!!" He ran into the bathroom and examined himself. He was touching his face and sighed very loudly with relief.

"YOU GUYS ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE! EMMETT!! JASPER!!" he shouted. I never seen him this mad before, but that's what you get with messing with and OCD manager… I guess…

End Flashback

So, yeah, you can guess what happened. Emmett was banned from his xbox, and wii for a week, and Jasper had watch Emmett so he wouldn't sneak up on his 'precious' games.

Jasper, our guitar player, and back up singer, was reading a book, typical Jasper, always serious, but he nearly dropped the book when he saw the blonde's friend. She had black spiky hair, sort of pixie-like. And there was a brunette with a book. I didn't get a clear picture of her face, because she was very engrossed with her book.

"Uhm… guys, they're at the back of the line. Right now you have to sign these autographs", I said to them, who were drooling right now.

"Aww… Just 'cause you don't get a girl to dream about," Emmett said, crossing his arms childishly, and looking away and he dropped his arms when he caught the girl.

"Whatever… And you might want to get a new bag of gummy worms, you were eating like a barbarian when you were staring at her…" I replied busy with the autographs

"Hey, Jazz! Stop reading that book. People want your autographs too ya know. Get that chick you were staring at and stop reading that book," Emmett boomed, rather loudly, and the pixie-like girl squealed.

After some more squeals, the group came and Jasper, and Emmett didn't notice them. The pixie-like girl skipped on front of Jasper who almost fell off his chair when he saw the girl.

"Hi! I'm Alice Brandon!" the girl exclaimed to Jasper. "Uhm… J-j-j-asp-p-per Cul-cu-llen," Jasper said raising his arm so she can shake it, but he gasped when she came into a hug. He soon got a smack from Emmett for stuttering. "Emmett, what was that for?" he hissed rubbing the back of his head.

Emmett leant down and whispered, "Way to go, Jasper, she probably thinks your a stuttering freak!" Woah, who knew Emmett knew what stutter meant?

The blonde went to Emmett and casually said "Hey, I'm Rosalie Hale," she said to Emmett, who scratched his head while shaking her hand "Emmett Cullen."

The third girl didn't seem interested in us, because she was reading. "Come on! We have to introduce you to the guys." Alice went.

She looked up for the first time and looked at me, I couldn't help but stare. She was so beautiful. She had wavy brown hair, and a heart-shaped face. She took my breath away.

As Alice dragged the beautiful girl to the middle of us, then when she passed me, she tripped over something, and I caught her just in time, and when she opened her eyes, I noticed her face was nearly six inches near mine. I stared into her deep eyes, which I now know is a sparkling chocolate brown color. I could just drown in her eyes, and we stayed like that, staring into each others' eyes, until Emmett cleared his throat, "Ahem, ahem."

She blushed crimson red, and I set her down. "Uhmmm… I'm Edward Cullen," I said holding my hand up so she could shake it.

She found my hand and smiled, "B-Bella Swan," she answered. I didn't really catch her voice.

Bella your name is as pretty as you are… I thought, and my eyes widened. "Did I just say that aloud?" she nodded and blushed another color of pink. I was surprised how one person could blush how many colors.

"Well, Bella, this is Jasper, and this is Emmett," Alice chirped, pointing to them.

Alice and Jasper talked, Rosalie, and Emmett talked, while I and Bella were stuck with each other. She opened her book and started to read. I just stared at her. She occasionally smiled, and took my breath away. I noticed that her book was called Whuthering Heights. I knew that was a classic, because Jasper was reading it before. I also noticed that her copy was tearing apart, and she was trying to pull it together.

I wanted to hear her voice again, because earlier, she didn't make it very clear.

"You should probably get a new copy of that book," I said pointing to the book with my eyes. She looked up and smiled, took note of the page, and closed the book. "I know, but, I love this." I smiled crookedly. I didn't smile properly, because I couldn't smile properly and because I couldn't think around her. She giggled because she noticed I was staring at her lips. Oh, they looked so soft, and warm. I wonder how they felt on mine.

I leaned in stupidly, and Emmett over there cleared his throat, rather loudly and I slightly blushed, and she blushed furiously.

"Uhh… I just wanted to get to know you." I said awkwardly and she smiled. She put the book down and faced me.

"What do you want to know about me?" she asked, and I smiled.

"What's your favorite color?" I asked out of the blue. She smiled, and thought for a while.

"Definitely green," she said shyly and my breath hitched. Maybe it's because of my eyes.

"What's yours?" her question caught me unexpectedly, and I knew I didn't have one, but should I tell her that it was brown like her eyes? Maybe not.

"Well, I don't really know. I never thought about it," she frowned but I asked her another question.

"What's your full name?" I smiled that crooked smile that seemed to work with her. She giggled and blushed, that color is so mesmerizing, that I brushed her cheek, unintentionally. I noticed that we both froze, and we were stuck in that position until Alice, being her pixie-self, waltzed in the room with Jasper peeking their heads through the door.

"Oh, we aren't interrupting anything, are we? Because we can go and leave you two alone, I mean, what were going to say isn't an emergency, we can-" Alice started babbling, before Bella cuts her off.

"Alice! It's ok, really! What do you want to tell us?" she reassured.

"Okay, okay, geez. Its getting late, and since our house is far and all, well, Jasper told me we can stay with them. You in, or do you want to go and drive back home, and be left alone?" she asked Bella. I was thrilled to have her at our home, but I would rather have her for myself.

"Oh, um… Is it ok if I just catch a cab and go home? Coz'… well… I have no sleeping clothes and yeah… Won't we be needing any clothes? And something else to wear going back to our house?" Bella reasoned, I was excited, I could bring her home.

But I looked at another option. She could wear my clothes and all, but I wouldn't say that aloud, of course.

But instead, Alice read my mind, and blurted out; "Ooowwhhh… You can wear Edward's clothes!" Bella looked tense but gained her composure quickly. In my mind, I wanted her to come, so that I could sleep with her, but not in that way.

"O-o-ok… I-I guess it-it's ok… Would you allow it, Edward?" she stuttered. I found it adorable. She started to blush a scarlet red, now I knew my favorite color. I smiled at the thought.

"I know my favorite color now. Scarlet," I said while brushing her cheek with the back of my hand, causing her to blush even more.

"I take that as a yes!" squealed the one and only, Alice. She abruptly took Bella's hand and pulled her out of my sight, leaving me with Jasper.

The both of us stayed like this for awhile, and Jasper spoke, breaking the silence.

"You like her don't you?" he asked. I froze, shocked. Was it really that obvious? And stupid me, I nodded.

"Is it that obvious?" I asked, it could've not been that obvious, and Jasper was the strange one who could feel the emotions, freaky, yeah.

"Yeap, we come in here going to invite Bella to our house and we see you flirting. How is that not obvious, Edward? You never flirt with anyone. Not even that girl, Tanya? Yeah, her name was Tanya." He exclaimed throwing his hands on the air.

"Okay, okay," I said, putting my hands as if I surrender. As if on cue, Alice, and Bella come in the room. Alice grabbed Jasper's hand and they walked out of the room.

"So, how was your talk with Alice?" I asked.